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The famous Heracles has taken on a challenge like none he has ever faced.

Our hero will have to beat his opponents in a race across mythological kingdoms and be the first to reach the top of Mount Olympus. You can play as Heracles and help him return the sacred trophy, or play as one of the other varied mythological characters from Satyr to Poseidon and claim the prize for yourself. Race through three racing cups across 10 courses set in five mythic landscapes.

Use awesome fantasy weaponry to defeat your opponents: tridents, fireballs, Zeus’s lightning rods and more. Get your friends together for intense two-to-four-player split-screen multiplayer action in Championship, Single Race or Battle mode.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Will Heracles slay the Titan of Nintendo racing games?

Due to the space constraints that Nintendo places on WiiWare games, most games on the service are short, simple, and lacking in the graphics department. One certainly would not expect a complete port of a PlayStation 2 game on the service. But that is...

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User Comments (21)



Wiiloveit said:

Chariot Racing? Not impressed - is it even possible for this to work? Go on, Neko - surprise me!



gameking23 said:

To me this title sounds like something they would name shovelware. I do hope that this game turns out great, but at the rate games are comming out now I do not know if it will be good.



slambert215 said:

I have to say... WTF? This game screams "shovelware" like Ninjabread Man.

Edit: Thanks for the correction Ricardo



Ricardo91 said:

^I think you mean Ninjabread Man.

After seeing Neko's track record, and putting aside my instiable urge for a good Wiiware racer, I too must say this looks like garbage.



FroguinZX said:

._. No, no, no, just no. You don't make a wacky chariot racing game. I'm all for fun ideas but I sense gimmicky, rickety controls from it, combine this with it's previous abomination, just...no. This is a complete and utter insult to Greek Mythology. I hope Poseidon washes you out, and Zeus strikes you with lightning Neko. If this gets lower than I six, I give this porter the Epic Failure badge. Sorry for the ramble, bellyaching, and complaining, but them, just.... no.



Wiiloveit said:

I looked at the screens, and I must say that it could look a lot worse. If the theme was a bit different, it would most likely benefit, but all they can really get wrong now is the controls (and track design, speed, menu's, modes... you get the idea).
Also... WTF? I started watching the trailer, and it got halfway through before a message appeared telling me the video was no longer available. Bad timing or what?



Yasume said:

I love racing games, so I might give this one a shot if the review is above average.



Wiiloveit said:

I'm just going to say exactly what I said on the Cocoto Platform Jumper page a moment ago, since it applies in exactly the same way:
Right then: this has been rated on every different board now (USK/OFLC/ESRB/PEGI) - so it could spring on us at any moment. I'm going to hope that it is better than everyone is currently assuming, although deep down inside, I know that that isn't going to be true



gameking23 said:

I so can wait for this game to come out. If we are lucky it might come out in lets say March of 2099. I think that would be a suitable date.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I wonder how this will turn out. Always nice to have a racing game but the theme may be a bit of a turn-off for some.

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