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Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profiles: Mo' Babies, Mo' Problems

Posted by Jake Shapiro

Imagine: Karting Babyz

With Mario Kart's ever-expanding roster of eligible drivers, it can be tough to keep track of them all. When you're out there on the crowded raceway, how are you supposed to tell your Dry Bowsers from your Honey Queens? Have no fear: Nintendo Life is here to help you with handy character profiles on every racer in this May's hotly-anticipated Mario Kart 8. Our first entry covered the series veterans—in this installment, we take a gander at characters introduced from 2003’s Mario Kart: Double Dash!! through 2011’s Mario Kart 7.

Princess Daisy

First appearance: Super Mario Land, 1989

Karting record: Five for eight. The princess of Sarasaland has appeared in every (non-arcade) Mario Kart since Double Dash!!, where she was paired with Peach.

Racing style: Daisy is a middleweight driver.

Home track: After a fancy cruise ship course in Double Dash!!, Daisy seems to fancy quaint European-style tracks, with a French seaside-esque Daisy Circuit in Mario Kart Wii and a Dutch farm landscape with Daisy Hills in Mario Kart 7.

Career highlight: Despite only one major role in Daisy’s career – her debut as Super Mario Land’s damsel in distress – she’s been able to make a living from appearances in Mario spin-offs and sports games. Her mysterious native country Sarasaland seems to be full of ancient human history, from Egyptian pyramids to Easter Island Moai statues.

Baby Mario & Baby Luigi

First appearance: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, 1995

Karting record: Three for eight. The Baby Bros. have appeared in Double Dash!!, Mario Kart Wii, and MK8.

Racing style: The lightest of the lightweights, with steering as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Home track: The Babies’ sole home track is Baby Park, appearing in Double Dash!! It’s the shortest track in the entire Mario Kart series, with seven laps to complete.

Career highlight: Baby Mario and Luigi spend most of their career as supporting characters in Yoshi’s games, but their shining moment came in 2005 with Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, in which they teamed up with their adult selves for some existential shenanigans.


First appearance: Mario Tennis, 2000

Karting record: Four for eight. After debuting in Double Dash!!, Waluigi has competed in Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, and MK8.

Racing style: Waluigi fluctuates between middleweight and heavyweight. He’s as skinny as a skeleton, but look at that height!

Home track: Waluigi has two home courses. In Double Dash!! he got the winding, monster truck-themed spiritual successor to Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64, fittingly titled Waluigi Stadium. He shares Wario’s penchant for lengthy tracks, as his Mario Kart DS course was the longest raceway in the game, the brightly-coloured Waluigi Pinball.

Career highlight: None. None at all. While Daisy at least has a single appearance in a true Mario game, Waluigi exists solely for spin-off purposes. Luigi needed an evil counterpart like Mario has with Wario, so the awkwardly-named Waluigi emerged from the ether. With the Mushroom Kingdom’s huge, diverse population, why did Nintendo need to create a character like Waluigi from nothing? He seems to have a devoted fanbase among the Nintendo faithful (who are upset he’s not a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.), but Nintendo hasn’t incorporated Waluigi into true Mario canon at all.


First appearance: Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, 2003

Karting record: Three for eight. After her creation in Double Dash!!, Toadette has appeared in Mario Kart Wii and MK8.

Racing style: As light as light can be.

Home track: None. Apparently she gets the scraps of Toad’s old courses.

Career highlight: Toadette was a spin-off creation like the aberration Waluigi, but unlike him, Toadette eventually appeared in a real Mario game, with a substantial role in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and a small cameo in Super Mario Galaxy. Toadette begs the question, though: does her existence as a female version of Toad mean every other Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom is male? Is it a Smurfs-and-Smurfette situation? How do Toads reproduce? The true quandaries of our time.

Shy Guy

First appearance: Super Mario Bros. 2, 1988

Karting record: Three for eight. After appearing exclusively for Download Play in Mario Kart DS, Shy Guy became playable for all modes in MK7, and he (or she?) is set to make a return in MK8.

Racing style: Light as a feather. Maybe there’s nothing underneath that mask.

