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Wii U System Update Is Now Live

Posted by Damien McFerran

Get it while it's hot

Nintendo's long-expected Wii U system update is now live. The 673MB download speeds up various elements of the Wii U's menu,

Here's the official run-down of new features, courtesy of Nintendo:

Version 3.0.0 U
Released: April 25, 2013

New Features:

  • A standby function to download and install software while the system is powered off
  • Software purchased from the Nintendo eShop will automatically install in the background once the download is complete
  • Holding down the B Button while the Wii U logo is displayed during startup will load the Wii Menu

Changes to System Settings:

  • An option to transfer and/or copy between two USB storage devices in "Data Management"
  • To facilitate this feature, you will now be able to connect two USB storage devices to a single Wii U console
  • The ability to select multiple software titles when transferring, copying, or deleting data in "Data Management"
  • The option to adjust screen size is now available under "TV"
  • "Auto Power-Down" has been renamed "Power Settings"
  • Options for the standby function are located within this menu

Changes to Miiverse:

  • Added support for the Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, and Classic Controller
  • Handwritten posts will now also display on the TV screen during creation
  • "Undo" and "Redo" buttons are now available when creating a handwritten post
  • Removed screen size setting. This option can now be adjusted from System Settings

Changes to Nintendo eShop:

  • Software downloaded from the Nintendo eShop will include released updates and will no longer need to be updated after installation
  • Removed screen size setting. This option can now be adjusted from System Settings

Changes to the Internet Browser:

  • Added support for the Wii Remote and Wii U Pro Controller
  • Added the option to change search engines when performing a keyword search
  • Added the option to return to the start page from the bookmark menu
  • Removed screen size setting. This option can now be adjusted from System Settings

Changes to Download Management:

  • Added the option to change the priority of downloads
  • Improvements to system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Let us know what you think of the improvements by posting a comment below.


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User Comments (97)



PinkSpider said:

Sounds good, has the adobe flash player notice on youtube when using the browser version been updated



adrenochrome said:

10 to go to settings, 20 to go back to main menu
15 to go to eshop, 2 to go back to main menu
goong to downloads take nearly 1 or 2 secs, going back to main menu take the same 1-2 secs



PinkSpider said:

Also has the browser been updated to remember words. Get sick of having to constantly put my email address in to websites



Sun said:

I only hope the stability has really been improved, my Wii U freezes a lot when using Miiverse and I am not the only one.



Sun said:

@Xilef VC would be the following day according to Nintendo Direct. Tonight perhaps? I would like the background musics to be changed on Wii U, I don't really like them and I think they were better on previous Nintendo consoles. Nintendo GameCube has the best background music.



adrenochrome said:


flash player is still outdated, videos from cant be watched
and tests from
are failing too

but its not a major problem : flash is no longer supported by adobe and html5 is going to replace it entirely



RikuzeYre said:

You can already watch youtube videos in html5 via the browser. Far better than the actual youtube app and you can watch things on the gamepad



ETLN said:

@PinkSpider Try going to and turning on the HTML5 trial. I've never had the missing flash player message come up on mine so far, I have always run mine with the html5 trial on. Give it a go on your desktop browser as well, or mobile phone browser.



manu0 said: they already had standby functions built-in (because of the yellow LED)..they just weren't activated yet...



AyeHaley said:

"Undo" and "Redo" buttons are now available when creating a handwritten post"
Oh man! One of the coolest new features besides speed.



Bluezealand said:

"Also has the browser been updated to remember words. Get sick of having to constantly put my email address in to websites"

This was actually working right from the beginning. All you have to do is to touch the words you want the browser to remember.



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah it definitely has improved loading times getting back to the Wii U menu. I exited Sonic Racing Transformed earlier & it was near instant, amazing!



EaZy_T said:

Gotta love this update
Load times are greatly improved.

I needed the new screen size setting because the system always displayed a little too large for my screen.



Big_L91 said:

yeah looking forward to trying this out when i get home. people seem to be very happy indeed. this and the rayman app show everything looking up for now!



Azooooz said:

The update is awesome. However; I have encountered some bugs such as Wii U menu hiccups after the update. Hope this to be fixed in the future.



Ruthven said:

Yay, I can’t use my Wii U online again, until I borrow another router because the Wii U sucks at recognising mine



Arthedain said:

@EaZy_T that also has to do with the 16:9 overscan option on your TV. I switched off the overscan on my TV and the picture was perfect after that.



Sun said:

This is the speed improvement quantified:
Open 'Rayman Legends Challenges App': From 18 to 10 seconds.
Close 'Rayman Legends Challenges App': From 23 to 9 seconds.
Open 'Settings': From 15 to 9 seconds.
Close 'Settings': 19 seconds, not improved.



Nintenjoe64 said:

The real quiz is what it does to Lego City's loading times but I can't be bothered to sit through the loading times again before I update!

The undo button on handwritten Miiverse posts is going to improve my pictures dramatically (from very poor to quite poor)



Kifa said:

@PinkSpider I suppose that's because fter exiting them the system has to basically reload whole configuration and start from scratch, even when nothing was changed. Think of it as a semi-reboot. It's designed the very same way as on 3DS I think, not sure why, but Nintendo probably can't change it.

