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Sakurai: Smash Bros. to 'Change Direction a Little' on Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Still a long wait ahead

Masahiro Sakurai has been busy with Kid Icarus: Uprising for a while now, but it seems that he's finally turning his attention to the next entry in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. The confirmation of a new title for both Wii U and 3DS was actually made at E3 2011, though we later learned that the announcement was premature. With that in mind, it's a relief to read comments from Sakurai that suggest the project is getting off the ground.

Speaking to IGN, Sakurai responded to a question about what the series can do next and confirmed his goal to shake things up and make good use of Wii U to 3DS connectivity.

As you noted, there is a certain dead end we come to if we just expand the volume of the game. I intend to change direction a little as we go. The key to that's going to be its dual support for 3DS/Wii U. I'm really just getting started on this so it's going to take time, but I'll come up with something that uses that link as the game's central axis, so I hope you're looking forward to it.

It seems that a new direction for the series could be on the cards and play between 3DS and Wii U, in some form, seems to be a priority. We still have a long wait ahead of us, but at this early stage what would you like to see in the next Smash Bros. title?


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NintyMan said:

I'm glad that he wants to change things up a little rather than just add a bunch of new content. It'd be a cool idea if the Wii U version was like Skylanders and have "trophies" that you can scan to have the characters appear in the game using its wireless powers. Otherwise, I would like to have better online, a better adventure mode, and more awesome music. Some more characters would be fine, but I hope they don't add too many 3rd party ones if there will be a few.



Prof_Clayton said:

Pretty cool how they could be connected, like 4 swords. However, this may not be the best idea because then lots of people would only buy one of the games (for one platform).



kyuubikid213 said:

Just as long as it's as good as (good god that is a lot of "as") Super Smash Bros. Brawl, you have my support.



C-Olimar said:

If they're gonna have 3rd party characters, I want them at least to be related to Nintendo's history, like Sonic or Mega Man.



SuperNictendo said:

Keep Sonic. Just give a better move set. More 3rd party, namely Megaman exe and I want Shulk to be in this game!



Polaris said:

Peter pan should be in the new game! Just kidding. We all hope metaknight isn't as cheap, right?



Alienfish said:

Awesome! They should bundle both 3DS and WiiU versions together (or at least offer it) to promote more people buying the system they don't have and maybe throwing in a coupon or something. Oh, and streetpass custom stages! They could even do a custom character builder for building move sets and making custom skins. As for communication between WiiU and 3DS, I think it would be cool just to use the 3DS as a controller if you go to a friend's house. That way both of you would have a touch screen to work with.



NintyMan said:

@DeMoN-13ruce: What, don't like the trophy idea? It would get expensive buying all those trophies, but what if they just restricted it to fighters? I just want the Wii U version to use the NFC in some way.



King_Boo said:

I want 6 player action, and for me to have my Wii U copy playing my friends on his 3DS copy



Kaio-Ken said:

Adding more content isn't a bad thing. I don't blame him for wanting to mix things up a bit but I'd still hope to see an increase in content. I'd be ecstatic if the next Smash Bros. had say, 50 characters. Maybe bring back Dr. Mario...I don't know, Nintendo has so many characters that don't get enough attention. There's so many I'd like to see, like Dry Bones or E. Gadd.



Rekiotsu said:

The multiplayer support between 3ds and wii u would be so freaking awesome, that it wouldn't be even funny



Lunapplebloom said:

Oh yeah, this is going to be so awesome! But enough about stating the obvious. What I really hope for is 8 player multiplayer action with the 3DS and Wii U connectivity. Also that you could make a stage on the 3DS, and share it through streetpass, as well as the Wii U.



shonenjump86 said:

How about making the game up to 6 players? That would be real crazy. Throw in a few more 3rd party and female characters as well.



NintyMan said:

@C-Olimar: Good point. If they want 3rd party characters, at least have the ones with some kind of history with Nintendo, and Mega Man would be the most acceptable for me because of his strong presence on Nintendo consoles since the NES. What I fear is that if they allow too many, it wouldn't be about a Nintendo character all-star bash anymore. Thankfully, I think Sakurai is smart enough to know that.



Late said:

Multiplayer is the focus in Super Smash Bros. series but I hope they make single player modes a bit better too.

I liked the Subspace Emissary but they could make a longer version with more awesome bosses. And I'm really hoping that you can't unlock characters by joining with them in that mode like in Subspace Emissary. Unlocking was too easy. They have to keep the difficulty at least as high as in Brawl when playing Subspace Emissary with Intense.

And what I'm really hoping is huge amount of Event Matches. I love them!

Not going to say much about multiplayer this time. I already know I'll love the multiplayer mode. It's so good already that they don't have to add that much stuff anymore. Just add more characters, stages (and Pokéball Pokémon) and that's it.

One last note: If they're going to allow us to make own stages again, make the editor better. I still have that "Make 15 levels in level editor" achievement to unlock just because I have no interest to make my own stages.



Dodger said:

As long as the games are real games without connecting to each other, I'm fine. We don't want 4 Swords Adventure all over again.

