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Nintendo Download: Cores, Bubbles, Chariots, Sports, Numbers and Cars (US)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Three more WiiWare games, including the 100th WiiWare release!

Today sees the release of yet another 3 WiiWare games! They're accompanied by two new DSiWare games and one Virtual Console game.

Bit.Trip: Core is the second game in Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip series and officially the 100th WiiWare game. The big difference between it and Bit.Trip: Beat is that the beats you're bouncing won't be coming from just one direction - This time they'll be coming from four different directions, and you've got to shoot lasers up, down, left and right to destroy them! Gaijin Games were kind enough to do an interview with us a while ago, read it for some more info about the game!

Bust-A-Move Plus! is Taito's third Bubble Bobble series remake for WiiWare. As you can easily guess, it's based on Bust-A-Move, the popular puzzle game in the series. The basic gameplay's still the same - You control a machine which shoots bubbles towards more bubbles on the ceiling. Make a chain of 3 or more with the same colour and they'll pop. What might irk some people is that unlike Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, Bust-A-Move is not almost exclusively based on the first game - It takes some elements from later ones as well. Read our review to find out what these are. It should also be noted that like Bubble Bobble, the game costs 600 Wii Points in North America instead of 800!

Heracles: Chariot Racing is Neko Entertainment's third WiiWare game, and also the third to be a port of a PlayStation 2 game. In this game, you play as Heracles and various other mythical Greek characters as you race around Greece in your chariots, grabbing items and trying to hinder your opponents as much as possible. Whatever happens, it's almost bound to be better than SPOGs Racing!

DSiWare finally sees the release of the Art Style game Europe has had since the DSi was released - Art Style: BASE 10 is the North American title for CODE. In this game, your objective is to combine numbers from 1 to 9 and get them to add up to 10 in order to make them disappear. Sounds boring, but it's actually quite addictive and it easily measures up to the other Art Style games. Our review will tell you what we thought of it.

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing is another one of Gameloft's iPhone games to be ported to DSiWare. Like Real Soccer, it looks great for a DSiWare game, with its full 3D graphics. It's also the first racing game on DSiWare, and rest assured, it's a good one as well! Read our review to see why any racing game fan will love this.

The Virtual Console gets another long-overdue Commodore 64 game this week. California Games is another game in the "Games" series, and consists of sports which are common sights around California, like surfing and skating. It's usually regarded as one of the best games in the series, because the events are fun and simple to learn. Our review will tell you why this should be the "Games" game to pick up if you only get one!

6 games, but anticipated titles like Icarian and Super Smash Bros. are still nowhere to be seen. Keep hoping! More from Nintendo's press release:


July 6, 2009

Another year of American independence isn't the only thing we're celebrating this week. With new releases, including the hotly anticipated game BIT.TRIP CORE, Nintendo crosses the 100-game mark in its ever-growing WiiWare™ game library, a milestone that ought to keep fans ooh-ing and ahh-ing long after the Fourth of July. Other WiiWare offerings this week will have players bursting bubbles and racing in chariots, whether solo or with friends. Nintendo DSiWare™ welcomes a new Art Style™ title and a unique auto racing game, while a classic Commodore 64 title will have Virtual Console™ users tearing it up California style.


Publisher: Aksys Games
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 600 Wii Points™
Description: BIT.TRIP CORE continues the BIT.TRIP saga in this retro-arcade-style game. BIT.TRIP CORE adds up to an exciting action/rhythm game that's best played while zoning out on the tunes and letting the visuals swallow you whole. The experience is inspired by games from the '80s, but with a modern twist. The game play is entirely new to the series, leaving the single-axis controls of BIT.TRIP BEAT behind in favor of the ability to control two axes. If the difficulty gets you down, grab a friend and play cooperatively with two-player multiplayer. Make it to the end and you'll have journeyed one step further to completing your BIT.TRIP.

