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Reggie Also Presenting Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Time for some fevered speculation

Earlier today we reported that Nintendo Japan is hosting Nintendo Direct tomorrow, but it transpires that this will be a triple act, with Europe and North America in on the act too.

As some have already pointed out in the previous article, Reggie Fil-Aime will be hosting his own presentation tomorrow after Satoru Iwata's broadcast, with Reggie arriving at 2pm GMT, 9am EST, or 6am PST.

It's unclear whether 3DS, Wii or Wii U will be the main focus, but it's certainly telling that Nintendo is readying some announcements just as a shiny new rival hits stores.

Don't forget that you can watch Satoru Iwata's broadcast at Nintendo Japan's site, and then promptly switch over for Reggie's update. We at Nintendo Life will, of course, bring you all of the news as it happens.

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NESguy94 said:

@Lordlz No, he is in another timezone, he is getting up at a decent time. My guess is that this will be the announcement about the Wii-U's new name and some talk about a couple launch titles, and the rest will come at E3.



WreckItRyan said:

I love all of these updates. It's getting my this-is-why-I-am-a-Nintendo-fan-for-life blood pumping again!



ThomasBW84 said:

I've updated the article with Reggie's broadcast times, my original comment that Reggie followed 'immediately after' Iwata was a mistake. All cleared up now



Spagem said:

yay. he will be telling us theres a new metroid game for the 3ds.



Americasteam said:

Well unless he announces Flipnote Studio 3ds then I will be dissapointed. Unless of course there is something else that is as awsome or almost as awsome as Flipnote Studio.



Megumi said:

Highly unlikely here, but....please be Tri G, please be Tri G, please be Tri G. T.T



koops330 said:

I got a swapnote from reggie saying that he was going to announce something tommorow



V8_Ninja said:

I highly doubt any "Big" announcements will be made on Nintendo Direct. I could see this as a good time to announce that the Wii U will named something else considering that E3 is about four months away.



shinobi88 said:

Xciting stuff!! But this is clearly to throw off some of the buzz of the Vita launch. And the Big N should do something. B/c the difference between Nintendo handhelds and Sony handhelds has always been quality vs. quantity. Aka, Nintendo pushes out more games while Sony has much fewer but very high quality.

The thing is, the Playstation Vita is getting a lot of games put out for it. And since it is such a powerful device, it's easier to push out quality games on the Vita than on the 3DS. So as the situation stands now, the 3DS over its 1st year has 12 games that score 80% or higher on Metacritic, and the Vita has 5 games that score 80% or higher on Metacritic. The Vita hasn't even been officially released yet!!

Best case scenario, instead of just owning one and forcing yourself to buy some games you don't really want, own both systems and get the games you REALLy want



CrazyOtto said:

It must be really big news since I actually got a Swapnote message from Reggie while expecting another message from one of my friends.



Burning_Spear said:

I think this will be almost entirely 3DS-related, to offset the Vita's release. I suspect they'll have near-firm release dates for titles such as Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing. I don't think a Wii U renaming would be announced this way; I think it would be announced at E3.



Buster13 said:

No "My body is ready" jokes? I guess that's more of an E3 thing anyway.

Still can't wait to wake up to the news tomorrow. I hope it's substantial.



Objection said:

I hope that this is some substantial news, such as an announcement of at least one big thing. (Localizing something? Pikmin or Starfox details?)

I also really hope it's 3DS or Wii based, but that's because I personally have no interest in the WiiU.



FluttershyGuy said:

Apart from The Last Story, hope we get news on New Super Mario Bros. 3DS (or whatever this 2D Mario will be called). Fingers crossed for new Metroid and TLoZ: A Link to the Past remake as well!



grumblebuzzz said:

I'm not getting my hopes up for anything big and major. It's probably Last Story, which I don't have any interest in whatsoever (I know, I know, it's gotten rave reviews, but I just don't really do RPGs). Some Metroid love would be nice but I don't foresee them announcing any major games during these Nintendo Direct feeds. Last time, he announced Pushmo and Swapnote, so I see Nintendo Direct as more of a platform to announce eShop games.



