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This Is How Much Space Super Mario 3D World Will Gobble Up On Your Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Perhaps not as much as you'd expect

Super Mario 3D World is just around the corner, and we can reveal how much space the game will take up if you opt for the digital download route.

The eagerly-awaited platforming epic clocks in at 1702MB, which isn't too bad when you consider that Sonic Lost World was a 8475MB download.

How has Nintendo managed to cram so much goodness into such a small download? We're not sure, but The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD was also quite a manageable size. Perhaps it's the Nintendo difference at work?

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WiiLovePeace said:

Oh wow! Baby sized! I'm glad, means that I'll get it that much faster if I choose to download it.



erv said:

At nintendo's rate, this 2tb drive will never get even half filled. Oh well, 1tb was really only 10 euro cheaper

Definitely a day 1 download.



snoox said:

Luv the manageable size for my deluxe, but, lil worried about small content tbh



SanderEvers said:

Nintendo loves compression. And they're really good at it as well.

@snoox File size says nothing about content. Just about the amount of pre-rendered movies, etc.



SpookyMeths said:

Didn't really feel a lack of content from the small size of Wind Waker HD. Heck, RE: Revelations was like 16GB and it doesn't have a heck of a lot more to do in it than Wind Waker.



SetupDisk said:

They are not as lazy as other devs due to all of the years of dealing with smaller limits on game size.



biglee said:

I've been shocked as to how small first party Nintendo game file sizes have been! I guess it's just a little more of that Nintendo magic



biglee said:

by the way has anyone seen the new six minute Japanese trailer? it looks epic! It also shows a few power ups that haven't been revealed yet. You should definitely check it out!



Araknie said:

How they can? Wind Waker HD is huge and it's under 6gb, this is a level based game with multiple overworlds and it's under 2gb? How?



SpookyMeths said:

@Araknie Wind Waker is under 2GB.
@ X-Factor Yep. Just downloaded it and Assassin's Creed III a couple days ago, both were 13GB+.

For comparison, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, and SM3DW combined take up less than half the space of Resident Evil.



datamonkey said:

"How has Nintendo managed to cram so much goodness into such a small download? We're not sure..."

Perhaps there's only 5 levels! lol



tudsworth said:

@snoox Super Mario 64 was a mere 8MB, at a time when the average game would clock in at about 400MB. Just let that sink in for a second. Nintendo knows something about optimisation, because their hardware design philosophy revolves entirely around the concept.



eaglebob345 said:

@X-Factor I think that has to do with HD up-scaling for RE: Revelations. HD games do take up a lot more space, which is why I don't know why they want to get rid if physical media.



Goginho said:

This just confirms Nintendo's notorious, efficient coding/programming ability.



invmat said:

I think this has everything to do with an upcoming promotion where new Wii U buyers will get a free game from the eShop. Since some of those Wii U buyers will have the basic model, games with these file sizes will be among them...



Goginho said:

Looking at the screenshot again, don't those clouds and rainbow on the left remind anyone of the Wing Mario Over the Rainbow 8 red coins from Super Mario 64 of the hardest stars to get from the game?



XFsWorld said:

@CaviarMeths Whoa, I know RE:R takes up a lotta space, you made it seem really crazy when you said it takes up about 3 games! LOL
@eaglebob345 oh ok, dang
@biglee Why did u just do that to me?? It's way too hard for me to wait for it now!! Lol

Everyone please check out that new SM3DW japanese trailer. It's also on
6 mins of pure awesome
Edit: Well it's on here too, didn't scroll all the way down first



cookiex said:

Interesting. NSMBU is 1.69 GB, and for this to be almost the same size is impressive. Though Mario 3D Land is just 512 MB and Mario Galaxy 2 is supposedly just 1.3 GB, so I guess Mario games just don't take up a whole lot of space.



I-love-tea said:

I'm really not worried about the size of the download, it's what Nintendo do with it that matters. On that front they have a history of doing a lot with a (relative) little.



