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Sorry, But GBA Games Aren't Coming To The 3DS Virtual Console After All

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo Australia issues 'corrective statement'

Remember that Dr. Mario GBA page we told you about on the Nintendo of Australia website? The one that made us think that GBA games may be on their way to the 3DS Virtual Console? Sadly, it was all just a big mistake.

The page was listed 'in error' and Nintendo's Aussie department has issued the following 'corrective statement':

Nintendo Australia would like to confirm the recent update to the website highlighting Game Boy Advance titles are available on Nintendo eShop was posted in error. Nintendo Australia can confirm there are no current plans for Game Boy Advance games to be released on Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS. We would also like to confirm Dr. Mario is available as a Game Boy title on Virtual Console via Nintendo eShop. We would like to apologise for any confusion this has caused.


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Tasuki said:

Figured as much. I kinda would like some GBA games come to the 3DS mainly ones that I never got a chance to play but if I wanted to play them that badly I can track down a copy on eBay or some other site and just play them with my origianl DS.



irken004 said:

I won't even consider buying a 3DS until a large library of GBA games appear on it.



TotalHenshin said:

I still don't buy it. I just think they don't want the wind taken out of their sales when they do announce it.



theblackdragon said:

'current plans', it's always 'no current plans' and then they change their minds like a month later. :3



Shiryu said:

Let us just wait for Game Cube games to land on Wii U VC instead.



Geonjaha said:

@theblackdragon - It allows them to dispel false hopes but also means that they're in the clear if they ever decide to do it. Cant go wrong with that strategy. Also it was plainly obvious that this wasnt happening. An NES port coming out in GBA form as the first GBA game before the Ambassador titles, any official announcement or all the Ambassador NES titles to be released? Nope.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Lucky for me I have 10 gb advance games from the ambassador program! But still I hope all of you out there who aren't part of the ambassador program will get these games and more!



Rococoman said:

I think this is fine. Really, the best GBA games which weren't SNES ports were extremely similar to SNES games anyway. Besides, the emulation of the ambassador GBA games is still kinda lousy, having no sleep or save state functions. If they opened up multiplayer for the GBA games, THAT would be cause for celebration, but that's never gonna happen.



Marakuto said:

This is just bs, they can make money Nintendo should do it! I have all ambassador games on my 1st 3DS (Which my sister uses now) and I enjoy playing them so I don't see what problem would happen if they did release them!



Magnet_Man018 said:

@irken004 Sorry, but that's kinda stupid -_- It's like if you don't buy a Wii U because (for example) doesn't have downloadable gamecube games. You don't buy a new console for old games, you buy a new console for NEW and old games.



Nekketsu3D said:

actually there are many good games that deserve in return gameboy advance ... nintendo hopefully not long forget... like F-zero



123akis said:

wait.... they said the have 'no plans' well nintendo autralia might not have plans but nintendo japan might do, and then it will spread to all regions



LittleKing said:

This doesn't make much sense considering that Ambassadors were given ten free GBA games. It doesn't seem like it'd be very hard to stick those games, and eventually others, onto the eShop. I'm sure they'd get a fair bit of love. More people would probably download Minish Cap than Golf, anyways...



IsawYoshi said:

@Rococoman The reason for the non saving and stuff is because it's ambassador's only. If they gave out gba games to the ones willing to pay, there would be the same features that gb and nes games has. 99% sure of that.



irken004 said:

@thelastlemming I stand by my statement Honestly there haven't been many new 3DS games I've been excited for either. Especially since Mega Man Legends was canceled.



pariah164 said:

Do you hate money, Nintendo? Do you?

Well, when NoJ does it, it will spread to all regions.



Token_Girl said:

Im with tbd on this one. To be honest, the GBA games for ambassadors are not polished at all and don't have any of the usual VC features. I'm sure we'll see them eventually, but who knows how long it will take for Ninty to clean them up.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Rococoman I'm pretty sure there's nothing like Warioware on the SNES and there weren't and SNES RPGs that had anything like the Djin system in the Golden sun games.



Squiggle55 said:

This title was very misleading. I was expecting to see some sort of announcement from Iwata or something that GBA games on 3DS simply aren't going to happen at all.

I'm glad to see that it was just Australia being admonished for making a mistake, or maybe jumping the gun with announcements.



FJOJR said:

I expect them to do it at some point. Especially if eShop downloads start to stall or the titles coming out get stale.



