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Thu 20th Sep 2012

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saiizan commented on Review: SiNG Party (Wii U):

one word - WOW. I just played it today and it TOTALLY SURPRISED me! This game needs to be experienced yourself fully before you can really judge it. I've been a fan of the little things that are the unique signature of Nintendo, and I SEE IT in this game. I like how Ninty allows the players 'space' to fill in their creativity. I really liked how the gamepad(how awesome) & wiimotes are used as instruments to allow other players to become a part of the whole action. The gamepad becomes a drumming pad which changes instruments at different times in the song and each song has unique ones!

They picked all the right songs cos I can see myself coming back to this again & again just to better myself or just sing the day away Love LOVE LOOOOVEE the practice mode, It's also so cool how seamlessly the game flows especially the music as it goes from 'minus one' to original as you move along the menus & options. Graphics wise, ahh I can simply say it's wonderfully pleasing to my eyes. The gamepad is used terrifically(lol what a word to use) in this game, love how I can 'do stuff' while the other players are singing!

I give this a perfect 10 just because it does what it says on the box & more, if you can see it with the right eyes(& ears)! The colors explain the game so well and I'm glad I dived in and bought it, NOT expecting to be surprised and delighted!



saiizan commented on Paper Mario, Kirby Super Star and More Join Cl...:

BIRD & BEANS! but I got that already for a 2nd Time(bought it!!!) after I sold off my DSi. It's a neat little cute game from Nintendo! You can only love it if you appreciate the art style & mechanics that goes into this. I still love it... LOVE IT to pieces and play it now & then. How far & how long can you "EVOLVE" in this game? LOL ))



saiizan commented on Retro Pocket:

I LOVE these kinda games! Simple graphics & simple gameplay. Nintendo should do more of simple cute games with cute sounds & graphics. Remember 'Bird & Beans'? I freakin love the awesome cuteness of everything. I still play it now & then just to see the little cute bird! IT's a little genius game that only Nintendo can come up with.



saiizan commented on Feature: Nintendo's Celebrity Commercials - Th...:

I liked ALL of them! Used to be fans of Ant & Dec, what a lovable couple. My most favourite has to be Penelope Cruz & her sister! The end made me laugh. I've not played a Mario game for so so long ever since I keep getting migraines from playing New Super Mario Bros for Wii. The game just gives me tension cos there's so many things to look out for! It's just me cos I'm a highly sensitive person. But after looking at that ad, I'm considering buying it & maybe play it in short bursts. Looks & SOUNDS fun!!! Love you Nintendo!