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Nintendo Download: Mechas, Sexy Poker, Football and Art (US)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The Virtual Console shows signs of life.

The past two North American Wii/DSi updates had no new Virtual Console games, but thankfully, there is one this week. It's accompanied by two WiiWare games and the final DSiWare Art Style game (For now).

On WiiWare, today brings us the previously announced Overturn. Perhaps taking a bit of inspiration from Nintendo's Custom Robo series, you must customize your very own combat robot and have it to battle with others in various arenas. The game can be played online as well, which is pretty neat. For 800 Wii Points it might be a good investment if you want some online action. We'll review the game within the next few days, but in the meantime, you can read Sean's first impressions from when the game was released in Japan about five months ago.

Today's other WiiWare game is one which has already caused a bit of a stir - Sexy Poker is the first WiiWare game which the ESRB gave an "M" rating, because as you can guess by the game's title, it's strip poker! It probably won't offer anything new in terms of gameplay, so we'd assume the only real reason you'd have to buy this would be for the ladies contained within! It costs only 500 Wii Points. We'll see if it lives up to Nintendo Life's standards when we review it later this week.

Virtual Console offers us another arcade classic, but it's not a certain game by Sega which you might've expected - Instead, it's the arcade version of Tecmo Bowl, which is already available for the NES. Aside from better graphics and sound, and the fact that the arcade cabinet actually featured two screens side by side, it doesn't really offer anything special compared to its console counterpart, but Tecmo has priced the game fairly - It costs 600 Wii Points, only 100 more. We'll review it soon.

Today's only new DSiWare offering is the final game (For now) in the Art Style series - Art Style: precipice, which was previously released in Europe as KUBOS and in Japan as nalaku. In this game, the objective is to move around on a small grid, dodging the giant cubes that fall onto it from above. You then climb onto these cubes and dodge more, trying to get as high as you can without being squashes. As you might expect, it's yet another winner in the series - we thought it was worthy of an 8 out of 10.

The first week in a while without 3 WiiWare games! At least the Virtual Console is not completely dead yet! More from today's press release:


Aug. 3, 2009

The onset of August means summer is winding down, but the downloadable action at the Wii™ Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop™ just keeps on heating up. Two new WiiWare™ offerings deliver futuristic robot foes and sultry poker opponents, respectively. On the Virtual Console™, there's great news for football fans as the arcade classic TECMO BOWL™ makes its way to the Wii system. And on Nintendo DSiWare™, you'll find a fresh addition to the eye-pleasing, mind-bending Art Style™ game series.


Publisher: Studio Zan Inc.
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) - Fantasy Violence
Price: 800 Wii Points™
Description: OVERTURN is a futuristic robot-versus-robot fighting game. Choose from eight different robots to pilot and master, using various close-range and long-range weapons to blast away enemies in six single-player tournaments. Unlock secret modes and up to 12 new weapons. Customize your robot's color and weapons to prepare for your next battle. Then take the action online to play in a two-player Versus battle or a four-player Battle Royale match. Search the world for Friends or other players who are online and ready for battle. Players with the optional Wii Balance Board™ can use it to control their robots by shifting their weight.

Sexy Poker™
Publisher: Gameloft
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: M (Mature) - Simulated Gambling, Suggestive Themes
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: Get your pulse racing with a game of strip poker against a selection of six lovely manga-style women who may wind up in nothing but swimsuits or underwear when the final hand is dealt. Choose the classic Texas Hold'em Poker to be thrilled as the bets increase, or try the Black Jack game for a mix of chance and strategy. Discover the girls' personalities: they'll bluff you! Enter the photo gallery to see the pictures you've unlocked by playing and winning. If you're good enough, Emi, Sakura and their seductive girlfriends will bet their clothes to stay in the game.

Virtual Console

Publisher: Tecmo
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 600 Wii Points
Description: Released in 1987, the football game that took America by storm is back. This arcade version required a custom-made dual-screen cabinet and was popular for its large characters and intense graphics. The game is filled with great action as players take control of receivers and running backs, quickly moving the controller to break a tackle. Play alone or with up to four players in a two-on-two match. Experience the best moments of both competitive and cooperative play, finding holes in your opponent's defense, then savor the thrill of receiving a pass thrown by your teammate. In addition, game options such as play time, team division and difficulty level can be adjusted.

