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Interview: Ubisoft On Splinter Cell Blacklist, Taking the Series Forward and Wii U Features

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Going for a triple-A sneak kill

Splinter Cell Blacklist is, at the time of writing, just a few short weeks from sneaking onto the Wii U. This is the sixth home console game in the series, with just one of those games — Conviction — skipping the Wii in 2010; all others featured on the GameCube or Nintendo's last-gen system. Its arrival on Wii U shouldn't be a huge surprise, in that case, especially as Ubisoft has delivered a good number of high profile multi-platform titles to the system since its launch in 2012.

For a franchise best known for stealth gameplay, it's also a release that's somewhat crept up on unsuspecting gamers. There have been some trailers and details announced, absolutely, but later releases such as Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag have seemingly had the greater Ubisoft marketing bombast behind them. Perhaps it's simply the case that the Splinter Cell franchise is so well established in the gaming market that, even with modest promotion, regular fans will nevertheless happily pick up the latest entry.

As it's so close to its arrival, and adds a welcome blockbuster quality to the Wii U's summer lineup, we caught up with the game's Producer Liu Jun, as Ubisoft Shanghai is handling the Wii U version. It's a studio with a long history of working on the series, and we were keen to learn more about the title as a whole and how it'll utilise the Wii U's unique control capabilities.

Nintendo Life: The Splinter Cell series has evolved a fair bit over the years, from a primary focus on stealth to, arguably, more action. Where does Blacklist’s style fit in these terms?

Liu Jun: We wanted to create a game where players could play their own way and approach situations from many different angles. Splinter Cell Blacklist has a variety of play-styles that allows players to play the way they want. For the more traditional stealth players, the game offers Ghost play where the game can be played entirely non-lethally. The player is awarded the most points for this style of play. The Panther player is a mix of stealth and action, striking enemies from the shadows with quick precision. And for the full on action player, we encourage the assault gameplay style, where players can approach a situation loud and aggressively.

NL: Jade Raymond has said Blacklist will feature more nostalgic elements that fans of old will remember — how will these integrate with less stealth-like gameplay?

LJ: Splinter Cell Blacklist was built to support player choice. Hardcore fans will embrace and enjoy classic stealth gameplay elements including non-lethal play and the ability to turn off or shoot out lights to create a cover of darkness. We also made sure to open the range of gameplay up to allow a more diverse group of gamers to enjoy Splinter Cell Blacklist, so if they find themselves in a tough situation, they have a number of tools and tricks to help them succeed no matter what their preferred gameplay style is.

Nintendo Life: Is experience of previous entries in the series important, or will newcomers — or those playing one of these titles for the first time in a number of years — be able to enjoy the game fully?

The Wii U is the only version of the game where you really get to experience first-hand how OPSAT works for Sam and how it feels to actually operate it.

LJ: This is a great time for newcomers to the series to jump in. Sam Fisher is facing his greatest threat yet – a series of escalating terror attacks called The Blacklist. Sam, along with the 4th Echelon team, must race against the clock to find a way to stop the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero. This storyline could be ripped from today’s headlines, and with the player choice and variety built into the game, we really feel like anyone could pick up and play Splinter Cell Blacklist and enjoy all the gameplay elements to their fullest.

NL: Some of the promotional material has had a focus on the main campaign; can you outline how lengthy this campaign will be?

LJ: This is the biggest Splinter Cell in the series. We have a full single player campaign, but also co-op missions and the return of multiplayer with Spies vs Mercs. Also, most of the co-op maps can be played in single player mode, offering even more gameplay hours.

NL: The co-op element promises to be “blurred” with the single player campaign, can you tell us more about how the two modes interact?

LJ: The co-op missions are complimentary to the single player campaign. The player can complete them in whichever order they choose. As well, through the SMI (strategic mission interface) the player can seamlessly join co-op sessions even if they are in the middle of their single player campaign. As well, they can join their friends online in Spies Vs. Mercs and see what their friends are playing by viewing the world map.

NL: Is completing the co-op content important to the single player experience, or is it an optional extra?