Nintend0ro said:

Your download version will most likely cost you a lot more than physical version since eshop is overpriced silly. Don't fall for the size trick and get physical instead for around $50



Nintenjoe64 said:

It makes you wonder why they ever stopped using ROM Carts when they're this efficient with their data. Can't wait to see what they manage to do with 25GB for Zelda U!



biglee said:

@X-Factor Sorry! But at least now it sounds like you're as excited as I am! We officially have less than a month, and now I know how I'll be spending my thanksgiving weekend! Still the one thing I'm disappointed about is no online multiplayer. I really think Nintendo dropped the ball in that respect, but I'm sure it will be great regardless. Lol, and I did the same exact thing - didn't realize the Japanese trailer was on here because i didn't scroll down enough.



fluggy said:

Irrelevant as I'll buy disc but disappointed in the small file size. Wish Nintendo would give us a 20GB mario masterwork, completely go over the top with graphics and orchestral score. Not a big difference in Mario Bros Wii and the Wii U version... Why not show what the Wii U can really do!! Hell, GoW 3 came out 3 1/2 years ago, was 40GB and Wii U hasn't came anywhere near the graphics and production of it... Yet! We need a showcase!!!



sinalefa said:


I don't see me getting this anywhere at launch at $50. I buy online at Amazon and always have to pay taxes and wait around 10 days for the game to arrive, so I am actually getting a deal by going digital. And I dont mind paying $60 for this, as I am pretty sure I will love it.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I had a feeling that this would be similar to Super Mario 3D Land - a lot of levels, but a small file size.



AJWolfTill said:

Random question, does anyone know if there has been a bullet bill train before? It looks immensely fierce



Samurai_Goroh said:

Yeah, Nintendo is well trained on data compression and optimization since the days of the N64. They are truly wizards, the problem is they design hardware for their own needs and 3rd parties can't cope with it.



ChrisHoi said:

aside from pre-rendered FMV I believe that a lot of space can be saved by proper audio compression.



Marshi said:

I think gb heavy games are not really about content. Its more about how much voice over work,cgi or movie scenes or detailed physics are in the game. Mario games have very few voice samples,no movie scenes( the few cut scenes a mario game has is all in-engine stuff) and simple physics. And its all the better for it!



Darknyht said:

To me it is a sign that Nintendo still focuses on gameplay first and still looks to be efficient in their coding.



Marshi said:

@IxnayontheCK Not at all. If a game like assassins creed or watch dogs had 1 gb file sizes id be worried as they are voice over heavy,with alot of movie or cgi scenes(ac3 is 18gb). Mario has very few voice overs no cgi and no real physics in the game. So ninty can use up all the memory on good stuff like the amount of levels and secrets ingame



Jese_1 said:

Gave up throwing money at the screen. Threw money at the Wii U instead. Still don't have the game.



Nintend0ro said:

Get it preordered from nearest store then. What if your wiiu breaks down? You'll loose all your info with it. Physical is the only way for me. Plus i love to see a stack of games in the shelf



Marshi said:

@IxnayontheCK well if you want the truth of it mate ive no doubt sm3dw could be made for the wii,and probs even the 3ds. Just without hd textures or the dynamic lighting. Mario games dont push hardware,more like they push what the hardware can do in terms of unique gameplay experiences.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

@SanderEvers Sometimes file sizes give off wrong impressions to people about content, but very rarely will file size match its amount of content (Like small size = less content) very rarely though.



rjejr said:

I kept reading that number over and over assuming there had to be a dropped # in there somewhere, 17Gb actually seems more reasonable to me than 1.7GB. The Lego Marvel DEMO is 1.36GB on the PS3.

If the game is as fun as I think it's going to be I don't care abut the size - but I do care about the length. Both Mario Galaxy games lasted over 60 ours - guess I died alot - and Sunshine took awhile also - but NSMBWii and NSMBU both seemed really short in comparison.