SkywardLink98 said:

I got a note in swapnote about this. This must be a big deal. Maybe on online service for 3DS and Wii U? Or maybe Wii U pricing.



bboy2970 said:

C'mon baby! Let's get some big, juicy news! Come out swinging tomorrow Nintendo and take a major dump on the Vita launch!



Rapadash6 said:

I fully expect to hear some more details about 3DS games we already know about. Maybe we'll get release dates for Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing. Perhaps some new 3DS games will be announced as well. It'd be nice if Nintendo had one or two secret Wii titles waiting to be announced to make the wait for their next console a bit easier, but I personally don't expect to hear much, if anything at all, about Wii U from this.



rjejr said:

So 3 heads of Nintendo are making announcements tomorrow (Wednesday) and we really don't know what they are about? And I thought Apple was secretive.



Aqueous said:

So then 10am AST for me then, good time for me, lets me sleep a bit.
For anyone bad with time zones,
8am CST and 7am MST



King_Boo said:

I kind of think he'll be letting us in on the nintendo network, dlc, 3ds games, and the last of the wii games.



AVahne said:

Didn't even know that Japan and Europe were doing it, too. When I got the Swapnote from Reggie this morning, I thought it was just Reggie catching up to Japan's second Nintendo Direct. Great to see more news, I hope MH3G will be announced for Western Release.



DF2506 said:

@shinobi88. Best case scenario indeed. If only that was a great solution for everybody, but personally, I can't afford to own a 3DS AND a VITA. Can't afford to buy games I don't want either. I have to be really select about what I buy and when. Most of the time I have to trade in games I really like so that I can get other games I want. Not a lot of money to get all "buy whatever I want-y".

And, at the moment, all the games I REALLY want are on the 3DS (specially Animal Crossing 3DS). Not saying none of the Vita games interest me. Some of them look cool, just can't afford a Vita and the $250/300 price tag isn't helping. You would have thought they'd learn something from seeing what happened with the 3DS at $250...

Anyway, I'm not one of these fans that hopes the Vita fails. I actually hope it does good. But personally I'm sticking with the 3DS. Well, unless someone wants to give me a Vita for free or something (lol!).

Oh and I'm really hoping for Animal Crossing 3DS news! Come on Nintendo, put me out of my misery already! GIVE ME THE NEWS I WANT. sigh Here's hoping..



Noire said:


After his press conference declaring his superiority over all people, Reggie will sweep across North America with his army of vicious, battle-hardened soldiers created from the very essence of our love and devotion to Nintendo turned sour. His troops will then move to every continent, engulfing the world in war and destroying all vestiges of the hope and wonder that is Nintendo. For he is the Antimoto, the dark antithesis to our Lord Shigeru Miyamoto, and the end times draw near...

that also works if they just rename the Wii U the "Revolution" which is what they should have named the Wii in the first place aksdhaslkahsuf



shinobi88 said:

The Big N had a major press conference last year, in December I think, and it was a MAJOR letdown since there was no news for the West. But this appears to be the real deal as they're including us in the action this time.

There's one major bit of news Ninty is dying to hand out: a hardware redesign that has the 2nd analog stick built in. Aka, the 3DSi. Methinks something that big will wait for E3



StarDust4Ever said:

Good news. I got the message from Reggie on my swapnote (it's a shame I don't get to keep his golden Mii though), but I doubt I'll be awake at 8am in the morning central time.Hopefully, I can rewatch the stream later.



TingLz said:

@Feenie: You kidding me? Reggie is gonna take over Nintendo of Japan first and kick those noobs out. First Nintendo, then the World!



TKOWL said:

Gonna sum up what the internet is wanting from this:
Announcement of Earthbound or Pikmin 3 screenshots or we don't care.



SMW said:

Looks like I'll be waking up to some Reggie action! He always puts on a good show regardless of what he announces.



DarkKirby said:

Can't wait to see what announcement was so important Nintendo is doing it at some random time all of a sudden.



Prof_Clayton said:

If they only mentioned it to people with a 3ds on Swapnote, it may be something for people who already have a 3ds, like a new system update.