LJ: Co-op is optional and the missions compliment the storyline of the single player campaign. It is important to note, however, that almost all of the co-op missions can be played by a single player if they choose to do so. The gameplay will be different, as we have a number of co-op specific moves that can’t be completed when you’re by yourself, and we’re really proud of the level of variety offered through our co-op missions.

NL: On Wii U, is offline co-operative play supported? If so, which controllers can be used?

LJ: In order to ship at the same time as the other consoles, we unfortunately weren’t able to delve into this feature. But we think Nintendo gamers will be really excited to get the game at the same time as other consoles.

NL: We’ve seen details of various Wii U-specific features utilising the GamePad, can you outline the key examples for us?

LJ: The GamePad screen is your version of Sam’s arm computer or OPSAT (OPerational SATellite uplink). Sam uses his OPSAT a lot throughout the game to access and control his gadgets and to communicate with his team. The Wii U is the only version of the game where you really get to experience first-hand how OPSAT works for Sam and how it feels to actually operate it: you can see through Sam’s eyes and it’s a very powerful feeling to choose how to use this gadget to make decisions as the leader of 4th Echelon.

NL: Is Off-TV play supported?

LJ: Yes, Off TV play is fully supported for everything, except offline coop play.

NL: How would you summarise the impact that the Wii U GamePad has on the game?

LJ: In Splinter Cell Blacklist players are going to be constantly making a lot of important tactical choices on the fly – whether to go lethal or non-lethal, or choosing which weapons and gadgets to use in tricky situations.

The GamePad helps the player make tactical choices on the fly, without breaking the flow of the game or the tension of the story. At any moment and by simple touch, you can pick any of your weapons or gadgets, mark enemies & execute them, or switch from lethal to non-lethal takedowns.

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NL: Is the GamePad microphone supported for online co-op and multiplayer?

LJ: Yes, the game makes use of the GamePad microphone for online co-op and multiplayer chat.

NL: What are your thoughts on dual-screen control mechanics, via the GamePad or alternatives on other systems, and their role in modern gaming experiences?

LJ: For Splinter Cell Blacklist the dual screen control mechanics are definitely a plus. For Splinter Cell Wii U, keep in mind we really didn’t have to create and “force” new gameplay to support the hardware, with the OPSAT, the gadgets, the mark & execute. The GamePad feels like a natural extension to the Splinter Cell experience.

NL: The last entry in the series - Splinter Cell: Conviction - featured multiplayer modes that were well received, but which didn’t necessarily appear to be as popular as gamers would have hoped. Do you think you’ve cracked multiplayer with modes such as Spies vs Mercs this time around?

LJ: We’re really excited about Spies Vs. Mercs. It was one of the most requested features from the fans, and we’re really pleased to be bringing it back to Splinter Cell Blacklist. Co-op was exceptionally well-received in Conviction, and so we’ve built on what works in Blacklist’s co-op gameplay. We’re confident players will find the multiplayer offering extremely fun.

NL: Will the Wii U receive full DLC support for Blacklist?

LJ: There will be no difference in treatment with other versions

NL: Given the Splinter Cell series’ long and successful sales history, what do you think keeps players coming back for more time and time again?

LJ: We like to think that fantastic gameplay combined with interesting storyline, along with an iconic hero in Sam Fisher keep our fans coming back for more. And we’re sure they won’t be disappointed with the next instalment.

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We'd like to thank Liu Jun for his time.

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Oni-Neoxes said:

It says no Local Coop but the question for Off TV Plays says "except offline coop play."



sr388survivor said:

I agree with him. I'd much rather not have local co-op than have it delayed while all the other consoles get it. Still hope it gets patched but either way looking forward to it. Spies vs Mercs is extremely fun.



jrob23 said:

yet another watered down port from a either an incapable or lazy dev. Seriously, this is not going to sell well and then we'll hear how 3rd party games don't do well on Nintendo systems. So tired of hearing devs minimizing their lack of effort. If it had local co op play it sounds like this would be the definitive version to own. Without it, it lacks a huge component that will truly affect sales. Some people think that eventually it will be patched. LOL. With the dismal sales this will generate I suspect they will come up with some lame excuse not to do it, along the lines of 'it doesn't make fiscal sense to waste resources on a game that isn't selling'. Arggghhhh!