Publisher: TAITO
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 600 Wii Points
Description: BUST-A-MOVE Plus! is a simple but hugely addictive puzzle game in which you must try to burst a multi-colored mass of bubbles with your very own bubble launcher. Every time you make a group of three or more bubbles of the same color, they pop. There are two game modes available: 1P Puzzle (players tackle the game's 135 stages in pursuit of a new high score or best time) and Battle (players take on friends or computer-controlled opponents). If that doesn't satisfy your passion for popping, there are a total of 270 extra stages waiting for you in the two add-on-content packs, available for purchase on the Wii™ Shop Channel. BUST-A-MOVE Plus! is simple to get into and deep enough to keep you coming back for more.

Heracles Chariot Racing
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Comic Mischief
Price: 800 Wii Points
Description: The famous Heracles has taken on a challenge like none he has ever faced. Our hero will have to beat his opponents in a race across mythological kingdoms and be the first to reach the top of Mount Olympus. You can play as Heracles and help him return the sacred trophy, or play as one of the other varied mythological characters from Satyr to Poseidon and claim the prize for yourself. Race through three racing cups across 10 courses set in five mythic landscapes. Use awesome fantasy weaponry to defeat your opponents: tridents, fireballs, Zeus's lightning rods and more. Get your friends together for intense two-to-four-player split-screen multiplayer action in Championship, Single Race or Battle mode.

Virtual Console

California Games
Original platform: Commodore 64
Publisher: Commodore Gaming
Players: 1-5
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: Welcome to California, home of the most radical sports in the world. You're about to hit the beaches, parks and streets of the Golden State to go for trophies in everything from surfing to bike racing. California Games gives you the hottest sports and the most aggro competition. You even have to pick your own sponsor. So pull on those kneepads – you're about to get into the most fun you've had since Mom hid your skateboard. California Games is going to take you from surf to the turf, from the pipe to the parks.

Nintendo DSiWare

Art Style: BASE 10™
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Nintendo DSi Points™
Description: Art Style: BASE 10 is a game of numbers. Your goal is simple: create combinations equaling 10 by sliding numbers around the playing field. Move them horizontally or vertically, but be careful not to create an unusable non-number in the process. Choose from one of three modes: eliminate a set amount of numbers as quickly as possible in ZEROSUM MODE; get rid of prearranged groups of numbers in as few moves as possible in PUZZLE MODE; or continue removing numbers until your game is over in INFINITE MODE. In addition, you can challenge an opponent to a two-player wireless battle in VS MODE and see whose number-crunching skills reign supreme. If you think you're a master with numbers, the straightforward yet challenging world of Art Style: BASE 10 gives you the opportunity to prove it in a unique way.

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
Publisher: Gameloft
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) – Mild Violence
Price: 800 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: For the racing elite, the world is their racetrack. Choose among 28 dream cars and motorcycles from the world's most prestigious manufacturers. Then race your way through eight of the most renowned cities, fully rendered in 3-D. Control your speed machine with either standard or touch-screen controls for precision driving. Photos taken with the Nintendo DSi™ Camera can be used as your personal icon or can appear throughout the various environments, including the garage where you can customize and tune your vehicles. From New York to Shanghai, Paris to Dubai, you'll weave a course through busy streets in six kinds of races plus four-player Multiplayer mode. Avoid police, demolish competitors and pass the leader to win. You'll need to floor it at every straightaway and push every drift to the limit to stay one step ahead and become the ultimate VIP of urban racing.


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User Comments (132)



blackknight77 said:

I glad to see California Games is finally out. I loved playing that on the NES and Genesis. I am sure this version rocks too. Gnarly! Tubular!
Art Style Base 10 has to bee the coolest name for an Art Style name I have ever heard. Anyway a good week of downloads. Good job Nintendo! Now bring us Altered Beast.



NuevoVida said:

At last we finally get something worth spending our points for in the DSiShop since the release of MvD: Mini's March Again.