Undead_terror said:

I remember what happened last month (majoras mask 3d is coming out!...(the next day)majoras mask 3d is not coming out, we were just being stupid!)
But if not now then later put some damn gba on the vc.



belmont said:

The emulation on the GBA (and NES) on 3DS is way bad. This is strange because emulation on Wii VC is almst perfect.

They should polish the GBA more before release then in the public.



Hokori said:

I'd want these: Gunstar Super Heroes, M&L Superstar Saga, Drill Dozer, Golden Sun, Golden Sun Lost Legacy, Advance Wars, Advance Wars Black Hole Rising, Fire Emblem, DK King of Swing, Custom Robo GBA, Stafy, Stafy 2, Stafy 3, Mother 1+2, Mother 3, Rhythm Heaven, WarioWare Twisted, Final Fantasy 1+2 Dawn of Souls, KH chain of memories, Castlevaina Harmo of the Night, Pokemon LG/FR, and Pokemon R/S/E



KAHN said:

if you wanted GBA games, you would have either:
-went to amazon
-got your 3DS early
everyone should quit whining about not getting what they could have gotten themselves last year



WWammy said:

Lol I find it hilarious that someone won't buy a 3DS doesn't have GBA games on it ? What's that all about just buy a Gameboy Advance then =P




They should be available for DL now ffs! How long has the 3DS been released for? The amambassador games are brilliant, but I'd love more GBA games as it had amongst the best libraries of all time



FluttershyGuy said:

I might be in tears right now if that were a sad puppy in the picture! My heart can't take sad puppies.



jarreboum said:

@belmont It's because GBA isn't emulated, it's using the DS mode of the 3DS. This is why they can't add features and also why it probably will never come to the non-ambassadors. It was a nice gift but they just can't sell them unpolished like this.



KAHN said:

@irken004 are you ... not smart? if you want GBA games, get 'em on amazon. i can find them there for $5.00. if you want a 3DS, get it for the 3DS games, not for the VC -.- i realize VC is for younger players to experience classics on a newer console without having to pay a fortune, but if all you want to play is GBA games period, then get some GBA games online! it's not hard.



Lunapplebloom said:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK But some people like myself would like to be able to have all of their old classics on one system. Though you do make a valid point.

Even though I am an ambassador, I would still like them to put out more GBA games at some point. But for the time being GB/GBC games will do nicely.



Spagem said:

This is a disappointment in a way for me. But at the same time I don't care since I just got a GameBoyPlayer. And I rather play them on a big screen then portable.



Chris720 said:

I'm sure they'll come Summer '13, I wouldn't be surprised if they're currently working on them now...



KAHN said:

"But some people like myself would like to be able to have all of their old classics on one system. Though you do make a valid point."

EXACTLY! all the classics for the GBA can easily be played on your GBA! and arent there systems people made where you can play games from two separate consoles? i've seen some where you can play NES/SNES games on a single console. some people are so creative, they can make PORTABLE machines out of the old home-systems! not to mention, collecting old games is a real treat! bragging about it is a blast! i know i still tell my friends at the retirement home about the collection of NES games i still have in my crawlspace!



-Crystalline- said:

It only means that they're not getting released for the time being. Of course Nintendo will eventually do it.




In all honestly, we already got some of the best GBA games already on 3DS. The only titles I wish I could play on the 3DS is Mario Pinball, Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Poke'mon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire, and the Super Mario Advance series.



Undead_terror said:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK not everyone wants to play on out dated systems (sorry snes, n64, etc but a console has its time), instead of having a some what hard time finding the games and having to put them somewhere, we would rather have them digitalised.



TruenoGT said:

Another reason for having them on VC is that some of us had a nervous breakdown and sold every game they owned about 8 years ago and now deeply regret it. VC makes it a little easier to snag them than 1 or 2 at a time on eBay.



Undead_terror said:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK Not everyone means some people will some people with out a snes (plus we are talking about gba, I was just using a snes for example) won't, 1 little game is not gonna make people say * O WOW SO EPIC, I need to buy a snes just to play this one game * and for me I don't use amazon...because not everyone uses amazon.
ps:lay off the comments, most of them are insults not just to me but others.



