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t3g commented on Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo Promotion Offers a ...:

I don't understand why NA gets shafted on these deals considering the Wii U fanbase and market in general is much bigger here than in Europe. I have most of those games and would like to get Nintendoland out of the deal. Why not make them equal in all countries?

This sucks.



t3g commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

Most of us are surprised Iwata has lasted this long.

They should appoint a non Japanese man as the head of Nintendo of America and give them more power. As of right now, they are Nintendo of Japan's b**ch and Nintendo needs to cater better to Western audiences.



t3g commented on Nintendo Shows Off April's Game Boy Advance Wi...:

Its tough, considering that I have a DS Lite next to me and can play all these games on their original hardware.

On another note, does this mean we will finally get Mother 3 on the Virtual Console? We got Earthbound (Mother 2), so why not the excellent sequel?



t3g commented on Book Focused on EarthBound's Development and L...:

I don't understand how Nintendo would have any leverage in shutting down an unofficial publication regarding their company or games made for it. Unofficial books on subject matter have always existed and I don't see how this is a problem. Marcus is just being a wussy about it.



t3g commented on Review: Final Fight (Wii U eShop / Super Ninte...:

These Wii U VC releases are lazy. Capcom is just re-releasing the Wii versions which are pretty much ROM dumps of the original.

If they want to make Final Fight stick out, they should have ported over the superior Sega CD version or the original arcade. The Wii U can handle it!



t3g commented on Satoru Iwata Cites Poor Basic Wii U Sales To R...:

Another thing that doesn't help the Wii U is that the big games from 3rd parties like Arkham Origins, Splinter Cell, and Watch_Dogs are also on the systems that many people already own (PS3, Xbox 360), so there is no incentive for someone to spend $300 for a system to play those 3rd party games on the Wii U.

In the past I have seen Microsoft pay for exclusive or time exclusive content for games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto to entice people to buy the Xbox 360 version of a game over the PS3. Should Nintendo do something like this to persuade gamers to pick the Wii U version over the others? Would Nintendo even pay for this or just hope that people would choose the Wii U version based on customer trust? Benefits of the gamepad? How would people even know the benefits of the gamepad if 3rd parties put little effort into it and consumers confuse the Wii U for a Wii addon?



t3g commented on Satoru Iwata Cites Poor Basic Wii U Sales To R...:

I hope the short sightedness of Iwata and Nintendo as a whole doesn't end up pushing them out the hardware business. Why?

His comments indicate that there is no problem at all with the current sales and that the competition is not with Sony and Microsoft, but the two models of the Wii U. He thinks that people are willing to pay for a "premium" Wii U system due to better sales of the 32 GB model, but most gamers are smart to realize that the 8 GB model is a horrible value. Especially if the Xbox 360 launched in 2005 with 20 GB and it was considered small even then!

They need to realize that the competition is not between the Wii U models and is really against the systems coming out in a few months. Selling a $350 Wii U system compared to a $400 PS4 this holiday is going to be a rough one for them. If Nintendo doesn't cut the price, then unfortunately the retailers might have to. If they have to, they lose money on each system and make get a bad impression on Nintendo and stop carrying it. If they stop carrying it, it will push even more 3rd parties to drop support for the system.

The Wii U is already on life support for 3rd parties and many of the stronger ones like Ubisoft are viewing this holiday as a make-or-break time period for the future of their support. If the Wii U doesn't have any legs, then sadly companies like Ubisoft will leave and the Wii U gets closer to being a 1st party only console.



t3g commented on Wii U Hardware Still Being Sold At A Loss:

Nintendo may not want to cut the price, but they may have to this holiday season to remain competitive. Most consoles are sold at a loss and make up the money in the software sales, but the software sales aren't doing so hot for the Wii U either.