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing is a must own for all those Need For Speed fans.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Nice to see Asphalt finally hit. California Games is a nice surprise also. I'm considering it. But Bust-a-Move Plus and Bit.Trip CORE are musts for me. Let's see if Bit Boy!! and Impossible Mission come next week... It's great to see DECODE finally release here even if I don't have a DSi. I was right in predicting that we'd get #101 today too.

Anyone gonna try Heracles?

@Tony: Where'd you see Altered Beast?



WarioFan63 said:

3rd month in a row where a C64 game is part of the first update for that month. Coincedence or Pattern?



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Ooh, nice observation WarioFan. Let's hope it sticks! If only VCA games (and N64) would be as semi-regular.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Oh wow, this is an excellent update. It's not often that I have two WiiWare games fighting for my points.

Well, three, if you count Bit Boy...



Kevin said:

Its like they only release the great games for the VC every other month now. We need multiple VC weeks back. This sucks! I want my Final Fantasy not a sports game.



PopeReal said:

My first DSi ware game! (Asphalt).... glad I saved my points that came with it...



warioswoods said:

Yay, more Art Style. Keep 'em coming.

I'll probably try this Asphalt thing as well, though I'm slightly skeptical.



JayArr said:

Interesting observation wariofan63.

Am I the the only one that thinks despite a good review the ART STYLE: BASE 10 looks boring and horrible?

I own all the previously released ones and can't get enough of them but this just looks blah to me.



Rapadash6 said:

Not a bad update by any stretch but it still boggles my mind why Nintendo is so adament about holding onto Smash Bros. in North America... I mean wouldn't they WANT to get those massive sales numbers ASAP? Oh well, maybe next week. Sigh.



Egg_miester said:

wow depressing week 4 wii games nothing nothing great, why does nintendo of america think we want c64 games i loved california games on nintendo



Knux said:

Excellent update,but I'm very dissapointed to not see Super Smash Bros. on VC this Monday.



Machu said:

You lucky guys, that's a brilliant update! Should be no complaints this week eh(lol).
(US+CORE) = (Machu+Envy)



bboy2970 said:

Wow! What a great update. i'll be getting Base 10, Asphault, and Core. Not every monday i get 3 new games!

@JayArr: I wouldnt worry about it. Out of the 6 DSi Art Style games, Base 10 is my second favorite only behind the excelent PiCTOBiTS. It has a super creative concept and can be really challenging.



The_Fox said:

The VC update is worthless but most everything else looks interesting. Not too bad overall.



shinigami_tidus said:

Bust a Move for only 600points? That's not fair...
Congratulations for 100 WiiWare Games including the new bit.Trip Game!



irken004 said:

not a bad update, but with 0 DSi points and only 1100 Wiiware points, i'll save them for Cave Story, or Super Meat Boy



Pastry said:

Aww man!!! I thought that the "Bubbles" in the title were referring to Pop Plus.



Twilight_Crow said:

Good week, I hope NOA keeps the 3 wiiware schedule for a while. I finally got some money, and I was going to buy CORE and some other catch up stuff, but a friend made me a good proposal to use it, instead of wiipoints and I'm considering it, Oh well.
I'd like Heracles to be good, lets wait for the review.

Would you let me know your thoughts on Bust-a-move+?, please.



Nintendo64Dude said:

Another rather upsetting VC Update!
That's it Nintendo! I QUIT!
All I want is Super Smash Bros.!



Rum_Rapture said:

@Aquateen510: Are you serious? Haha.

So Taito are all, we'll give Europe Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Bobble first, but at a higher price. Sake! But I suppose Konami did it to the US with Gradius... Really, I think they should just release games at the same price point everywhere...



DaVeMaN99 said:

Ouch. Asphalt 4 on iphone is only 1$.... Oh well im getting core and maybs burst a bubble



Mike1 said:

Well the WiiWare releases look decent, but the VC game looks pretty average as usual. I must say that it is pretty stupid that Nintendo has to make such a big deal about the 100th WiiWare game. I mean, who cares! Will the 100th game get anymore downloads because it is the 100th game? Or will Majora's Mask get anymore downloads just because it is the 300th VC game? No of course not.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Twilight Crow: Will do! I'll come back and list my opinions on both that and Bit.Trip Beat tonight.

