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Project CARS Shows a Tremendous Graphical Upgrade After Two Years

Posted by Alex Olney

Like a fine wine

Project CARS has been a bit of an elusive mistress. We've had some videos, interviews, and gameplay footage, but compare the amount we know about Project CARS to the amount we know about Hyrule Warriors and it's not enough to get the large majority of the gaming community frothing at the mouth.

Well fret not, for a new video has been unearthed showing us what a transformation has happened in the development cycle for the racing game within two years of development. Set phasers to gorgeous.

It's true that many of the breathtaking screenshots of the game's graphical potential will not appear quite as lustrous in the Wii U version – the Wii U having its focus on areas other than graphical processing – but we've been promised by the developers that the game will be a feast for the eyes regardless of which machine you use.

Slightly Mad Studios – the developer – has an impressive pedigree of racing game history. You wouldn't be considered a fool to put faith into this upcoming title, it's just a shame it appears to have removed the funky arm-crossing animation on tight corners.

You can find the video below. Please be aware that it is not divulged as to which console is running — or PC setup being used — in the side-by-side comparison.

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User Comments (63)



Hero-of-WiiU said:

This could of made a nice Christmas gift but no, it will just be another game on the backlog.



darkswabber said:

I was planning to buy this game for my ps4, but there are too many games (both indie and triple A, digital and physical) releasing for my wiiU, ps4, 3ds and vita between now and december that I can't afford all of them
and for me ssb4, pokemon ORAS, the upcomming telltale games and skullgirls encore have priority



TwilightAngel said:

So this article was made to show wiiu owners, their version of the game won't be amazing as the others? Well then that's great.



Jazzer94 said:

Wii U version isn't going look like this so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to take from the video.



TwilightAngel said:

@Jazzer94 That the wiiu version of the game is going to be terrible compared to the others that's what you're suppose to get from the video, Great news don't you agree?



FragRed said:

I'm unsure as to why they don't just say the game is cancelled on Wii U.



Josaku said:

hm~ this game looks really good imho and will be on my WiiU as soon as it's released.



IxC said:

"Please be aware that it is not divulged as to which console is running — or PC setup being used "

It is divulged in the video description. This is the PC version running at maximum settings on a fairly powerful rig:

CPU : Intel® Core™ i7-4790K @ 4.4GHz
Graphic Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 780 SC ACX 3GB GDDR5
RAM : 16GB G.Skill Trident X DDR3 2400



Alucard83 said:

I like the first video as well. I see only more trees and sharper graphics, but somehow i don't care much about that. The first video give me a feeling while driving like a deserted place where's dark. They got rid of that feeling and filled it with more life. So not sure about that



Captain_Toad said:

Project CARS, bring the hype please (especially 4 the WiiU version since that one is getting a late release from the others.) It's been a while since we last seen you.



0utburst said:

I'm slightly mad at this studio for not giving out details/news for the Wii U version.



retro_player_22 said:

@Jazzer94 If there's a PC port, I'm sure the Wii U version would look just as good. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U was released for Wii U and it looks just as good as the PC version. The screen on the left is what it would look like on Xbox 360 and PS3 so we don't have to worry about graphics on Wii U version.



JaxonH said:


Because it isn't cancelled. They are legally obligated to release the game on Wii U, seeing as it was crowd funded for the platform.



ElkinFencer10 said:

I'll be picking this up on Wii U. Xbox One has Forza 5; Playstation 4 will have the next Gran Turismo. I'm looking forward to having a good driving game on my Wii U. So what if it's not quite as pretty as on PS4 or Xbone? It's still stronger hardware than the PS3 and 360, and I still think Forza 4 looks amazing, so it's not like it's going to look bad.



JaxonH said:

Yeah, the game is delayed, but imo people are beating a dead horse at this point. It is what it is, accept it and move on. Life is long, and we'll get the game soon enough. 10 years from now, 20 years from now, is it really going to matter if you got the game in November 2014 as opposed to March 2015 (or whenever it releases)? Not in the slightest.

