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The Wonderful 101's Download Will Grab Over 10GB of Precious Hard Drive Space

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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While Pikmin 3 is all the rage on the Wii U in Europe right now, with North America soon to follow, PlatinumGames will be bringing its own brand of anarchic action and real-time strategy to the system with The Wonderful 101; it arrives in Europe on 23rd August and the U.S. on 15th September. For those looking to pick up the download version from the Wii U eShop, it may be time to consider an external hard drive, as the European download comes in at a little over 10.2GB.

Some third-party games have unsurprisingly been sizable affairs, while the Nintendo-published LEGO City Undercover itself passing the 20GB mark; at the other end of the scale Pikmin 3 is under 4GB, while titles such as Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U are even smaller than that. In that respect The Wonderful 101 comes in the middle ground, obviously too big for the 8GB model (as many retail games are) and being a size that may still fit onto the 32GB models in some instances.

As has been the case since the Wii U launched, anyone serious about buying multiple retail titles simply has to plug in an external hard drive to make it feasible. Nintendo's certainly been keen to promote that approach with its consumers, with Nintendo of America offering free credit to those that add over $50 in eShop funds — an offer that expires soon — and Nintendo of Europe offering a 30% discount on The Wonderful 101's download if Pikmin 3 is picked up on the eShop.

So, are you thinking of picking up The Wonderful 101 as a download, or is it all about the disc for you? Let us know below.

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AlternateButtons said:

Never will I ever even consider buying the download version of a retail game. It's not worth it whatsoever, even if it didnt take out huge chunks of memory.



Dr_42o said:

Wow, 10 GB.. I don't have that much space left.. I have <1.. After buying an external it will be more costly to continue using eShop..



XCWarrior said:

The retail version happens to take up one spot on my shelf of games. One spot out of like 500+ spots. I'll stick with that version.



erv said:

Good to know, I was about to install a nice 2tb harddrive for my wiiU anyway.

I will always try to buy the download version of a game, when prices are comparable.



yvanjean said:

Great!!! Nintendo is now having Eshop promotion but forgot that they never included a large enough hard drive in the WiiU for people to get a decent digital library. Why did I pay $350 again??? Well I just bought 200$ Eshop(stupid nintendo promotion), this weekend i'll try installing my old external hard drive that i got at home.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Like I've said before, I'm a hard copy kinda guy, so this doesn't concern me. But, this really shouldn't deter people who are download minded from picking this up. You should've known when you got your Wii U, 8 GB or 32 GB, that you'd need an external. Up to 2TB of space is allowed for along with the built in storage space.



MrBlutzIII said:

I always felt I'd rather have some sort of resale value for big name games, so I'm definitely going for the disc. I will only ever buy Downloads for items that aren't sold in stores or DLC.



MrBlutzIII said:

@yvanjean When Xbox 360 first came out it didn't have barely any internal. If you buy that many games online maybe it is time to invest in a portable harddrive.



TheAdza said:

Nintendo really need to release a new SKU with 500GB internal storage. Having only 32GB and being priced not a great deal under the next gen consoles, it looks kind of, well sad really.

Also having said that, having no account based system means I'm not that keen on going out and buying an external hdd, and then pay a premium eShop price for a full retail title. No thanks. I would gladly support the eShop more by buying full retail games if that were the case, but until then, I will only be buying smaller indie type games and keep buying physical discs for the big games.

Kind of ironic for me as with my 3DS I have upgraded to a 32GB SD card and have started downloading a lot of retail games. But once that card fills up I don't really know what I'm going to do. Just lucky most 3DS games don't take up too much space.



RedYoshi999 said:

Space isn't an issue for me, I've already got a 2TB drive. What concerns me more is how long that 10GB download will take... I'm still undecided on buying the game though.



hYdeks said:

I always buy package retail games anyways, I save the downloading to DLC and VC games and that.

I only have a 8gb flash stick as back-up memory (just wanted to see if it worked, and just kept putting demos on it ) but I have a feeling I will be getting a MyBook 1TB hard drive for my Wii U very soon.



DiSTANToblivion said:

Hard copy all the way for me. For everything I own that is... Music, games, movies. I just don't feel like I truly own it unless I have it in my collection.



FineLerv said:

Aiie! Too many games to play!

