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See 3DS's Menu, Mii Creator and More in Motion

Posted by James Newton

Video shows off new features

So far Nintendo has announced the Virtual Console for 3DS as well as the ability to transfer DSiWare to 3DS, but it has a few more things to show off.

This video shows the console's Mii Creator in more detail, with a photo used to create the basis of your Mii character. It also delves a little deeper into the Tag Mode communication, showing the kinds of data that can be exchanged between players.

It also reveals the console will support multi-tasking, enabling you to play a game, then open the Home Menu with a tap of its backlit button before proceeding to browse the Internet, then closing the menu and jumping right back into your game where you were. There's also video of the augmented reality feature, something we'll have more information on later.

Also, it shows off Japanese teenagers' renowned sense of style.

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Raylax said:

Nice pyjamas

This looks awesome. I laughed at the Mii creation thing, that old guy was far too excited by it



V8_Ninja said:

I wonder how widely inaccurate the face-to-Mii feature will be. Other than that, the system looks pretty cool.



Corbs said:

It must just now be 1985 in Japan judging from the clothes the teens are wearing. Perhaps I should move to Japan and relive my high school years one last time.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Raylax: I know some people who really WOULD be just about that excited, though. Old folks can get pretty darned weird when it comes to technology.

Holy crap, internet browser access while in-game? That's a feature PS3 users have been asking for for quite some time, and now Nintendo's beating them to the punch!? AMAZING!



James said:

@Shadx That's the augmented reality feature. There's more information coming up in a bit

@V8 Ninja I can imagine it'd get some faces totally wrong, but then if you can edit all the bits anyway it's not such a problem!



GamesX99 said:

Interesting my only problem is that the people were way to exited so that showed that they were acting and also that nintendo and cats looked a bit slugish



cheapogamer4life said:

I'm with #1 on this one. Dang limited handheld brower capabilities, but sounds nice that we are able to listen to are favorite tunes while we games on a Nintendo handheld now.



Fuzzy said:

Is that thing at the end the charger? That's a great idea if it is.



Markystal said:

Goodness gracious I want that thing now! Now that I know about these features, the time I have to wait will be even more painful.



turtlelink said:

Right when those 2 guys where walking, i was thinking "Pokemon Black&White battle!" but then it was Street Fighter



edhe said:


An induction charger. It looks to me (considering its prominence in both this and the other 3DS video today) that they'll be packaged with the handheld!

What a great day for 3DS news! If I was even wavering on buying a 3DS on day 1, those thoughts are quashed now!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

That video was so cheesey and so epic at the same time.

Looks like they're really making a big deal about this whole tag mode thing, since they showed it happening at least 5 times.



DrCruse said:

Wait so everyone is going to have a 3DS and they are all going to interconnect around the world?

Head for the Bunker!

Yeah this has dropped my opinion of the 3DS even more. So it's all about connectivity, Miis and socialization? No thanks. I'll stick with my Sega Genesis.



NintyMan said:

Cool, going on the internet while the game is paused? I haven't thought of that one, and it is a very good idea. What more will we see next?



edhe said:


What!? You want to watch the video in the news topic "See Plenty of New 3DS Games in Motion Right Here".

Then tell us the 3DS is all about Miis and sosialisation.



WaveGhoul said:

awesome features, boring generic commercial!
I want crazy imaginitive colorful zany bug nuts 80's and early 90's-like commecials, yargh! lol



Ron_DelVillano said:

This looks pretty awesome. I'm at work right now, so I had to watch the video with no sound, making it EXTRA hilarious.



MasterGraveheart said:

I can't read a lick of it, but it looks freakin' awesome!!! And there is a slanted stand with it? Excellent! Now it can take a rightful place of prestige on your night stand, ready to go with you come morning!



motang said:

Cool, I would like to view the English version so that I can get an understanding of what this means, but it does sound like pretty cool stuff.



2-D said:

I love the idea that if you don't have a 3DS, you don't exist. You're just an outline on the subway



coyote37 said:

Wait, drop in/drop out internet access while playing a game? HOW AM GOING TO RESIST GAMEFAQS NOW?

Seriously though, that is an awesome feature.



BishBashJosh said:

Nintendo have packed some great technology into the 3DS, but am I the only one who thinks it looks ugly. Still getting one though!



she_gamer said:

@29: lol. I didn't realise I'll need a 3DS to continue living... all the more reason to pick one up day of launch.



rjejr said:

@25 silverBlacktail

I was thinking iPod also. There are no games or kids in this video, just young adults. Wonder when the 3DS phone will come out?



miketh2005 said:

It looks like that holder might be packaged in with release? And is that sticker type thing they put on the table the augmented reality thing your talking about?



miketh2005 said:

@23 They got the 80s style down.

@26 There was no sound in the video, just some techno (or whatever) music

@35 No games? Are you blind?



irken004 said:

Good to see augmented reality. I've tried that stuff before with my webcam, it's really astounding.



