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Paper Mario, Kirby Super Star and More Join Club Nintendo Rewards

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sucking up your coins

It's Club Nintendo Rewards time again, North American gamers, with more downloadable goodies becoming available in exchange for some treasured gold coins. This month offers a mixture of retro Virtual Console treats and some DSiWare titles, detailed below.

Bird & Beans — 100 Coins
Metal Torrent — 150 Coins
Paper Mario — 200 Coins
Kirby Super Star — 150 Coins

All of these rewards will be available until 10th March, and some are certainly worth considering. For full details or to pick any of these up check out the Club Nintendo reward page.

As we like a good poll here at Nintendo Life, you can say which of these you're interested in with a vote and a comment, if you fancy it.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (210 votes)

Bird & Beans


Metal Torrent


Paper Mario


Kirby Super Star


None of them


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User Comments (67)



allav866 said:

Good to know they're putting up Paper Mario and Kirby Super Star, but when they actually start offering 3DS games instead of DSiWare, let me know.



NImH said:

@Prof_Clayton it sounds serious... U gonna pop the question soon? J/K.
I'll be in.that camp with you as soon as I get home later! I love good CN rewards. Thanks Nintendo



tripunktoj said:

Same as @allav886 , my 3DS System Memory is completely full of DSiWare (also, Im not fan of moving DSiWare between SD ans System) and I prefer retro games in their original format. Nothing for me this time, Í only get 3DS games or WiiWare from CN.



XFsWorld said:

NO ONE should get Bird & Beans, I downloaded it on my 3DS last year and I regreted it .-.



RR529 said:

200 coins for PM! I'm not saying it's not worth it (because it is), but I probably won't be able to get it.



zipmon said:

Hey that's awesome! I've never played the original Paper Mario, will have to give it a try now!



Firejonie said:

Already have Paper Mario, and I have Super Star on Kirby's Dream Collection. Bird and Beans I have on Wario Ware, so maybe I'll get Metal Torrent.



Peach64 said:

Do Europe usually get these offers? I only signed up to Club Nintendo last month when I bought my 3DS XL. I have a lot of the Stars codes unused in games, waiting for a time when I want something.



andbap said:

Now these rewards make sense. All we get in Europe is crappy/overpriced Nintendo memorabilia, . "Oh, so you spent a couple of hundred € on Nintendo products? We would like to thank you with some Mario stationery." : Enjoy your games, lucky yanks!



DerpSandwich said:

Dang! I've purchased very few VC games, and Paper Mario is one of them. And I've got more coins than I know what to do with.



Spoony_Tech said:

Well I picked Metal Torrent because I thought it was a different game. I already have that one. Can I change my vote! .

As for Paper Mario!!!! O.O



KingDunsparce said:

I've already got SuperStar Ultra and the original for Wii so I won't need that. Paper Mario is fine for me



KingH3nrry said:

You see, I would get Paper Mario, but then I would have to wait until it comes out on the Wii U VC to play it, since I can't use my old Wii VC save data on the Wii U VC games. Nintendo, please make it work!!



MagicEmperor said:

holds Paper Mario close If only Sticker Star hadn't tarnished your majestic beauty, my child. I'm so, so sorry for what happened to you. =/



Tasuki said:

Nothing for me. I got Super Star the last time they offered it on CN and I have it on the Wii as well, and I never was interested in the Paper Mario series although I have to admit Sticker Star has me interested.



Auracle said:

I got Paper Mario. I was already thinking about getting it, so it being a CN reward was perfect.



SCAR said:

Meh. Maybe Super Star, but I've already beaten it on SNES. I hope they put Smash Bros., or Yoshi's Story on there sometime. I already have Paper Mario. I would redeem the first Mario games if they went up.



Wintendo said:

Bird and Beans... ah, I remember when Nintendo was offering free DSi points for the people who bought the DSi in the first few weeks, and I got that. I've probably spent 10 hours playing it, it's that awesome.

Anyways, might get Super Star or Paper Mario... hmm...



Knuckles said:

I knew I would be disappointed, but not as bad as I thought it would be. 2 great Wii VC games, and 1 good DSiWare game that I bought earlier.



gohanrage said:

I would buy one of these in an instant if it worked on the GAMEPAD. Like Balloon Fight Does
I have enough to buy Paper Mario 64 but I have no Wii Classic or Classic Pro.



Nestalgic said:

Are we supposed to pretend that these 3DS games aren't total crap? Or aren't rehashes that nobody redeemed coins for the last time around? Guess I'm waiting another month. Though for those of you that don't have Paper Mario, I guess something good did come this month along with the rehashes.



OptometristLime said:

Paper Mario is awesome, but I bought it long time ago.

Metal Torrent is good too, those of you that don't own it all. :<



rjejr said:

I think I got Kirby Super Star the last time as well, unless there was a different Kirby game right before the collection the came out?