Aquateen's impatience never ceases to amaze.. err.. annoy me. Like I said before, it's pretty clear they're saving it for something... And if WarioFan is right with this C64 game pattern, then maybe they didn't wanna disrupt it just for SSB64 in which case it could see release next week but I wouldn't hold my breath.

@DaveMan99: AFAIK, that's only temporary. Normally it's higher. I think maybe $4.99 or $7.99. I don't remember. I looked it up a while back.



MoFaJo said:

I think I'll get aphalt too bad theres no Wi-Fi. If you don't have any wii points you could go to The OFFICIAL Nintendolife Conduit Clan forum and sign up so you can participate in a tournament this Friday to win any Wiiware/VC game of your chose. But I'm just saying.



Darknyht said:

California Games brings back some good memories on the C-64. I just wish they would have released both of the Summer Games and allowed them to link up like they did on the C-64. There was nothing like doing a full Olympic spread while swapping floppies on Drive 8.

World Games and Winter Games need to find their way onto the Virtual Console too. Heck, the Jumpman series and Space Taxi need to make an appearance too.



TwilightV said:

@#29: Tales Of Monkey Island is released tomorrow on PC, with the WiiWare release to follow soon after.



SSBFan_12 said:

This week is better than most weeks, but it is still not that good sure wii got bit trip core, and DSiware is the best out of all of them, but where is nyxquest and SSB. I know somebody will say "dude dont get your hopes high for SSB coming next week" or why are you still talking about it we wont get it for a long time." Well first of all my name is "SSBFan," second I dont have SSB for the N64 if I did then I would be playing it every day with Melee and Brawl, third I am tired of nintendo doing this stupid 300th or 250th stuff. Nintindo of Japan doesn't do that and I am not completely sure if Europe does it either. So just bring it out now!!!



Knux said:

Now here are my thoughts:
Bit Trip Core:HECK,YES!! I will download this when I get home.

Bust-A-Move Plus:I will download this,plus we Americans are able to purchase this game cheaper.

Hercales:Chariot Racing:Ugh,more shovelware.

California Games:
Cool,another C64 game! I think I will download this game.



IAmNotWill said:

Really Glad to see Core and Bust-a-move this week. Heracles was a suprise, and I like what I saw on the nintendo channel video, so Im hoping it will turn out good. My predictions were correct and we got another C64 game, Which is a plus. Wish they would Release 2 VC games a week though. On the DSi side Im glad they released Asphualt 4. I'l download that when I get the cash.

They are obviously saving SSB for something. Could it be linked to the Prof. Layton and twitter thing?



WarioFan63 said:

Their not saving SSB for 350. Thats silly. If anything they just wanted to space out the releases of Majora's Mask and SSB.



totallyNECTAR said:

To anyone that has Bust-a-Move:

Are the controls motion? Or can you use the d-pad/analog sticks to control your aiming?



Stuffgamer1 said:

I'll just add myself to the "jaded" list and say I don't think much of this update. I'd care much more about Bit.Trip CORE if BEAT hadn't been so dang hard (never did finish level 2), I've never cared about the Bust-a-Move series (and won't start now without a demo), Hercules is generally considered shovelware, and I don't give a crap about this California Games nonsense. Base 10 COULD be good, but the very concept sounds stupid to me, and I couldn't care less about a racing game like Asphalt.

I suppose I really shouldn't complain TOO much since the majority seem quite happy with this week's release. It's just frustrating that they haven't released anything I wanted since After Years, especially with VC where they have a number of great games just waiting and waiting but never releasing.

Sigh Back to my regularly scheduled gaming, I guess, as my Nintendo Points continue to gather virtual dust.