James said:

@miketh The charging stand will come with the 3DS in Japan, possibly elsewhere. And yep, that paper/sticker/whatever it was formed the augmented reality - pretty nifty



Token_Girl said:

Not sure how I feel about tag mode? What sort of information is it communicating with strangers and how secure is the connection?

I know I'm just a nervous-tech-ninny American, so I wonder if that feature will be pared down for us (since there are a lot of us). I'm also wondering what sort of privacy features there will be. Knowing Nintendo, I PROBABLY won't have to worry. I just hope they don't over react to the criticisms of being overprotective by being over-connected without reasonable privacy settings.

If you're a homebrewer, that brings another question. Will there be no way to disable tag mode so that updates can be sent from anyone else's 3DS that removes homebrew/bricks your console? I'm not a homebrewer, but I don't want my privacy/customization options taken away for something like this which seems like it would be borderline illegal meddling.

It could be very, very cool, but I'm just concerned. I like to know what my electronics are doing, so I know if they're about to achieve sentience and turn evil.



King_Boo said:

there was a bit of a design change, the outer cameras seem to be flush now, if I remember right they stuck out a bit at E3



LuWiiGi said:

Fantastic. Tag mode looks cool, games look great, and I'm intrigued by that card thing the guy put on the table.



SherlockHolmes said:

This looks great! The tag mode was pretty awesome and the camera mii the looked cool. The augmented reality thing looks interesting.



kurtasbestos said:

I have my DSi with me in sleep mode pretty much all the time anyway, so it's pretty awesome to see that now it'll serve a purpose. I just hope you can trade info with anyone since none of my friends ever seem to buy the same DS games as me.



Capt_N said:

@Token Girl: My electronics achieve sentience and turn evil 60% of the time. As for homebrew, hackers will have conquered the 3DS week one, I feel.

On a side not, or 2: Viruses now can literally travel from 3DS to SD to PC. Hope N puts realistically decent privacy/safety feature in. & I love the net browse while game's on pause feature.



KiroX777 said:

yea im pretty sure u can

damn wth was that street fighter thing all about? imagine if you can automatically add people who have the same game as a friend?? that would be sick =D



Iggy said:

The internet access while playing a game is just awesome. I wish i knew japanese so i could fully understand everything that went down on that video.



PSICOffee said:

That whole tag-mode thing looks great and all, but not everywhere in the world is 100 people crammed into a very small area at a time Nintendo. Sure in Japan its easy to find people to trade stuff with like that, living in closet-sized apartments and having people with white gloves shove you into an overcrowded train, but not in the US (most of it however not including stupid NY and California which many people think are the only important states in the country). Living in a rural area, or the Midwest or whatever, you'll be lucky to find someone in the area who has the same system and game as you at the time, except at school sometimes.

Now I know this system is targeted for the Japanese public, and everywhere else in the world is just fortunate to have the privilege to play their game systems, but I hope this whole wi-fi thing has an extended range, more than 3 ft away from the system. Picto-chat was a HUGE disappointment, as something only my brother and maybe a friend from time to time would mess around with.



MeloMan said:

That old man was wayyyyyy too excited and I almost died laughing, lol! I'm diggin' that augmented reality thing-a-ma-bob... that was sick-- period. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SYSTEM. Enjoy your new (old), hand-me-up DSi system come March, Ma! It's 3DS time!



ToastyYogurt said:

Sweet. This video was pretty much a way of telling me "Buy this on day one." I guess I got to listen to it.

@BishBashJosh: If you're talking about the way the top screen area is black and the rest of the system is blue, get the black 3DS. The thing is all black, so it doesn't look ugly. I'm perfectly fine with the way the 3DS looks, but I'll be buying the black because black is awesome.



IronMan28 said:

Okay...this irritates me, now I have to buy this thing and I'm about to spend more on it than I did the Wii.



VGC said:

It's funny that none of them match their clothes.
Anyone NOT like the charging station? Personally, I'd rather have a nice little cord.
Oh well. Just as long as it's not over $250.



ToastyYogurt said:

@VGC: I'm sure a cord will be included for emergencies (like when you're at a friends house and your battery runs out). I like the charging station, it seems like a great deal to get a charging station included with the thing; most companies ignore that and let third parties make charging stations. And it seems like a great place to put my DSi when I'm home and not playing it. Not only does it give you an easy way to charge, but if you put it in there whenever you're home and not playing, you'll always know where it is!



mjc0961 said:

The new first thing you do when you get out of bed in the morning: Forget going to the bathroom. Forget breakfast. Forget a shower. You will pick up that 3DS right now or Reggie will be by soon to break your face.

@5: Considering Sony, that's really not surprising.



GammaGames said:

that looks like a charging dock! It looks like it could be an alarm clock, i hope it is. The screens go down real dark, and it wastes no battery as it charges and tells me the time (and to wake up)



Monix2598 said:

Oh god i want this thing RIGHT NOW! but i have to wait until christmas. that or trade in a crap ton of games towards it.

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