Nintendo should offer classes in coding if they can get a full retail 3D HD game into 1.7GB. Even w/o CG or VO that's still really impressive.



rmeyer said:

It just shows the quality of Nintendos developers using a lot of technique and skill in reducing size and rendering speeds much like Halo 4 last year. This really shows a great future for the Wii U and means some of the upcoming games are going to be visually and technically impressive on the Wii U.



sinalefa said:


I usually only buy physical but having this earlier makes it way too tempting. I bought a second 3DS a week ago so it is better to have the cart to use it on any of my systems. So with discs it should be the same.



siavm said:

This brings back down my hype for this game. The first Mario game on a nintendo system is supposed to bring the system up. I did not feel that last year and I am not feeling it this year. After galaxy I was kind of expecting next epic now I just don't know. Good games can come in small sizes but this is going to be the biggest game they have for wii u this year. I hope like someone you this is good compression but seeing how they have been missing there mark this year and pushing back games. I am a little worried they pushed this out just to meet the holiday need and did not go in feel.



ACK said:

@fluggy That's the worst kind of ethic. Increasing data size just so it'll look good in the locker room is not progress.

Do we forget that every bit of data is a piece of everlasting waste and pollution? That is, there are entire buildings housing perpetually humming mega-servers with climate control aggressively cooling them 24/7. This is a proliferating dilemma our younger generations need to be far more mindful of in this digital information age. Especially us gamers whose hobby is increasingly establishing itself as a significant and unsustainable contributor to global warming, ozone depletion, and the sort.

With the ever-expanding power demand of each new generation of consoles, the push towards the digital, and the prevalence of online gaming, this little hobby has become a worry-some, needless drain on our world's resources. We mustn't ever forget that this virtual recreation is purely entertainment (enjoyed by a disproportionate few) while these resources are essential (to all).

With all that said, we should commend companies who strive to keep our hobby ecologically and economically manageable (while still maximizing gameplay and appeal). To me, it's pretty audacious to foist a massive, indulgent piece of digital escapism on the world in hopes of profit and/or fame.

EDIT: Further, it should be noted that the growing data sizes are contributing to a squeeze on the industry. It could be argued, there is a point in development where the worth of data and employees intersect. That is, the "content" evolves into such a beast that the cost to maintain it creates complex decisions weighing that data against the very people who constructed, or are tasked with governing it.



taffy said:

So when I finally get my Wii U i'll be downloading this and Wind Waker HD... Wonder if DKC:TF will be small enough too checks fill size of DKCR 3D.... guess i'll get that one on disk then



AdanVC said:

I would get it digitally but that damn box art looks beautiful to be ignored like that. My concern is why such an epic game like this have an small download size. I don't think the game would be short, but yeah, maybe is the brilliance on how Nintendo deals with programming and codes to put an insane amount of content into such a small download size. Wind Waker HD is 2 gb and it has waaaaaaay more content than games like AC III and RE: Revelations HD... together. "Never judge a software by it's download size"



SCAR said:

Maybe the models and textures are as small as they can be, then they zoom in the camera.



BillyCupid said:

Great news. This has made my mind up - it'll be a midnight download on launch day for me!



stonework said:

+no pre made cutscenes
+reuse of textures in different areas
+texture simplicity
+quite a few 2D elements



Leu10antFalcon said:

Is Nintendo taking the Shin'en route? All humor aside, this is truly impressive for a game that has the most beautiful graphics (in HD, of course...) and clocks in at 60 frames per second. Whether I buy it digital download or in stores, Super Mario 3D World is one of the must own titles coming to the Wii U.



Megajack said:

I'd download this if there was an account system. Retail for me... maybe. Still deciding whether or not to get this because of the no online multiplayer..



StarDust4Ever said:

Dang, my Giana sisters game is bigger than that, and it's a 2D platformer. I think some devs are just lazy when it comes to compressing their games. I'll be getting the disc release for this so it doesn't matter.



ledreppe said:

Don't just get the download version because of small file sizes! Punish Nintendo for their overpriced downloads and shun the eShop. They must be taught that if they want a vibrant digital platform they must change their policy on pricing. DO NOT GET THE DOWNLOAD, NINTENDO MUST BE FORCED TO LOWER THEIR DIGITAL PRICES!



renaryuugufan92 said:

not surprising Nintendo has been compressing all of their games ever since the original NES days, day one download for me!