ThomasBW84 said:

@jrob23 This doesn't seem 'watered down' at all to me. I'm surprised at how the absence of local co-op - the missions of which are only a smaller part of the whole game - is such a big deal. The online is all there, GamePad controls that look quite interesting etc. My personal view is that a mountain is being made out of a molehill.



ThumperUK said:

If thise plays well, then I'll buy it, I'm not so fussed whether local co-op is there or not.....just so long as the game isn't a quick hatchet port rather than a true development. I won't be buying from the Ubi store though, they want £50 for it (mind you they still want £55 for AC3!!)



luminalace said:

@ThomasBW84 - My sentiments exactly. Personally I am very happy they included the online co-op. I live alone and appreciate the online options and it's great to finally have another co-operative online game after Monster Hunter 3U! If only Pikmin 3 MP was online



jrob23 said:

@ThomasBW84 one of the major differences between Wii U and the other next gen consoles is the fact that instead of split screen one person gets the gamepad and one gets the TV as you play together. Not having that option negates one of the reasons to get this on the Wii U. So basically, if you and a buddy want to play this game together locally you can't. That is more than a molehill sorry. Don't be an apologist. If you are a fan of this game it's better to get the complete version a little bit late than an incomplete one. Sure, local co op may not be your thing but it's still a factor.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Hopefully offline co-op arrives via a patch. Nevertheless it's outrageous the way WiiU ports are being handled. Lazy devs...



ThomasBW84 said:

@SigourneyBeaver AC4 and Watch_Dogs are Ubisoft's two biggest games this year, both coming to Wii U.

@jrob23 I don't think I'm being an apologist, I know some are disappointed with missing local co-op - and I understand - I'm just giving context. It's got some Wii U only things with off-tv, interesting GamePad controls, and I'm glad the mic is being used for online (co-op particularly). A truly lazy port would lack some or all of these things.

Molehill was the wrong phrase, but I am looking at pros and cons, not zeroing in on the latter. Not being an apologist, just thinking with context.



Csaw said:

@DarkCoolEdge and @jrob23 lazy devs are u kidding me?! Ubisoft is the only company out there who is actually trying to release anything for wiiu. Honestly I think people on here are just looking for excuses not to support 3rd party games.



ClockworkMario said:

Is there any sort of local multiplayer?
I'll most likely get it at some point – maybe near launch – but they ought to patch it at somewhere down the line. At least that's the only thing Wii U gets the short end of the stick at (if the game doesn't run and/or look horrible on it)



scottsensei said:

This is an easy patch fix, and honestly? I care more for the online multi than local. This is a single play option being excluded and for the sake of timely release, not an entire mode being excluded due to "lack of interest" like Arkham Origins. Besides, after the backlash from Rayman Legends I'm not surprised Ubisoft isn't keen on delaying any Wii U titles.

Blacklist will be my first Splinter Cell game, and honestly? It's a day one purchase.



KingH3nrry said:

I think people are complaining about the lack of co-op because they are tired of not getting 'full' games, including me. We want to get the same game as the other systems, is that too much to ask for?



fushimushi said:

@jrob23 It's not that they're lazy.. They took that feature out so that we Nintendo fans will have the game released the same date as other consoles do. What do you think will happen if we didn't? Many people (including yourself in that matter) will barrage the devs with a crap load of remarks and angry comments about not getting the same.

p.s/ have a good day.



scottsensei said:

@ KingH3nrry

Not at all, but we're in the first year of a console's lifespan, which is the roughest and messiest. This is a growing pain period that will pass just like every other.



darkgamer001 said:

I wish they could have pressed on that offline co-op part, asking if there's any possibility of it getting patched in later on for the Wii U version. It might seem like a small thing (and it definitely is minor next to Batman Origins no online) but I really don't want Wii U versions of games missing features becoming some kind of trend.



jrob23 said:

