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Tue 26th January, 2010

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blueyoshi525 commented on Review: Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight fo...:

Hey Sean, I played Combat of Giants: Dragons, Bronze Edition for DSi and honestly I would have liked my money back. Although the graphics are very good for a DSi release, there is absolutely no challenge in completing levels. The battles look different in this one but I can say that the battles in Dragons were monotonous and beyond easy. I don't think I ever came close to losing a battle. Utter domination can be fun but I was bored before one complete playthrough. I loved dinosaurs even more than dragons as a kid but I think I will pass on this one based on the mundane runthrough of the previos title. Hope that helps you out.



blueyoshi525 commented on Review: Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64):

This game is awesome. I 100% this game as a kid and just recently began playing a new file because I missed it so much and want a virtual console release desperately. I peaked in on this review after getting my 25th banana and was completely disappointed. This game deserves at least a 9 and it is as good today as it was then. Of course I have no complaints about the collection aspect of the game. Having played all the DKC games, playing the 3D version of Minecart Madness is especially awesome. This game is all about exploring the massive areas, unlocking new abilities/weapons/characters to progress through the game. Plus, the last boss fight was the best of any DK game ever and completely worth the time it took to beat this game.