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Sat 2nd Jun 2012

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jarreboum commented on Review: Picross e3 (3DS eShop):

I want to boycott it so much but I need my dose, I know I'll buy and complete it anyway. I feel like I would belong in this Steam "boycott black ops 2" group.



jarreboum commented on Exclusive: Exploring The Mysterious Cities of ...:

@Joygame51 It would actually be a very good way to work on your French The game and TV series are made for a younger audience, which means the vocabulary is selected and the diction quite clear. Animation in general is an excellent tool to learn languages because of these reasons.



jarreboum commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Total Passes One ...:

That's 1×10¹² or one thousand billions or one million millions.
If this was uk pound coins, a pile of those would measure 8.2 times the distance from earth to the moon and weigh 10 million tons, which is the estimated weight of one year's worth of dog poop in the USA.



jarreboum commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Round-Up - 7t...:

The japanese presentation seemed to be more packed with stuff. The western presentation of Luigi in Smash bros felt useless, but with the mini-sketch with that dude dressed in Luigi and to show the other Luigi games, it feld more consistent.

Also I find funny that the west is having Super Mario Bros 2 while Japan has Super Mario Bros 2. Except one is with turnips, the other is lost levels.

Is that Baseball game using paid DLC?

I would have imported the hell out of Daigasso Band brothers 3DS, Even if I don't understand japanese. Thank you Nintendo for letting me... wait, never mind.



jarreboum commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

About the colours, the Gameboy VC games are released in shades of black and white, whereas the original hardware had a green/yellow tint. There is an option on boot to play VC games in shades of green instead. This could easily be implemented in the hypothetical Virtual Boy emulator.



jarreboum commented on 3D Sonic The Hedgehog Spinning Onto The Japane...:

> 3D Sonic The Hedgehog will be based on the Japanese version of the game, but you'll also get the option to play the pre-release western edition, which has a few subtle differences compared to the final product.

This is misleading. The code itself was distributed worldwide and everybody got their share of rev00 and rev01, Japan included.



jarreboum commented on New Legend Of Zelda Title Confirmed For Ninten...:

I remember when they hinted that ALTTP would be perfect for a 3D classics with its two levels of depth inside dungeons.

I'm glad we have a new full fledged game out of this thought and also a bit sad not to have the ALTTP 3D classics version. I just like this game.



jarreboum commented on Rumour: Dr Kawashima's 3DS Prescription Delaye...:

Plus Brain training games rely a lot more on the long trail, there is less a need of a launch at the right moment unlike more traditional games that make most of their sales in the first week. A June release won't impair December sales, thanks to TV ads and women's magazines shopping lists



jarreboum commented on Nintendo Says The Play Limit On Demos Is Set B...:

"Each publisher has the opportunity to decide how long demos will stay on the eShop, and how many times consumers can play them before they expire." This is missing the last part: "they just can't go over the 30 limit imposed by Nintendo." Sometimes I wished videogame "journalists" were more incisive in their questions. They didn't even address the "why there were limits at all" question. This is not journalism, this is PR statement reporting.

Limiting the use of a demo is insulting. 10 plays demo? So I use a few of them and decide I don't want the game. Then I want to show it to my relatives who's hesitant about geting a 3DS. Bam, they can't try anymore.

I'm a grown-up now but I remember my early days on PC in the 90s. I was not rich and unable to buy all these wonderful games and ended up milking the demos to no end. With limited demo I did not end up buying the games, I just stopped playing.

Tl;dr limiting demo time doesn't make a new customer, it makes a stopping player.



jarreboum commented on Nintendo Download Shops Offline For Maintenanc...:

@MultiMariosonic Nintendo has something against the DS compatibility mode. It was included for the DS games but is also needed for GBA "emulation". But because this mode cannot use the built-in functionalities of the 3DS it will never be officially supported or show on the eShop for anything else than DS backward compatibility. If they could have done without the DSiware, they would have.



jarreboum commented on Nintendo Download Shops Offline For Maintenanc...:

I don't get all the wait for a Nintendo ID account, if you have registered on the Nintendo website you already have one. My consoles are linked to my account, which in turn is linked to my e-mail address. So Nintendo is quite aware of all my digital purchases and I can recover them with just an e-mail and a password.

Make the Nintendo website registration mandatory and there you have it, Nintendo ID account!



jarreboum commented on You Won't Be Able To Buy An Extra Wii U GamePa...:

@rjejr Which is probably what Nintendo wants. They were very wary of adding the second gamepad to the console because they knew the console had trouble handling it. It was only after the whole Internet yelled at them that they added the function. But at the price of a framerate halved and probably more processing power used. What they did was just adding the possibility and give it to the devs saying "here your second gamepad like you wanted, try to make something good of it but don't blame us if it doesn't work well".

And I suspect the reviews for the first dual gamepad game will be: "second gamepad is nice but doesn't add much to the gameplay and screws the framerate big time." And the gamepad sales will plummet.



jarreboum commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Cards Out Now in UK:

@RupeeClock So you currently owns 57 cards based on various advertisement offers. you still need to obtain 347 cards, so a minimum of 58 packs to buy and £87 to spend if you want a complete collection. Of course because you can't trade every card for every other, you will most probably have to spend a lot more than that. It all goes down to how rare the rare cards are, but it wouldn't surprise me if you had to double or triple that amount .

Clever advertising is clever.



jarreboum commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Cards Out Now in UK:

"With 404 cards to collect it's probably best not to do the maths of how much you'll spend to complete your set"

Based on the image I will assume there are 6 cards per pack. Assuming you own the game and have the first 6 cards, plus the binder that gives you 3 more cards, you need to collect 395 cards. If you are either extremely lucky and always have new cards in your pack or if you are greedy and and exchange every double you may have, you need to spend a minimum of 5.99 + 1.5 × 395 / 6 = £104.99 for a complete collection plus one double.

Yeah I'm not spending that kind of money on cards.



jarreboum commented on E3 2012: Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct Round Up:

I'm not quite content with the MiWaraWara. Iwata said the crowd would be of people from your country or speaking your language but I live in a foreign country and my family and I speak more than one language. Please don't make me choose, Nintendo!