@Coldfirex44 If they had given the Wii U the complete game I wouldn't say a thing. The fact is they have failed to do so. Just like they failed to provide Rayman Legends as an exclusive. Ubisoft has supported the Wii U and yes that's great. But I would rather they didn't if they are going to cut corners. They are lazy and it shows. Is it so much to ask for a complete game nowadays? Why are people defending them? Are you okay with Arkham Origins not having online too? Just happy to get the scraps they toss us?
I'm the one who edited their comment. I'm glad you liked it, but please note that insults are against our Community Rules. Should you continue, you may wind up banned. Please play nice with your fellow users — TBD



jrob23 said:

@Csaw I will buy 3rd party games when they are the complete versions other consoles get. I will buy Rayman Legends, but only after I play all the other great 1st party games coming out soon. If Ubisoft had released it early this year it would have been a first day purchase. I will wait until I have completed the other games I buy or there is a price drop. I will not reward them for going back on their word and delaying a complete game by buying day one. I will get Watchdogs provided it is a complete game. Though, the current trend has me thinking something will be left off. I wish I wasn't so cynical but it's how I have been made to feel regarding 3rd party games for the Wii U.



Evruck said:

I hope ppl will buy this game and support ubi.I think we should be thankfull that ubi is spendig time to make us a quality game while others are giving us crap.Please forgive the fact that we may not have local multiplaer.Hold no grudges my friends.



sinalefa said:

This is like "Wii U gamers, you can have the game later or at the same time as the other consoles but with less content, for the same $60! Which do you prefer? Sorry, you have no choice in the matter, we decide that beforehand"

I wonder what "surprise" they will have for us when Black Flag and Watch_Dogs near release.



Dpishere said:

@ThomasBW84 Well for me personally, I put over 70 hours into Splinter Cell Conviction, and the vast majority of those hours were playing the co-op hunter, last stand, and infiltration modes with my brother. I have little interest in playing online with other people, and though I could play by myself I find it much more enjoyable to play with a friend, especially one sitting right next to me! Needless to say, though I will likely still end up getting the game, I will be doing so after a price drop. While it may not be a HUGE deal I still don't see why I should pay the same price as I would for other consoles, but have a feature cut (especially one this important for me). I understand why they had to do it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Hopefully it will be patched into the game in the near future after the game releases.



Csaw said:

@jrob23 if u don't support 3rd party games you won't have a choice next year, you'll be buying nothing but first party games.



taffy said:

Oh god here we go with the lazy developer comments again! Do you think that it might have taken them a little bit of time to add certain functionality to the touch pad controller which took away time from other features? Clearly the Wii U is EXACTLY the same as the other consoles, controller and all! DERP!



Pichuka97 said:

I might pick this up. Looks interesting. I always wanted to try a SC game before. Also, it's nice to see this game is being treated with just as much care as the other versions.



Shambo said:

@OniNeoxes I saw it too. Shame about the probable lack of local co-op though, I always liked that. The two screens would've served perfectly! Hopefully they'll patch that if sales are good enough. Also sad there's no collector's edition for Wii U.

Still, I'm really looking forward to this game. I have it preordered since quite a while now. Hopefully many others will get it as well, so spies vs. mercs is always available. I lovedvthat mode.

Since I used my Gameboy Advance on the gamecube games, I have absolute faith the Gamepad will serve a rightful purpose. Sticky cams were much more useful for starters.



daveh30 said:

if this was an "out of the ordinary" situation, the loss of the local co-op might not be as big a deal... its the fact that multi-console releases are always watered down on Nintendo consoles. Slapping on some silly motion controls or off-tv play and touting "Wii U exclusive features!" is a half-assed cover up. There is no acceptable reason why the most powerful of the 3 consoles this is releasing on is the one missing features.



Captain_Toad said:

I'm looking out for splinter cell conviction with or without local co-op. I wonder if the story is as enjoyable because as of right now from the trailers it looks a bit simple. Hopes to be proven wrong.



XFsWorld said:

Awesome! Even though I have a 360, I will wait to get the Wii U version of this!