Home track: Shy Guy has had a home track since long before he was a playable character. Shy Guy Beach appeared in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, because despite wearing cloak and mask, Shy Guys enjoy tanning in the sun. In MK7, Shy Guys would reconnect with their Super Mario Bros. 2 roots in the Shy Guy Bazaar course.

Career highlight: The creepy Jason Voorhees aesthetic of Shy Guys seems to clash with much of the friendly Mario universe. As many of you know, Shy Guys don’t come from the Mario series at all; they’re some of the original enemies from the real Super Mario Bros. 2, Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic. They’re constantly overshadowed by Goombas and Koopa Troopas, but if Nintendo ever makes another hockey game, Shy Guy should be the goalie.

Baby Peach & Baby Daisy

First appearance: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, 2005 (Baby Peach); Mario Kart Wii, 2008 (Baby Daisy)

Karting record: Two for eight each. Both have appeared in Mario Kart Wii and MK8.

Racing style: Baby-sized

Home track: None, unless you count the home tracks of Adult Peach and Adult Daisy

Career highlight: Baby Peach appears in the time-travelling Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time as well as the baby-themed Yoshi's Island DS. Baby Daisy is exactly like her illegitimate competitor Waluigi: an alternate version of an existing character to match similar alternate versions of other existing characters, who exists solely for spin-off games.


First appearance: Super Mario Galaxy, 2007

Karting record: Three for eight. She’s been in Mario Kart Wii, MK7, and MK8.

Racing style: Despite her petite appearance, Rosalina is large and in charge on the racetrack

Home track: Rosalina’s Ice World from Mario Kart 7 is her only official home course, but one could argue Rainbow Road belongs to her, too.

Career highlight: It’s a bummer that every single female-identified character in Mario Kart 8 is a princess, aside from Toadette and Wendy Koopa. What message does this send to kids? “If you’re a boy, you can be whatever you want to be, and if you’re a girl… you can be a princess.” And if Super Mario Galaxy gets representation in Mario Kart, where’s the Super Mario Sunshine representative? We want to race as a Pianta!


First appearance: WarioWare: Smooth Moves, 2006 (first appearance in a Mario game); Wii Sports, 2006 (first appearance in any game)

Karting record: Three for eight. Miis appear in Mario Kart Wii, MK7, and MK8.

Racing style: Depends on your own height and weight

Home track: The futile struggle that is life

Career highlight: It’s Yuu!

Metal Mario

First appearance: Super Smash Bros., 1999 (as a character); Super Mario 64, 1996 (as a power-up for Mario)

Karting record: Two for eight. Metal Mario is in Mario Kart 7 and 8.

Racing style: Heavy metal

Home track: None

Career highlight: It’s questionable whether Metal Mario is a real character separate from Mario, or simply a different form of Mario like Baby Mario or Dr. Mario. While he originates with Super Mario 64’s Metal Cap power-up, in Super Smash Bros. he seems like a sinister doppelgänger for Mario, like Samus has with Dark Samus and Link has with Dark Link.


First appearance: Super Mario Bros., 1985

Karting record: Two for eight (MK7 and 8) as a playable racer, although Lakitu has played a prominent role in every game in the series as a referee and traffic light holder.

Racing style: Light as a cloud

Home track: In a way, every track.

Career highlight: Despite appearing in many Super Mario platformers as lowly enemies, Lakitu is most famous for its role in the Mario Kart series. Every time you learn which lap you’re on, or the fact that you're going the wrong way, thank a Lakitu.

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Dark-Link73 said:

Ok. I'm sorry but I'm falling to see how the article is linked the headline "Mo'babies, Mo'problems."



Yosher said:

Out of these, I have to say Lakitu is my favourite, closely followed by Shy Guy.



Galenmereth said:

Shy Guy's career highlight would be Yoshi's Island; they're the main enemies you see there, and come in many different forms too. Shy Guy's on stilts are the best!



sinalefa said:

This reminds me when Bayonetta says that she hates crying babies and cockroaches, so the worst thing for her is a crying baby cockroach.

So I hate Waluigi and the Mario babies, and the worst thing in the world would then be baby Waluigi. I hope Nintendo never sinks that low.



