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Mon 19th Jul 2010

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JohnWalrus commented on Nintendo Download: 16th August 2010 (North Ame...:

The disappointed me, too. I was looking forward to Ufouria and Clock Tower, yet they send us more WiiWare. Yet, you've got to understand that they make their business operations as meant to make money, not to please followers. I understand your frustration, but I guess VC hasn't been selling enough, so they're running it slow. It's sad, but true



JohnWalrus commented on Space Trek:

Eh, while it sounds okay, I'm not so sure if it'll even be worth it's point-price. I'll have to see. I sure wish Ufouria or Clock Tower would have come out, instead...



JohnWalrus commented on Another Analyst Suggests Wii 1.5 On the Way:

I don't want Nintendo to make another Wii for awhile. I'm perfectly fine with my Wii as it is, and I want to build up on my VC/WiiWare/hardware collection before I have to shell out more moolah for another one. I guess it's a lucrative business technique, but still...



JohnWalrus commented on Pokemon Link:

Another Poke'mon puzzle game? Maybe GameFreak should stop wasting their resources on spin-offs and focus on the main games... that'd make 'em better.



JohnWalrus commented on Metroid: Other M:

Just pre-ordered Metroid: Other M yesterday. I think I'm getting artwork cards as a bonus. Lame, but not if there's Zero-Suit Samus...



JohnWalrus commented on And Here's Your 2010 Club Nintendo Awards, Nor...:

I'm getting the statue (thanks to my recurring mooching off of my friend's abundance of codes). I feel a sick feeling in my stomach that this statue will be thrown on my dresser and break eventually...

I'd rather have something Metroid-related. Or, at least a downloadable game. Tingle's Balloon Fight looks awesome.



JohnWalrus commented on Review: The Beatles: Rock Band (Wii):

This might be the only single-band music game from Harmonix or Red Octane that makes me want to buy it (unless they make one catering to Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, or Led Zeppelin).

My friend rented it and quit after "I Am the Walrus" (he said he was scared). I felt like killing him.



JohnWalrus commented on Feature: Tending and Feeding Your Japanese Wii:

If I ever get enough money to splurge on this, I would. Partly for the benefit of covering both regions as far as news, channels, and games (both disc and online), but mostly for the opportunity to brag to my friend.



JohnWalrus commented on Sexy Poker:

Oh no, call the Political Correctness Police, this game is sexist! Just kidding. I'm a little surprised this is the first WiiWare game Nintendo released that has such strong sexual themes. Couldn't they have made something less... FAIL? I dunno. It hasn't been taken down, so I guess not too many people are that concerned.