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Tue 23rd Jun 2009

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Miyabi273 commented on Nintendo Chief Doesn't Care for the iPad:

I just heard about the iPad yesterday so I'd have no opinion on the matter. As for 3D gaming I still want a Virtual Boy. Call me crazy but I think it'd be cool but 3D tends to hurt my eyes after a few hours, though Avatar was worth it. I would like to see how this all unfolds.



Miyabi273 commented on Nintendo Download: Karts, Blobs, Bits, Shops, ...:

Though being crushed with the "castles" bit I am still extremely happy. I really want Super Mario Kart as well as A Boy and his Blob! If I get a points card for Christmas I will for sure get them unless Castlevania comes out with in that time.



Miyabi273 commented on Balance Board Coming To An Airport Near You!:

@ MarkyVigoroth Agreed, I have pretty high anxiety so I am often nervous when I goto air ports. I hope they put enough effort into it so people who are naturally like that don't end up in screenings.



Miyabi273 commented on Power Up!:

Fun stuff. I hope its a lot faster, there just moments where it'd take forever but all should be good so yay!



Miyabi273 commented on Nintendo Download: Spaceballs, Shopping Carts,...:

I really want Crash 'n the Boys! I loved River City Ransom, and I know they're two different styles of games but it looks awesome! If I had a DSi I'd get the game for sure. Mart Racer seems interesting I wouldn't download it but it reminds me of those old T.V. shows where you had to run through the store and collect stuff.



Miyabi273 commented on Nintendo Download: Rebirths, Colours, Jedi and...:

Okay I guess I will try this again...
I am going to have to get $10 for Contra I am pretty bad at the games but I still want to play it XD.

I agree with the Labor Day doesn't mean "Oooo Special Game" but it does kind of make sense and thus we have Contra in my opinion. I am not thrilled with Return of the Jedi (Awesome movie though) but that just leaves more room for a variety of games now.
Also I tried posting before and its not loading for me so apologies if my other post is in existence without me knowing.



Miyabi273 commented on Nintendo Download: Art, Cards and Crystals Hav...:

I am in agreement with something big will happen next week. It's only logical. Sadly for once I'm not interested in a release but next week should be fantastic. Besides even if the WiiWare that we usually get isn't that good and the VC games have a bad release rate... Then thats where I buy an actual Wii game lol. Oh and I am happy maybe only like three people maybe complained about SSB64. That is all.



Miyabi273 commented on Nintendo Download: Bits, Tanks, Ants, Commando...:

I love how people complain about people NOA not listening to them about SSB. Its not like they login just to read your comments. At the same time I am happy because there were a lot less complaints.

Anywho, This is a good week I am still skeptical of these games. Ant Nation sounds good and Pulse Man seems interesting but what I really want to try is Bit Boy. So I will wait for reviews and see. I am happy with more Wii Ware this will lead to something good.



Miyabi273 commented on Nintendo Download: Fantasies, Fishing, Warfare...:

I would also have to agree it is a decent week. I am really tempted to buy Water Warfare the only online shooter I've played is 007 Nightfire for the PC XD. Anyway I have a few things I have to buy first. I think I am going to play SSB on the 64 tonight though because having the cartridge means no waiting XP. I just hope some day in the future I don't know when we get Metal Warriors.



Miyabi273 commented on Dragon Quest IX Hits Japan in July:

This looks.... AWESOME! I'm not going to lie this is the game I am waiting for. Well games them selves are real expensive in Japan a long with everything else. The most it'd be here if its two cartridges should be $50 but that seems steep for the DS. The screen shots are amazing too.



Miyabi273 commented on Nintendo Download: Drill Sergeants, Puzzles, G...:

@55. Adamant I agree people should have just not sold their copies in the first place.
In my opinion SSB isn't the greatest thing to release for VC. I mean Melee just crushes it (Yes I favour Melee over the first SSB and SSBB). What we need are the first three Mario Party games. I've been borrowing them from a friend for a while but they are far more addictive and in my opinion still far superior to 6-8... Ah that was a bit off topic... back on topic!

I still have to look into reviews but the Mini Golf sounds like a decent idea to me. I'd get Sim Earth but I don't think I really could pull it off, it depends on how hard it really is. I really want to try Boxlife and Neves but I don't have a DSi yet but they look promising though. I can gladly wait and see what comes out next week.