Ryno said:

@Galenmereth: Yeah, interesting about the notes on the Shy Guy's or lack thereof. Hello Yoshi's Island??? No wonder Nintendo made Shy Guy Beach, they like to hang out on islands and kidnap kids!



C-Olimar said:

No Baby Rosalina or Pink Gold Peach - are they being reserved for newcomers, or a 'worst characters ever' article?
...Even though Baby Rosalina is totally gonna be my lightweight character.

Also, Waluigi is the main baddie in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. How DARE you suggest that isn't canon!



sinalefa said:


Slightly better. Baby Waluigi would be like the byproduct of a byproduct. Not even his mom would love him. And that would explain many things.



sillygostly said:

I would love to see Waluigi get his own casino themed game for 3DS/Wii U (perhaps as a cross-platform eShop title).



LavaTwilight said:

Awesome list and in all honesty I'd choose any of these characters except for the babys and Metal Mario. I can't stand the babys. They should never have been racers in my opinion but then that's just my opinion. I did love their Chain Chomp in MK: DD though and would love to see it return.
I also think they should be doing a poll on these...



MussakkuLaden said:

I think apart from his ugly name, Waluigi is a great character who complements Wario/Luigi just as well as Wario complemented Mario. While it seems truly unlikely that he will make it into a main series Mario game (as even Wario almost never turns up), I hope he will make it into future Wario games. Given the fact that Nintendo didn't drop him after his initial appearance in Mario Tennis, but has since included him in most spin offs, it's pretty weird that he never made it into any Wario title, especially as they introduce a range of (certainly non-Mushroom kingdom inhabiting) characters of their own.



MussakkuLaden said:

Oh btw, I find pink gold peach great. But again, the name is weird. As she is made of gold, why didn't they call her rose gold peach?



HollowGrapeJ said:

Daisy is one of my favorite Mario characters! Although, I never really got into the Mario spin off games, I recently picked up Mario Golf World Tour and... Man, her voice is annoying. I see what people were talking about. Lol. XD But she's still cool.



NoPLo said:

Lakitu's ovbious biggest role was in Super Mario 64 as the camera man : /



Porky said:

Does Waluigi appear in 5? Thought he was unlockable in Mario Kart Super Circuit GBA.



BakaKnight said:

Daisy... the most forgotten princess in the franchise and still one you could never forget the name.

Hard to find someone who never shouted at the screen at least once"Yeah, I got it, your name is Daisy >o<###".
Still Her annoyingness is my favourite of all the (few) girls in the franchise XP



sinalefa said:


You know something? Actually this month I will be buying not one, but TWO games with Waluigi in them. This and Mario Golf. Just don't get the idea that I am buying them because he is in them



Swiket said:

I really do hate those babies. Mario characters are already supposed to be cute and cartoony!



Rafie said:

Waluigi is the man. He was my main on Double Dash. Those bombs for the win. LOL I wish that he did appear in a canon Mario game....OR a Luigi game.



Bulbousaur said:

Other than Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and maybe Baby Peach, every single Baby character is a complete waste of a spot. Same goes for the Metal characters.

Seriously, all the work they had to do to put Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach into the game is put a metallic skin over the model, change the character's stats and then distort their voices slightly. Terribly lazy.



GloverMist said:

I really want Waluigi to appear in a main-series Mario game - imagine what he could do! Nintendo's thought of practically nothing for him, so he's basically a clean slate! Either that, or there could be a Wario & Waluigi RPG...
Also, am I weird for always playing as my Mii in Mario Kart?



Shadowkiller97 said:

I love the Baby Bros!!! I loved Yoshi's Island and Partners in Time, too! That said, all other baby characters are pretty useless...

I don't understand why they didn't add Pauline if they needed more female characters? She appears in most of the Mario vs DK series games and she is even on the Nintendo Starlets puzzle swap for 3DS.

Other Kong characters would be welcome too! Although, I suppose that only DK and Cranky Kong have ever truly been in a Mario game...



Morpheel said:

Actually, Nintendo acknowledged Waluigi's existence in Paper Mario TTYD by giving Mario the chance to dress like him.

