A download that needs no assistance

When it comes to high-quality budget offerings on the 3DS eShop, we're not sure that they come any better than Gunman Clive, an action platformer with stylish visuals, multiple playable characters and a number of homages to classic franchises such as Mega Man.

Although originally available on Android and iOS devices, with virtual buttons and inputs on screen, it's the controls of the 3DS that allow it to be enjoyed "as it's meant to be played", in the words of developer Bertil Hörberg in his interview with us. It's not just in utilising the options of the 3DS that's it's been a triumph on the eShop, however, with confirmation earlier this year that the handheld's version had outsold the modestly successful iOS edition and then, more impressively, out-performed the stronger sales of the Android release.

In the latest twist that provides an indication of how the title has truly surged to popularity on the eShop, Bertil Hörberg has now taken to NeoGaf to state that the eShop release has now out-sold the iOS and Android versions combined, going on to say that the "sales are starting to show a slow but visible decline now though, but they're still at very a nice level."

It's a result that is undoubtedly a victory for the eShop, showing that with solid pricing, quality and user awareness it can be a viable option for small developers, with the structured and licensed approach perhaps helping titles to stand out more than they can on the far busier smartphone/tablet markets. For his part Hörberg has told us that his next game "will focus on the 3DS from the start", showing that he's clearly happy with his experience on the platform.

Have you played Gunman Clive yet on 3DS, and does its success compared to the iOS and Android releases surprise you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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