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Sakurai Yet to Start Work on Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Years and years away

Satoru Iwata's promise that we'll see Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS drew some of the biggest cheers of E3 2011, but series overseer Masuhiro Sakurai wasn't cheering: he's not even started work on the project yet.

Still hard at work finishing Kid Icarus: Uprising, Sakurai didn't sound altogether happy about Iwata's on-stage announcement in a recent Famitsu column (via IGN):

We've got no plans whatsoever. We've got two new games out in the open when there's no extra time to work with them at all. It makes me cringe, and I'm not sure it's the smartest thing to make gamers wait for several years, but the early announcement was made chiefly in order to attract new team members.

Sakurai even states there's not even a design document in place for the game, suggesting he hasn't even decided himself what will go into the next entry in the fan favourite fighting franchise, which puts the game a matter of years away. Don't start holding your breath just yet.

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NintyMan said:

This isn't surprising in the slightest. I don't blame Sakurai for being nervous about preparing for two versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 when he's still working on Kid Icarus: Uprising. The one thing I don't want him to do is not put so much effort into Kid Icarus because of this, but he's smart enough not to do that. I predict Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U won't release until 2014 at least.



Superducky said:

Meh, a little disappointing. There's nothing you can blame Sakurai and his team for... If there really was no plans or design for the new game yet, I don't see why it should have been anounced. Oh Iwataaaaaaa.



Odnetnin said:

I feel sorry for him. People expect amazing things out of these two games, but they don't understand what it takes to make them.



Superducky said:

That being said I must be one of the few peole who has no interest in a new Kid Icarus game.



Xkhaoz said:

I say take their time finishing and making Uprising the comeback Pit deserves. Then make these two Smash Bros. the best ones yet.



Sneaker13 said:

Not much interest in a new Super Smash Bros game. I always though the whole serie was overrated. I do look forward to Kid Icarus though. Can't wait.



grumblebuzzz said:

I sort of feel like Iwata's announcement of SSB for WiiU and 3DS was kind of a, "Uh oh, they're underwhelmed by this. What should I say?" moment. I think he panicked and just kind of blurted that out. His expression and the way he presented the news sort of made that obvious.



Buster13 said:

I'm pretty sure they did the same thing when Brawl was first announced at E3 05. They said it existed, and THEN the got Sakurai to work on it.



Ren said:

I think kid icarus looks cool, but it's actually too bad it's Kid icarus when it looks like it has no relation to the original at all in form or content. Why not just make a new ip out of it?



irken004 said:

Sakurai- Oh boy! I can finally move on from all that SSB work





Megumi said:

I can wait, really thought Brawl was the last one anyways...that Cartoon Network thing will be the substitute (or until I get sick of it) until these pop up. But yeah, Paper Mario, Super Mario, Kingdom Hearts: DDD...Pikmin 3, the whole Wii U deal...Luigi's Mansion 2...blah blah blah. They'll all keep me busy. xD (and these are just 2011 announcements...)



Dodger said:

Knew this already. I had read an interview where he said it might still be 3 to 5 years, and if it was taking too long then they might have to drop one version. Nice to know I don't need to hold my breath, at least.



Azooooz said:

I think that Sakurai should take his time to make a better Smash Bros. Go Sakurai, we are counting on you.



warioswoods said:

I never assumed that these were in development. In fact, I found that to be the single most puzzling moment at E3. Why mention this game at all? I personally could care less about announcements of this sort for the Wii U; we already know that each of Nintendo's big franchises will be showing up on it in due time.

What I'd prefer to have heard about would be new experiences like Wii Sports, to sell the concept of the system to a broad audience.



RadioShadow said:

This could be a good or bad thing. At least the game will be developed in the future, unlike F-ZERO.



Dodger said:

I've wanted a handheld smash bros. for a looooong time. I think 3DS is the perfect match for a smash bros game. The 3D in the background looks really cool even in 2D games and internet play is really fun.



SunnySnivy said:

Why announce it now if it's not coming out for years? :/

And also. @25 Don't like it, don't buy it. I wanted a portable SSB!