I'm not entirely sold on the standby function. I hoped that it will automatically check for updates and download/install them, not only serve as an extension to Download Management. Or maybe I'm not seeing something? O.o



cornishlee said:

It says something about SpotPass too. Since I don't own a 3DS I've turned stand-by off, I really don't see the point of it. but then there's always a chance that I'm missing something crucial.



GiftedGimp said:

Been wanting a copy function for save files. It Will come handy to back up game saves in case anything happens to WiiU or my HDD or save file corruption.



rjejr said:

"Changes to Nintendo eShop:
Software downloaded from the Nintendo eShop will include released updates and will no longer need to be updated after installation"

This is the one that popped out at me. I DL 1 or 2 items a week from PSN on my PS3 and I honestly can't remember the last time one of them did NOT need a 20 - 30 mb DL. Even Day 1 launches that are 1 GB still need an extra 20mb. And while the DL itself is nearly instantaneous it still has to install. And when you have to do this every single time it's really annoying. So kudos to Nintendo for getting this 1 right ahead of the competition.

2nd, those times Sun reported seem noticeable and significant. I just finished playing Paper Mario on VC Wii and it saved instantly. I'm now playing Rainbow Moon on the PSN and saving is annoying. Not as bad as most PS3 games which take forever, but still too long. Every second matters playing videogames



MrCharles77 said:

Anyone knows if this update solves some frame rate issues? Stops the freezing issues also?




SCAR said:

@Above comments
You do realize what Spotpass/standby does right? That is the download and install while in standby, or posts from Miiverse that show up in game.



nomeacuerdo said:

Well, just tried jumping around menusand the load times are more 3ds like. Now I'm affraid I'll expend all my credit on the eShop today :-/ (though, i'ts pretty unlikely until Alttp or Majora's Mask are available



Whopper744 said:

ok, everytime I go to the store, it tells me I have to update, but when I run the update, it goes a percentage or two, and then fails, then starts again, fails, then starts again....this sucks....anyone else having this problem? I hope it doesn't break something. Since it's just the download and not the installation I guess it wouldn't but I don't know. I just want to get to Rayman.



cornishlee said:

No I don't, but I would point out that it's mentioned separately from being able to download in standby. That last point I don't really see as a benefit - I'd rather have the auto-shutdown feature than have my electricity bill go up through the console constantly being on standby. It's nice that they give you the choice though.

If that is all SpotPass is (and I'm not saying you're wrong, as I say I don't really understand what it is) then why give it a gimmicky name? That's just asking for confusion. 'After a planned system update the exchange of information via SpotPass will also be available' makes it sound as if this is an additional feature (probably coming into effect after the summer update) over the download in standby one.



Moshugan said:

Oh yeah, I'm happy that Nintendo continues to improve the system in substantial ways.



SetupDisk said:

Well nothing is messed up but it's still the old version showing in the settings.



Kifa said:

@cornishlee But SpotPass has absolutely nothing to do with 3DS in this case. It's merely a background download solution that happens to function also on the handheld. It's not, however, connection WiiU and 3DS. I think you may be mistaking it for StreetPass in this sense...

Also - standby won't rise your electricity bills. Contrary to how it functioned on Wii (where entire Hollywood chip was constantly kept powered), on WiiU the console only engages the small ARM core within it's GPU, and does this only for the duration of download and installation. It then shuts off. And even then most things remain unpowered (fan is off, so I presume CPU, GPU and RAM are all unpowered, and the console only uses eDRAM caches within GPU die to handle it's operations), which basically means that you will SAVE electricity by using standby downloads instead of Auto Power-off. :]

I've already tested this behaviour (made the console redownload/reinstall a few small things from eShop and one patch I didn't have) and it is pretty neat. Still - ti would be good for the console to also automatically check for updates on standby, not just handle downloads already queued in the Download Manager.

I guess this is where the SpotPass will come in, when it finally arrives.

@bezerker99 No, this was the one to address the loading times. The summer update will focus on additional features, not speeding up the system, which I think is not all that possible beyond the point we're in now.



retro_player_22 said:

The Rayman Legends app was awesome and this update improve a lot. I could only hope Nintendo merge the Wii menu with the Wii U menu so we don't have to flip-flop back and forth, same for the Wii Shop and Wii U eShop channel.



MrGawain said:

Updated both my and my Nephews consoles. Cool to have more time to play.

Downer less time for toilet breaks while things load....



GamerJunkie said:

Hopefully the speed up is by a lot. The menus should be instant in 2013, even 10 seconds is way too long.

I never feel like checking anything because I hate waiting 20 seconds for a menu, click, 20 sec again, click 20 sec again.

It needs to really be under 5 seconds t load anything on the machine.



Gameday said:

Got it ! Took a bit to download maybe 15 minutes. I hope they continue to update more often.



cornishlee said:

Thanks for the detailed response. I'm still confused though (maybe it's my age?); does standby mode only apply to downloads? i.e. does it go into 'standby mode' for downloads and then shut off fully, or does it stay in standby mode the way that that the Wii did if you didn't hold the power button down forever?