Token_Girl said:

Maybe they are holding off on SSB b/c they don't want it to break up sales from the multiple WW releases.



theblackdragon said:

aargh, i need to finish SMT: Devil Survivor before I get BT:C or Base10... man, i went from no game to play to too many games to play/finish playing pretty quick for some reason D:



Ricardo91 said:

@Aquateen & SuperSonic1990. Personally I'd rather have a C64 game and some awesome original games as opposed to an outdated entry in an established series, but that's just me.

@Wariofan. Indeed an interesting observation! I never caught that! If that is the pattern, I might not have to wait forever for Pradroid and Impossible Mission after all!

I'll skip California games, and am still not quite sure if I should get BAM+. It sounded kinda limited in the shop description. Guess I'll wait for a review. And Bit. Trip Core is definitely on the list for sure. Now I just hope we get Cave Story next week.

Anybody played Core yet? If so, do they have any suggestions as to which Bit. Trip I should get first?



KDR_11k said:

Why does Taito make everything cheaper in the US? First Bubble Bobble Plus, now Puzzle Bobble Plus, both 200 points less in the US and US points are already worth way less than PAL points.



Slapshot said:

Finally getting a good racing game on DS....(well I havent picked up TrackMania yet cause I cant find the freaking game anywhere). Bout to download now. Cant wait.



SSBFan_12 said:

SSB should have came out if they wanted to space it out like Europe cause I did the math and it my answers pointed to either today or next week.



blackknight77 said:

Don't worry Smash Bros. will arrive soon enough. Anytime a game hits the Japan and Europe VC means it sure to land on the NA VC.



TwilightV said:

I just got Core. I think... it may actually be harder than... yet also more fun than Beat!



postmanX3 said:

Yes... yes... YYYEEESSS! We finally get Art Style: Decode.

I'm going to go cry tears of joy, followed soon thereafter by raging about the absence of Cave Story. Whatever happened to "mid March to early June"?



TwilightV said:

@ postmanX3: Would you rather have Cave Story perfectly playable, or full of bugs? Patience, it's almost ready.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

How do you know anything about these WiiWare games when they haven't even been released before?

Anyway, I'd rather buy a compilation of games for the Wii (e.g. Mario Party) than waste space on my menu with all these silly little games.

Commodore coupons for dinner again? When are we going to get some real games?



SilentJ said:

Just played some Core. Beat was ok but Core is a lot more fun imo. Also got Bust-A-Move Plus! I was hoping for Icarian since I'm in the mood for some platforming but I'll suppose I'll try out Adventure Island : The Beginning.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Not too impressed with Core so far. It's still good, but...I think I'll probably be sticking with Beat for my Bit.Trip needs.



WolfRamHeart said:

Yes, Bit. Trip Core is finally here!!! That is really the only game that interests me in this week's update. I like the three WiiWare games a week trend, hopefully it continues! I just hope that we get Pulseman on VC soon because I'm really excited about that game!




I think my brain started to bleed from my ears after playing Bit.Trip: Core. It's a great sequel so far.



Miyabi273 said:

This an amazing update. It's the best one in a long while and yet people are still complaining about the overly outdated SSB64... Anyway there are some amazing games I will need to get some points.



Ricardo91 said:

Guess I'll settle for beat then. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone (even though you probably weren't responding to my post at all).



Knux said:

But Bit. Trip Core has traditional controls! When I download this game when I get home,I will prove how awesome this game is! In fact,I'm going to start mine own reviews soon!



DarkLloyd said:

think i will get asphalt 4 for my first dsiware title it looks pretty good i thought it was gonna be some kind of well cheesy game or something



ejamer said:

For what it's worth, I think SSB64 is still my favorite from the series...

That said, pretty awesome set of releases this week. Puzzle Bobble is a favorite for my wife and might get downloaded, while I'm looking forward to giving Bit.Trip Core a shot after loving Bit.Trip Beat.



Jave said:

Bust-A-Move Plus is addictive just as its predecessors. If you like puzzle games, this is a must.



Ricardo91 said:

"it started the SSB series."

That doesn't mean it doesn't suck by today's standards!