Nintendo DSiWare

Art Style: precipice™
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) - Comic Mischief
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points™
Description: The sky is falling in the form of cubes in the action-oriented Art Style: precipice. Watch for the telltale shadow to avoid seeing your character get crushed by a falling cube while climbing the stacked cubes to ascend to the floors above. Push, pull or shove cubes to make your climb easier. Try to gain extra points by stepping on five cubes in a row on the same floor. In addition, you'll encounter special cubes that can either be helpful or harmful to your effort. Choose from either TEN FLOORS mode, which challenges you to reach the tenth floor while scoring as many points as possible, or TOWER mode, which gives you the chance to climb as high as you can. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top, or will you be crushed?


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User Comments (151)



Odnetnin said:

Actually a very decent update if you ask me. I'll be looking into "precipice" or whatever they're calling it now, and Overturn, probably.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yes, a new VCA game that's not been released anywhere else as of yet. I'm happy.

Go Overturn! I'll be posting impressions later. I wonder who will review Sexy Poker.

Cue SSB64 complainers..... now. (Or in 20 posts)



blackknight77 said:

Take that Japan we get an exclusive VCA title! Anyway while I really think Nintendo should do a makeup day for the VC, but it's hard to complain when we got Tecmo Bowl Arcade edition. Maybe next summer they will consider Super High Impact Football or Cyberball. I hope we get no less than 5 VC titles this month and I predict Smash Bros. will arrive on September 7th Labor day.



7th_lutz said:

Sexy Poker should be in the top 20 for the most downloaded wiiware game every week in North America like Pong Toss (aka Beer Pong) was.



Objection said:

Well VC is back (with another title I don't care about) so everything is back to normal.



Jolted85 said:

this is a male oriented update, with sexy poker being at 500 that'll be in the Wiiware top 20 in a few days, I guarentee it, also Tecmo Bowl arcade is awesome as well, last week I got Marvel vs Capcom 2 on 360, and this week, I'll get Sexy Poker _

Very good update



Link79 said:

OMG they actually released sexy poker in america? You have got to be kidding me. LOL. I didn't think Nintendo would allow that. I'm not much into card games but it might be neat to watch. Too bad the ladies don't get completely naked. I think I'll just get tales of monkey Island and skip this weeks games.



Buster13 said:

I've been interested in Overturn, but I'll be waiting for the review. Hoping for good things!

Also, If Sexy Poker breaks the top 20, I won't know wether to laugh or be dissapointed.



Metang said:

We got a VC game today, and it's an ARCADE game! And we finally got KUBOS... I mean, precipice!

I'm just glad that the whole "VC is dead" thing was wrong.

I'll have a look at Overturn, I'll definitely download Tecmo Bowl and precipice.



Objection said:

@KS8- If you consider my comment complaining, then you better grab your first aid kit. It'll start up soon, far worse.



TwilightV said:

@Tony: Actually, it's:

"Gridiron Action, Art Style Antics, Robot Battles And Seductive Bets"

^Words cannot describe how epic that sounds.



Metang said:

@KS8, Normally I'd complain about SSB, but I finally cracked and got the cart a few weeks ago.



Egg_miester said:

i heard about sexy poker but i thought it was a joke or hoped it was, but i am happy with overturn now i need 200 more points, and temco ball arcade copy thats great, to bad i am not a football fan



CBattles6 said:

What's up with that chick's forehead in the picture? More like Slightly Deformed Poker.



Metang said:

@Buster13, I'd probably laugh. There are a lot of pervs in the world today, you know.

@VGP: Yeah, Chicken should review it. That would make me LOL.



Kevin said:

Thank God the Virtual Console is back although I won't be getting the arcade version its nice to see they're not dropping the service. Well now anyway. We'll see.