I really wish the Aussie e-shop had the Pikmin/Wonderful 101 deal...



yvanjean said:

Deluxe Digital Promotion + Current Eshop promotion = 20% off digital game.....



rjejr said:

I know size doesn't matter for how much fun a video game is, but I was a little surprised at how small Pikmin 3 seemed (due to those horrible looking ground textures no doubt), and I'm also very surprised about how big this game is in comparison considering it looks like a cartoon. Maybe W101 has a bunch of cut scenes, voice acting, and better music? (Still a sore subject w/ me as I'll have to listen from my tv as my sound system doesn't have HDMI, only optical.)

I won't DL anything retail though.

Is the 8GB still for sale in the EU, I haven't seen it anywhere in awhile in the US. It's just gone, the stores don't even have the $299 shelf space stickers anymore.



L-Serverus said:

The size is of no issue for me have the HDD space Download for me, besides when little people live in the household and play games the less disc handling the better, and that saves me money.



yvanjean said:

@MrBlutzIII Xbox 360 weren't selling full retail game when the system came out, beside the Xbox Live Arcade games used to be restricted to 50MB. Nintendo knew that they were going to be offering full retail game digitally in their eshop store. 32GB was never going to be large enough, it's lame that we have to install a HDD so early in the life cycle. How much more would it of cost Nintendo to include a 100Gb hard drive.... that would of allowed me to install 10-20 full retail game.



Samurai_Goroh said:

@rjejr In my country the 8GB model can still be easily found in stores, but it's not really selling. I've seen some retailers dropping its price from € 300 down to €200. Some stores (I guess it was Toys 'R Us) sold it at 300, but had a promotion in which you could buy NSMBU for an extra €5, similar to what it already been done with Wii Mini - another vastly overpriced, unattractive console- and games like Mario Power Tennis.
If Nintendo wants to move some Basic Pack units, they'll have to bundle it with NSMB U and price it at €250. Because, let's face it, the 8GB model will only be good for the casual crowd. The Premium should be available in both black and white at €300. Keep the Nintendo Land bundles, but make some more. DK Tropical Freeze bundle with an extra Wii remote, COD:Ghosts bundle with Pro controller would be good ideas at €350. Call it the Master Pack.



HAL9000 said:

My 2 TB hard drive is ready. Shelf space is at a premium in our small apartment.



XFsWorld said:

That's too huge o.o, imma just download eShop exclusives when i get my Wii U.



MrBlutzIII said:

@yvanjean Maybe they did it so if they make something like a slim or elite type just like ps3 and xbox360 did, they can announce it with more memory. It is a greedy tactic, but a profitable one.



t3g said:

If I have a chance to get the actual disc of a game, I will choose that over a download about 98% of the time unless I get it for free like the Xbox Games for Gold program.

The Wii U models, currently at 8 GB and 32 GB are really not acceptable if Nintendo wants to offer games of this size on the e-shop or entice developers to release DLC. The Wii U discs are rumored to hold up to 25 GB and if a game is actually that size, there is no way it can be on the e-shop with the current models.

Would Nintendo update the hardware to offer a 250 or 500 GB model? Who knows.



indienapolis said:

Space is at a premium in my apartment, so i download anything i know ill keep. I'm grateful that Nintendo offered an easy external hard drive solution out of the box. I begrudgingly had to buy a new PS3 recently to meet my download needs because they offered no such solution.



fushimushi said:

@Guitardude7 I agree with you there, although I would buy downloadable versions if Nintendo's eShop had a "trading" or maybe a game "share" system or if I could play it on different handhelds like the Android's Play Store. Since right now, Nintendo doesn't support virtual game trading or sharing, I would rather get the retail version so that I can share them and maybe even trade them.



ultraraichu said:

Since I have a 2TB external HD, I never have to worry about running out of space; unlike my physical living space which I also have to share with family.



Blue_Yoshi said:

I'm trying to transition into digital only this gen.....But NOT for Nintendo, not with their policies the only digital retail I have is AC because it came with my special 3DS XL. Looks like my Xbox One will have all the non-physical love.



Tysamu said:

Disc it up. Once my internet signal, signal speed and Nintendo handling accounts are better then I'll start doing downloads. I'm still second-guessing myself for downloading some titles from eshop knowing that if my 3DS/U systems were to be incapacitated in anyway, I'd lose them all entirely.



Infugamer said:

When I tried to load this site, I got an error saying ''no data received''. Oh the irony.