So that would be his highlight in his Mario-career.



unrandomsam said:

Metal Mario is usually the best character for me (All I ever used in Mario Tennis Open because it was the best counter to maximum spin).



smikey said:

I just want my Bowser jr back while I like the koopa kids I'd still rather have bowser jr and ditch all the babies & gold pink peach ect.
I guess unless they give us dlc characters (I can see how that will go down on here) I'll just have to use Shy Guy



dkxcalibur said:

@Meaty-cheeky Same here. If it were up to me, Nintendo could replace the babies with other characters. How about a Goomba? Where's King Boo? Bowser Jr.? Finally, how about a Magikoopa?



NintyMan said:

Out of these characters, Shy Guy and Rosalina are my favorites. Waluigi isn't bad to take for a drive now and then too.

Shy Guys' career highlight would've been being the main enemy of Yoshi's Island. For Waluigi, it would've been when he was the main villain of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, although he gets defeated in the first world and you never see him again in the game after that as Bowser is the final boss.



PrincessEevee9 said:

@vamkar Poor Sakurai-sama if he had to do that.

Not seeing the reason for all the baby character hate. Can't honestly tell me that you don't find them adorable, and the fact that babies driving go-karts and bikes super adorable. And the fact they nail their older versions and grown-ups in general with items hilarious. Kinda like if your kids/little brother,sisters,nieces,nephews,and grandkids could do this.



BearClaus said:

Here was your Super Mario Sunshine representative. It takes care of Luigi's Mansion, too!

Anyway, the next game needs a baby for every character. Why leave anyone out at this point? Of course, then they'd have to exclude Dry Bones and Dry Bowser, because nobody who's happy wants to play as a dead baby. 😖



Shirma_Akayaku said:

"It’s a bummer that every single female-identified character in Mario Kart 8 is a princess, aside from Toadette and Wendy Koopa."
Technically, Rosalina's never been called a princess, or even stated as one.
If anything, she might as well be called the Queen of the Cosmos.



Shadowkiller97 said:

"It’s a bummer that every single female-identified character in Mario Kart 8 is a princess, aside from Toadette and Wendy Koopa."

If you watch the Mario Kart Direct (at least the US one)... when they announce Wendy Koopa, they label her the "Princess of Destruction", haha.

That said, I hardly think the message is "If you’re a boy, you can be whatever you want to be, and if you’re a girl… you can be a princess...."

The boys are either plumbers, villains, dinosaurs, or gorillas...haha



JaxonH said:


I thought about Goombas and Boos before. Here's the problem... NO HANDS. Without any hands, they can't steer the carts. Furthermore, they wouldn't be able to hold items in their hand like everyone else. It just wouldn't work now that graphics have advanced to where they are. 15 years ago, sure they probably could have done it.



GamerZack87 said:

"It’s a bummer that every single female-identified character in Mario Kart 8 is a princess, aside from Toadette and Wendy Koopa."

@JakeShapiro The irony is that when Wendy was considered to be Bowser's daughter, she was technically the princess of the Koopa Kingdom.



Funny_Moblin said:

@JaxonH Yeah, no hands is the main problem, but also, I wouldn't like to have Mario Kart filled with generic Mario enemies. Characters such as Koopa and Dry Bones are exceptions. I don't know, thinking about them in Mario Kart doesn't give me a very good feeling in my stomach.

By the way, I replied to the Wind Waker HD comment you gave me in the other article. Just wanna say I'm a hardcore gamer, and I didn't like the easy switch between normal and hard because I wanted to choose hard mode locked. Sorry if you already read it, but I don't want hard core gamers thinking I'm a casual gamer.



NintyMan said:

It's a bummer that every single male-identified character in Mario Kart 8 is a plumber, aside from the non-human males. What message does this send to kids? "If you're a boy... you can be a plumber, and if you're a girl... you can be a princess."

Yeah, the girls have it better here. They can be royalty while we guys have to be blue-collar workers!



NintyMan said:

Whoa, I just saw in the artwork for Baby Mario and Luigi that the Blooper is spitting oil on Baby Luigi, confirming it has a mouth! I always thought it came out of its bottom like typical squids.



retro_player_22 said:

They have all these baby characters playable in Mario Kart but not the kidnapper (Kamek)?



