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Game Breaking Pokémon X & Y Bug Affecting Some Gamers in Europe and Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


We're sure millions of 3DS owners are currently merrily playing Pokémon X or Y — or both if they're really keen — but some seem to be running into issues. It's being widely reported that some European and Japanese owners are running into a bug that corrupts their save and, unfortunately, prompts them to restart the game from scratch.

In these cases saving in Lumiose City prompts the save file to become unusable, with attempts to load the data simply bringing frozen screens — top and bottom — though the music continues to play. There doesn't seem to be a fix, and no information has been issued — at the time of writing — by Nintendo.

This seems to be affecting a small minority of copies, but it may be wise to avoid saving in Lumiose City for the time being. There are some videos showing this bug in action in Y, though that uploaded by a British gentleman is riddled with naughty words — and we can't have that — so you can check out a video from a Japanese user below; in that case we only have some unsavoury and excessive sniffing going on, though whether the gamer is swearing in Japanese is unknown. Oh YouTube, stay classy.

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Kit said:


Just glad that I have the Download version of X so hopefully won't be affected. Needless to say I'm not going to risk saving in Luminose City just incase.



cookiex said:

There's always that one game breaking bug that slips by quality control, isn't it? Hopefully Nintendo patches the game soon enough.



SheldonRandoms said:

A wild bug type Pokemon is affecting some copies of the game(s), Nintendo better patch that up quickly.



NintyMan said:

By the time I get X for Christmas, Nintendo should have this long-patched. They really care about their Pokemon.



Peach64 said:

That sounds like a big one. I know most people I spoke to are loving the new save anywhere system so I imagine they'd all be saving in every city, including this one. Some of them have already put 40 hours into the game too so I hope none of them got affected by this.



Gunblade_Hero said:

Oh damn I read that from some user yesterday but now I see it's serious. My copy of Y should arrive today, now I'm going to be super careful to not save in Lumiose.



Emblem said:

That sucks hope they patch it soon. I've been taking my time so would hate to be affected by this bug.



MaciejKuczynski said:

If you encounter this bug, remove the SD card, boot the game and save at some other location. After that, you can insert your SD card back. There's some problem with the SD card and this method seems to work.



Araknie said:

@Pokefanmum82 Same here.
I save multiple times in there and no problems.

For me it's a bunch of copies that got a bad manufacture, not a problem in the actual game or will happen to everybody.
If a script is broken it happens to everybody.



B4SDR4G said:

I've heard it only occurs while saving on the streets of Lumiose. But I'll just play safe and avoid saving in all of Lumiose



Artwark said:

This is why I wait a few weeks or a month to get the game because by then, there wouldn't be bugs in my copy. It worked for me in Dream Team and it always worked for every game that I get.



Peach64 said:

@Haxonberik I have no idea, not a Pokemon fan but I went to a street pass meet up on the weekend where everyone was playing it and one of the points I heard being discussed was how it was so nice that you could save anywhere now and they hadn't gone more than a couple of minutes without saving. Did they speed up the saving process or something?



Raylax said:

And if you save on the coastline, Missingno. reaches out of the console and devours your pets.



Banker-Style said:

I swear I saved in there when I first arrived and it was fine,but suffice to say I won't be doing it again.
Nintendo will no doubt be patching this pretty soon.



Gioku said:

So... it doesn't affect American copies...? ...I'm still gonna play it safe, anyway... wouldn't want my 30+ hours to go to waste... 0_o



Raylax said:

@peach64 It's probably the speed of saving they were discussing - it's almost instant now. Previous games would take about five seconds, whilst Diamond/Pearl onwards would take considerably longer ("Saving a lot of data...") if you'd moved Pokémon in or out of storage. Diamond and Pearl in particular had incredibly long save times - up to 30 seconds sometimes - which they thankfully improved in the games that followed.



Arcamenel said:

Yes I love how fast saving is. That was one of my biggest gripes in previous games was how long it took to save even if you didn't do very much since your last one.



GN004Nadleeh said:

@cookiex only on nintendo games you mean, like metroid other m, or skyward sword was given special treatment as nintendo decided a long time ago that we don't want patches. i can't think of one game on my ps3 that has a game breaking bug that was not patched within a few days.



MadAdam81 said:

It is instantaneous, so much so that a few times I haven't been sure if I actually saved my game or not and saved a second time.



AlexSora89 said:

I really hope the patch will also include more 3D support. The 3D in the game so far is stunning, so forcing 2D down players' throats doesn'r make much sense.

I mean, who wouldn't want to see a 3D version of Lumiose City?!