Infugamer said:

When I tried to load this site, I got an error saying ''no data received''. Oh the irony.



HolyDiver said:

I already purchased the Nintendo recommended 2 TB external hard drive by Toshiba. I'm ready to download all future games for my Wii U including The Wonderful 101. In fact I already deposited my $100 in the eShop for the DDP bonus plus extra $10. So it's a great deal and I'm sure there will be plenty more coming that will pay off the cost of the external hard drive and some.

My only disappointment with going digital so far is the extremely long time it takes to download from the eshop. It's so much slower compared to downloading games from Xbox Live. So I'm not too happy about The Wonderful 101 being 10 GB. That's going to take a long time to download.



WiiLovePeace said:

"For those looking to pick up the download version from the Wii U eShop, it may be time to consider an external hard drive, as the European download comes in at a little over 10.2GB."

Yep that's me I've avoided buying an external HDD so far but may have to cave when it's time to pick up The W101. That 30% off deal is too hard to resist!



GiftedGimp said:

2tb harddrives are readily available on Amazon for between £60-£70 so its no big expence really and reduces wear on the WiiU itself.
Good thing I brought by 2tb Seagate not long after getting my WiiU.



yenly said:

i think nintendo choice to go with external hard is the best because I got a 2tb for 70 bucks so it is really worth it to my opinion.



grumblegrumble said:

Yeah, see... If Nintendo would give us storage in a cloud based storage system, we wouldn't need to have a huge SD card. ;/ I guess that's what the next system will call for? I knew this would happen.



tsm7 said:

Discounts and early releases may get me to buy digital one day. The early release would have to be like a week though not just 24 hours.



indienapolis said:

@Tysamu I'm curious if anyone has substantiated evidence that Nintendo would really leave someone out in the cold if their system broke down. I'm very concerned about the antiquated way they do their accounts, or lack thereof, and remain hopeful this will change in the future, but I haven't really heard a lot from people who have actually had a negative experience with losing their data. Nintendo has given some vague answer about handling such issues on a case by case basis, but they clearly can tell from my Nintendo Club account which games I have purchased online, and I find it hard to believe that if there was a system failure or something that they would tell me tough luck. Maybe I'm being naive, but I've nothing but good experiences with Nintendo customer service. Something I can't say about Sony.



HolyDiver said:

@grumblegrumble I do not see how a cloud based storage solves any problem related to going digital on Wii U. You'd still have to download the games to your console to play them. So Wii U would still need a larger internal hard drive or an external hard drive. If you like the thought of cloud based storage with minimal local storage, then just abuse the eshop. Download the game, play it, then delete it. If you want to play it later, then download it again. Nothing else is possible until games can be streamed from a server without you ever having to download the entire game.



element187 said:

Uhm Hideki Kamiya said on his blog today that the game will be 12.9 gb of space. I think you got some bad info.

I came to the conclusion that I never trade in Nintendo published games, and if when I did always ended up regretting it... so I bought a big hulking 1.5tb Western Digital drive so I can switch to a download only future when it comes to Ninty published titles.... But I'll probably still do boxed retail for 3rd party games. The record of 3rd party games remaining replayable months down the road is quite spotty.



element187 said:

@Blue_Yoshi I don't understand that attitude.. I can understand about downloading on the 3DS because the high probability of losing the system... but are you really going to misplace your console? If you get burglarized, Nintendo will transfer your purchases to your new console, as long as you provide a police report..... Is the process Cumbersome? Sure, but prohibitive? Not at all... I could understand your point if Nintendo didn't provide work arounds.



indienapolis said:

@element187 And I guess I assume if you had some kind of system failure and had to purchase a new one they would do the same...again, maybe naive, but I would be very surprised if they expected you to re-buy games they have record of you purchasing. At least, I'd like to hear someone's account of this actually happening before jumping to conclusions like many here do whenever this comes up.



NMH-TRI said:

My 32 GBs are for Indie, VC, and demos. I prefer physical copies of retail games anywho (except Injustice, I really wanted that at release, but didn't feel like driving to Gamestop).



SteveSnowmn said:

Digital for me, only games I buy at retail now are the big 1st party releases that I want to display on my shelf



Kirk said:

Meaning you couldn't even download it on the Basic Bundle as is.

Look, Nintendo, the Wii U needs more internal memory* and the digital versions of games need to be MUCH cheaper.

For starters...