Some companies like Ubisoft are viewing this holiday season as a make-or-break for the Wii U and if Nintendo still is stubborn with the price and sales are horrible, sadly more 3rd parties are going to jump ship.



t3g commented on Bethesda: Wii U Is "Not On Our Radar" Right Now:

I loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas on the Xbox 360 and its a shame that future games won't make it on the Wii U. Its also a shame that if they DID come to the Wii U, that the developers wouldn't take the extra effort to add unique gamepad features to the game.



t3g commented on Talking Point: Wii U and Third-Party Inconsist...:

Sales wise, the last time a Nintendo console had a 3rd party game that sold systems was Goldeneye on the N64. Goldeneye sold 8 million units and the closest game sales wise for a 3rd party since then was Just Dance 2 on the Wii (5 million). I know Mario and Sonic at the Olympics sold more (7.09 million), but it was a collaboration with Sega.



t3g commented on The Wonderful 101's Download Will Grab Over 10...:

If I have a chance to get the actual disc of a game, I will choose that over a download about 98% of the time unless I get it for free like the Xbox Games for Gold program.

The Wii U models, currently at 8 GB and 32 GB are really not acceptable if Nintendo wants to offer games of this size on the e-shop or entice developers to release DLC. The Wii U discs are rumored to hold up to 25 GB and if a game is actually that size, there is no way it can be on the e-shop with the current models.

Would Nintendo update the hardware to offer a 250 or 500 GB model? Who knows.



t3g commented on Earthbound Arrives on the Wii U Virtual Consol...:

I remember playing the original on the SNES with the strat guide and the scratch and sniff stickers. I even sent away for the pizza air freshner which of course I have no clue where it is now. Hopefully this also means that Mother 3 is next either on the Wii U or the 3DS.

Oh and speaking of Earthbound, has anyone tried the "Earthbound Uncensored" patch in the past?



t3g commented on Satoru Iwata Refutes Claim That Nintendo Is "S...:

The Xbox One and PS4 may be the stronger consoles in terms of hardware, but Nintendo really needs to show the strengths of the Wii U hardware in their first party titles and convince 3rd parties as well. Maybe they need to put up some money and lock down some exclusives too. There seems to be strong fanboyism between the Xbox and Playstation brand followers and the media (Sessler and Pachter) who constantly talk about the death of Nintendo and want them third party. Some even want them gone completely.

I've been playing through Eternal Darkness (for the first time) this past week and I don't mind it having older graphics. The storyline and atmosphere of the game is keeping me interested and that is the biggest point. The same happened with many AAA Wii games that I enjoyed (like Goldeneye) that were fun and didn't have the graphics of many Xbox 360 games.



t3g commented on Pikmin 3 Will Support The Use Of The Regular W...:

I've never played Pikmin, but eventually I want to try out the series.

The problem is that Pikmin 1 on the Wii is kinda rare and expensive, but Pikmin 2 is $20 or so and available to buy right now on Amazon.

Is the first Pikmin an essential game or can I just skip the first and jump into the second? I don't know how the stories are linked or if they are independent experiences.



t3g commented on Review: Metroid (Wii U eShop / NES):

I played and beat Zero Mission for the GBA about a week ago and had a great time experiencing the original storyline. I know its a remake with some things changed around, but I don't know if I would play the original Metroid in the future. Probably stick to Zero Mission if I had an itch.



t3g commented on Nintendo Initially Requested a Shutdown of the...:

Nintendo needs to seriously chill.

The Wii U is selling horribly, they are losing 3rd parties, and some are calling for Iwata and Reggie to step down. When they pull stuff like this and the thing earlier with the Let's Plays, it doesn't help their public image at all.

If you want a way to piss off your loyal, yet shrinking fanbase, don't do things like this!



t3g commented on Talking Point: E3 2013 Is All About The Games:

Nintendo really has Disney to thank for keeping EA making games for the Wii U even though EA wanted to abandon it entirely. Nintendo should also be thankful that Disney is having the Wii U kiosks and game demos at the Downtown Disneys near Disneyland and Disney World.



t3g commented on Shadow of the Eternals "Unlikely" To Be Releas...:

I know this makes many of you sad, but it is not the responsibility of the consumer to donate money to a company that makes its money from profit. I know that the studio is much smaller than EA or Nintendo, but this isn't a person or small business just getting started. All the times these big corporations and celebrities are abusing Kickstarter when they make much more than the average joe.