Paper Mario seems like a must get as I think we started w/ 1,000 Yr. Door. The kids are playing the heck out of Sticker Star right now. And thank you very much Nintendo for having 3 save slots on that game, saved me $40 and my kids even let me start my own save point. (If Sony ever lets the Vita have multiple accounts just like the PS3 it's based on I'll buy one.)

And thank you NL, forgot about this again this month.



Capt_N said:

Have both VCs on Wii. I will save my points for some other time. Or just not spend them on CN reward/monthly games. Paper Mario is good. It is, imo, the best Mario-themed title in the (PM) series. TTYD, & SPM didn't feel as Mario-themed to me, as PM did. SS I'm still playing, & making my judgement on its amount of Mario-theming, among other things. That said, My favorite PM games are TTYD, & SS.

As for Kirby Super Star, I would definitely recommend getting it, if you don't have it already. Same for PM.



Arren said:

Why can't the 3DS get good rewards? It can handle SNES/GBA/N64 games! I really want the Super Mario Worlds!



Tasuki said:

@Arren: The only way we are going to get SMW2: Yoshi's Island is if they bring the GBA version since the SNES version use the Super FX chip and they cant emulate that due to licensing issues. And as far as I know GBA games arent coming to the 3DS VC unless you're an ambassador.



Holly said:

Just checked out Nintendo Life's review for Kirby, and now there's no stopping me. Thanks for helping a gamer out!



SCAR said:

Ya, I know, but I was hesitant to buy it at the time. This is the second time Kirby has shown up afterall. I was just so hesitant because I have Brawl, and no one ever likes going back to the older ones usually. Getting the games on there is expensive coins wise, too. I'd rather get a Club Nintendo exclusive case or something, before getting something I can get for $8-10.



Token_Girl said:

Blew all my coins on the gold nun chuck, so my account is still recovering - it'll be a while before I'm getting any CN games - maybe by then they'll be offering WiiU VC games???



Lalivero said:

I wish they would stop adding in Dsiware titles when we have extremely limited space for them; They need to at least update that if possible or make them playable off an SD card.

I'm also trying to save my coins for when Wii U VC finally hits but I may get Kirby.



evildevil97 said:

Already have both VC games, but I definitely recommend Paper Mario for those with the Club Nintendo coinage who don't feel like spending the Wii Points for it.



SCAR said:

I just want Wii U stuff like cases, pens, holders, etc. Stuff like that, or maybe NFC figures/pictures for when they start using that. I'd rather buy the VC game, than use coins to get the stuff.



NintendoFlow said:

I have 570 coins But i wont be getting any of these. I just finished beating Paper Mario a Few weeks ago for the 20th time and im not interested in the others.. They should put better 3DS reward games....



pashaveliki said:

ugh. looks like my 3DS will be waiting until March 10th to get it's hopes up again...

... I really really wanted some good Virtual Console options.



saiizan said:

BIRD & BEANS! but I got that already for a 2nd Time(bought it!!!) after I sold off my DSi. It's a neat little cute game from Nintendo! You can only love it if you appreciate the art style & mechanics that goes into this. I still love it... LOVE IT to pieces and play it now & then. How far & how long can you "EVOLVE" in this game? LOL ))



Dodger said:

Paper Mario is really great. Anyone who doesn't have it yet should get it. Better then Sticker Star or Super Paper Mario (haven't played the gamecube game, but I did watch Chuggaaconroy's LP of it and it looked decent).

Kirby Super Star is also great. The multiplayer is a blast, I beat it with my sister.

Working on unlocking Birds and Beans in WarioWare: Mega Microgames, so I see no reason to buy it. Don't want Metal Torrent. Good VC games this month, but I have both of them so nothing for me.



DerpSandwich said:

@Five-seveN I'm considering it, even if just for nostalgia. I remember playing it as a kid and thinking it was pretty great. But then I wonder if I should try to find the DS version instead...



harpnbass said:

I live in EU and downloaded Paper Mario in the wee hours of your American morning...



paburrows said:

I got Paper Mario and Kirby and both seem fun, the Kirby seems like a color version of the gameboy game, but still very fun. I wish that I had enough for Metal Torrent. This is the first time in awile that most of the offered games are good.



Dodger said:

@paburrows The first game in Kirby Super Star is the gameboy game (with the ability to copy). After you beat that, you are dealing with very creative new content.



rjejr said:

Just got my Paper Mario code. I hope it's less "chatty' than SPM.



ljinkakidd said:

Have Paper Mario on 64 still, have Kirby Super Star already. I'm full on Wii games just give me better 3DS choices. At least put SMB or Zelda 1 up there.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Only once did I get a code for a game off of Club Nintendo. And that was the last time I do it too, considering they gave me a faulty code.



LordGeovanni said:

Paper Mario AND Kirby Super Star? Nintendo! You LOVE Me!
Goes off to get them
Wii only? I thought AT LEAST one of the two would be for 3DS... Nintendo! YOU HATE ME!!!



Acampbell128 said:

I saw this article on Monday and immediatly downloaded Paper Mario. I skipped over that one when it came out and now Im glad I got a chance to play it. Since Monday ive already put in 12 hours

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