So, instead of always finding the one negative perspective to see things from, can we just celebrate the fact we're getting a great game, PHYSICALLY RELEASED, on the Wii U? A game that is looking very good I might add?



FragRed said:

@JaxonH My bad I didn't realise it was crowd funding, though I probably read that it was somewhere. So were the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions that were cancelled not part of the crowd funding then?



JaxonH said:

@FragRed Ya know I'm not sure, but that's a really good question. If they were, I would imagine backers would have solid ground in a lawsuit, if someone actually wanted to file a Class Action.



JaxonH said:

@FragRed It gets a little confusing because some projects don't pan through yet those behind the project aren't liable, nor is Kickstarter. But I think if it were to be taken to court then a judge could rule in favor of the backers. Like in the case of bankruptcy I know they're not liable, but I'm pretty sure it's not legal to take the money and use it for something else. Kickstarter wouldn't be liable but those behind the project could, in theory, be held legally accountable if someone actually decided to take them to court. Like, if they tried to make the game but were unsuccessful they might not be legally accountable, but if they outright took the money and used it for something completely different, then I would think a judge would rule and against them if it were ever taken to court.

I would think they wouldn't be willing to put themselves in such a situation.



FragRed said:

@JaxonH I can't find where it was crowd funded so unable to determine whether the last gen consoles were part of the crowd funding, but I agree that I would assume in any court, Slight Mad Studios would be responsible for not delivering the goods to the PS3 and Xbox 360.



JaxonH said:

@JaxonH Maybe the PS3 and 360 versions weren't crowd funded but they were lumped in with the other versions? I know for a fact the Wii U and PC versions were crowdfunded though...



FragRed said:

@JaxonH Well, at least the Wii U version was part of the crowd funding. Though i am annoyed that they decided to delay it, and a bit miffed they haven't as yet shown any official gameplay footage for the system.



JaxonH said:

@FragRed Yeah we all are. PS4 and X1 weren't originally crowd funded, yet they're releasing 1st. But, at least it's coming.



TheWPCTraveler said:

I must say, if the PC gets the short end of the stick in terms of optimization, we might actually get an amazing-looking Wii U version.



Kirk said:

Three observations...

1. Clearly it's technically improved in quite a few areas.

2. Except all the hills on the far distant horizon of the water are now inexplicably gone for whatever reason, which is the one thing that looks like a step down.

3. And also, despite it clearly being technically much improved it's somehow ended up looking a bit more "gamey" and less realistic, which I'll briefly cover/address below, and in the case of a game that's obviously going for hyper realism seems a bit counter productive to a degree.

I'm all for the improvements but maybe put the distant hills back in and somehow fiddle with the textures just a bit to maybe stop everything looking like it's possibly displaying too much "texture" and vibrancy in the colours regardless of the distance from the camera, or whatever it is (maybe it needs a bit more obvious drop off in the sharpness, colour/vibrancy and lower contrast on distant objects and a bit more [soft focus and blurring] depth of field or something), to bring back a bit more of that "realism" again that for some reason the older build seemed to actually have more of even though it's clearly less technically accomplished.

That's about all I'd have to suggest but other than that it's looking very nice.



Remisio said:

@FragRed because according to them:

"If you're a true fan of racing simulators you'll wait,"

Racing simulators ofcourse meaning not Mario Kart.



JaxonH said:

@FragRed No it doesn't. It's obvious they're willing to do whatever it takes to take advantage of the situation and make as much money as possible. They saw dollar signs and they took 'em.

But, whatever. After the game releases on Wii U, nobody's gonna care how long it took. People have short memory spans like that.



Jazzer94 said:

@retro_player_22 It isn't going to look as good as the PC version it won't even be 60fps (PC version) as it has been confirmed to run at 30fps plus looking at any PC footage you should know Wii U won't be able to run, lower your hopes now or expect disappointment.



Spoony_Tech said:

What I want to know is why still after all this time no Wii U trailer of the game. Everyday this is sounding more and more like Aliens Colony Marines. I really hoping I'm wrong because I need this game to be good.



