In recent months we've reported on some fan-funded campaigns that have appeared on sites such as, but a new project has launched that's a little different in its approach. It's the latest campaign from Magical Game Factory, called 'ProjectN', which will be an all-new game developed for Super NES. Unlike another new SNES title that we've reported in the past, which is reviving a long-lost game, this one is set to be developed from scratch.

The main point about this title is that its genre and style are determined by two polls; the current leading choices in the genre category are platformer, in second place, and the the current runaway leader, action/adventure. As you've no doubt picked up from our reference to investors, however, having your say isn't free. In order to vote on the title you need to buy at least one GEM on the site, at roughly 10 U.S. cents for each, so it's a bit of loose change if you want to vote. Like Kickstarter rewards, there are incentives to invest more: 200 GEMS ($20) will earn you a credit in the game, while 500 GEMS ($50) is the price for an exclusive investor's copy when it's released next year.

Magical Game Factory has a successful track record of producing these titles before, with Mega Drive/Genesis entry Pier Solar. Even if investing in this kind of project isn't for you, though, it raises a fun point. If you had a developer on hand and could pick any kind of brand new Super NES game, what would you ask for? Let us know in the comments below; we've also provided polls inspired by those driving the project, so get voting!

What genre would you choose for a new SNES title? (131 votes)







Run and gun


Surprise me!


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What style would you choose for a new SNES title? (117 votes)

Strict and rigid






I don't care!


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