KAHN said:

actually, half of my comments were from my heart! not trying to troll, or anything, but i dont blame you for thinking so, because sarcasm is usually detected in tone of voice, which is obviously impossible when scribbled into text. but that one towards you... yeah, sarcasm. but again, impossible to express tone. i realize not everyone uses amazon. i'm sorry to break it to you, but amazon sits on the throne of online shopping, with craigslist on the side. ebay... ebay is... is... nothing there can be cheap... ever... sorry bro, that's the cold truth!
as for the comment about people wanting to buy a SNES machine just to play the new games, that's not what it's for. it was meant for people who already has a SNES machine to buy the game, and if you already have it, then you probably still have your (awesome) collection of games! point is, the developers of those games are pretty much saying,"look, the SNES isn't dead. it's still a lot of fun to play and we're gonna prove it".
also, if it's not too much to ask, can you proof-read your comments on the interwebs? i had a hard time understanding what you were saying until i focused hard enough.



Undead_terror said:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK Well for me I don't care about which online shopping site because if theres something I want I intend to go outside go to either wal mart/eb games (what ever) or a my favorite pawn shop which surprisingly has every old game that I wanted yet so far.
As for the comment part, my comments are no different then from no one elses really, using brackets is more of a inner voice while if you use * really close to your words on both ends it makes bold like this so I spaced * to make a statement.



KAHN said:

well if you're live near me (and in case you're wondering where, its p sherman 42 wallaby sydney), then you'll have a hard time finding anything other than sports games at a pawn shop. so, i resort to using the internet as a solution, which works out perfect, because everyone on the internet is a genius. anyways, based on what you told me, wouldn't i be superior over the art of online shopping, since you live near the pawn shop and you get your materials there? and as for the comments, grammar and punctuation is a really important thing. with them, it's a lot easier to detect tone in a sentence(not to mention it's a lot easier to understand what the commenter is saying!). i dont know, it's just a real pet-peeve of mine when there isnt correct punctuation and grammar in comments (but as far as apostrophes go, they're more often then not are unnecessary.)
but anyways, i think it's clear that i might have the upper-hand in online shopping



KAHN said:

@pariah164 i agree. i am acting pretentious. i'm just attempting to win the argument. i'm thinking too hard. but i hope we're all clear that im the king of the internet.
@Undead_Terror that time you were either trying to annoy me, or you were sarcastic. but you see, replacing letters with certain symbols on the keyboard doesnt make it hard to read, poor punctuation and grammar does. i read your statement clean off on the first try.



KAHN said:

sorry, im allergic to fun. i was diagnosed when i was six. i had a bad childhood.



Undead_terror said:

So why do you play games then?
Well im done, I would keep going on and on but this thread was meant for something else, I want to keep my nintendolife not sure about you but thats you're choice.



KAHN said:

@undead_terror they came up with a cure, they're called ambiens.
but yeah, we drifted pretty far. but in our defense, bringing it to a forum after it started on this post would have been weird and awkward. easier to just reply here. next time this happens though, it'll probably be on a thread. i hope everyone had a blast reading through that thick argument!



Zetchzie said:

its lame of nintendo to not release gba. i think they will do it but this is to keep us out of there business they said allot of ambassador games wouldn't come out but there are plenty that have so I dont buy one word of this



Ichiban said:

Nintendo, I love you but this is just pathetic if true. 3DS & Snes games need to come to the 3DS dammit!! They should be here now in fact!!! the stupidity!!



irken004 said:

I choose not to buy a 3DS because:
1) Not many games I'm interested in are on it yet.
2) I assumed that GBA games would be available by now, which most are not.
3) I can't notice the 3D well (though I haven't tried the XL yet).
4) I should get rid of this DS Lite and maybe my DSi before I think about getting another handheld. Probably a Vita, to be honest. But first a new PC.



Chuie said:

this is to dissapointing Dc we will never see alll the amazing game on GBA come to are 3ds



Dreadjaws said:

there are people who live in other countries (shocking, huh?), where getting GBA games is hard, and importing them is expensive.

And many people sold their previous systems either to be able to afford the new ones or for any other reason. Up until NDS lite, these consoles played GBA cartdriges, but now they don't anymore.

What we ask for is convenience. Even if we were willing to purchase an older console, we'd still have to deal with even more space-consuming cases and such. We prefer digital because it's convenient.



Edlicious said:

I feel like you try to sound smart with half the stuff you say but you end up sounding otherwise in my opinion. People want their old school favorites on their 3DS, why you might ask? Because they use their 3DS every day and they take it with them. You keep saying "go on amazon and buy this console for the game you wanna buy!" Maybe someone doesn't want to go spend money on buying a DSlite to play GBA games which they also have to buy online (and wait to be shipped also) and no one wants to go buy a SNES portable thing that you mentioned. There is a word for what we want and it is called "convenience". The ability to play are old school favorites on our NEW HANDHELD is what people like. So please stop bashing on people but you don't agree and you think your views on this are superior because i'm also speaking from the "heart".