Knux said:

We FINALLY get another VC game, that's good news! I could complain about SSB, but I'm just content that we are recieving ANY VC games altogether. I have never played the NES version of Tecmo Bowl, so I might buy the arcade version when I have the money. Sexy Poker however, steals the show. I MUST buy it!



Cheezy said:

I'm not all that impressed, but I'm not dissapointed. OK update if you ask me, which includes the FB function, I can say that we should be making progress.



Stuffgamer1 said:

So much for the theory that we'd get a highly anticipated VC game today, huh? And the theory that we'd get multiple ones. But while it isn't one I'm interested in, I'm still glad to see a release at all. Of course, it can't reasonably be denied that this week's WiiWare release is much weaker than the past couple weeks, so I suspect that really was a large influence on the lack of VC releases lately.

Not sure if I'll be getting anything from this release. Don't know much about Overturn (probably need to see a review before I consider it), definitely NOT getting Sexy Poker (barf), don't care about Tecmo Bowl as I already said, and don't have DSi points for the Art Style game. MAYBE I'll buy some more points and get this and one other Art Style with them. We'll see.



Knux said:

@E-160 Feraligatr-Nope, I really want to buy this game. It's only 500 Points, how can I go wrong?

@Stuffgamer1-Come on, Sexy Poker is one of the best WiiWare releases ever! It is NOT sickening! I might even review this game on my blog!



Philip_J_Reed said:

"I really hope Chicken Brutus Reviews Sexy Poker."

Wow, you hate me that much?

Actually there was a bit of a scuffle at NL Towers over this one; we all love poker, and we all love sexy, so we all wanted to review this one.

The scuffle ended with three broken noses, many broken bottles, one chipped tooth, and lucky ol' Gabbo walking away with review rights.

But don't worry...Sexy Poker 2 is mine all mine.



TwilightV said:

Give it to Brutus (or Corbie)! So requests the birthday :3

Edit: Gabbo! You must die! * Shoots lightning from fingers *



Token_Girl said:

Hooray! VC is back! I'm sort of surprised they released Sexy Poker here too. I wonder how they'll have people show they're 18 to download it.




I'm dissapointed just because we didnt get pop+ solo or flipnote studio because with my free points all im going to get is pop+ solo cuz i only have 600 points left



Knux said:

@Chicken Brutus-Aw, I really wanted you to review Sexy Poker. I didn't know there was such a fuss on who is going to review Sexy Poker.



Rapadash6 said:

I'm glad Virtual Console is back but that's the only good thing about todays update. Wow, what a stinker!




Good update for you guys. We'd better get at least Overturn this Friday!

Overturn is potentially good and Kubos/Precipice is excellent.

SOooooo, which one of you lucky lads is reviewing poker the eh!



Hardy83 said:

Lol, couldn't you just review the game multiple times? You know, like a different take kind of thing?



Rapadash6 said:

Well, I'm happy about that, yeah, but I just wish it was something I wanted. ^^' Maybe next week. Btw, where the heck is Cave Story?



Knux said:

Overturn actually looks intresting. I might wait on the review before I buy it.
Wow, we recieve ANOTHER Art Style game? How many Art Style games are we going to see on DSiWare?



The_Fox said:

Well, this should keep the people happy that were yelling "The sky is falling!' regarding the VC. Looks to be a decent, but not great week.



LinktotheFuture said:

Does anyone like the Arcade version of Tecmo Bowl better than the NES? I have never played the arcade version, but I love the NES version. Also, what teams are in the arcade version?



Gabbo said:

Although I've been silent about it on the forums, I've been heavily campaigning for the right to review this one since the day it was announced. Apparantly I dealt out just the right amount of bribes and broken noses to get it. Sorry Chicken Brutus!



astarisborn94 said:

Like I said, I'll be glad if we got ANYTHING for the Virtual Console, but we did! Now that is awesome. Good thing I have money, but I'll get a Wii Point Card later. Nintendo of America actually listen to us!

I wonder if they are preparing for an big Virtual Console celebration, due to our requests that we did a little while ago.

I need to get Overturn. Looks pretty good to me!

