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The Link Outfit and Gear in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is Almost Too Cool

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

He's even rocking the earring

The upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and its predecessor, have had plenty of crossover outfits. One confirmed long ago in Japan that has us particularly excited is the Link outfit and equipment, which promises to add some Legend of Zelda charm to the hunt.

The official channel for the upcoming Ultimate release, in early 2015 for the West, shows the outfit in action. The Link character on show, earring included, shows some sharp moves with the Master Sword, while a powerful bow is also an option. When you add the terrific music and greater moveset of the new entries, it certainly looks like it'll be a lot of fun for Zelda fans to give this gear a spin.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think.

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Iggly said:

The more I look at the Link outfit, the more I think that it's a Skyward Sword that's more focused on combat with no motion controls. In case you didn't know, I find that pretty cool.



Spoony_Tech said:

Link should be a playable outfit in every game ever made. Hey, I can dream can't I? !

I'll have to see how well he attacks. If he's good or on par with what I'm use to then he'll get a lot of play time.



Genesaur said:

Funny. I could have sworn you guys reported on this, before. I guess it makes sense to bring it up again, specifically referring to Ultimate and its Western release. And I suppose that not everyone knew about it, already, and it's awesome enough news that it bears repeating.

@Spoony_Tech The controls, I think, don't take much to get used to at all, and anyway, the Sword & Shield (my favourite weapon class in Monster Hunter) is considered one of the best for beginners. I got something of a Zelda vibe when I first started playing Tri, so maybe you will, too. It's especially cool that SnS wielders already hold the sword left-handed.

Or maybe you'll enjoy one of the other, more complicated weapons, like the Gunlance. I pretty much exclusively use the basics: Sword n' Shield, Hammer, or Great Sword, depending on the hunt and my mood.



siavm said:

@Genesaur that was for the Japanese release. This is for the US release (and rest of the world) seeing how the esrb warning is the first thing that pops up. And it ends with showing the game coming next year. I can not wait. I just hope they still include the one piece crossover stuff too.



The_Ninja said:

This game looks so good for a 3DS game, and now it's even better with that Link costume! btw, this game has online right?



Genesaur said:

@siavm Yes, that's... exactly what I meant. Hey, I don't mind this news getting more attention. I hope Monster Hunter 4 far outsells Tri and both versions of 3 Ultimate, combined.

@The_Ninja Sure does.



Shambo said:

Well, Guess I'll have multiple save games again. One for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and one for The Legend of Zelda X Monster Hunter. Soon after Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta with Nintendo costumes. One cannot have too many Nintendo/LoZ-enhanced games.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Oh boy, this looks really cool, but it's gonna get annyoing eventually if pretty much everyone is running around in Link costumes.
I wonder if we could get some more Zelda-themed stuff... like the iron hammer, or the Goron Blade, or a Ganondorf outfit!

Now we only need to find out the skills for the armor set as well as the stats of the Master Sword - if they're useful, I better get used to seeing them everywhere...



Donutman said:

Omg I can't wait for this now. I've never been a big fan of series, but i understand why people love it. I just can't get past dark souls for this genre. However, this looks like it could be the best game to feature link ever. Unless link was in dark souls.



Mega719 said:

You're not going to mention the Mario and Luigi costumes for those little creatures?



ollietaro said:

I wonder what the armor skills are...
That'd be so frikkin' cool if the TriForce was an award.



GuSolarFlare said:

guess it's time to learn how to use SnS and hope it doesn't change much in MH4U compared to 3U! XD



ShadJV said:

Well I'm glad they're keeping this DLC for Ultimate, I was a little worried that we'd miss out (only a tiny bit worried).



The_Ninja said:

@Genesaur Thanks! After finishing a game or playing and endless game for a while, I usually won't replay it, unless it has online .