If the latter, I'm starting to think they should have just called it 'download mode' instead of Standby or SpotPass.



Marioman64 said:

""Undo" and "Redo" buttons are now available when creating a handwritten post" the best new feature :3



SetupDisk said:

Disconnected the external drive and everything went fine. Maybe I will have to check out that list of tested drives.



Kifa said:

@cornishlee No, the console completely powers off as soon as it finishes downloading and installing stuff, at least that is how mine behaved.

I think the future update will add the proper SpotPass behaviour, that is: keeping WiFi and the ARM core powered at all times to perform background tasks while most of the system is off. This would still consume little energy - 1 to 3 watts for the controller/ram and another 1 watt for WiFi maybe, so it would not increase electricity bills much.

And I agree - it's not a proper "standby mode", perhaps they are coining the term in advance or something.

Also - age probably has nothing to do with anything here. I'm also puzzled by how this thing works exactly (all my responses are "logical speculations", based on my limited knowledge on how such systems work and how Wii behaved), so until Nintendo makes it clear, we're running blind. Still gonna keep my "standby functions" enabled and see what transpires in the long run. ;]

@SetupDisk Odd problems you're having, and brand of external HDD should not matter as long as it obeys all USB Mass Storage standards. I have an external USB 2.0 casing from Welland, coupled with old 160GB Western Digital drive from AAJS series (neither is on any "WiiU compatibility list") and all runs smoothly. I'd rather blame messed up microcontroller in the external HDD casing or damaged drive...



Moonhillwat said:


"Also has the browser been updated to remember words. Get sick of having to constantly put my email address in to websites"

#First World Problems



SetupDisk said:

The problem with my HD (SG 1.5 TB) is that when it doesn't have activity for a while it goes into a standby. It's not a problem for most games and none that I have downloaded.

But for some disc games Arkam City and AC3 I had to move the saves to the wii u memory so I wouldn't get errors. Almost anytime the system freezes, it happens when the HD doesn't leave standby quick enough.



Kifa said:

@SetupDisk Hmm, my drive has no power-saving mechanism like that, so this might be the cause. Also - WiiU supports up to 1TB AFAIR, so you are wasting a third of your HDD. But that would not cause the lockups.

With some drives it's possible to disable the auto-parking feature, maybe you could try that?



SCAR said:

@Kifa Actually, Wii U goes up to 2TB.

@cornishlee Spotpass is already coined on 3DS. It is where your console is connected to the internet either while being on(in 3DS' case), or in standby(ALMOST off, for Wii U). It only requires as much power as it gets plugged in in order to work. The 3DS needs to be on for Spotpass, while Wii U doesn't.



Spartacus3765 said:

Yeah, I completely agree. I'm sure they'll do the same as what they did with the 3DS though. Nothing super special, but something for organization. The tiles are getting a little messy.



Megumi said:

sees "The option to adjust screen size is now available under "TV"" for system settings Awesome, even though I have a 1080p TV now, will be useful when switching to other resolutions. (this affects games too, right?)



SMW said:

Holy flying pigs in Scotland! They fixed the overscan and screen cutoffs with that new setting! Now I can FINALLY see the entire screen!!! I'm one happy goose. (My 1080p hdtv does not allow me to disable overscan.)



Hetsumani said:

"Software downloaded from the Nintendo eShop will include released updates and will no longer need to be updated after installation" now this kicks PS3's little sorry ass.



NintyMan said:

I updated my Wii U this morning, but I have yet to see how better it functions yet. The Miiverse improvements sound good.



Metal_Slugger said:

Pretty buggy update ( black screens, stuck on wii u menu screen both require an unplug). Hopefully we see some stability update soon, and even more wiimote integration/ Netflix. Best part of the update for me. Otherwise on the right track and I like the speed bump.



shinesprite said:

@Damo "Software downloaded from the Nintendo eShop will include released updates and will no longer need to be updated after installation"

Actually, today when I tried downloading Zen Pinball 2, I had to download both the game and it's update data. What's more, I was able to prioritize the update data over the app itself.

Also, one more thing to add to the "Changes to Nintendo eShop" list is that app galleries (app screenshots on their respective "More Details" page) are now able to be cycled through, rather than returning to the gallery.



Pikminboy said:

I would update but my cousin borrowed my wii u ­:s
gotta beat him up and get it back



PinkSpider said:

And i thought this update was gonna stop the console getting stuck i exited super mario world and it got stuck on the Nintendo Wii U logo just playing that irritating bit of music. Seriously Nintendo sort it out please. At least its not crashed and done that high pitched noise yet......



shinesprite said:

I'm not sure about you guys, but I haven't been seeing that amber light when I turn the system off while downloading something.



SwissChris said:

Since the update when I click to start a game in the menu my console freezes for 10 seconds before the game starts loading...before, the game would just start?!



SetupDisk said:

Haven't had it lock up since I updated directly to the system. Maybe that was one of the stability issues it addressed. Sometimes when the harddrive hasn't been accessed for a while it looks like it's going to freeze but the drive kicks back in and it save, etc.

Also in general the startup times for most games have been cut more than half.

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