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And Here's Your 2010 Club Nintendo Awards, North America

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Delectable collectables

So the Club Nintendo North America year came to an end yesterday, and along with the beginning of a new one today the Big N has revealed what super special exclusive awards members who reached Gold or Platinum status are eligible for. The suspense is murderous!

In a repeat of last year, Gold status members get a 2011 desk calendar filled with Nintendo artwork from, among others, Mario, Legend of Zelda and Metroid.

Things on the Platinum side of the fence look statuesque. Members who achieved the top level can either go for the aforementioned calendar or a collectible figurine featuring Super Mario characters. The figurine stands about 3.9 inches tall with a diameter of 4.6 inches.

You have until July 31 to claim your award, which Club Nintendo says should ship sometime before December. Hop to it!


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KaiserGX said:

What!?! You would rather get Tingle's Balloon Fight? This is like my dream prize!



thewiirocks said:

The Club Nintendo website is soooooo SLOOOOWWWWW. Must be everyone trying to order their statue.

I should use this as a case study of why using Struts is a bad idea.



Virus said:

Hmmm, I enjoyed the Mario hat more last year, but the statue will at least look cool amongst my other Nintendo junk--I mean treasure.



Uncle_Rick said:

Funny, people here seem to be happy with this reward----like me. But on other sites, but are REALLY complaining about it. Can't make some people happy, huh?



KaiserGX said:

Your avatar shows your true feelings. Have fun with your piece of semi good quality thin cardboard. (not hating on the Calendar just you).



Min said:

Awesome! Can't wait to get that statue.

Prepares high-security glass case

EDIT: That calendar's actually not half bad.



TwilightV said:

So loving the Platinum reward. <3

I figured it would be Mario themed with all the games starring him we got this past year. Can't wait to see what next year brings!



Min said:

@14: Of course I do. I'm not taking any sides though, both prizes are very nice.



KaiserGX said:

The Calendar is good, made of good quality, but you'd be dumb to choose it over the Mario characters figure if you got Platinum. If you are that person at least trade it to someone who wants it, and has the calendar. You change your mind when you actually get these prizes in your hands. Lot better in person.



Kid_A said:

Bah! that sucks. I was really hoping for the Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack. Oh well. The statue is kind of cool...



Min said:

It says I'm not eligible for this reward, even though I made it well over Platinum... This sucks.

EDIT: Gee, thanks Kid_A for reminding me about that :/ That would have been totally awesome it they put that in there.



King_Boo said:

It was only november last year, this is going to be a long wait, maybe as soon as they all get shipped we'll hear about the 3DS coming out, make my christmas Nintendo.



warioswoods said:

Hm, the lack of a real choice (calendars don't count) makes it a little less fun this year. They could have at least let me pick Rosalina over Peach for my statue.



Yosher said:

.. Well fudge. Why doesn't awesome stuff like this ever come to Europe.. ;~; I hope this will be sold as regular merchendice later on too!



Pegasus said:

I actually quite like the figurine. Nintendo's site does seem to be overrun again. Might try again in a day or two.



MasterGraveheart said:

Whoot! Figurine for me!

...I spent my college fund for a figurine? =P

I hope the hat becomes a regular list item this season... and maybe some soundtracks and controllers too...



KaiserGX said:

V8 Ninja, you should have posted something, I would have gladly given you a Warioware D.I.Y. code.



Mayhem said:

Guess I must have gone through the website to claim my prize before everyone from the US got online then



Kidpit said:

I reached Platinum, tried to redeem prize but was told I didn't qualify. I know I reached Platinum. I'm going to wait a bit to see if nintendo will correct the mistake before notifing them.

Has this happen to anyone else?



KaiserGX said:

Just be patient, I'm sure a lot of people got psyched and are filling the servers.



SteveW said:

Yikes, I was still hoping for the Wii SNES controller that Japan got awhile back...



MeloMan said:

I have never done so many surveys at one time in my life (even last year when I got to 600, lol), but it looks like I had enough to get to 1200 with 70 coins worth of surveys left over to start next year. I'm not much the figurine guy, but peace out to that calendar-- the pictures with Nintendo characters? Priceless. The fact it's calendar portion only good for 1 year? Useless. I too will get that glass casing, along with trip beams, full time security staff, and the "red button" if someone should get past all that, lol.



TwilightV said:

@ Kidpit & Zsxdflip: If it continues after at least 3 days, i'd suggest visiting the tech support forum. They should provide an answer. :3



KaiserGX said:

If I ever do get a calendar, it will be the one for 2012. Lol, Only then will I choose Gold over Platinum. (Unless it's Kirby).



Yosher said:

@KaiserGX: I meant this to be sold as regular merchendise later on too, BESIDES being a platinum gift. Sorry if I wasn't clear. ^^;



RevolverLink said:

Now I wish I'd reached Gold last year and Platinum this year, instead of the other way around. I really like that miniature statue.



EdEN said:

Getting myself a figurine... but the page just died on my. Guess a lot of us got platinum this year.



blueyoshi525 said:

Wow it took me close to an hour to get all the way through to fill out my order. Totally worth it though. Now all I gotta do is wait til December.



LordJumpMad said:

I know the feeling, but hay, You get a cool collectable of Mario and friends.
(maybe I should have use that money on a car, that way I won't have to take the bus home, from college).....oh well, can wait to put that Mario collectable in my closet, with the Mario hat...



