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Fri 28th Sep 2012

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AnarchoElk commented on Mega Man 3 Leaps Onto The Japanese 3DS Virtual...:

Luffy: It'd flood the market and hurt their overall sales. Though they do need to up the speed of releases a LOT.

The GB MM supporters: why not both? I've never played GB MM until I got the 3DS VC, and I love it, but I want to be able to play the NES classics wherever I want whenever I want on a handheld. I have MM3 on NES Cart and I play it a lot, but I don't want to sit in front of my TV to do so.

To the Legends supporters: Solidarity brothers! I am a Fighting Game maniac, and I will not buy another Street Fighter or Vs game until they do the right thing. Only purchasing Mega Man games (and not that X Over (even if Over-1 looks cool and is half communist)) until then.



AnarchoElk commented on Sorry, But GBA Games Aren't Coming To The 3DS ...:

<ironic cpoy-paste of previous insulting remark made by person I'm responding to redacted due to plea for civility from mods> Unlike irken I have a 3DS (two actually, I kept my 3DS when I got my XL). I also have a DS Lite, a DS Phat, a GBA SP, (My brother unfortunately killed my original GBA) a Gameboy Pocket and a Pikachu Edition GBC.

If I go for a walk, or am going to be on the road for a while, or travelling, I don't want t carry two bags full of gear just so I can play my games, nor do I want to have to buy some surivalist clothing with 80+ pockets for my handheld needs. If there's one thing Nintendo is still messing up it's the availability of their old games. They should really look at Sony's model. I don't own a PS3 (loved the PS2, waiting to see if 4 will be good again) or a Vita (though I want one) but many of my gaming friends do, and the info I got from them on PS1 game availability made me want a Vita even more.

80% of Nintendo's 3DS VC offerings, I don't care about. I'm in the Ambassador Program. I play 4 of the 10 NES games often. I'm happy with the GBA choices, but only 3 or 4 I sink time into. When it comes to VC I bought, I got Gargoyle's Quest, Mystical Ninja, and Mega Man for GB, Link's Awakening DX for GBC, and Shinobi for GG. The only other VC game I'll be getting for sure is Metroid II. A couple Iook good, but most of it's not my thing. And it's probably not a lot of people's thing. And that's the problem of this molasses like trickle. It's going to satisfy a tiny amount of people with some of the titles they're bringing. With all the Wii VC, I don't see how hard it'd be to modify for the 3DS for the NES and SNES Hell, with the 3DS's power I could see it potentially having the guts for N64.

I can understand flooding the market isn't the best idea, as many things will be overshadowed, and not do as well as they could have. But this pitiful puddle isn't enough, and speeding up a good amount isn't going to cause a flood unless they go crazy. Like I said, look at Sony. I want to play the games I loved as a kid. And if they release a couple random GB titles every update with the odd NES title (that I already had as an ambassador) I'll never be able to do that on the 3DS. Which is the one handheld I want in my pocket.

As for the Portable NES and SNES player. I want one of those SO bad. I actually have the non-portable version of the same machine (got it before the portable came out) and I love playing actual NES and SNES carts (need to import some of the good famicom and sufami games that didn't get released over here still) But that's more for retro collector nostalgia. If I have the same game on a cart and on my 3DS, I'll take my 3DS with me.



AnarchoElk commented on 3DS System Update Locks Out a Lot of Flashcard...:

<Statement redacted for silly British law>. I live in a country where one can buy one(a flashcard) legally, and I feel bad for my British brethren who can't know the joy of homebrew on their handhelds.

The ignorance in some of these comments applauding this as some sort of victory against piracy when it shuts out plenty of legitimate (international I guess, due to silly British law) users who want to play homebrew software is disgusting. At least have the decency to acknowledge the fact Nintendo is doing something that hurts both piracy AND legitimate users. It reminds me of the cheers Sony fans let out when they removed the feature that allowed tech geeks to install linux on the PS3 (despite that being an advertised feature)
((As an aside note: Thank you to everyone who DID comment on the fact that this is hurting legit users, even if they think they are a "minority"))

Maybe some of you didn't know this, but the wildly popular and successful Colors3D started off as a homebrew application for the DS, and many artists (and non-artists who like doodling) have that application and other games that aren't commercially available. Would we even HAVE Colors3D if flashcarts for the DS didn't exist?

Attacking the homebrew scene just doesn't make sense, since they often turn into something greater (look at indie devs bringing their greats: Cave Story, La Mulana, as mentioned above Colors3D. Obviously, La Mulana and Cave Story weren't homebrewed for Nintendo, but PC, however I don't think that has any bearing on the fact the indie scene does dev. for DS and Wii because it was easy to do so, and making it hard on 3DS (and presumably WiiU) is going to hurt the indie dev scene.) I can understand wanting to stop piracy, and I agree with that, but the DS and the Wii insanely successful, and the easiest to pirate for/run homebrew on. Shutting down BOTH piracy and homebrew isn't going to make Nintendo any more successful. they may sell a handful more of certain titles that are really good from pirates that would otherwise buy the game because they really want it, but they are shutting out an entire community of very dedicated gamers who want to share their visions with eachother. Perhaps the homebrew scene will still buy their handhelds and consoles, but they won't be happy about the decision, and good will is one of the greatest things a company could have. I'm always happy about giving my money to a company I love. Case in point, I'm always grumpy about buying Capcom products because of how they treat their staff and their fans, but I'll still do it if the game is good enough. Otherwise, I can do without.

How about instead of taking the easy route and attacking everyone illegit and legit, do some more R&D and see if you can design a system to stop piracy on the flashcards, while keeping homebrew operational. Maybe something that checks file hashes for known ROMs or something.

To restate my point and wrap this up because Jesus, this is loooong. YES, it's great to stop piracy. but PLEASE take into account all the people who are hurt by this in the indie scene(and those who follow it and play their games), and as Thomas said, the people who want to carry around their legally purchased DS collection with them on one card. It's NOT cool to indiscriminately include them in this attack. And I hope Nintendo can grow to understand that in the future.