WolfLink22 said:

I am still happy to have Clay Fighter right now.So no reason for me to make another comment until at least July 25th or August 25th.But if we get SSB or Super Mario Kart this year then i will make a comment about them or if we get Nintendo World Cup or something.



totallyNECTAR said:

Thanks! I was hoping someone would answer my question ;d

I'll prob end up picking up Bust a Move and CORE today, although I'll only have enough points to purchase 1 expansion pack. I'll be left with a stupid 100 points which will be useless D; Unless someone would be kind enough to gift me either CORE or Bust-a-Move and I'll gift them a 500 point game in return! Lol. I dont' want to pay 10 dollars to get freakin 100 points...if not oh well ;d



Philip_J_Reed said:

Spent more time with Core since my last post, and I'll admit it's growing on me. If anyone was going to choose between this and Beat, I'd definitely recommend Beat, but Core isn't such a bad followup after all.



WolfRamHeart said:

SquareEnix also added 3 more episodes of DLC for Final Fantasy IV: The After Year today at 300 points a piece. These are tales for Yang, Edge and Palom. Has anyone downloaded any of these yet?



totallyNECTAR said:

Btw, the description for this game says 1-2 players for Bit.Trip CORE. Is this multiplayer and has anyone tried it?



Adam said:

It is multi-player. The developers jokingly refer to it as "Easy Mode." I haven't tried it, but I have seen it in action in one of the trailers on Nintendo Channel.



BrazCanaMan said:

Dammit! i just have to be travelling now... I shudder to think about how many points I'll end up spending when I get back to my Wii in august, so far 1200pts for BBP and BT:C. I'm going to wait on the review of that chariot racing game, I'm not going to label it as shovelware yet. Another thing: Please Nintendo, RELEASE SSB64 JUST SO THESE WHINY B%TCHES CAN SHUT THE F UP ABOUT A GAME THAT IS SO OUTDATED IT'S NOT EVEN FUN ANYMORE. Seriously, every monday:

"WAHHH WAHHHH no SSB64, WAHH WAHHH! Even though this update has good games, I'm going to annoy everybody and focus on how SSB64 isn't out yet! WAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

But of course, that's just my opinion.



HEMIII said:

@ all the people that want SSB, screw SSB give me Killer Instinct Gold.

I can't wait to check these games out, Core will be a insta download.



RurouniTeeter said:

Again, more people whining about Super freakin' Smash Brothers...
Next people will whine about Super Mario Kart...
Then people will just keep whining and whining and whining... The greedy cycle never ends. Seriously people... Face palms for all of you wanting Super Smash Brothers so badly... And talking about as if it's the end of the world without it... Sigh. Seriously, you got nothing else you want to buy or try or even play still & beat the game?

About the update; Awesomeness. I might download the racing game for DSi... But, I dunno...



Darknyht said:

@Stuffgamer1 some of it is probably nostalgia, but there was something special about California Games. I am fairly sure it was the first if not one of the first games to have skateboarding, BMX biking, and surfing done in a way that was fun. For those of us that played first in 1987 on a Commodore it is as much a classic as Super Smash Bros 64 is for those dying to see it on Virtual Console.



JayArr said:

Got all the FF:TAY chapters and... BASE 10.

Sorry I doubted you ART STYLE. Apparently you can do no wrong on the DSi.

Awesomely addictive.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Anyone get Heracles, out of curiousity? I'll be coming back with more thoughts on CORE later on tonight.



Kevin said:

Killer Instinct Gold is Rare. Hope it comes out on xbox live or something. We're not getting any Rare games unfortunately.



motang said:

Asphalt 4 came out...too bad I can't get it till I get paid, thankfully that's not too far off!



y2josh said:

Poor VC, it looks to be getting left in the dust. It's really the only weekly download I care about and almost weekly I am let down.



jbrodack said:

I'm tired of people complaining about no SSB. If you want the game so bad buy a n64 and the game. Otherwise be happy for actual new releases. bit.trip and bust a move make this a great weeek



Stuffgamer1 said:

Tony wrote:

Anytime a game hits the Japan and Europe VC means it sure to land on the NA VC.