MussakkuLaden said:

Given that the WiiU version of the game doesn't exhibit any considerable flaws, I will definitively get this, although I'm not a fan of the series at all. But it should be appreciated that Ubisoft brought this game in time and complete, and the WiiU exclusive features seem nice likewise. Reminds me a bit of the GBA-connectivity of the GCN-Splinter Cells. In fact, I could never imagine how anyone could conveniently play them without the little map on the GBA screen... ^^
However, the game won't be a day-one-purchase for me, simply because the The Wonderful 101 has rightful priority, but also because my past experience with Ubisoft games, good as they may be, has taught me that it's better to wait half a year before buying. So after 101 I may opt for Deus Ex instead, as it's a budget release anyway and deserves the support at least as much as SC does.



Quickman said:

"LJ: In order to ship at the same time as the other consoles, we unfortunately weren’t able to delve into this feature. But we think Nintendo gamers will be really excited to get the game at the same time as other consoles."

I don't know about everyone else but I'd rather wait until they've finished the game..



MussakkuLaden said:

at Inquisitor: Well, it's not nice, but personally I won't miss it and as regards the sales of the game, a simultaneous release certainly has its advantages. If Ubisoft really wants to, they could still add this mode by means of a patch like 1 or 2 months later. Then those who are interested in the mode could have the "complete" game at the same time as if it had been released later in the first place, while everyone is still able to play the rest of the game on time. The question is, if Ubisoft will care about adding the offline co-op mode, especially if the sales disappoint...



Subie98 said:

Id have liked local co op for a game with lots of stealth like this but im not frustrated about it either. Personally I couldn't careless about having off tb play. Wish they would have did away with that in favor of co op. Infact id never use off tv play for any game. However I still happy to pick this game up.



SetupDisk said:

I like how people are getting upset over this when it looks like it will be the best version of the game.



kereke12 said:

Why does everyone complain about multiplayer? To be honest I can care less about multiplayer, I care about the game not multiplayer. I think ubisoft did a good job on the game, even though it doesn't have the voice actor we all know.



kereke12 said:

@SetupDisk exactly why complain at least be happy that is on Wii U. I bet when Watch_Dogs comes out everyone is going to complain.



Sir_Deadly said:

Umm i am more happy with Online Co-OP then local Co-op tbh. This seems like a promising version of the game. Just because you people don't like the fact it doesnt have local co-op DOES NOT mean its a lazy port.

@OniNeoxes, I am pretty sure they were referring to the online Co-cop



Marshi said:

Good lord theres no pleasing you people!Its no wonder wiiu is struggling in sales and third party support! The wiiu version of blacklist is the ONLY version with off tvplay,the opsat screen and gamepad mic support. And yet the lack of offline co op(is that such a big feature?) has you all in fits of rage proclaiming a "watered down" or "lazy" version of the game! I give in,the haters are right.If nintendo fans adopt this kind of spoilt attitude then the wiiu is indeed doomed to failure!

Understand this, im as annoyed as everyone else that rayman was delayed,and that arkham origins may get no multiplayer. But they are VERY diferent scenarios than what we are getting here. It sounds to me like the best version and by the way the dev explained the lack of offline co op was so the game could be released at the same time as the others,i take that as they will patch the offline co op to wiiu at a later date. That been said if I was ubisoft and saw some of these comments id be inclined to say sod you then and not do the patch.

Argh modern gamers are so annoying!



Relias said:

I think the reason why the Off Line Co Op is such an issue is because the Wii U is pushed as a party system... and for it's off screen capabilities...while player 2 plays on screen.. I do believe they are making more of an issue out of it then what it really is... but then I do not think it's unreasonable to think Offline Co Op.. should be ready out of the box... especially when Wii U is not exactly know for it's online players except a few games.. (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for example) That being said.. I think developers need to start working on The Wii U version earlier then the others.. to take advantage of the hardware and to deliver the complete package..



