With Sonic Lost World now powering up a spin dash for its October release on the Wii U and 3DS, those most interested in a purchase have the usual choice of sticking with a retail disc — old skool — or opting for an eShop download instead. Those considering the eShop route may want to know that it's a fairly meaty download on both systems, particularly on the Wii U.

The Wii U version will demand 8475MB / 8.37GB of space in Europe, which we imagine will be similar in North America. As for the 3DS title, it runs off with 10,253 blocks, as they're still known on the handheld, which amounts to roughly 1.25GB. Clearly those HD visuals demand a lot more resources, and on their respective platforms these can be considered as medium-sized retail downloads, though SEGA's effort on Wii U is certainly more memory hungry than Nintendo's first-party efforts to date.

Are you considering picking up Sonic Lost World on either or both of the eShop stores, or would you rather have a disc or cartridge to hold? Let us know in the comments below.