Not necessarily. Have you forgotten about Super Mario's Picross and Devil's World? Not to say your point as it relates to SSB64 is wrong. I just hate the way your generalization ignores the two VC games Europe has and North America doesn't that I want.

@Darknyht: You're right, of course. Doesn't mean I want the game, though. Personally, I'd be just fine if C64 wasn't on VC at all. But since it is, I wish they'd at least pick up the pace with the releases or release more stuff I want once in a while. Hasn't been a VC game I wanted since Majora.

I hate the way Nintendo is acting like lots of WiiWare makes crappy VC support (in general) okay! Worse, there are a number of people around here posting in agreement with that viewpoint. Fact: Some of us simply prefer VC (provided the games are gasp GOOD) to WiiWare, and do NOT appreciate how we're being treated.



y2josh said:

I agree with stuffgamer1.

I could care less about SSB64, so I'm not complaining about not getting one game in particular, but you can't tell me they think by releasing 1 C64 game they think they are doing good on the VC side.



Kenji510 said:

Now this is what im talkin about... we finally got Artstyle D-CODE, but its now called Base 10, its a cool name for it and im happy... bout to download that game with the other games that i wanna try out like Bit Trip Core and Bust A Move Plus as well.



JTC-Pingas said:

Would it kill Nintendo to release 2 VC games per Monday? Ugh I can't take this anymore. TOOO SLOOW with the release rate!



Mike1 said:

@99. RurouniTeeter
Well, I want SSB badly, I said the WiiWare games look good and I didn't complain about no SSB. Does that make me greedy because I like SSB and want to play it again?



crossmr said:

1 virtual console.. you know nintendo is basically begging people to use emulators. There are tons of games people are still waiting for and the only way they could be releasing VC games any slower would be if they stopped and then went to your house while you were sleeping and deleted the ones you already have.

There is no other way to explain it than pure disinterest and care for the customer.



Viewtiful said:

What happened to the Neo Geo games anyway? Ive been waiting for ages for new stuff for it. There are still some great games for it missing from the VC library like 'Viewpoint' 'Aero Fighters 2&3' 'Blazing Star' 'Last Resort' 'Prehistoric Isle 2' 'Pulstar' 'Shock Troopers 1&2' 'Strikers 1945+' 'Twinkle Star Sprites'
I would buy those games in a heartbeat if they were released.



longtimegamer said:

@Viewtiful- why bother? They charge 900pts for the titles they put out so far, then put out a compilation, that you can now get for about 20 dollars new, I believe. There should be another coming out too since the first was Volume 1.



Bass_X0 said:

There's still plenty of titles they have yet to put on a compilation though.

And I'd rather play King of Fighters '94 on Virtual Console than play the same game on the KoF complilation which I also own. The compilation is such a crappy port of the games that the phrase "you get what you pay for" is certainly true here. I'll continue to download further KoF games on VC.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

@114: They're not being disrespectful. They're just pressured for a new VC game each week. Most of these games are quickies, so to speak. They're easy to get the rights for, so they can release these while they negotiate with the big boys for the major games, which can take months.



RurouniTeeter said:

I know you didn't, but thanks for sharing you didn't. Did I say anything about Mike? AKA You? Nope, I don't think I did.
...Do you not get what I meant by what I said was greedy?... I'm stating people are just going to want more & more & more & more...

Doesn't hurt to try. Well okay maybe it hurts ones pride a bit. XD



Mike1 said:

@122. RurouniTeeter
I know, but since you and me got into it a few weeks back about SSB, I just wanted to make sure you didn't lump me into that group. Thanks. SSB will come, I know it. I just hope it isn't game #350.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

@121: Good point. While I've only downloaded games I never had, the only nitpick anyone should have generally is the lack of vibration on N64 games. The Legend of Zelda has its intro redone without the typos, but that's all right with me. What bothers me is that they put DS ads in Wave Race 64. Couldn't they have simply blanked out the ads? If they ever port Ninja Turtles II, they can simply erase all the Pizza Hut ads.