Volmun said:

So this has Online Co-Op but not Offline? im fine with that... id rather have the Online co-op tbh



Volmun said:

also ppl complying about the WiiU excluciv controls being "Lazy" Erm... not at all.. attest there TRYING to use the game pads fetchers! bets what Capcom did with Resident Evil Revelations! Oh wow 1 touch screen puzil out of the 5 or so on the 3DS RE Rev! ik allot are still steamed over the Rayman thing... i am too tbh but come on you cant hold it agenst them forever. Spicily if there TRYING to make a game uneek (sorry i just cant spell that word iv triyed several times) on the WiiU to other vers as they could have bean "Lazy" and gone "oh were not using the game pad at all just go buy a WiiU Pro controller!"



Knux said:

You know, I really would have bought Blacklist for the Wii U because I personally think that this is the type of game to be perfect for this console. But the absence of local co-op is ridiculous.

I'm not going to use the local co-op mode, but it bothers me that Ubisoft expects you to to pay the effing same price for a gimped version. No matter how minor it may be to you, the lack of local co-op makes this a gimped version. I refuse to be ripped off by accepting this. So I guess I'll buy another version of Blacklist or not at all.



PinkSpider said:

I'm confused how the other consoles kept the local co op but the Wii U didn't if this game was made at the same time



unrandomsam said:

@ThomasBW84 If they were supporting the Wii U properly then they would support using two gamepads. (Or support 3 player on the Wii U - 2 gamepad's and the tv). Especially if they are doing something like kicking the multiplayer into 30hz as it is. (Or god forbid running the full game at 30hz wouldn't surprise me)

Companies want to be treated like people Ubisoft is a liar (Due to not making the Rayman game a Wii U exclusive) no point in dealing with people you cannot trust. (Uplay shows just what Ubisoft thinks of their customers).

No benefit to having them on the Wii U. (What they did with ZombiU has more than likely poisoned the well for everyone else other than Nintendo and perhaps a few others like Retro and Monolith).

All the portable ports have been terrible they have made. (Even something like Rayman 2 - it has had a DS and 3DS port and none have even been close to the original Dreamcast game. Nintendo doesn't do that for all its faults.)

Ports are never good. (Only exceptions I can think of are the fixed up Megadrive games on the Saturn that were basically unchanged but had all the slowdown etc fixed. The Thunderforce games for example).



DePapier said:

You've nailed the right questions with the interview, I'm really glad for the answers. Seems like Ubisoft Shanghai is in for recognition and I will proudly support them.

Now there is one contradiction. No offline co-op, but off-TV play is entirely supported EXCEPT for offline co-op. Does that mean we can expect an update with offline co-op were the game on Wii U to be relatively successful?



Metaknight_3Raw said:

If you guys chase away Ubisoft with your complaints soon there will be no big third parties left supporting the Wii U. This doesn't seem even HALF as bad as the Batman or Mass Effect ports xD



Evruck said:

res please support ubi they clearly have a heart for nintendo.Hold no grudges!



GreatPlayer said:

I don't blame Ubisoft, but the reason I purchased Wii U was because I do not like those mature games in PS and XBOX. Therefore, I will not buy Splinter Cell (or similar games) anyway.



Kyloctopus said:

I don't understand how they can eliminate the co-op mode. Ubisoft was one of the first to get the dev kits, its been 9 months since the console launched. These excuses shouldn't be acceptable. But at least the Gamepad feature looks pretty cool. I wish I can purchase this at launch, but I don't have the money for this or Rayman Legends



tebunker said:

Finally found one video from May on one random site that showed 2 player split screen.

Still getting the game. If split screen shows up later fine, otherwise not a deal breaker.

I think a lot of people are making a mountain out of a molehill, and are clearly devaluing other things this version has that others do not.

I will concede however, that with the gamepad, it makes a ton of sense to add offline co-op at some point.



bloodycelt said:

The most likely reason they dropped local co-op is because they haven't figured out how to get the other control schemes to work correctly. Or perhaps there were issues when the system was handling two characters and two screens at once that they could not feasibly fix before release.

If this is a must have, get the PS3/Xbox version, if its not, then the Wii U's exclusive features seem like a better deal. Especially since, offiline co-op may be patched in after release.