Also Kamek would have gotten a great character specific power-up for his kart too had he become playable in any future Mario Kart game.



Dark-Link73 said:

@Damo "You being serious?" You call yourself an editor? Is it really that hard to type three characters more and the space bar to add "Are" to your sentence? (Does this answer your question? LoL!)

Look, the way the headline is written, "Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profiles: Mo' Babies, Mo' Problems", gives the reader (or at least me) the impression that since they are "more babies, there are more problems." (Provided, of course, that "Mo'" is a slang term for "More").

So when I went to read the article to see why there was "Mo' problems" with "Mo' babies", there wasn't anything in the body off the article that built upon the statement expressed in the headline. Pardon me for I don't have a degree on journalism, but last time I checked, a headline served as an preview statement, a "taste" if you will, of what the article is about.

It's like The Legends of Zelda titles. They all have "LoZ:..." And the a brief sentence on which the story focuses. Since this article is party of a series, it is explained in the part "Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profiles:..." and "Mo' Babies, Mo' Problems" is supposed to be the emphasis of this article, correct? The article talks about the babie's bios nicely, but fails to explain what is the "problem" with them. Thus generating confusion.



SMW said:

Waluigi's highlights? How about the intros to the Mario Golf and Tennis games on the GCN? Definitely some of my favorite Waluigi moments right there.



Hortencio said:

Yeah to @all, rid the game of babies (except Peach, bias included, as for some reason I'd use her every once in a while) and have D-Bones, Para-troop, Koopatroop (or is he in the game.?), Hammer Bro, Boomer Bro, Bowser Jr., Funky Kong, Petey Piranha, King Boo, and all the other characters from (all) past Kart's that have been ditched or forgotten. Like the Star Wars article of weeks ago, I feel like they cheapen the Kart "canon" (if there even is one...) by adding certain people and then ditching them; case in point, Waluigi absent in MK7: what the F and why the F?! I demand consistency!



Dreamz said:

Rosalina definitely owns Rainbow Road. Sadistic <censored>!

(And yes, she'll be my go-to character for 8, much like she is for 3D World currently.)



ZettaToad said:

@GloverMist Personally I think Waluigi would be perfect as a recurring boss in the next Mario and Luigi game, similar to Popple. That would be a great introduction for him into the Mario canon. And no, you're not weird for using your Mii.



Damo said:

@Dark-Link73 As Jake has just pointed out, the title is a reference to a very famous song by the late rapper Notorious B.I.G.



BassLostie said:


I love Toadette since Double Dash. She appeared in a lot of GameCube games, but you're right. She needs more attention.



Dark-Link73 said:

@midnafanboy If you're referring to my opening statement of Damo's incomplete sentence then yeah, I did think after I posted it that my comment was rather harsh. So @Damo I apologize for that; however, as a editor, I do think you need to be careful about your grammar.

You guys don't realize that, unless there's another Nintendo Life out there, NoA is starting to use your valuable input on their website. Over the weekend I was on Wii U games page, and on a game (I don't remember which) it said "Nintendo Life says:...." And then a positive comment about the game.

So it is important for the writers and editors to show professionalism when writing articles and comments. Doesn't mater if you are getting paid or simply an unpaid intern. Your opinion and input is valued not only by us, the writer, but also by Nintendo.



Dark-Link73 said:

@JakeShapiro I see. Again, nothing to do with the body of the article.

This is the problem, when making a pop culture reference, unless is completely related by being of the same medium as the topic at hand (gaming) OR it is known world wide (Star Wars, Beatles, Spongebob, etc.), it has the inherit issue with being lost or misunderstood by any audience who doesn't have knowledge of such reference.

That's why, when using puns or references on the title of an article, is better to make such pop culture references in the sub heading of the article and in between quotation marks. This implies that the sentence might be a reference ora pun, and not an original thought.



Sherman said:

So... technically Shy Guy first appearance was Doki Doki, right? At least I count it as a different game that Super Mario Bros. 2.

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