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Wed 26th Dec 2012

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pashaveliki commented on Sometimes Finding a Wii U to Buy Ain't Easy:

I've lived in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for 4 years and here there are no DSes, 3DSes, or Wii Us whatsoever. The few that are here are brought from Japan or the States.
Thanks be to the eShop and digital downloads or else I would have no acces to games.
Though... for some reason you can find a PSPGo here...
Go figure.



pashaveliki commented on Zelda Miiverse Community Launches Today For Wii U:

There are already Mario games on the market, so there are Miiverse communities around those games.
Zelda games are AWOL on the Wii U, hence no where to discuss them Miiverse style.
I think this might be a secret admission that new Zelda? Not any time soon...



pashaveliki commented on Rumour: Wii U Version Of Aliens: Colonial Mari...:

The side-by-side videos showing how the demo compared to the final game combined with the reports surfacing about the outsourced dev tossing out all the original material is fascinating... cause to not mourn a lost port on the Wii U...
Rayman this sh*t is not.



pashaveliki commented on Nintendo Set For Yearly High In Download Sales:

I have some eShop games, but my retail download copy of Fire Emblem was my first time getting a 'full retail' game over the internets, and I must say... if it is a game I am planning on picking up day one and it is on the eShop, then I might just go download.
It was remarkably painless and the knowledge that i have Fire Emblem in my system at all times is kinda awesome.
That being said, I plan on picking up the cart eventually because, well, i'm a collector...



pashaveliki commented on Mutant Mudds Deluxe Details Revealed:

@rayword45 granted, what I said was an opinion, and the control system 'worked' but it never felt as good as a real dual-stick set up and felt like a compromise or a work-around rather than a real good situation.
Personally I really like playing RE: Revelations sans CPP because it plays just like RE4 and that worked for me ^_^

That being said, I did love Moon and Dementium, but it was like playing platformers on iOS: the controls worked for me, but never felt perfect or native.

But if Renegade Kid wanna make a new fps, i won't complain... as long as they keep making '12-bit' games too. Mutant Mudds owned me.



pashaveliki commented on Mutant Mudds Deluxe Details Revealed:

@Strongo9 not really... it feels awesome on the 3DS considering it is finally a return of some of the great mechanics of my favourite platformer ever (Virtual Boy Wario Land).
The Wii U will have more levels, the iOS port has a crazy price point, but at its heart i think Mutant Mudds will always be better on the 3DS



pashaveliki commented on Iwata: Nintendo Open To "Free-To-Play" Gaming ...:

@aviator ftp often ends 1of 2 ways.
1- you play until you hit a moment where you either wait hours for a cool down or you pay money. See also: NimbleBit games, Simpson's Tapped Out
2- the dev tries to be unobtrusive about it, makes no money. See also: Punchquest, Gasketball

FTP is a model that cheapens expectations to the point that, like over on iOS devices, even 1.99 or 2.99 becomes too expensive, limiting the potential for larger games that are not simply time wasters.

In short, FTP rarely equals what I consider good gaming.