I own a mac and have before bootcamp was an option, and know exactly what paying more money for a gimped release is really like. So seriously, you have two versions of the game with a slightly different set of features, one has offline co op, the other has dual screen functionality and off screen functions, weight the two and vote with your wallet, and quit wasting the bandwidth of this site with your whining.



PK_Wonder said:

It's kind of like the whole Arkham Origins thing - a feature I neither knew about nor cared about from the game is missing; it won't prevent my purchase.



PinkSpider said:

One question you should have asked is how is compares to the 360 and ps3 versions consisdering the Wii U is meant to be a bit more powerful. Are we gonna get an inferior ported game with bad frame rate. I would like to think this is the best version of the game much like Need For Speed Most Wanted



jrob23 said:

@Knux exactly. It doesn't matter if you are going to use the feature or not. The fact it is missing yet you charge the same is the issue. Part of the appeal of these types of games is to play with your friends/family. When you take that away you are offering a substandard version. Once it patches the off line co op I will buy.



DESS-M-8 said:

No local co-op? Zero loss, I would never have used it. No spies vs Mercs online would have been a big blow though. Gamepad offtv play and well devised Gamepad integration makes THIS the definitive version. I'll buy this day one at midnight, either Game download code or eshop, whoever is the cheapest



brandonbwii said:

I'm disappointed that it doesn't match the other consoles on a feature by feature basis. I wouldn't call them lazy by any stretch. Those complaining probably were never going to buy it in the first place.

Lazy is an overused word by Nintendo gamers. Lack of co-op isn't short-changing Wii U. Some people seem to be in denial that maybe Nintendo made the Wii U just a little too complicated to make quality games in a timely manner. I'm just hoping there aren't so many technical issues that I have to wait, twiddling my thumbs for a patch, which has become standard.



brandonbwii said:

At least this game has online play. Which is somewhat surprising considering a certain caped crusader lacks that functionality.



SnackBox said:

I hope the Wii U version does not miss out on anything unlike most third party games so far on Wii U.



SetupDisk said:

Exactly, if they were being lazy why would they keep online play which has much more upkeep and bugs to test than offline. Almost everyone complaining seems to forget this has been handled by another studio. Until it's out for all we know their goals might have been gamepad, online play, graphical performance. If that turns out to be the case the game isn't missing anything, it will be the best version to play definitely if you planned on playing multi online anyway. To think they would delay the game with the Wii U's smaller install base is just... I don't even know how to describe that. They just might as well have it canceled it then.

In that case you aren't paying for a watered down port or a game missing a key feature, you would be playing the ultimate version of the game that doesn't have the poor makeup mode of local coop to make up for the other features not being as good. Which will also greatly increases replay value compared to local coop.

Those trying to insult their point across, I have friends I play with every week locally. Due to crazy things like working the backshift I get more chance to play online with them. Plus local time is more for stuff like Wario Smooth moves, Nintendoland and Mario U, in which 4 to 5 of us can play at once so no one is left out.

Ends long cranky tired rant as Pikmin 3 is downloading so I won't let this complaing about what looks like an awesome game get me down



dumedum said:

Sounds like the definitive version to me. Great interview and I'm glad Ubisfot has given full support to all the game pad features, off tv play, and says it will get DLC etc. Looking forward.



DarkNinja9 said:

i just like how they decided to use the gamepad mic for the game also the fact that they said they wouldnt tread the wii u different then the other ports with the DLC that said it still feels like they just putting on a smile but eh it will come bite them soon if it dont sell well for unfinished work

should of just made this version Wii U exclusive only if the gamepad seem to fit so well btw <.<



Mytoemytoe said:

Maybe I'm just a sucker for a context-sensitive "A" button (thinking of Xbox in this particular scenario) but I miss the old Splinter Cell games (up through Chaos Theory) and their 100% dedication to stealth.