The DSi also receive a decent update.

Overall, I'm a happy camper and I will never complain about one-game week again.



Metang said:

@SSBFan1999: Check the link in pixelman's post.

People like Aquateen are perfect examples of spoiled asses who are just impossible to please.



JTC-Pingas said:

Wow this is suprising. We actually got a VC game. I won't be downloading Sexy Poker though. I'm not a fan of poker. As for Tecmo Bowl that was rather suprising. I'd never think we would get the arcade version of Tecmo Bowl. I'd like to see how different it is compared to the NES version. Overall pretty decent update.



wmdwf said:

Same old same old bull from NOA. No VC game that everybody wants or a VC game that only a few care about. Thanks Nintendo! A 3rd week without any real game for the VC. I don't consider a game that is already on the VC as a new VC release because guess what... it isn't! My wii will now sit and gather dust until you (NOA) get your act together. Unfortunately, NOA doesn't care about us gamers so my wii is now a useless paperweight until we get a real game for the VC like Earthbound, the SNES version of StarFox, Killer Instinct for the SNES or N64 version or SSB.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

@Machu How the hell would that work? XD

Well, Strip Poker is at least at a right price. Real question is, is it worth it?

Well done though for a new Arcade game Nintendo! Good to see Tecmo getting the ball rolling, now how about all those Namco games Japan has too?



MrDanger88 said:

Good update? Did you guys lower your standards even further overnight? A Robot game that won't get over a 5, a 500 piece of porn that you can find free on the internet, and the arcade version of a game already on the service. My god. Where the hell is Cave Story? I'm getting absolutely fed up with waitng for that game. It shouldn't take 14 months to make a DD game.



JayArr said:

VC: Nice to have you back.
DSiWare: My ART STYLE collection will finally be complete. Confused about the lower case letters though.
WiiWare: I'll wait for the reviews. Both look.. ah...promising.



Supermarioman said:

Techmo Bowl is a decent arcade game and we should be happy that Nintendo chose to support VC and its a VCA release! Also everybody complaining shut up about Smash Bros., Earthbound, Cave Stroy, and Star Fox. They might be here some day, but seriouslyif Nintendo just gave us everything at once they wouldn't be able to make sells because everyone got all the games they wanted an wouldn't want to try anything new. Also Killer Instinct is not owned by Nintendo, its owned by Rare.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Being too young for the golden age of arcades, I had no idea there was an arcade version of Tecmo Bowl. I do have the SNES version, however, so I'll pass.



Objection said:

@irken004- I'm with him in that CS has taken much longer than anticipated. I also agree that people are jumping around "YAY VC!" just because we got one. We already had a version of this on VC. See, Nintendo could look at this page and go "hmm, if we don't release anything then we have free rein to release lesser titles because people will just be glad that we gave them anything on VC." Really, this was a pretty mixed week, with 1 good DSi, 2 WW of questionable quality and a VC game we have on another system.



Bass_X0 said:

I think that redundancy will play a large part in the following weeks. The arcade versions of Golden Axe and Altered Beast should be coming soon as well as Super Smash Bros 64.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

We've already had problems with redundancy on the VC. They released every variant of Street Fighter II. When I was a kid, I always thought there was only one Street Fighter.



bboy2970 said:

Not that bad of an update. Maybe they listened to my concerns for the VC...........probably not



SSBFan_12 said:

Hey VC back!!! and we finally get art style: Kubos or Precipice as it is called out here.



blackknight77 said:

We may also see Galaga 88 which is the same as Galaga 90, but lets keep it a secret so everyone downloads it. Galaga 88/90 whatever you want to call it is a very good game.

Maybe Revenge of Shinobi and Impossible Mission will arrive this month to get the VC back on track.



bboy2970 said:

I'm I the only one who thinks all the art style name changes are a little rediculous? Does anyone even know how to pronounce "precipice"?