C-195 said:

Announcing it to the public isn't the best way to get new members I don't think, but then again, devs might flock to it and get it done alot sooner than expected, but thats unlikedly.

(First comment on nintendolife, yes!)



komicturtle said:

Well, this Smash Bros. iteration is not the only game that was announced years before it releases. It's not like Nintendo to go ahead and do this. I would hope Nintendo gives Sakurai a HUGE team he can work with so that way the game won't take FOREVER to make and everything will run efficiently. What I don't understand is that he said he has no plans- yet, he does plan on starting with Brawl and moving his way up. Of course, he must be referring to the "Design concept" he mentioned.

He shouldn't really be under stress so quickly but then again, I personally don't know how things go especially with Nintendo. If the games comes out in 2014, it's not a big problem for me. But I suspect the 3DS Smash Bros. to be finished before the WiiU version.



K964 said:

@33 Exactly! I mean brawl had a seven year gap from melee. Wait, seven years?! Where's that temple of time when ya need it?!



Henmii said:

"Sakurai Yet to Start Work on Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS"

Not surprising at all!



Bugpy said:

I had no intentions that that would bring out another Smash Bros game just yet, seeing as Brawl has only recently been released (compared to the gap between Melee and Brawl)



Samholy said:

i dont see how its a bad news! think about it.
beeing announced by him, it means there will be a smash on 3ds.
2years? 3years? excellent !
there will be plenty of games to try on before it comes out. I dont mind waiting for for it while playing other games, this will ensure a great quality game i the end.



Infernapeking said:

Well let US FANS DECIDE FOR ONCE!! Nintendo let us give ideas of what we want like Reggie said at E3 2011 for Luigi's Mansion 2 don't know how many people ask for this. But Let's us Fans share our thoughts who agree with meh.



Infernapeking said:

Just gonna have wait just like I did with Brawl I check the Dojo for days.
It gonna be successful people the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess been in develop for along time this game deserve the wait.



komicturtle said:

I rather them not do the Dojo thing- or just update it once a week with worthy information. Like sharing the 5 Pokémon in Pokéballs and showing images and in-depth of how they work (could be titled "Pokémon Set 1" or something).

Then, another week is modes: Single, Group, etc.

As for revealing characters, I'd hope they don't reveal unexpected new comers (like Ike, P Trainer, Olimar, etc.) so early. If they have a profile of a character, then maybe share 3 characters every other week or even 1 character a week with the periodic updates.

And finally- have the updates be close to it's release. As in, less than 12 months. Opening the Dojo updates 6 months before the release and going by the one update a week is perfectly fine as long as a decent amount of information is shared. Sharing a handful of items a week instead of 1 every other day kinda kills it because people get so excited about seeing something amazing. And the techniques? Might as well share them all, or most as soon as the website opens.

Because getting an update about tripping one day and that's it... Real exciting. But sometimes, they did share 2 and very very rarely 3 a day.



Nintendoftw said:

I mean sure people want Kid Icarus, but wth would rather have it over SMB? When they finish Kid Icarus their top priority should be Super Smash Bros, because thats what fans want.



jerryo said:


Mully that is exactly what happened. I think they couldn't believe the price of Vita would be same as 3DS nor that it would be able to offer something similar to the wiiU controller as a feature set. while yes it is not exactly the same it does offer pretty much the same as far as games are concerned. So they started making up exciting news on the spot. Kind of.



JimLad said:

Didn't this happen last time with Brawl? It got announced at E3 2005 before Sakuari had even been asked about it.
The series does seem more like a bargining chip to fans than anything now.
They can't announce a new Zelda, a new Mario wouldn't be surprising enough, Metroid isn't to everyone's liking. But they could still get cheers with a new Star Fox or F-Zero. They rely on the big three way too much.



triforceofcourage said:

I do actually prefer having to wait a few years for a game I know about and love, then despairing for years about how it isn't even coming.



