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Mon 22nd Jul 2013

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raiden777 commented on Extended Nintendo Network System Maintenance S...:

Ima just play pokemon x and some animal crossing new leaf and new Zelda , if there's so network downtime.

Miiverse needs some major upgrades and linking 3ds and wii u is a start. But they need an option for a more mature Miiverse you can toggle between cuz Miiverse is very geared toward kids.

For instance , on the netflix app, u get prompted on start up if want the regular version or kids version of netflix. Miiverse should have a version for kids and a version for hardcore or mature players. Cuz I'm tired of seeing kid miis dancing around the earth when I want go to Miiverse. Even the music is very kid centric.

Nintendo , please respect your 18+ community. We love ninja gaiden and call of duty ghosts. We feel alienated in ways. Please create a Miiverse for the rest of us. Cuz we don't want to go to xbox live or play station network.



raiden777 commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

@Sonic128 Nintendo is on a nearly alternate universe when it comes to gaming. Devs like Bethesda are good, but they're missing that special something. And Nintendo knows, and the world knows, that people love Nintendo's gaming reality. Its a place where we can innocently love and have fun, forever. Ubiosoft, EA, Bethesda, etc...they scream and yell at the top of their lungs with all their super realistic graphics, but they lack heart. Sure, they got the good looks, but visual taste is all relative. No one cares if a game is pixely or high res as a way of measuring a games worth. Minecraft is a an indie game that crushes all those devs in sales.

People in the media need to wake up, and all the self proclaimed "hard core gamers", need to stop pretending like anyone's really listening to their constantly whining.

Nintendo is the heart and soul of gaming , thats why their console will succeed, as will their future hardware, always.



raiden777 commented on Report Suggests You'll Soon Be Able To Purchas...:

Nintendo will always create hardware. Anyone who thinks that hardware isn't the future, is someone I disagree with.

I don't want to play Nintendo on some bulldoodoopoopie phone, I want a specially made system made for the most innovative and fun games in the world - Nintendo games.

Integration of game and system data, etc via internet is fine, and must always serve the game and the gamer, not the insatiable greed of some pathetic business people.

Progress in technology doesn't mean putting everything on the internet. If you think that's progress, then youre a person I disagree with. Open your eyes, person with whom I disagree, there is a living ecosystem and living network called life. Playing side by side with a friend will never go out of "style".

What's getting dated and laughable here is this idea that one thinks its edgy and futuristic to think every single thing will be available on some computer. A person I disagree with could come to that conclusion. Its like saying in there will future their will be robots. I mean, that is a complete lack of imagination. Or some human being thinks we will all live in a browser or internet explorer or some crappy OS.

Person with whom I disagree, nature has an operating system. High technology is already here and now. A tablet or high speed internet and the "cloud" aren't high tech. This is laughable and pathetic.
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raiden777 commented on The Wonderful 101's Download Will Grab Over 10...:

I'd just buy the discs. I can see the extra memory for shop games like nes games and other classics like n64 games, also, dlc for certain wii u titles, as well as maybe some movies or music.

Indie games will be on the eshop more and more in the future, so I'd buy a external hard drive for that too. You can get 1 terabite hard drives for like 70 dollars. That's TONS of space.