Metang said:

Fairly good update. Everything looks interesting, except for Art Style: BASE 10. I don't care how good anyone says it is, it's based on math, which is a real turn-off. (BASE 10 is the NA title for CODE.)



crossmr said:

@120 Pressured? How hard can it be? For the systems they have listed there are probably tens of thousands of games available. They've released a little over 300. It cannot take that long to secure rights and get them rated. Unless you've got some monkey doing the entire job all by himself and its only by luck of his random button pushing that we got the games we have so far. That is the only way it could be explained. If they truly cared about providing VC games as a service and not an excuse to claim these games are still being sold, it shouldn't be a big deal to contact multiple companies at once, and say "You want to make some money on a 20 year old game?" and then have it rated. I would hope with a couple of months of work they could easily secure the rights for hundreds or thousands of games and submit them all to be rated.
The only thing they gain from this slow release method is to make people not care about it.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@JJosh: Read his post again. He said "hundreds OR thousands" (emphasis added), not OF. And I think he actually meant it that way, too. His point would be valid if we assume that all third parties WANT to support the VC. But, as I've been saying for a little while now, Nintendo scared them all off with retarded business practices. I don't know if we'll EVER get back to to high third party support and multi-game weeks at THIS rate.



Bass_X0 said:

Are they all bad ports? How so?

Terrible load times. Crappy controls. No option to have the arranged music (which is a big deal). The whole package just feels like they didn't care about doing the best they can with it. Whereas the VC Neo Geo games are identical to the original Neo Geo releases (obviously). Give me VC any day.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

@128: You mean that Nintendo's corrupt management may have killed any chances of getting any more major titles? What the crap?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@StarFox: In a way, yes. You remember that whole deal last August where three publishers announced their VC games to release the next week, but two other games were released instead? There's no doubt in my mind that the third parties got pissed at Nintendo over that one. There hasn't been a Capcom VC game since November last year, or a D4 Enterprises game since December, which suggests to me that they pulled out after that mess, leaving only games they'd already submitted to be released.

Which brings me to another point: Nintendo has been known to hold back releases. There was an interview with someone from Treasure in which he said Sin & Punishment was ready for release and pending Nintendo releasing it. It was released HALF A YEAR LATER!

Between these two points, is it any real wonder third parties don't want to bother with the VC anymore? Nintendo treats them like crap, and there's no guarantee of returns made on the investment required to submit a game for release, so they just don't bother now.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Continuing... (PS3 browser limitations, y'know )

There are exceptions, of course. SEGA still likes Nintendo. After all, why wouldn't they? BOTH of the games released instead of those three that week were SEGA titles! And Koei seems to have seen great opportunity for releases, since there have been three SNES games from them in the past three months, and only one other before that in the whole history of the VC.

You can't deny that the releases per week dropped off shortly after August last year. I believe I've just explained why. Is there anything Nintendo can do about it? MAYBE if they promised to be nice and do right by the publishers, the VC releases could improve. Will that happen? Probably not, since they seem to be far more interested in WiiWare now anyway.



Bass_X0 said:

I remember one company saying a while ago how they didn't know when their WiiWare game was going to be released since Nintendo won't tell them and was losing money as a result. Nintendo really does treat third parties poorly - no wonder we're down to one VC game a week.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yep. And I recently saw a magazine ad for a couple WiiWare games, and one of them WASN'T EVEN OUT YET! Keep in mind, the ad was telling you to download them right away as if they WERE available. And this is why most developers don't try to advertise their Nintendo downloadable titles.



Viewtiful said:

@longtimegamer: Why bother?
Well, I've pretty much ditched all other platforms in hopes of getting most of my favorite classic games in one place, now that I have 32GB of space to store them on also. I would much rather have all or most of my games on one platform, instead of shifting through hundreds of discs scattered around my apartment. I chose VC as my primary storage, I just hope the games will keep on coming especially in the VCA library.

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