AzureFashionist said:

Found some stats thanks to Kogath of MH Wiki
Hero’s Sword
182 Raw
Awakens to 300 Fire
5% Affinity
3 slots
Big Blue sharpness, Huge Blue with +1

upgrades to;
Master Sword
196 Raw
Awakens to 400 Fire
10% Affinity
3 slots
Huge Blue sharpness, little bit of White with +1

Bows info;
Hero’s Bow
180 Raw
Awakens to 120 Thunder
10% Affinity

Upgrades to;
Sacred Bow
204 Raw
Awakens to 160 Thunder
10% Affinity

All weapons take the Flames of the Goddess event item

Armor info;
Base def: 52 per piece
+2 to all Resists per piece
3 slots (1 torso, 1 arm, 1 legs)


Armor takes the Triforce event item



Wonky_Kong said:

I'm still hoping for a WiiU release, but that new CPP controller should help me get used to the 3DS controls



Spoony_Tech said:

@Genesaur I'm more of a long sword great sword user personally. I'll do the hammer as well sometimes but don't usually very from those much. I'll give it a try but it just sometimes takes so long to take monsters down with it. To me S&S are more of a support weapon for multiplayer. Great for status effects.



tj3dsXL said:

Wow ! Im really going to enjoy this Volume/Version! "im gonna stay up all night" and down-load it at Midnight for sure.



DragonbornRito said:

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I THINK I JUST DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN. Monster Hunter + Zelda... I think I'm gonna cry... It's a good cry though...



SetupDisk said:

The only thing that would make this better was if it was on Wii U as well. Nintendo you have cash throw more at Capcom.



Megumi said:

Yuri said there's going to be a lot more like this too, dunno if he was just referring to the Mario and Luigi outfits or not. But maybe we're getting more new Nintendo themed equipment this time around?



JaxonH said:


Monster Hunter is way easier than Dark Souls is. It's just as deep, and just as intimidating, but as long as you're not hunting above level it should be a reasonable challenge, nothing more. The real challenge isn't so much in beating the monsters, but rather breaking all the appropriate parts during the fight (break both horns, cut off tail, etc) in order to get the rare drops for the best armor/weapons.

Granted, you still won't want to bite off more than you can chew, like hunting multiple monsters solo (unless you're really good at the game, or they're easy monsters) or picking a fight with anything in G-Rank solo. I've heard of some veterans hunting solo in G-rank, but I can tell you right now it's much easier and funner with a party of 3 or 4, preferably 4.



cfgk24 said:

Actually, I don't really want to see Crossover stuff in MH4. MH has its own universe. . .



TromboneGamer said:

Yall see the NA box art? It's quite disappointing. I wonder what the designers think when making the NA art.



Genesaur said:

@Spoony_Tech Most people think that, but Sword n' Shield is better than you might realise. Most hunts I've done have been solo. It hits so many times with such high elemental damage, that if you equip based on weakness, you take 'em down faster than you might expect.

But either way, if you're particularly good with a Great Sword, then I have little cause to doubt your skill. That's another one that a lot of people don't give enough credit, preferring their newfangled Switchaxes, or what have you, that they don't comprehend its value.



LasermasterA said:

Yeah G-rank solo can be somewhat tough solo but with absolute endgame armour it becomes much easier. Although it is still a big time sink compared with multiplayer. The shakalakas also help out. I had no option but to hunt solo as Mh3U on 3DS has no online. The arena double deviljho quest was quite tough, although playing solo has some benefits. Play at your own pace, develop your skills much faster and when you beat a really tough monster solo, the sense of accomplishment is awesome

On the other, I am really excited for MH4U costume or no costume. MH3U has become one of my favourite games of all time! Kinda spoiled me as well as other games seem less interesting. Lately started playing MHF to tide me over till this game arrives. Done with MH3U!



Iggly said:


Actually that is a female hunter dressed up as Link and isn't the actual Link. Play as the male hunter when you get the outfit so you won't have to worry about the pitch.



BakaKnight said:

I have the feeling these won't be very powerful good weapons...
Then again I made my signature in MH3U to use equipments I love even if they are kinda weak, so no problem for me ^o^ (But I can already hear my friends' complains coming XD)



Phle said:

I think it's awesome! But I remember seeming this before here at NintendoLife.



DragonbornRito said:

I'm back to MH3U after seeing this yesterday. Got the itch to hunt again. Maybe I'll actually go online soon. Or maybe I'll actually do high rank stuff for once. (Need to grind for some high rank armor...)

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