Odnetnin said:

Oh so I shouldn't trade in my 3DS for a Vita just yet? Fine, Reggie, I'll watch your little presentation, but I won't enjoy it.



Ras said:

I think it was just Nintendo's first opportunity to use Swapnote for something like this, right? I guess I have Swapnote, but I haven't even looked at it, so I don't know. I don't expect anything major--I think the previous NinDirects have just told us stuff we already know, with maybe some more concrete release dates. The best thing I remember from the first one was a long video that confirmed a couple of the MK7 retro courses we didn't know about at the time.

I'm in it for any scrap of Paper Mario info they can spare us.



Nintendoftw said:

It should focus on the Wii U and announced plenty of new 3DS plans and games, because it looks to me like the PSVita's lineup has the 3DS beaten right now..



lanabanana said:

Could this mean that Flipnote Memo is finally going to be released?!?!?!?!?!?! ZOMG i'm so excited !!!!!



Kyloctopus said:

Here is what I'm looking for:
New AR card games
More details on The Rolling Western and Luigi's Mansion 2
More details on that shop update
Flipnote Memo news
Demo Announcements, as well as DLC announcements.
@Oddy You are a sad excuse for a Nintendo Life member



Wolfcoyote said:

Sadly I'm going to be at work, so I'm going to miss the live feed. I'll just have to race home after work to follow the RSS feeds.

This couldn't have come at a better time; I'm heading to the NWS in NY to pick up my 3DS in a couple of weeks. In a sense, they're giving me additional motivation to choose 3DS over an iDevice.



Smooth27 said:

I hope is about how their gonna make 3ds better to compete with vita, like swapnote being intantaneous, hulu plus and other useful modern apps, big 3rd party games, and stuff for wii u, but im pretty sure their just gonna talk about kud icarus and paper mario, mario tennis luigis mansion 2 release dates and vids for those and thats it.



motang said:

Alright Reggie, make me an happy man. Announce The Last Story for the US release!



RR529 said:

Give me some U.S. Release dates for Paper Mario and Fire Emblem and I'll be happy. Oh, I guess Luigi's Mansion 2 would be fine as well, although it's not really one of my anticipated titles. Something unexpected like a 3DS Soulcalibur would be welcome as well.



RR529 said:

@CrazyJ2312, how could I forget that! Suprisingly, not being able to watch YouTube on my 3DS has irked me quite a bit. YouTube functionality is a must for any mobile device, period.



TheRegginator said:

Thanks for the swapnote stationary Reggie!

I'm hoping he gives some more details about about future games and plans for the 3DS and Wii U.



Dodger said:

Reggie sent me stationary. This makes up for the Xenoblade incident. No hard feelings!

Hoping for Animal Crossing news, expecting Mario Tennis news. No idea why except that would probably be the stupidest reason to tune in and watch Reggie ever. Except maybe to have him tell us no about something we want and then thank us for being such great fanboys.

But seriously, I'm hoping this is something cool. We need it. Kid Icarus and Xenoblade are almost out and we have no info for any good summer games and they can't expect even just Mario to sell a system until the holiday system in such a crucial time after last year. Nintendogs and Pilotwings for a year? That is beyond facepalm worthy.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

I too would love a "Last Story" and "Pandora's Tower" announcement for North America. Also a Metroid Prime Hunters 3DS announcement & Virtual Boy on the 3DS e-shop would be icing on the cake. I can't wait



Gamer83 said:

They had better announce The Last Story is on its way to North America. I can't imagine this being anything other than all 3DS related though.



C7_ said:

The Swapnote Announcement was really cool.
Unfortunately I'll be fast asleep when this starts, hopefully it's one of those things that I can easily start at the beginning with when I wake up.




I hope it's a unique message from each region.So that Reggie doesn't feel left out when everyone knows about the news from Japan.

These "Direct" videos are always so suspenseful because you never know when they'll announce one and it must some good news that they themselves can't wait to reveal.



SMW said:

Where's Reggie?! I must know! FINALLY! NOA waits for the last minute like usual. Page is updated!



NintedoPower said:

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