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Pikmin 2 Finally Reaches North American Wiis Soon

Posted by James Newton

About time

Hey, New Play Control! Pikmin 2 — what took you so long?

The latest issue of Nintendo Power claims the motion-controlled strategy game is finally going to reach North America later this year, presumably to tide you over until Pikmin 3 and remind gamers who Olimar and Louie actually are.

The enhanced Pikmin 2 originally hit Europe exactly three years ago, but you North Americans can enjoy it for yourself later this year.

Thanks to forum user KoMiCtUrTle for the scan.

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Tasuki said:

I could have sworn that we had this already here in NA. I though I saw it at Target and other stores. Guess I was mistaking.



WaveBoy said:

I've been dieing for this one to hit North America.
Suprise of the day!

Yet i wonder if Pikmin 2 has that same hazy blur effect(when in motion) like the original does. Hopefully they ditched it!



DashDG said:

Make it happen NOA, youre just about to regain my trust in you....



Megumi said:

....About time....except I'm not wanting to get it now. lol
My original works just fine anyways. xD



Odnetnin said:

Nintendo Power is having all of the best exclusives lately. This, Cave Story 3DS on the eShop, and new RCR crossover characters to name a few.

Komic you're so lucky to have NP may already.

Also, tell us what the RCR characters are please.



rjejr said:

Having already played this on the GC about a miliion years ago, and now Nintnedo is releasing the NPC 3 years after Europe, the only way I'll be picking this up is if it is in one of those red boxes for $20. As was said here 3 years ago:

"The first NPC Pikmin was good fun, but it didn’t fully justify the full-price release,"

I wonder if WolfRamHeart is still waiting for Pikmin 3



Kyloctopus said:

I thought New Play Control was forgotten
Perhaps it's for people to remember Pikmin so then if Pikmin 3 is a launch Title people can play this first, to introduce another Pikmin



MegaAdam said:

Finally! Amazing! I've wanted this game for ages but have been too cheap to buy a used GCN copy.



coolvw93 said:

Finally, i cant wait to get this one, might be my last game I purchase new for wii after the last story



Knux said:

FINALLY! Now I don't have to worry about tracking down a copy of the Gamecube version!



ScreamoPichu said:

I have the GameCube versions of 1 & 2. I didn't even know this existed. I'll probably pass on it, especially with Pikmin 3 (HOPEFULLY) coming out later this year.



Dodger said:

I am so happy. Seriously, I've wanted this game since forever. That adds something to do since there won't be much this year for Wii. I'll pick this up sometime when it comes out.



WingedSnagret said:

About flipping time! I have the play control of the first one, but not having a Gamecube, I've yet to play this! Hurry over here Olimar and Louie!



Dodger said:

Now we just need New Play Control: Mother 3. Make it happen, Nintendo!



Yrreiht said:

Already have the gamecube version but i might check it out. better late than never i guess



Objection said:

I almost ask what the point is but there arguably is. Weird though in that they gave up on NPC ages ago. NOA is so weird sometimes.



bboy2970 said:

WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME NINTENDO!!!! About a year ago I totally gave up on Pikmin 2 reaching North American Wiis and just played the Gamecube version. If I had known we would eventually get this I would have definitely saved it for this version!!! Sigh....oh well. The game WAS a masterpiece so playing through it again wouldn't be the worst thing in the world I guess.



NESguy94 said:

Okay, I picked up the GameCube version for $5 the other day, I won't be buying this. When I first saw the picture I thought it said Seeds of Courage, as in the never released Zelda game. That would be a cool release.




Nice one NA. NPC Pikmin 2 is a classic. The wii controls work superbly for this game. Can EU now get Excitebots in exchange? No? Didn't think so.



Shugo said:

Man... I gave up on this last year as well and ended up buying the GCN version instead (because my original copy was stolen a number of years ago). Not sure if I'll buy this or not...



KingMike said:

Hey, maybe now they'll reprint Metroid Prime Trilogy while they're at it.

Haven't played either of them, but I suppose I might as well pick it up to get a new copy for the price of a used Cube version.



Undead_terror said:

did not know uk had it before us,but awsome news i loved that game but too bad its not on the 3ds instead



3DS_Supporter said:

Oh my god! I didn't think this would ever come here! I hope it will have the New Play Control box art!



bahooney said:

I was on the fence about selling a kidney to import this... NOW I WON'T HAVE TO, JAJAJA



Firejonie said:

Since used gamecube copies of Pikmin 2 cost around the same price of NPC Pikmin 2, I will probably get this.



Yosher said:

Now in exchange, give us Europeans either Excitebots or Mario Super Sluggers!



