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United States

Tue 30th Jun 2009

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NuevoVida commented on New Pop+ Solo Detonate Bonus Round Video:

I'm not to excited about this one either EmulationZones. Hopefully Nintendo will not release that game today. Instead I hope the DSi Shop update for today will feature Flipnote Studio, Mr. Driller, and Chiria no Doobutsu Koya.



NuevoVida commented on Official Nostalgia Website Launches:

Yes! This is no doubt a must buy. If it's anything like Final Fantasy III I'm sure I will purchase it. Hopefully it will contain online multiplayer like Final Fantasy CC: Echoes of Time.



NuevoVida commented on Rumor: Nintendo Prepping More Non-Games For DS...:

This is exciting. I hope the Mapping application will be a cross between Google Maps and shall we say a GPS type of thing. I hope that along with the Dictionary there will also be a Thesaurus application for DSiWare and I hope it will run for about 200 points. BTW I hope the Moving Memo Pad will be free.



NuevoVida commented on Dragon Quest IX Local Multiplayer In Action:

I'm very excited about this game and I hope it will come to the USA soon along with the UK. Hopefully it will receive a U.S. release in the Autumn. I'm also hoping it will have online game play via the Nintendo Wi Fi Connection.