DreamyViridi said:

I saved in Lumiose City once to check out haircuts and my game's fine. I'm heading back there now though and might forget to not save in the city, so I hope there'll be a patch for this soon.



LztheQuack said:

I saved in Lumiose City all the time and nothing happened, so maybe it's more specific?



DarkKirby said:

From what I've heard on multiple forums and message boards the Lumiose City bug isn't limited to Japanese and European copies.

I haven't run into the problem myself personally, but I hope Nintendo, who has shown in the past they are anti after market support, actually releases a patch to make sure it doesn't happen, and possibly help people who have the problem and are stuck.

While many other software developers often release a week 1 or 2 patch as a courtesy to fix bugs found by players, all too often Nintendo rather take the approach to ignore complaints and sweep them under a rug. How difficult would it be to release a patch to fix some of Fire Emblem's bugs, but they just don't, because they're Nintendo. When complaints rose of Mario Kart 7's online being ruined by massive abuse of a glitch, they actually argued they will NEVER fix it because of being unfair for "time trails". That's ponyta manure. It wasn't until about 7 months later they released a patch. Skyward Sword was the only time ever they went ahead and actually patched a game promptly, which created another problem in that Nintendo's former excuse for why Wii games received no after market support was because patching Wii games was "impossible".



shinokami said:

I think it has something to do with the rendering of the city and I think it happens if you save next to a taxi



Skeet102 said:

i saved in lumiose city right before going to the pokemon lab and i was fine.



theblackdragon said:

They had a patch out for M&L:DT pretty quick, i don't see why they wouldn't be able to patch this game soon as well. In the meantime, i'll be sure to not save in Lumiose :3



BakaKnight said:

Pheeew... I was just going to save there >.>;;;

Already did in the past with no issues actually, but totally not going to risk now after reading this news ^_^;



Pachterkid said:

If you're afraid of "naughty words" then stay off the internet. Or better yet, live in a bubble with plugs in your ears. The odd swear word or two isn't going to harm anybody. I assume that the reaction of the man in that video is representative of the reactions of most gamers who ran into this bug (well, apart from the hammer, anyways. That was too far). I'm sure people out there aren't going "golly-gee, my $40 game that I've been waiting over a year for is broken. Oh well."

People in the real world swear.



B3ND3R said:

Good thing I haven't encountered this bug! I mean, I'm in NA and this problem doesn't seem to have hit me or any of my friends who are playing it as well... I'd be devastated if I lost my Level 56 Absol and my three Eevee-lutions (Espeon, Umbreon, and Jolteon, all level 42)... I feel bad for anyone who's encountered this issue.



Technosphile said:

Hey Game Freak, if you're going to patch this:




JaxonH said:

Um, no game on PS3 has ever been patched in a few days, unless you can give specific examples. It takes much longer than that to find the corrupt code and apply a fix. Most games it will take anywhere from several weeks to several months.



Justaguest said:

I must have saved couple of times in that location since I spent a lot of time there but I am not going to risk anything. Hopefully most of those who werent fortunate as me found out about this when they first entered the city (since its early in the game)



stillwinds said:

There's a sticky thread on Gamefaqs where a lot of users have reported their experiences with the bug. Apparently it happens if you save in the streets in Lumiose city, close the software, open it again and then load your save file. Saving and continuing with your game seems to be ok.

Many are saying it happens near a lamp post and a cab. But another use r said they saved near the studios and their save wasn't corrupted. And it seems to affect both digital and physical. Dunno about regions though. Anyway, just stay safe and don't save in the streets there!



GamerZack87 said:

The only place I save in cities and towns is inside the Pokémon Center. It's an automatic instinct I've been doing for years, so there's not too much danger of me saving outside in Lumiose City. I feel sympathetic to those who have saved outside in the City of Lights, though.



GN004Nadleeh said:

@JaxonH sonic generations (day one patch), call of duty black ops 2 (day one patch) fallout new vegas (day one patch) zone of the enders hd (day one patch) the last of us (day one patch) dmc (day one patch). problem is the only game nintendo did patch is skyward sword but they were so worried about admitting it was a patch they called it something else.



Tsuchinoko said:

Just to confirm, no the Japanese player is not swearing in the video, he's just frustrated.



DarkNinja9 said:

@Technosphile ugh i have to agree with that -_- im finding it so annoying sometimes

they need to have a double click on a button or sometime to remove it if you dont want to use it



crazyangrygamer4 said:

IM surprised that the President of Game Freak and the head master of Nintendo ALLOWED this to pass by that's what you get when your rushing im probably sure it wasn't meant to upset gamers probably they just didn't double check the 1sth 500hundered copy's of x and y

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