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United Kingdom

Sun 27th Apr 2008

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teamdoa commented on Sorry, But GBA Games Aren't Coming To The 3DS ...:

Nintendo must prefer people buying second hand games where none of the money goes to them or the developers. They also must like piracy by not making the games available for people who want to support them and pay them money.



teamdoa commented on Burning Fight:

This is actually a really good game. I prefer it to Final Fight, it has great music, good graphics and is pretty addictive for an old money grabbing arcade game.



teamdoa commented on Mad Dog McCree:

An ancient CD-i game that sucked back then and still sucks now, urm, no thanks.



teamdoa commented on Monster World IV:

I was going to get this then I read it is coming out on the PS3 and 360 with two other Monster World games with it.



teamdoa commented on Feature: 20 Years of the Super NES:

The PAL console was horrible, borders and slower. unless you played the US or Japanese one or modded you never truly experienced the awesomeness of the console back in its hey day.



teamdoa commented on Samurai Shodown III:

I have this on my AES, and its a good game. I presume this isnt 50Hz on the US Wii Ristar42?



teamdoa commented on Review: Super Star Wars (Virtual Console / Sup...:

I enjoyed playing this again, but only on "easy". I think the worst thing about this game is the terrible "jump", apart from that it was fun. I am looking forward to the other games in the series.

I would love to see the N64, Shadows of the Empire hit Virtual console.



teamdoa commented on South Korea gets their own Virtual Console:

Ah yes, Antarctic Adventure...great game!. It first came out on the MSX home computer, the first sequal was called Penguin Adventure. I had them both on Konami cartridges for my MSX.