WolfLink22 said:

I will be happy if we just see the 1 VC Game per week let alone the 2 or 3 a week ever again the way Nintendo is treating USA and Europe.I don't like Techmo Bowl but i will get Mega Man 3 and Bubble Bobble to support the VC in sales so that Nintendo will see we want better games.



astarisborn94 said:

E-160 Feraligatr: And I thought I was difficult to please. But the last two weeks tought me a lesson I will never forget. I should be grateful we even have the service.



WolfRamHeart said:

Nothing for me in this week's releases so I decided to download The Three Muskateers and Star Parodier. I have to say that I am enjoying both of these games so I'm happy!



MrPoo6321 said:

I think it's kind of sexist and homophobic that Sexy Poker doesn't have the option to play strip poker with manga dudes instead of manga girls. Straight guys aren't the only ones who play video games! And don't tell me to just go play Cho Aniki because that game is ridiculous.



Bikeage said:

Releasing Pro Wrestling for the NES would have really complimented this testosterone laden update.... So next week will we get Twinkle Star Sprites and Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom?



Mike1 said:

I still wish Nintendo had given us SSB today. I'm on vacation this week and it would have been perfect. Overturn seems okay as does Tecmo Bowl, but who cares about a mature rated poker game. Do people seriously have no life that they get excited about this game. This is an example of shovelware pure and simple. If they want to make a poker game for WiiWare thats great, but don't put a stupid gimmick like strip poker in a game. It isn't needed.



Mike1 said:

@98. MrPoo6321
You're joking right? Why would Nintendo do that? If you don't like women stripping then don't buy the game. Don't you start calling Nintendo sexist and homophobic because that is crossing the line.



The_Fox said:

I think women and gay guys are probably too smart to buy a title like Sexy Poker. Although the only ones likley to buy it are in the 13-16 year old range to begin with.



thaneds said:

not to offend, but where is flipnote???? summer will end soon and we only have a few left before school... i want to own all at school... and prove the dsi is not completely worthless... Art Style games are cool, but only one dsi download this game is not cool nintendo when they promised us Flipnote Studio, alien havoc, and uno all summer... the last day they can is the 17th and thats when school starts in FALL!!! all in all, i do like that wii is getting strong. but nintendo has two weeks left... i better get flipnote studio next monday... jk, lol



Madara said:

Look, People are just being ignorant now.
We got a VC Game, Sure It's not the best, But NOA Atleast gave us this and said, "Hey, Y'know what? Take this, We'll be working on some other crap soon" It's a sign that VC isn't going down. It'll take time for good games to get released. I'd rather wait and Have a classic released 4 months from now than get crap games every week.



dizzy_boy said:

tecmo bowl on the VCA, unlucky for you guys in the U.S. you may aswell stike that up as another week you luck out on the VC.



StarDust4Ever said:

Time for me to charge some more Nintendo points, courtesy of Mr Debit. I've got 4 new Artstyle games for DSi I haven't downloaded yet (I'd might as well start collecting the whole series); still waiting for pOp+ Solo, as well as that new "Super Off Road Clone" that just got released across the pond. Let's see, I'll definitely be getting Chariot Racing for Wiiware, as well as one other slightly more risque Wiiware game (which I won't mention for fear of getting flamed), and much as I despise football simulators, I will be donating my 600 Wii points for Techno Bowl, to lend my support to Virtual Console.



Ricardo91 said:

Y'see? VC isn't dead people! The end of the world is not nigh!

Though I wish Tecmo released Bombjack or something instead. Y'know, a game we don't already have a superior version of. But oh well...

Will probably get Overturn, if I don't decide to spend my current 1000 on Darklord.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Overturn is an instant download for me. I bet it gets at least an 8. Finally, we get a fighting game for WiiWare. It's good enough just to have one, yet it appears to be a high quality game, and it even has online play. Now where's my WiiWare beat-'em-up game?
*Prays for TMNT in Time Reshelled to come to WiiWare.



Metang said:

@P. D4NG3R: Patience goes a long way in life, you know. Shut up and wait a little longer.

@Mr. Poo: O.O Words can't describe how stupid you sound. Women and gay dudes are too smart to buy a title like that anyway.