Wouldn't it be cool if the adventure mode was a JRPG where battles put you into a smash bros. fight? Just an idea I had. You unlock characters as you go, choose 1 to be who you control in battles and 1 to 3 others to be AI controlled. I don't know, sounds rather fun to me. It probably won't happen though.



WingedSnagret said:

(I kinda hope not) but I wonder if the battles will turn into a 3D environment, like Uprising's mulitplayer. But I don't think it would have the Smash Bros. charm if it turned out that way. But what I WOULD like to see is animated trophies like Uprisng's though!



rjejr said:

Agree w/ Nintyfan, could easily see this going the Skylanders route, has a very similar number of characters. From a pocketbook perspective I'ld rather see AR cards though as both the 3DS and WiiU pad have cameras. Maybe AR cards for the 3DS that have built in smart chips for the NFC? I've never cracked 1 open but I'm guessing whatever is INSIDE a Skylander that reacts with the game portal is a small percent of the figure price and could probably fit inside a cheaper to make card. Across system multiplayer is a given, but as much as I really liked Subspace Emmissary - we've probably put as much time into that as the game itself - I don't see it happening again, they'll be too busy w/ the other stuff. Whatever they do, it's a must own game.
Oh, and I love the Powerstone idea. First time I ever played a Smash Brothers game I hated it and wanted to return it b/c it wasn't Powerstone, but the tremendous amount of customization - default 3 minute game sucks BTW - kept me coming back for more. But again, it's probably not going to happen. Would be a nice change of pace though.



FonistofCruxis said:

I would hate to see this doing something similar to Skylanders but I like Dodger's idea of a JRPG like mode even if it is very unlikely.



Objection said:

@hyperstar- going to tell someone to shut up without even contributing an alternative view? why dont you get out?
@skakko-i respectfully say "hell no" this. SSB needs to stay a 2D platformer-fighter, or else it really stops being SSB.



ZeroxGT said:

Since there is a few characters in spinoff games, they should include a few from there, as for 3rd party characters. im not sure on it yet. I ve seen a few keep mentioning megaman but after what they did to him in Street fighter X tekken, idk if i want that near the next smash bros game. I wouldnt mind seeing characters from companies that have made some smashing hits with some characters out there like Shantae, and the like



Shotgunryugan said:


I'm sure if Nintendo decides to add Megaman they won't do what SFxT did,that was a disgrace to the Megaman franchise.

I'd love to see Megaman,Protoman,Bass,Tails,Knuckles,Shantae,Quote,Curly Brace,anyone from the "VVVVVV" game,Earthworm Jim,Phoenix Wright and Epic Mickey.

But they seriously need to go back to Melee styled gameplay,remove the tripping and make unique moves for EVERY CHARACTER,what's the point in having a giant roster if everyone feels the same?



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Honestly the only thing ssb4 should borrow from kid Icarus is pits new moveset :3 the idea of 3d environments make me wanna throw My cat out the window it wont have that same charm the rest did nuff said



Randomname19 said:

Keep Sonic and add Knuckles(Sonic),Sora(Kingdom Hearts) that can turn into Roxas with a smash ball and definitely Ghirahim.I want to play as him really badly.



Lalivero said:

@ZeroxGT Shantae would be a crazy good addition. As an example, just imagine using one of her transformations, say the elephant, to bulldoze through the surface she's currently on, along with her spells.

You're making me start to look back at some characters from other games, 'gems' especially, now. XD



TKOWL said:

This can only mean one thing:

More speculation and more doubt by the fanbase.



Cloud-San-VII said:

You know, instead of having the battles as a 2D side-scroller, the should have it so you can traverse the stage (like Dissidia Final Fantasy).



MeloMan said:

Figured this would be a huge comment section... some things never change for the SSB series

I'd like to see tripping go, and if chain grabbing is going to remain YET AGAIN (read: hater of it) then I want the ability to counter throw. If someone wants to get me in that hot garbage, then give me the chance to turn the tide, period. Further, make the parry actually make the striking character flinch wide open for at least a second. Hard to time parry vs. successful parry and wide open attack seems like a worthy trade off. Oh, and I still want air throws.

Yeah, that's the stuff I want to see in the next SSB. Oh and, it's time to nerf Metaknight and Wario, lol.



mamp said:

More third party characters, not too many but some, and Miis as playable characters, I wanna kick butt as Mii XD.



Capt_N said:

1. It's absolutely necessary Nintendo first get a better than decent network for gameplay up, & running/going. If not, they should tailor the (individual) game to work on what/e network setup they create.

2. If it's possible for them to do correctly(meaning no lag, or serious/gameplay affecting glitches), have multi-console multiplayer, or "cross-platform multiplayer", as lots of commenters here have said.

3. Since not everyone agrees on Melee vs. Brawl gameplay pacing, Nintendo should include 2 different pacing styles, & allow the player(s) to choose, before a match. This is unlikely to happen, but would be nice. Also, would be nice to allow both styles to be played in online matches, not simultaneously in the same match, of course. It could be set for a specific set of (online) matches, or a toggle that players agree/vote on before each match, similar to MK7 course selecting.