TingLz said:

@Mikau94 Not gonna happen. From what I read, many elements of that game were put into the Oracle games, so it would be pointless



SomeBitTripFan said:

JUST WHEN I GAVE UP!!!1 I was going to get a European Wii for this. LONG LIVE OPERATION RAINFALL!!!!! Our words have fallen upon Reggie's ears.



ejamer said:

"Better late than never" - except for the people who gave up hope and imported. NoA lost my sale a long time ago. Now, instead of being happy about the news (like I probably should be) my feelings are closer to apathy with a twinge of bitterness.



JohnDoe123 said:

This is great! I got the original on Gamecube for $2 a few months ago, but haven't played it much. I'll make sure to do so.
It would be great if the New Play Control series was expanded on the Wii U, preferably through download.



NintyMan said:

This is great for those who haven't gotten it and played it yet. I recently got the original version a while back and will play it soon, but this is a good idea for people to get familar with Pikmin before the third installment pops up.



SomeBitTripFan said:

I wonder if some Nintendo worker saw my doom and gloom over this not releasing. You have seen all my comments on this game not coming, haven't you?



Hejiru said:


It's been so long, I thought this would never happen!
squeals with joy



Gridatttack said:

Great! I thought this would never happen because of the brands licenses that appears in game. I luckily managed to get a cheap copy of the GCN version at the flea market, but will definitively get this one again! IMO, is worth for a game like pikmin 2(and probalby my last wii game too). Also, probably, this would cut the price of the GCN version, since people are selling used copies for 40$+ because of its rarity.



komicturtle said:

Super Meat Boy, Bit Trip and Splosion Man have their own mini games. There's also references to pop culture- even classic NES titles like Dr. MARIO, Megaman 2,
TMNT, DuckTales.. It goes on.



Alienfish said:

@Chrono_Cross #5
Or a clue that it isn't one. A summer release would pretty much confirm Pikmin 3 as a launch, but anywhere after September would probably mean it isn't coming for about six months.



WaveBoy said:

Glad I held out and passed on the Cube version, I'd hate to have to use the Gamcube controller/Analog controls when the wii pointer controls are so much more intuitive, quick and fun to use.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Having been one of the more vocal protesters to the lack of this game's release three years ago, I am ecstatic to hear it's FINALLY coming! About censored time, Nintendo!



TKOWL said:

Oh, you're kidding me, I JUST bought the GCN version, thinking this wouldn't happen...

Ah well, I'm actually kinda more acute to the GCN controls anyways.



dings said:

YES!!!! Finally found a copy of NPC Pikmin last year during the summer and have been dying to play 2 but I can't find any (reasonably priced) copies for GC, this will be very welcomed by me



Brando67854321 said:

despite owning the GNC version I might get this if it's true because some sites see this as a rumor.

Edit: Also is this going to lower the GNC (gamecube) version price because I got this way back in 2004 & I did not know it was rare until years later & for those who are excited I think it will make finding pikmin 2 ALOT easier.



tanookisuit said:

Better late than never I guess. Jerkwads. : I sold my GC ver a few years back anticipating the release of this. Chibi Robo next please.



RevolverLink said:

I still have and play my GCN Pikmin 2 disc regularly (and I'm still fond of using the C-stick to move my hoard en masse) so I probably won't get this, but for the many people out there that missed it the first time around, you should pick this up in a heartbeat. It's one of the best games Nintendo's ever coded.



Pj1 said:

Oh dear, guys in North America have waited three years for this! oh well at least you know how I felt when the big N finally released Super Mario RPG on the VC!



TheRegginator said:

You have to admit, it's very strategic of Nintendo to wait until now and release it about 6 months to a year before Pikmin 4 releases (assuming Pikmin 3 comes out in that time period) and during the Wii's dry period. NoA has managed to keep this yearly lively with the release of Xenoblade Chronicles, Pikmin 2, The Last Story, and hopefully Pandora's Tower.



Shugo said:

@Shugo You know, now that I think about it, I think I'll pick this up anyway simply on principle of supporting NoA's decision to bring it over. I think I actually asked them for it in a Club Nintendo survey once and promised them "all my money" if they did it, so I should probably own up to my word.



Whopper744 said:

Is it June yet? No? Well I guess since Mario Tennis Open is out now at least, so that will definitely hold me over....what??'s not May yet either?!



tweet75 said:

really shouldnt pikmin 1 and 2 new controls have been packaged together? IF you r going to release last gen games on new gen at least make it a compilation



Stuffgamer1 said:

@tanookisuit: Me, too! Go figure, huh?

@Shugo: Yes, you should. Besides, if it's anything like NPC Pikmin 1 (and why wouldn't it be?), the controls are MUCH better on Wii anyway. It's worth it to upgrade.



Henmii said:

A "Jam with the band" situation! That DS game got released in Europe a few years ago, while America already had it for years and years. Maybe you guys also get Wii chess, while we Europeans get Excitebots?

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