MrDanger88 said:

I have waited patiently up until this point. I even waited patiently after the May delay. Don't tell me how to live my life. Every week Wiiware games of questionable quality are released and you guys defend them to no end. Why? Why defend a these obvious cash-ins? Wiiware has looked simply terrible for a while now. God forbid I ask for games worth spending points on.



Slapshot said:

Today Miyamoto stated that HE sees limited future for digital downloads. G4 sent me that on my phone today. Whats this mean for WiiWare and DSiWare?



theblackdragon said:

Hate to break it to everyone chomping at the bit for Flipnote Studio, but the last day of summer this year (the season, you guys, not just the couple months between school ending and beginning) is between the 20th and the 23rd of September. We've got quite a few weeks ahead of us, and it could come out during any of them and Nintendo will not have gone back on their word, so relax.



Starwolf_UK said:

@slapshot82. It means Motion Plus (as in the physical peripheral) and Super Mairo Galaxy 2 won't be digitally distributed. I think it was a case of Miyamoto not understand the question as he said he prefered having an actual CD to an itunes download and that motion plus is an example of something that can't be beamed down the internet.

Still, is there a particular reason DLC isn't mentioned in the press releases or anywhere for that matter (I know the Square-Enix stuff is listed in the advance in the operations guide which if you check you'll find 3 new FFIV chapters and some My life as a Darklord stuff).

and it could come out during any of them and Nintendo will not have gone back on their word, so relax
I'm not so only have to glance at Nintendo of Europe promising all kinds of WiiWare for Q2 (which ended in June?) to see Nintendo isn't too great on promises. Then again Nintendo of Euorpe is exceptionally bad at such things...



theblackdragon said:

@Starwolf: (a) I'm not including Europe when I refer to the 'summer 09' date (Cammie said nothing about EU at E3, only NA, and oversight or not we won't know any different for sure until they make another announcement).
(b) I'm talking about Flipnote Studio in my comment, and nothing else. Sorry if you didn't get what you wanted when the webmasters said you'd get it, but last I checked there's still plenty of summer left for NoA to deliver on what they said at E3.



Kenny said:

well my thoughts
vc - great to see you back though a game is already out in a another form
i really think tony could be right about SSB those where my thoughts about its release also
wiiware - not so good imo
dsiware - well get some time but i HATE the stupid name anyway flipnote better come out soon school starts in less than 2 weeks



Slapshot said:

@theblackdragon..... I think Starwolf was talking in reference to the comment I posted from a statement from G4 today.
@StarWolf...... Good deal on the clarification cause that one really had me pretty irate. The stuff on DSiWare is good but there isn't enough good on there yet to warrant the purchase of the DSi when I already have 2 DS. Hopefully your right on that one.



IAmNotWill said:

@P Danger or whatever his name is: Okay seriously, Do you realize what your doing? Your complaining about a video game. Did you not see the CS update we got a month ago. They were going thru the game and getting ridding of tons of bugs. We should get the game this month or early next month. Just wait. Theres over 400 games on the Wii Shop channel. Play one of them in your spare time, and stop whining like a 5 year old. God.



Twilight_Crow said:

Mmm, so, after the two weeks of VC absence, not that many complainers about no SSB64 or 1 VC game a week, NOA knows what they're doing after all.

I'm glad there is nothing I want today, I won't be downloading anything for awhile anyway, I made a deal with my mother and, since it was my birthday, she accepted to complete, together with my savings, the money I needed for a new game, I finally picked up Klonoa (so Starfy will have to wait ), I love it, but now I'm totally out of money, so no wiipoints for me.



MrDanger88 said:

Once again, people defending this update are just pathetic. So glad the Xbox Live Arcade update isn't an embarrasment every week.



IAmNotWill said:

Embarrasment? The live arcade does not get 4-6 games each week. XBLA isn't any better. Your the pathetic one.



CanisWolfred said:

@P. D4NG3R

Yes, I too am thankful for XBLA's excellent updates. But still, you have too admit, it is nice to see a new VCA game, and the Arcade version of Tecmo Bowl at that.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@MetalMario: Look at the releases Japan has been getting and you can see why I'm still ticked off and very envious. There are 4 or 5 VCA titles over there that I consider to be definite buys if/when they come here.