Marakuto said:

I'll stick to playing my Spyro & Mario collection on the gba for a while now. Then since it will not come, it would still be the same thing and I'd only get gba games IF they were ones I didn't originally get.



Anubis74 said:

You're grammar was way too bad to be "perfect" plus, this is the internet.
Chill out and have fun instead of turning this comment section into your personal spotlight. GBA games on the eShop would be pretty rad, I personally would love to replay golden sun on the 3DS, both of them, that is



dimi said:

They should get even the DS games in the store. They make people find shelter in piracy



KAHN said:

hey wait a minute... WHEN ARE WE GETTING THE LAST OF THE GAME-GEAR (8-bit summer) GAMES?



Awesoman said:

I don't believe there is anything to worry about here. Of course GBA games will eventually find their way to the 3DS. In fact, there are at least 10 GBA games they've already made available for download (for those on the Ambassador program). Nintendo may be stubborn, but they're not stupid. The GBA had a good life cycle with memorable games and it would be completely foolish for the company to ignore them. Besides, if they can make Commadore 64 games available on the Wii, what's stopping them from putting GBA games on the 3DS?



ogo79 said:

its real simple.
they came out ambassador style for 3ds, common sense should tell you eventually gba games will arrive for everyone at some point. stop tripping



UnseatingKDawg said:

Hmmm.... No plans for GBA titles. Yet. Just wait. Eventually the big N is gonna give GBA titles to everyone, and judging by the fact that GB Classic titles run from $2-4, and GBC titles run from $5-6 (correct me if I'm wrong on that one; I'm not too sure), I'd say when, and I mean WHEN, not IF, the GBA titles get released, they will probably run at the $8-10 mark. Just wait...



teamdoa said:

Nintendo must prefer people buying second hand games where none of the money goes to them or the developers. They also must like piracy by not making the games available for people who want to support them and pay them money.



AnarchoElk said:

<ironic cpoy-paste of previous insulting remark made by person I'm responding to redacted due to plea for civility from mods> Unlike irken I have a 3DS (two actually, I kept my 3DS when I got my XL). I also have a DS Lite, a DS Phat, a GBA SP, (My brother unfortunately killed my original GBA) a Gameboy Pocket and a Pikachu Edition GBC.

If I go for a walk, or am going to be on the road for a while, or travelling, I don't want t carry two bags full of gear just so I can play my games, nor do I want to have to buy some surivalist clothing with 80+ pockets for my handheld needs. If there's one thing Nintendo is still messing up it's the availability of their old games. They should really look at Sony's model. I don't own a PS3 (loved the PS2, waiting to see if 4 will be good again) or a Vita (though I want one) but many of my gaming friends do, and the info I got from them on PS1 game availability made me want a Vita even more.

80% of Nintendo's 3DS VC offerings, I don't care about. I'm in the Ambassador Program. I play 4 of the 10 NES games often. I'm happy with the GBA choices, but only 3 or 4 I sink time into. When it comes to VC I bought, I got Gargoyle's Quest, Mystical Ninja, and Mega Man for GB, Link's Awakening DX for GBC, and Shinobi for GG. The only other VC game I'll be getting for sure is Metroid II. A couple Iook good, but most of it's not my thing. And it's probably not a lot of people's thing. And that's the problem of this molasses like trickle. It's going to satisfy a tiny amount of people with some of the titles they're bringing. With all the Wii VC, I don't see how hard it'd be to modify for the 3DS for the NES and SNES Hell, with the 3DS's power I could see it potentially having the guts for N64.

I can understand flooding the market isn't the best idea, as many things will be overshadowed, and not do as well as they could have. But this pitiful puddle isn't enough, and speeding up a good amount isn't going to cause a flood unless they go crazy. Like I said, look at Sony. I want to play the games I loved as a kid. And if they release a couple random GB titles every update with the odd NES title (that I already had as an ambassador) I'll never be able to do that on the 3DS. Which is the one handheld I want in my pocket.

As for the Portable NES and SNES player. I want one of those SO bad. I actually have the non-portable version of the same machine (got it before the portable came out) and I love playing actual NES and SNES carts (need to import some of the good famicom and sufami games that didn't get released over here still) But that's more for retro collector nostalgia. If I have the same game on a cart and on my 3DS, I'll take my 3DS with me.



miletich3 said:

If you won't make GBA games available on the 3DS, I'll just download them for free. I know it's illegal, but nobody can track me down!


We're in the digital age, you know.

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