4. Some features for online probably should be as a one-time select for a set of matches, & kept that way for the duration of those matches, Like in MK7, once you character select, you are that character for the remainder of your involvement in the group, unless you drop offline, & rejoin. This also has the potential to be easier on the servers.

5. As some here are saying, only 3rd-party characters that have some form of real history w/ Nintendo, like Mega Man, & Sonic. But limit the 3rd-party characters to 4, or 5 tops. I would say, my own choices would be, Mega Man/X/Zero, Sonic, & maybe Simon Belmont(though I'm not a Castlvania fan). It would be also good for Nintendo to use some modern characters. Shantae has been mentioned above already. Ridley from Metroid would be cool, or even adding Daisy, &/or Tatanga, or Wart, or Rosalina. Just give them different move sets.

6. Beef up the under-powered. Nerf the over-powered characters. Make it so no character can spam, or at the least, that the spam can be countered, & interrupted.

7. Give a little more spotlight to the 3rd-party character(s), in terms of trophies, history, etc.

8. Make each game able to stand on it's own, as to not need to purchase both games, but that the experience will be broadened for having, & connecting both.



Ickaser said:

I predict some effective use of both screens. I have no idea where they would take that, though. I'm sure the action would take place on the 3D screen/TV, leaving a touch screen free. But it would have to be something that would not favor one size of screen over another. (I'm sure it'd be easier to tap a button quickly on the 3DS touch screen than the UMote one, for example.) So, in short, who knows where they'll take it, but I predict some sort of touch screen use.



hillbill26 said:

if you ask me, there should be some special advantages when purchasing either version of the game. like if you buy the 3DS version, you can get a special character or something that you can't get on the Wii U version. Or at least something like that, so that way people will havve the urge to get both versions, thus earning more money for Nintendo (ut i'm not saying this game will make a crapload of money). Plus, people can get a lot more entertainment with the advantages in the games. And btw, i DEFINETLEY want to see Shadow and Magnus in the new game, along with another Pokemon Trainer with 3 other pokemon.



ThreadShadow said:

He's going to move the series from 2D movement to 3D movement and it will be somewhat like Kid Icarus's multiplayer.



lanabanana said:

It would be really cool if we could use the AR cards just like in Kid Icarus. As for the characters, i REALLY want Princess Rosalina !!!!!!! She's my fave Nintendo Character!!!! Oh and wouldn't it be cool if we could use our Mii's?



DraculaX said:

I just want Simon Belmont in this game, but I doubt that will happen. I also hope they include some sort of Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force, or Mutant Mudds-themed levels in this game...though I doubt that will happen.



ianmage1 said:

What if he really changed the direction of SSB and made the game play like the Kid Icarus online battles? Some people would probably be unhappy, but I think it would be cool to have it as an option.



Popyman said:

I really wish they never told us about this game, it's going to be years and years until we can play it.



grimbldoo said:

@WingedFish #22
Imagine trying to hit another person if SSB was 3D roaming

They could allow you to fight using the camera on the 3DS, or you can take a picture and set some rules for the Items (like a tissue box being a solid object in the middle of the stage) and then play on that picture.



Kyloctopus said:

@Janett @NintyFan Both your ideas would make sense together. Trophies that fight. I feel like they will do that, considering Sakurai clones ideas, who would blame him?



Enzo_V said:

@rjejr lol what will mr sakurai react about that game well. im sticking to this game
and will hope to have great and better characters from the nintendo franchise even capcom characters



WAM2 said:

About the Skylanders-esque idea, I'm pretty sure that goes against that policy they talked about recently (regarding the new Animal Crossing). And good thing too. If they do something like that, I think it should definitely not be part of the core game (if it was fighters, that would be horrible). I mean, I haven't played it, but wasn't Kid Icarus: Uprising's AR cards more of a bonus mode?

@Doma: Aw, come on! It'd be funny, at least!



Onett said:

Let's just hope that it doesn't have an identity crisis like Brawl did. There was clearly more effort put into the subspace mode than the actual versus mode (which smash bros is all about) and it was visable by the way stages in the adventure mode had more detail/animations to them as well as its own set of physics. Whatever it is they decide to do, we can only hope that they find a good balance where the versus and adventure modes are both equally as fun and engaging.

On another note... Why do I have a feeling that the are going to elaborate on the sticker idea that they had in Brawl and apply it the same way Kid Icarus: Uprising applied their power ups for versus play?

So here is my crazy guess about how both versions of the game will function...
WiiU version will focus on a expansive story to collect stickers to build up your characters similarly to how Uprising works. The 3DS version will likely focus more on the versus mode aspects of the game, allowing players to port their data/characters over, unlock items/stickers through street passes and wifi/wireless battles.



Silver26 said:

The Stories should be much much longer then the last time and I would really like to have Silver, Shadow, Knuckles and many more of the Sonic characters and surely much more characters of the others but I really want to have Silver and Shadow in it D

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