*Or at the very least let us story our game on SD card rather than having to go out and buy external hard drives.



Gameday said:

10G's Whoa ! Why do i want to say its morphing time ? I think ill download this one instead of physical.



Emblem said:

Seems the game overview information in the side bar is wrong, it lists the game as one player when at least two 5 player modes have already been confirmed (vs & a co-op battle mode).



kdognumba1 said:

I figured as much, the game looked like it had quite a bit going on on screen. Also I love the fact Nintendo has so many deals going on right now for their systems. They're really encouraging people to buy stuff on their platforms.



SCAR said:

Nothing my 2TB can't handle. I've used about 63GB thus far and I can hardly even imagine how many games/apps I'll have if I ever get up to the 1000GB+ ammount of storage used.

Just go buy a nice 500GB USB 3.0 external HDD for around $50. You might run into a deal, too.



Shambo said:

Physical copy. Even if it took nothing, whenever possible I'll pick retail over download. I shouldn't say this too loud, but... (even when the price is somewhat higher, like Super Luigi U...)



DualWielding said:

the thing is 32GB Wii U + HD already puts you over the cost of PS4, yah you get free online and Nintendo Land but if you prefer single player games and don't care about a mini game collection Wii U doesn't look very attractive



Smug43 said:

@ferthepoet huh?? "if you prefer single player games" wtf is that supposed to mean? there are a lot of on-line games.. so you are either trolling or uninformed. second you are comparing sony's basic sku which doesn't include ANYTHING extra and is still $50 more in price compared to the Wii U deluxe sku. not to mention there has been a bunch of great bundles with the pro controller packed in and more.. you can buy an external 500GB hard drive for $39!! So it appears the value of Wii U, even the deluxe model absolutely CRUSHES the $399 ps4 sku which is basic and offers only a controller..

wii u deluxe 32GB with a game, pro controller included and a $39 500GB external hard drive for $388.. not to mention there has been $50 in store credit for these models..


PS4 with no game and a controller for $399...

please get your facts straight next time you post.



Marshi said:

Im usually a retail guy through and through.But what with pikmin 3 released on eshop(via Game,a uk store) 2 days early and the numorous promotions nintendo are doing(donky kong country returns,free after buying 3 other games and the 30% discount for w101) im slowly loving my digital library of games. Sony and thier ridiculous pricing of digital copies(£60,thats $95!)could realy learn a thing or too here. Also to anyone worried about space,i spent £40/$60 on a 300gb hard drive and it was so easy to set up.just bite the bullent and get a hard drive,you wont regret it



DESS-M-8 said:

Acres of space on my 2Tb Toshiba Stor.e canvio. Pikmin 3 was in it a few hours after midnight on Thursday, played it before the stores opened on Friday morning, cost me the same price as the retail version. And at 30% I will now definitely be buying Wonderful 101. Bags of room left for this an the rest of my Wii U's life.



daveh30 said:

I'm still kinda torn between going digital or not. The HDD space is no issue, and I almost never trade in a game, unless it's absolutely horrible (Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, I'm looking at you...). I love having the boxed copy sitting on the shelf, but I also like having on the HDD because, to put it bluntly, I'm lazy. If only there was an option to install the full game to the drive from the disc... I know it won't happen because of piracy issues, but that would be my ideal solution. (i suppose a disc could be registered to your account to stop from installing on multiple consoles, but then that makes things more difficult for the trade-in crowd... theres no perfect solution)



daveh30 said:

dude, PS3 HDD swapouts are dirt simple. pop open the cover, slide out the drive and slide in a new one. takes a standard laptop drive. Recently swapped out mine for a 1TB. Coulda saved yourself some dough there...



element187 said:

@yvanjean platform holders like Microsoft charge $130 for 320gb... It's a total snow job.... You can get over 1000 gb for $70 (I just picked up WD 1,500gb for $65 in a sale on newegg). If Nintendo added a 500gb internal drive, they would have to charge us for the product at a markup + the extra costs associated with manufacturing another device inside the system (places like Foxconn charges on a per component level just to build system) we would easily be looking at $50 at the cheapest (if they charged as close to cost as possible) per console, but most likely $100 extra to make sure they reaped back any R&D costs.