Kenji510 said:

Finally we got KuBos i mean precipice... been on this game for awhile since i bought it on the DSi Shop and i like how the title voice sounds too, sounds cool hahah.. im lovin it and game is fun.



WolfLink22 said:

Here is a suggestion: Why don't we ignore the Microsoft Fanboy? Sure this may not have been the best VC Game update but at least for me i had some time to play VC Catchup and get Bubble Bobble and Mega Man 3 and you know what? Both Games play just as i remember them.Mega Man 3 is just as hard as i remember it.

While Bubble Bobble plays just as i remembered it on my Gameboy back in the day.I only spent 1,000 of my 8,000 Wii Points to get them so now i have 7,000 Wii Points left.The only VC Game that i have left that i have not picked up yet was Mario Kart 64 which i still have in Cart form.

Should i be mad about not getting SSB or Super Mario Kart no and that's because they will come and now i know i will have 7,000 unspent Wii Points for when one or both of those games come out this or next year.Like i just said i got 2 VC Games last night so that should be at least a small sale or 2 if any for Capcom and the maker of Bubble Bobble.

I'm going to wait a while before i re buy Mario Kart 64 to see if we get SSB or Super Mario Kart or even Nintendo World Cup.Either way i showed my VC Support for this week.



theblackdragon said:

@slapshot82: forgive me if I'm wrong, but i believe he directly quoted the end part of my prior comment to the thread at large -- and it could come out during any of them and Nintendo will not have gone back on their word, so relax... that's what I replied to.



Knux said:

@ P. D4NG3R-So you are a Microsoft fanboy? Get out of here! Nobody wants to listen to you!



Jockolantern said:

Rought update for me. Don't care a lick for a single title available for download. Oh well. Saves me $$ for at least a week. ^_~ Here's hoping we see NyxQuest, Contra ReBirth, Liight, Furry Legends, Super Meat Boy, Night Game, and Cave Story very, very soon.



Metang said:

@P. D4NG3R: As everyone else says, leave if you're an MSoft fanboy. I'll be thanking either you or the mods when you leave.

No one wants to listen to you.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I would so download Overload, but ____ Poker... ew. /dislikes female nudity/

However, I expect ____ Poker to have a permanent #1 spot.



The_Fox said:

Sad to see such open hostility to someone posting views you don't care for, especially the comments of:
post139. Super Smash Bros. Fan1999



CanisWolfred said:

Stop giving him attention! It's what he wants! You're only feeding his flame!O_O

Anywho, Sexy Poker actually seems kinda lame, so I think I'll stay away from that 'un.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I read IGN's review of Tecmo Bowl Arcade, and even though thegraphics are better and it plays in widescreen even on my non-widescreen TV (does it in letterbox mode), I think I would like the NES version better, as it appears that the Arcade version sucked all the fun out of the gameplay.

Overturn is outstanding! (At least for single player. I haven't tried online play yet.) It should get at least an 8 and quite likely at least a 9.



Ricardo91 said:

I bet P. DANGER wouldn't have nearly as many people chewing out his ass if he were talking about PSN...



MrPoo6321 said:

@everyone who seems to think my comment was either out of line or idiotic:

I think I was just venting my frustration as a gaymer that there is very very very little in the way of sex appeal for gay dudes in video games and it's all targeted towards straight guys most of the time. And yet another one pops up - even though if I were straight I would definitely avoid this game, and I'm not saying I would buy it if there actually were hot guys in it. It's just that every video game practically has the lead character paired up with a girl or going to the rescue the girl or something like that. I wanna see a badass video game where you play as a gay man trying to rescue his boyfriend or something. It might sound silly, but I do get a bit tired of always having to play the straight guy. Just sayin'.



crossmr said:

"I'm just glad that the whole "VC is dead" thing was wrong."

Until nintendo ups the output to 5 or 6 a week it might as well be.
This trickle ensures your favorite game you're waiting for only has snowballs chance in hell of ever seeing the light of day.

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