Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 (N64)


Nintendo 64
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User Ratings: 987

Our Review: 8/10


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Release Date

Wii Shop

  • 29th Jan 2007 (USA), 1,000 points
  • 26th Jan 2007 (UK/EU), 1,000 points
  • 30th Jan 2007 (JPN), 1,000 points

Nintendo 64

  • 24th Jun 1997 (UK/EU)
  • 14th Dec 1996 (JPN)
  • 10th Feb 1997 (USA)

Wii U eShop

  • 21st Jan 2016 (UK/EU), £8.99
  • 29th Dec 2016 (USA), $9.99
Mario Kart, Mario
Controller Support
Classic, Gamecube

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Mario Kart 64 Screenshot
Mario Kart 64 Screenshot
Mario Kart 64 Screenshot
Mario Kart 64 Screenshot
Mario Kart 64 Screenshot
Mario Kart 64 Screenshot
Mario Kart 64 Screenshot


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    Wii U eShop / N64

    Review Mario Kart 64

    More karting fun for U

    Taking a bunch of Mario characters and having them speed around race circuits using a range of special items to rush or smash past each other is something that has worked very well since the Mario Kart series began in 1992. The games are amongst the most enjoyable on whatever platform they turn up on, and many people buying...

  • 24

    Virtual Console / Nintendo 64

    Review Mario Kart 64

    Mario Kart gets a 64-bit upgrade!

    To say that the original Super Mario Kart was a huge hit for the Super Nintendo console would be a mammoth understatement. The game caught gamers by storm and kicked off a series that's still producing new titles some 17 years later. So when Nintendo released their Nintendo 64 console, gamers knew that it was only a...

Mario Kart 64 Guides

  • Guide Best Mario Kart Games Of All Time

    Burn rubber

    Back when Nintendo announced the very first Mario Kart game in the early '90s, there were some in the industry who proclaimed it as a sign that the veteran firm had finally lost its marbles. Sure, Mario had appeared in other games, but his forte was 2D platformers – he had no place on the racing track, and Super Mario Kart was...

About The Game

The sequel to the acclaimed Super Mario Kart had a lot to live up to, and Mario Kart 64 succeeded beyond all expectations!

This Nintendo 64 hit turbocharged the series with fully 3D courses, introduced the Mini Turbo technique to sliding, added Wario and Donkey Kong, and brought us the now infamous blue Spiny Shell. Mario Kart 64 also saw the introduction of favourite courses like Toad's Turnpike, Royal Raceway and Yoshi Valley – still going strong in the series today!