If people thought $350 is a bit much for a Wii U console, you think they would feel better about a $400-$450 Wii U that had a 500gb HD? Nintendo's choice is one of the things they did right... their customers who only buy boxed retail games and maybe some VC games won't need anything more than 8gb. It's funny to watch people complain. Ninty left the choice up to their customer instead of forcing them to pay for space they may not need. Yes, people are actually angry about choice. It's straight up nutty.



element187 said:

@indienapolis if you have a system failure they will transfer your purchases to a new console as well.the myth that you lose everything you purchased was nonsense spread around by people who love to criticize Nintendo for everything (like one of those gaf sites) instead of actually learning Nintendo's process.



DualWielding said:


People is not complaining that Nintendo left the decision to consumers, people are complaining that in addition to being a much less powerful console it also has much less internal storage while the price difference between it and the competition is not big enough

@Smug43 What I meant is that if you prefer single games and don't care about online the fact that the Wii U has free online does not mean much to you so you don't factor that in the price.... And I didn't know the Pro controller was bundled with the 32GB Wii U, if it is then I agree that's a big plus..... What I understood is that the extra accessories that came with the premium model where stuff like a Stand for the gamepad, which of course is something you would not miss in a console with a traditional controller



element187 said:

@ferthepoet Sony sells there console at a massive loss. And if it sells as poorly as the ps3 did the ps4 will be a big money loser, Nintendo doesn't have that luxury as this is their only business. So what's your complaint here? That Nintendo doesn't head to the craps table as much as Sony does? If Nintendo put out as many flops as Sony has in the last decade they would be out of business by now (The Eye, The Move, The Vita, The PS3).

It's that conservative business practices that kept them in the game for over 30 years. Sega is a great example of what happens when a company that only has a video game business tries to act like a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. It's that conservative business practice that is making sure they will be in the game for another 30 years, even in the face of an industry wide contraction.

The system is not overpriced, its about what you would expect to pay for if you bought a low end PC. I'm more curious how Sony's loss leader model is going to work out in the contraction. With less people buying consoles and games, I don't see how Sony could ever reach a critical mass install base needed to make their approach profitable.



unrandomsam said:

@TheAdza That would be a harddrive. I would rather have a 256GB SSD. (512GB SSD's would be too expensive). I would rather just go back to cartridges they last longer and more hard wearing. (And you have custom chips in them for extra stuff less likely for piracy to be a problem if there are custom chips that have to be emulated.) £50 for a game its not unfair to expect £10 worth of cartridge instead of a cheap and nasty £1 disk.



Chipmunk107 said:

If Nintendo introduced accounts that could link games, I would consider downloading retail games. Until then, physical copies for me.



Sir_Deadly said:

I wonder why the muliplatform games such as Darksiders 2 and and Batman Arkham City, are sometimes a little more and some cases MUCH MORE on the Wii U than they are on the 360/PS3? Can someone explain this to me, i always wandered. As for the External Hard Drive thing, people new from the very beginning when they bought there Wii U they would need an external hard drive if your more of a digital person. Nintendo themselves even recommended it so i dnt even know why people would be complaining in the first place.



Sir_Deadly said:

@Chipmunk107 U mean link accounts on different consoles? Cause if there on the same console, u can still play any of the dl games on any of the accounts on that console.



raiden777 said:

I'd just buy the discs. I can see the extra memory for shop games like nes games and other classics like n64 games, also, dlc for certain wii u titles, as well as maybe some movies or music.

Indie games will be on the eshop more and more in the future, so I'd buy a external hard drive for that too. You can get 1 terabite hard drives for like 70 dollars. That's TONS of space.



yvanjean said:

Install my external harddrive (500GB) this weekend took 2 minute, Wii U did all the work, then transfer Super Luigi U and Trine to my Hard Drive that took like 5 min. Surprisingly Trine is a 1GB game. I must admit that WiiU handle adding an external harddrive seamlessly. I bet there so many 50-250GB external hard drive kicking around that people don't use any more. Ask any of your relative that are tech savy they might just have one that they would be willing to give to you for free.



yvanjean said:

@HolyDiver Thankfully, Nintendo as a the midnight digital release promotion, you can just download it online before going to bed!



HolyDiver said:

@yvanjean The midnight download is probably my only option if i want to play it on Sep 16th when I get home from work. I'd like to start the download when I leave for work in the morning, but my daughter likes to watch Netflix, which constantly freezes on her when running and exiting the app. We have to pull the plug on the Wii U and I don't want to do that during a 10 GB download.

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