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Tue 16th Jun 2009

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Grumble commented on Review: Toki Tori 3D (3DS eShop):

Instant purchase for me since I own the Virtual Console version. Loved it then, and this is even better! Updated for the times and even better! Totally agree with the great review. Here's hoping a sequel is in the works! A+ Great value and a great game!



Grumble commented on Review: Fairune (3DS eShop):

This game is currently on sale for like $2 in the e-shop. Purchased it earlier today and haven't put the dang thing down.. Great little puzzler, with cute retro music and graphics. I can see that the original Zelda was a huge inspiration here. I would have to agree with the review, and maybe throw in an extra point because I love this. I heard it's a short game and while I'm already 3/4 the way through, for $2, you can't go wrong here.



Grumble commented on Feature: Our Nintendo Gaming Plans for Hallowe...:

Friday the 13th on NES is one of my favorite old skool games! (I agree with Joel Couture!) It's a wonderful game! The music, the frenetic pace, the slayed kids, the creepy cabins and screen views. I love it! I actually beat it once, it's possible, but very very difficult! Love it! Grab it if you can at a used game store or online, and play it. I hope Nintendo will release this on 3DS e-shop soon (doubtful though with licensing issues), it would be a wonderful game to play again but portable.



Grumble commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

Totally agree with the review, as sad as I am to say that. The demo felt like it was a cheap $5 dsiware game. When a Zelda game feels like that, it's not good! My score: 5/10. In my opinion, this is the WORST Zelda game in the entire franchise. It offers nothing new or exciting as all other Zelda games before it have.



Grumble commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

As a huge AC:NL fan, I actually love AC:HHD for what it is. It's not a re-hash of the same game as AC:NL was, obviously, and that's a good thing. Instead, this game is all about creativity and sharing your AC creations with others. If you don't like it, don't buy it. That being said, I love this game, I'm currently playing it like crazy and I would give it a 8/10. Good review, but I would actually rate it higher. Wouldn't give it a 10 just because you can't fish and you don't have your own home to live in and create. Other than that, it's great! So give it a play first if you can (rent it) before you buy, see if it's your cup of tea. Just because something isn't the same as what it was before is no reason to hate on it. As always, if you don't like it, don't get it. Ciao!



Grumble commented on QIX:

I want!!! In north America... ;(



Grumble commented on Robot Rescue:

Well, its coming today, and it's 200 points. I think it might be worth it, but we'll see...



Grumble commented on myNotebook:

Ok, Nintendo... release this app ASAP!


Pretty please with sprinkles?!



Grumble commented on myNotebook Features Video:

Wow, Thanks guys. Just goes to show everyone that this app I have been waiting for (for what seems like a year now lol) is going to be an awesome value at 200 pts. Release it already, Nintendo of America!!



Grumble commented on Review: Electroplankton Rec-Rec (DSiWare):

Zezhyrule... Get the cartridge, much more satisfying than these overpriced smaller doses... I'm not saying I don't like Electroplankton, they are just charging way too much for these. I gave Rec-Rec (this version) a 5/10.



Grumble commented on Review: Sparkle Snapshots (DSiWare):

I like this program much better than MySims Camera, actually, its just a shame its so... uhm... girly. And not just a little, I mean, unnecessarily so... They could have made it geared towards EVERYONE with just a little more touch of class and professionalism. Anyway, both apps basically suck eggs, so save your money.



Grumble commented on Sudoku:

Actually, this version pales in comparison to Sudoku Master and Sudoku Student, which have better number entry tools and highlighting. This version by EA is polished and cool looking, but not as good as the other Sudoku games out there. I give it a 6/10.



Grumble commented on Rayman Getting A DSiWare Game:

Rayman sux... I want more classic games like perhaps a re-release of the original GameBoy Donkey Kong (94)?? Much better IMHO than Rayman.



Grumble commented on Japan to Receive Widescreen DSi:

Nintendo... stop planning stuff and put more $$$$ into providing quality games, services and downloadable content for your already available and successful systems!!



Grumble commented on PictureBook Games: The Royal Bluff:

Wow. Incredible game, guys!! Download it now (if you like puzzles, strategy board games, etc.) Basically, if you liked ClubHouse Games as much as I do (I gave that one a 10) you should totally get this. $5 is just the right price for this game. It features a classic board game played with game discs and 2 colors are randomly chosen for each player (2-4) and you can fake out your opponent as they try to guess your color... every turn all players make they have the opportunity to guess one of their opponents 2 colors they are playing with. If you guess correctly, you gain points that help you win the game, if you guess incorrectly, you lose points and the opponent gains. Also on each turn you play "cards" that add or subtract from the disc rows that have been played in each hand. Great game! I love the gameplay, the cute (if not strange) cuddly vintage animal graphics, I love the old fashioned iconography and sound. Overall, this is a great game and I give it 10/10 for Puzzle fans. I really can't find anything wrong with this one. Replay value is high since its like a board game (like Dragon Quest wars in that respect.) Perhaps DSiWare has finally found its niche. The Royal Bluff features different modes of play including Tournament/Wireless play, and at $5 (500 U.S. points) it's a steal!



Grumble commented on Nintendo Download: Zombies, Ghosts, Monkeys, A...:

The Royal Bluff is actually an awesome puzzler/board game/strategy game. I give it 10/10. Sudoku (EA) is a rehash of similar stuff, and while better than Brain Age Sudoku, it doesn't quite measure up to Sudoku Master and Student. Gave that a 7/10.



Grumble commented on Brand New Flipper Screenshots and Artwork:

Those screenshots do nothing for the game (unless that's all there is to the game) would like to see and hear more about this title before throwing in the towel or praising it. thx.



Grumble commented on Top 20 DSiWare Games in USA (23rd Oct):

mysims cam... still bewildered why thats #3!! i think it just goes to show that there are lots of kids who are using dsi's right now.... glad to see Pinball Pulse up there at #4!! It truly deserves it! A GREAT GAME! Whereas Sims Cam should be off this list.. lol.



Grumble commented on Review: Hard-Hat Domo (DSiWare):

No, I think it deserves a 5 at least, or a 5.395513861062. What are we comparing these against, anyway? Master of Illusion Express??? Come on people. 200 point games have always pretty much sucked, so these are a welcome addition to me.



Grumble commented on Review: Rock-n-Roll Domo (DSiWare):

Ahh, Rock N Roll Domo, how much do I love thee? Well, at least $2 worth!! This game is my 2nd favorite in the DOMO series, the first being Pro-Putt Domo. Pick both of these up. Great little time waster for $2 and the songs are actually kinda cute and memorable.