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm having problems redeeming my platinum reward on Club nintendo. I am having problems loading the page, and after I hit "refresh" I got a message that I am not eligible, wtf?

Edit: Okay, now I started back at the homepage, click the "Do it" link on the platinum reward, and I get this:

_"There was a Problem with your request.
But don't worry, your coins are safe with us."_

Edit: "This reward has already been redeemed." So I guess it went through, the ultimate figurine is mine, yay!

On second thought, the site is completely broken. It's saying I have no coin history at all, but I still have 610 elite status coins benn trying to claim my prize for over an hour now, probably time to give up and try later



SMW said:

Looks like I should have went for Platinum this year. I enjoyed the calendar last year, but getting yet another calendar this year is pretty disappointing.



jangonov said:

Ordered my platinum prize, and Chunky Droid, you can always send it to my place, but I won't guarantee you will see it again.



thewiirocks said:

@Stardust - The site is correct. Your Elite Status has been reset with the rollover into the new year. You still have 610 coins because you can collect those and spend them on useless jun- sorry, cool stuff from Nintendo.



Ashflow said:

I feel bad for all the people who are currently trying to get their prize despite the high traffic. I ordered my statue at 8:30 when I got up to go to scout camp (I'm 14) because I knew that the reward be available today.

P.S. I like your avatar labrat7



Dodger said:

I got platinum but I think I will go for the calendar anyways. I would rather have a calendar then a little statue, no offense meant to the above people who are really excited

Eh. It isn't letting me press the button to have it send it. I will wait until later in the month.



komicturtle said:

I didn't think I would reach Platinum this year. Thought I needed 1000 or 800 coins, not 600. Filling out those surveys for 10 coins (some 20 and 30) was worth it, and I had some other games that had yet to be registered. Oh, and I forgot about Wii Fit, and now I'm getting- well, for my mom- that free tote bag in about a month's time and earned 100 coins

Oh, and Dragon Quest IX will bring 40-50 coins because I was planning on getting it, so that's neat too.

This figurine reminds me of those Smash Bros. Trophies. If only they had Smash Bros. Trophies where you can choose between the original 8- or even 12. That'd be so hard to choose from, since it'd be between Kirby and Ness for me.. You know, that actually WOULD be awesome

And maybe Gold people choose from.. 12 plushies (like the original Smash Bros. where they were small toys)? Just some suggestions.



komicturtle said:

Sorry for double-posts, but I ordered my figurine about 15 minutes from now with no slow downs.. Luckily. Cheers



gameking23 said:

I just managed to get my Mario figurine order in. I'm so glad I reached Platinum this year!



TheKingOfTown said:

Alls you gots ta do is click on New Thread on the top-right corner of the screen. Then, name the topic and then post the first message to start it off.



J_K said:

Amazon F'd me out of platinum status as I ordered S&P2 and they still have yet to ship it though it should have. Had it came on time yesterday I'd have platinum by like 10-20pts. Now I get a calendar. Damn I'm thrilled. They really do disrespect the gold award status people don't they?



Token_Girl said:

Meh, not a huge fan. It's not like I can do anything with it. Punch out was better (not that I was able to get it, because my brother didn't download it, and it expired yesterday. - I wish I had known, I would have set the Wii up, but now it't gone forever - LAME!).

Hopefully, the figurine will get something on ebay from collector types.



suburban_sensei said:

While some may not care for this prize, I think it beats the crap out of last years prizes. I just ordered mine, so I can't wait for it to arrive



gameking23 said:

Just finished all of the reviews I have saved up. All I need is 90 points to reach Platinum.



Bassman_Q said:

Meh is my answer. Not bad. But really, u can't really DO anything with a plastic figurine...



horobita said:

would of bin better if it was the classic controller or that shout warriors game club nintendo japan got....but i guess the figurine is better then calendar sigh -dream on..



SteveW said:

I'l rather have a key to download Super Mario All-Stars for Virtual Console! that would be much better than a hunk of plastic.



ClickMaster said:

The Statue looks cool- But It's less than 4 inches tall, and will probably just sit on my Dresser until the end of time.



cheapogamer4life said:

Wish i'd had time to fll out the rest of those surveys toget my platinum reward. Oh well, I guess theirs always next year. ;(



suburban_sensei said:

@gameking23: I believe that you are late, because June 30th is the final day to reach Platinum. I see that you posted your comment on July 1st.

@Pegasus: Yeah, when I read the confirmation e-mail and it said I should receive it by the end of December I was just thinking..."Wow...what a wait!" heh.



gameking23 said:

@suburban_sensei No, I got the platinum for way b4 June 30th. I was talking about that I am almost Platinum for next year. See I saved alot of my reviews after I had reached 600 points.



Rerun said:

I like the Platinum gift but I'd rather have rare games or soundtrack CDs or special controllers like what they get in JPN. But hey something is better than nothing!



castlezelda said:

I need a 2011 calender so i'm getting this, that plastic Mario thing looks stupid, i was hoping for a downloaded wiiware game like last year though, this calender will work though.



Mr_Mat1 said:

To be honest with you guys I don't care too much for that reward. I ordered it last friday and will be putting it on eBay the minute I get it. How much do you guys think I should ask for such an item?



JohnWalrus said:

I'm getting the statue (thanks to my recurring mooching off of my friend's abundance of codes). I feel a sick feeling in my stomach that this statue will be thrown on my dresser and break eventually...

I'd rather have something Metroid-related. Or, at least a downloadable game. Tingle's Balloon Fight looks awesome.

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