Hopefully you've found our 3DS eShop and Ambassador FAQ useful, and will continue to do so as we update it with fresh information, like the stream of new details flowing from Nintendo Europe.

The good news is that the 3DS Ambassador games can be transferred to another 3DS console in future via the 3DS Transfer Tool, which is coming with a future system update. That way if your machine breaks down or you swap colours, you can take your free games with you.

The initial NES versions — which Nintendo is calling "priority delivery" — will support the VC Suspend feature but not the Restore Point function, which will come with an update later in the year. Likewise, the first launches will come with alternating but not simultaneous multiplayer, due in a later update.

As for Game Boy Advance games, as predicted they will not feature any wireless functions, so you won't be able to play multiplayer in these games. They also will not support the Restore Point or VC Suspend modes, though of course you will be able to save your game in the same manner as the original release.

Regrettably no new games were revealed for the service, but as the NES games will be available starting 1st September there's only a few weeks left to wait.

[via nintendo.co.uk]