GuttaBunny said:

Im more concerned that Ubisoft Toronto arent handling the U version than anything else. Ubisoft Shanghai!!!........better keep them fingers crossed for a good port people.



hYdeks said:

this will be my first Splinter Cell game, and I can't wait

Funny thing about Jade Raymond is I remember her being on Electric Playground just before she started work at Ubisoft and working on Assassin's Creed! FYI, Electric Playground (and now also Reviews on the Run) are big time Canadian video game/entertainment shows



DarkCoolEdge said:

@Csaw If the others don't even bother doesn't change the fact that a good port is the one that is at least on par with the other versions. Anything else is a joke. What would you think if ps3 (or 360) received the short end of the stick? Would it be ok?

I want third party support, Watch_Dogs looks very promising, and that includes games I really want like Lords of Shadow 2, Tomb Raider, Dark Souls 2 or The Witcher 3.



The-Chosen-one said:

that is so true, me neither, even if they would use offline co-op i would not use it, they have online cop-op, and we have the Gamepad option, and tv offplay etc etc, which the others dont have.



fushimushi said:

@jrob23 I would rather edit, than getting banned If you were in their shoes what would you do? I wasn't even defending them, they had choices to make. Rather, why are you making this conversation sound so critical? It's just over a video game anyways. They would rather sacrifice the tiny number people who wants offline co-op than sacrifice the release date that kept the fans waiting.



Petri-c said:

@GuttaBunny I'm not, I have a lot of faith in these guys.
They worked on Far Cry 3, developed and published Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (my favorite SC game so far), handled the beautiful HD remaster of Beyond Good & Evil HD and completed I Am Alive which is also a decent game.
If they do good on Wii U as well, I hope they would port every Ubi game that's coming, in addition of making something new for us as well.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Hope they get a patch in for offline multiplayer later, still this is shaping up to be a major 3rd party game for the Wii U



Gotallofthem said:

So when nintendo games with only offline come up its a fail. So upbi gives you online coop along with other WiiU Specfic features , but because it has no "offline coop" its a fail? Right....



Gotallofthem said:

I dont have Kids, and If I want to play with my friends, they can always just go online, and play together, so yeah I'm still getting this game.



Gotallofthem said:

Is the PS3/360 the gimped version since it cant do what the WiiU pad can do? Or is the WiiU version gimped since it doesn't have "offline Coop"? Id rather have the Pad features since I can always just play coop online. Meanwhile, no matter what the 360/PS payers do, they can never play with the pad.



ULTRA-64 said:

@Gotallofthem I my case....yes. I live in an area where online gaming is not reliable but I have many friends in my area. I buy only Nintendo consoles because the have the best local multiplayer as a plaform and as a result if a company/game drops local co-op, the main reason I bought my Wii u, then my reasons for buying them reduces significantly! It's my personal circumstance, but there are many like me.



Dogpigfish said:

I liked this franchise when it was less violent and was about hiding and taking information. Not sure why they abandoned that concept.



valcoholic said:

wondering why local coop has been cut while online seems to have been included. sure, online is quite stronger, but as no one ever plays third parties online on the wiiU (as we can see with mass effect 3 and AC3) offline coop would have been at least some cool multiplayer experience. I don't really believe this game will sell good enough so they will add offline coop with an update later. I'm still not sure if I'm getting it, the game actually looks great, but there's too much going on on the WiiU during the upcoming months.



Azooooz said:

Alright, here's the deal: If we support Ubisoft by buying this game for the Wii U, then they will add offline co-op mode, period.



QuickSilver88 said:

Well I am annoyed by the lack of local co-op but only because I don't want WiiU getting lesser versions. Honestly would have never used it. Whats funny is the WiiU gamers....who moan and groan because games like Pikman and Mario3D have local but no online and now SC get online but no local. I guess it is no wrong to want it all. One encouraging thing is Ubi supported AC3 with all the DLC so hopefully they will patch local co-op. I mean the mechanics should be in the game if it has online co-op. As long ad the engine is good I plan to buy this day one. I like stealth games and want to support Ubi. Plan to buy this, rayman, and WD and may get AC4 (series kind of fell off for me after brotherhood). I just hope we get full versions of WD and AC4......maybe a $10 cheaper price tag on SC would be a nice dealmand then charge $10 formthe co-op DLC when if it comes out?

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