Gameday said:

you know gameday is down for both , but yes indeed they need to take their time on this one



Raylax said:

Iwata: "So, we're making Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS"
Sakurai: [laughs]



FonistofCruxis said:

I agree with Mully although if this wasn't announced I would be even less excited for the wii U than I already am but theres still NMH3 which should be awesome. I'm not surprised it will be at least 3 years to come out seeing how long SSBB took to come out.



Punny said:

I'm in no rush for the next Smash Bros. Take your time to begin your new masterpiece, Mr. Sakurai.



PSICOffee said:

I knew this was the case, and even in the previous post I added all the years up and it would take at least 3. I honestly thought after all the hell Sakurai went through, brawl would be it. It would have been better to announce this a couple years from now, because fans will grow impatient, reading that dojo everyday for another 2 years straight.



hYdeks said:

yay people your missing the big point, they announced a game that isn't even started and they haven't even considered starting! Whats the point in announcing the game seriously? Nintendo really should have focused more on showing us more on the Wii instead of showing us a new system with no real games. It's kinda hard to get excited about the next year with Wii U since there wasn't much of a year at all for the original Wii. Bottom line, I have a Wii now, I want games, Wii U is WAY LATER, show me the system again than and I'll care more.



jerryo said:

well i am not sure if SSBM is why i am excited with wiiU.. hell i am not even that much excited with wiiU as i am with 3DS... maybe perhaps when i play at home it is either on PC or 3DS mostly. used to be PC and DS until recently.. my wii is gathering dust anyway...

i want to be able to play lots of cool action adventure and RPGs, any theme.
i like SSBM and i love fighting games in general, but that's just my breakfast

my lunch and dinner is mentioned above.



DrDaisy said:

I hate when they do that. It makes me wonder if Nintendo has announced other games that they knew would be cancelled or end up on other systems.
Upcoming Smash Bros games always give me tension because I worry about characters I want not making the cut and characters I don't want making the cut.



Alpha2797 said:

I was surprised when i heard Iwata announce smash bros. I had suspected that they hadn't even started development since the 3ds barely released a few months ago and wii u isn't even close to release date. Also, i sure hope sega allows nintendo to add shadow as a playable character. Waluigi should also be playable since wario is a character in ssbb.



Ickaser said:

Tell me I'm not the only commenter so far who noticed this was mentioned in the actual E3 presentation. It was stated, right after the announcement itself.



Davidmoreaux said:

@ DrDaisy I didn't think of characters being cut until after brawl came out and I saw Mewtwo was gone but I am worried about this next game because I don't want to lose Diddy Kong or Sonic and neither character is a sure thing in the next game.



MeloMan said:

The thing I find most intriguing is what will be the 1st party flagship launch title for WiiU. Doesn't seem like at this point it's going to be Mario... It's certainly not going to be SSB this time around... Doubtful for Luigi's Mansion... I'm guess Pikmin 3 is going to be it, whereas the average consumer is going to go "... eh..." at that, so I hope there's enough 3rd party support at launch to feed the savages. Got a lot to do there, Nintendo, you have my support, but man do you guys have your work cut out for you for WiiU's 2012 release.



Retr_acro said:

Hopefully Sakurai can find really good game developers that can please all of the Smash Bros. community, such as developing a fun, crazy game but still have a good, balanced metagame.



slappy4367 said:

That sucks dude . Now were gonna have to wait all those years just like we did with brawl



DarkKirby said:

Not surprised. Sakurai wasn't really interested in making Brawl to begin with, in his own words each Smash games was supposed to be the last.

I just hope when they game does come around there will be patches to fix balance issues and special moves will be used with a combo bar rather then the unbalanced randomly appearing Smash Ball.



komicturtle said:

Well, they should keep the Smash Ball (heck, it was supposed to be in the original and even the voice boxes of the characters were even kept from them performing the Final Smash in Smash Bros.)

Maybe have it 'fill' that combo bar a decent amount.



jediknight said:

I've never played the game, but I'd like to see what effect the platform the game is on will make on it's performance. If I end up getting the 3DS, I may get that...maaaybeee



Collateral86 said:

Brawl was good not as good as Melee though not even close.Even though I loved the addition of Snake even with the cheapest Final Smash in the game.

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