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Tue 14th Jul 2009

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Madara commented on More Nintendo Shenanigans Reveal Football Cont...:

@bro2dragons - I totally agree. Imaginary playing was the best part of childhood. Running outside playing soccer by yourself scoring goals. Screaming the commentary. Running outside to play football. Acting as the center, throwing the ball back, catching it, passing it across the field to no one, running and catching that, going for the touchdown. always a fun time.



Madara commented on Flipnote Petition Says "We Want Smash Bros. DS!":

@Golgo - Too bad they won't Release it in NA. >_> stupid americans and their not catching upto anime-ness.
SSBDS sounds good, but yeah as everyone said, Little jacob could have atleast tried to make some animations showcasing somethings that they'd like, I have an idea right now while typing. Maybe in that, the animation could show the "newcomer" sign and then draw a character that was really wanted into brawl, Like Geno or Megaman. >_> It'd be a start.



Madara commented on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wii Details, Scre...:

I've been waiting, but yeah, Unless you're blind, The screens look horrible.
Respectable, that they're even trying this, but the graphics were and are the most important aspect of COD Games. I can shoot at someone, but if I can't see who that is, Not the best idea.



Madara commented on Wii Sales Starting to Crash?:

The reason why Sales are down, because Satoru you silly pig, The world seems to be in a resection and millions (Mostly Americans) have been laid off and do not have money for luxuries like a Wii. Oh and it could also be because the only true hardcore games we have are MadWorld and COD 5.



Madara commented on Nintendo Download: Mechas, Sexy Poker, Footbal...:

Look, People are just being ignorant now.
We got a VC Game, Sure It's not the best, But NOA Atleast gave us this and said, "Hey, Y'know what? Take this, We'll be working on some other crap soon" It's a sign that VC isn't going down. It'll take time for good games to get released. I'd rather wait and Have a classic released 4 months from now than get crap games every week.



Madara commented on Ant Nation:

This game is actually pretty fun, But it just throws you in there, so you have to test around with the controls. Once you get those down, It's an amazing game.