ACK said:

@StarDust Not laziness. Business. Create more content, increase fidelity, etc... or use those employees for technical aspects such as optimization, compression, and implementation of quality control. Striking a balance is difficult and requires a strong design philosophy, sound development process, and hard work ethic, at the very least.



Phatosaurus said:

@biglee Nintendo games don't tend to have a lot of voice acting and pretty simplistic textures allowing for lower resolutions. Those are two of the main memory hogs in games.



StarDust4Ever said:

Makes sense, I guess. A lot of Nintendo games, especially Mario, use the same textures for many levels. Open any of the NSMB titles, and each world has a centralized art theme used throughout several levels. Even the 3D Mario games (at least Land and World for 3DS and Wii-U) reuse the same objects and enemies over and over, with numerous objects flat shaded, using a gradient, or a small bitmap tiled repeatedly across a larger area. In Great Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, of which I've played a few levels so far, each stage seems almost dreamy and hand painted like, so it's a 2D game but there's probably far less recycled graphics.



Discostew said:

Oddly enough, it is smaller than Super Mario Galaxy, which is about 3.28GB. Then again, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is 1.30GB, so they've figured out how to reduce the overall size by some means. It could be more recycling, or maybe even something like procedural generation.



Yoshis_VGM said:

@fluggy A small file size does NOT mean it has small content. And the score is orchestrated, that has been confirmed now. It has also been confirmed that Mahito Yokota and Koji Kondo will be the composers (they composed Galaxy, in case you didn't know). And the graphics look much better than they did at E3...but the graphics aren't the major selling point here, the gameplay is. This game looks like it will offer some killer platforming geniusness. As someone mentioned earlier, Super Mario 64 was a mere 8MB, and that game sure packed in a lot of content. Small file size =/= less content.



TheGreatLord said:

Wow that is a lot of megabytes, it is about 1.66 gigabytes. Oh wow... Still worth it! I really want this game! You can add more gigabytes to the Wii U right?



DESS-M-8 said:

How the HELL are Nintendo managing to cram these AAA quality HD ganes into such tiny file sizes?????????
It's less than a quarter of sonic and looks better?

Are third parties missing a trick somewhere?



fluggy said:

Mario 64 looks crap now!!! Weve seen Mario in HD... Does the job but doesn't have much of a difference compared to Wii version.... What's the point in having blue ray size capability and not utilising it!! Sure, Mario 2D Land looks "nice"... It looks like a Wii game in HD .... Nintendo have the ability/resources to make it look glorious in HD!!! ... Instead we get a file size smaller than most Wii games AND 3ds games.



mjc0961 said:

The only space it will gobble up on my Wii U is the space inside the disc drive. Until Nintendo gets a proper account system on the Wii U, I won't buy anything that costs more than $10.



ungibbed said:

The biggest killer for me which I had no idea how much it would take was the 18 Gigs that Lego City Undercover ate. I wish Nintendo would put size or space requirements on digital download games.



diskmaster said:

it's only 1,7GB because
1. there is nearly no Voice in the game, just things like "yay", "yeaha" .. you know what i mean.
2. Textures are HD but very simple and well packed.
3. No big translation ressources

all in all this game isnt small at all.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Silithas I wouldn't say I dislike large game downloads because of Wii U slowness but rather my internet connection slowness Something I really should improve...



Silithas said:

@WiiLovePeace Yeah, but i have now prooven that wii-u's speed is crap.

I normally download 25.2GB in an hour, but wii-u downloads 1gb in an hour



WiiLovePeace said:

@Silithas Wow I'd love to download 20 GBs in an hour! Um... I heard that if you reconfigure your router &/or modem to have the Wii U's local IP address in the DMZ (a space where the firewall is turned off I think, I may be wrong) then you'll get the correct download speeds.

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