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Sun 19th Jul 2009

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Bikeage commented on Nintendo Download: 28th January (North America):

We said goodbye to little Johnny today. He had been battling a rare degenerative condition, and for years the only thing which brought him joy was playing Virtual Console games on his 3DS. The drought of releases through 2015 and now have proven too be too much. When informed that Pokemon would likely be the last VC games put out, he had the following last words: "Ugh, what a crock..."



Bikeage commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (North America):

Sickly child: "Father, will Nintendo ever release anymore Virtual Console games for the 3DS?, I do love them so...'cough, cough'"

Concerned Parent " I don't know little one, I just don't know...." silently cries inside.



Bikeage commented on Star Parodier Removed From the Wii Virtual Con...:

Hate to see anything removed from the VC but for removing Star Parodier especially someone should publicly shame reps from Hudson and Nintendo at whatever video game event/convention/trade show they appear at. SHAME.



Bikeage commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

No more Bomberman Blast online? Can't think of any other Wiiware with an active online community now. Even Excitebike has been dead the last few times I tried to find other players. RIP Texas Hold 'Em, Cue Sports, Water Warfare... Heck the only reason I bought Super Street Fighter was the online play!



Bikeage commented on Review: Metal Slug 3 (Wii Virtual Console / Ne...:

I held off on Metal Slug Anthology because of the motion controls, but when I found it for too cheap to pass up realized that was a silly reason, nunchuk waggle controls are fine for MS, especially when VC MS games are $9 a pop.



Bikeage commented on Review: Pinocchio's Puzzle (WiiWare):

Want a jigsaw puzzle to play with the family? Go to a thrift store instead, every one I visit always has bunches for $1 or less. WiiWare could be so much better, don't support this dreck.



Bikeage commented on Round Table: Remembering the Nintendo 64:

When the N64 was new it was too kiddy for my lifestyle of PSX, loose women, and booze. I came around after experiencing four player Goldeneye, Mario Kart, and WCW/NWO Revenge, and the system has aged much better than the Playstation.



Bikeage commented on R-Type Being Removed from Virtual Console:

Noooooooooooo! Oh wait, i've got the original cart, and a Power Base Converter for my Genesis.... but R-Type is one of the few games that does not work with the PBC? Noooooooooooo!.... hold on, i've got a SMS around here somewhere, OK, all is good.



Bikeage commented on Review: DuckTales (NES):

I remember my buddy calling our nearby Target every day for a month asking if Ducktales had arrived yet... I don't think games necessarily had widespread concrete release dates back then, and a licensed game that was actually good was a HUGE deal.



Bikeage commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I bought a Virtual Boy and a few games at clearance prices back in 1997, I think I paid $40 for everything. Hada blast with it, but moved on. Between a new girlfriend, a new Playstation, and my roomates N64 the VB was quickly forgotten... and several years later I literally THREW IT ALL IN THE TRASH. I had younger relatives whom I thought of giving it to, but did not want to ruin anyone's eyesight, it said so right on the box! One of my biggest videogame related regrets, I probably could have sold it for a nice profit by now.



Bikeage commented on Feature: The Making of Unirally:

Nice feature, I always wondered why Uniracers was MIA on the VC. Glad I still have the cart. I've lost, tossed, traded, and sold most games I owned from that era, and my SNES has disappeared, but if I get another i've got the one game I need.



Bikeage commented on Ironclad Gets ESRB Rating, Shoots It:

Sweet. Maybe the US will see another Neo Geo release soon. Out of all the VC consoles its the least represented... some will say no it's the N64, but c'mon, you can pick one of those up cheap at any secondhand store or Ebay. For a system out of reach to many consumers, the lack of Neo Geo VC games is contrary to what I expected from the VC.



Bikeage commented on Nintendo Download: 8th February 2010 (North Am...:

Who ur u callin a cracka?
Seriously, any reasonably intelligent person would interpret the use of the word "cracker" in the context it was written as a synonym for "good", no matter what English speaking country you are from.



Bikeage commented on Review: Secret of Evermore (Super Nintendo):

There is a glitch in SoE, I don't remember the exact details but it involved using an item out of sequence near the end and the item being unavailable again, and I needed it to get to the next stage, on a rocketship I believe... I even called up Nintendo and they basically said "Yeah, your screwed." I still have the cart, one day if I get a cheap SNES maybe I will get my long overdue revenge upon this game.



Bikeage commented on Nintendo Download: Art, Beasts, Cars, Paddles ...:

Altered Beast Arcade had two strikes against it already... the Genesis version already out, and in numerous multiconsole collections, and it being the only VC game released this week. Just getting one game sucks, but that one game having already been released on another system is beyond lame. But strike three is the $10 price tag. I would expect that for Altered Beast ReBirth, not a twenty year old arcade title.



Bikeage commented on Review: Pilotwings (Virtual Console / Super Ni...:

Back in the day I played Pilotwings and F-Zero at a friend's house and HATED them. Flash forward 15 years and I give F-Zero another chance on the VC. Still no two player, ehhh..... but an awesome game I mistakenly overlooked. I think i'll feel the same way about Pilotwings. Hope it lands in NA soon.



Bikeage commented on What Neo Geo games do you want to see on the V...:

One more thing... I feel a bit ripped because I bought Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug via VC before I was aware of SNK Classics Vol. 1 available for Wii. I bought the disc off Ebay for $20, nearly the cost of those two games, which were on the comp! So if they do release any more Neo Geo VC games, buyer beware.... SNK classics 2 may be right around the corner!



Bikeage commented on What Neo Geo games do you want to see on the V...:

I don't know enough about the specific games to suggest any particular ones, so all of the above please! I would just like to see as many release as possible. I am far more likely to check out Neo-Geo games simply because the system is so unknown to me as opposed to the wide availability in their time of the other VC consoles. I knew a couple of guys BITD who had a TG16 or C64, but the only place I ever saw Neo-Geo was an arcade cabinet.