Savino said:

It will be hard to fully aoreciatte this game without analogic triggers.



Hy8ogen said:

Fine wine? Yeah right, more like spoiled vinegar. Until this day, 2 years into development we still have not seen a single Wii U footage. What a cruel joke to Wii U owners.

If Slightly Mad thinks this game is going to be a hit on Ps4/Xbone, they are in for a big let down. Sony fan boys are going to buy Drive Club and Xbone fan boys are going to buy Forza Horizon 2. Their best chance was the Wii U and PC since competition is pretty much non-existent. By delaying the Wii U version, people are going to get pissed off and the sales will probably be flat.

@JaxonH Will the delay of the Wii U version affect my life? Absolutely not, however it does piss me off and I will not pick this game up until it hits 15 bucks in the recycle bin. Then the studio will blame us Wii U owners for not supporting them and the cycle continues.



brandonbwii said:

It's not like the Wii U version was delayed exclusively. The Steam OS version is too and I doubt they'd want to ignore THAT.



Discostew said:

If they expect people to wait for the Wii U version, then perhaps they should show their progress with it.....if any progress has been made since they dropped the PS3/360 versions and began development of the PS4/XB1 versions....



kenzo said:

I like the comparison video of Project Cars 20012-14.

I noticed one small problem.

There is no echo in the tunnels or near the cliff faces by the side of the road.

Hope this is fixed for added realism.



Octane said:

@JaxonH The game was crowdfunded for PC, PS3, 360, and the Wii U. They dropped the PS3 and 360 support, and they have delayed the Wii U version. I don't think they have any obligation at all. There's not much left of the game they promised it to be.

There's a poll on their site, it clearly states that the Wii U version is the most wanted version. Yet they choose to delay that version of the game. I know that [the poll] doesn't guarantee sales, but it at least shows that Wii U owners are the most involved gamers in the project.

Project Cars is made by a sneaky rubbish company that deletes comments on their site if they don't favour their game. And they can still get away with it. At this point, I don't really care about the game anymore.



DiscoGentleman said:

@Spoony_Tech I suspect the Wii U version isn't very far into development, if at all. Just like with Watch_Dogs, they're trying to finish the other versions first.

Hopefully this game (and W_D, while we're on the subject) don't end up getting canceled in the end.



Laxeybobby said:

@JaxonH I you look at their website and forum you'll see the information that this project was not crowd funded, it was funded by groups of businesses or something like that. It's been a while since I read the stuff. I read it when they announced the delayed the WiiU version as people were shouting that WiiU owners had paid for the development via crowd funding and how dare they delay the WiiU so they put and explanation on their site disputing the game was crowd funded. It was an interesting read.



Shambo said:

Is it just me, or does that steering wheel make you want to use your gamepad even more? I'm not that much into realystic racers, but I will get this one, and if there's a table-mounted device to make the gamepad feel more like a steering wheel, I'll even get that!



arnoldlayne83 said:

The right image looks more "fullfilled" with objects, but to me doesn t look realistic at all... It just seem more need for speed old school... I still prefer the more dry environment on the left...



retro_player_22 said:

@Jazzer94 Confirmation are just speculation, those made up fps crap doesn't matter to me. As long as it plays and look great, I could care less about the rest.



JaxonH said:


Yeah but those are because they ran out of resources or went bankrupt before finishing the game. If they straight up took the money and blindly used it for something else I'm sure a judge would rule in favor of the backers just like in a Claims Court. It's just never happened before, but if stuff like this keeps happening I'm sure someone will eventually do it.

In the case of PS3/360 versions, I think backers would actually have legal grounding if they so desired to pursue it in court. There's got to be some law that protects consumers just like with charities falsely advertising what they're going to use the money for. You may be freely donating your money but they can't lie to you about what they're going to do with it

Which brings us to the crux of the matter, intent. Did they at least try to make the game or did they freely choose to not follow through on their promises? I would think motive would play a big part in the result of legal actions.

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