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Nintendo Shows Off Upcoming Golden Sun and F-Zero GBA Wii U Virtual Console Releases

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Next week's offerings on show

The early Game Boy Advance releases on the Wii U Virtual Console seem to have been rather popular with keen download fans, and it's certainly helped that some of the finest games of the portable's entire library have already arrived. The initial confirmed lineup is into its latter half, however, and Nintendo has uploaded two new trailers to show off what we can look forward to playing next week.

Perhaps the most anticipated of the two is Golden Sun, a role-playing game with a passionate following that still hopes for a return of the franchise on Nintendo's current systems; perhaps a solid performance of this entry will help convince Nintendo of its commercial merits.

Next we have F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, which this writer recalls prompted a spirited for-and-against debate in a round table feature on this site. Some love it, some can't get on with its controls, but ultimately its an F-Zero game on Wii U — it is up against the awesome SNES original on the system, though.

Check out the trailers below and let us know whether you're planning to pick these up.

Golden Sun

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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

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User Comments (80)



Shiryu said:

"Maximum Velocity" has an amazing and quite underrated soundtrack!

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Zyph said:

I really love the combat theme in Golden Sun! Never gets old. XD



Kenology said:

I'm getting Golden Sun for sure. I'll buy F-Zero despite having it on my 3DS as well.



Kenology said:

And gonna pick up Mario 3 too. Next week is a big week for me with VC. Wonder what's coming out for the 3DS.



Lalivero said:

@Zyph Hell, the entire soundtrack is just amazing(for both original games, though Dark Dawn had some good themes, too), especially considering the GBA was what they were on; I even have a playlist of my favorites that I listen to all the time.

The Golden Sun games were my absolute favorites, next to RSE, on the GBA and arguably among my favorite game series altogether. I can play the games over a bazillion times(and I have) without getting bored. Phenomenal soundtrack, great story(though the lengthy chatter may put some off; I personally find it to be part of the charm), great combat system, etc.

The Golden Sun series(specifically the original two) is simply a masterpiece. Instant 10/10 in my book.

Still waiting on the next game which should hopefully be in the works for 3DS!

A shame that only the first is being released on VC at the moment. Knowing how horrible the VC schedule gets, who knows when The Lost Age will arrive. :x



edhe said:

I remember owning one of the Golden Sun games. I think there was a feature that allowed you to import your progress into the second one via a password. I probably owned the second one in that case.

I look forward to trying Golden Sun, and I'm sure they'll probably release the sequel too.



Lalivero said:

@edhe Yep, there is a password system that allows you to transfer your game data over to the second after you finish the first.



smikey said:

I'll get f-zero one day but i'm not a fan of the series in general very much looking forward to adding golden sun to my mass bag log of games even playing 5 at once I have a big back log of games to 100% complete.



the_truth said:

Maximum Velocity is the worst GBA F-Zero title. GP Legend rendered it completely redundant. I can not see why I should be interested.



Mandalore said:

Where can I find that F-Zero Maximum Velocity round table debate? I'm interested to see what was said, it's such an underappreciated game.

I'm also interested why so many people think GP Legend is better?



ikki5 said:

Golden Sun is the way to go. I hope they release the second one at some point as well since the first one is only half the story.



Giygas_95 said:

Man, Golden Sun, Maximum Velocity, AND SMB3 next week. I can't wait.

Golden Sun's graphics kind of look like Chrono Trigger's to me which is a good thing. Maximum Velocity is my favorite F-zero game (yes, you heard me right), and SMB3 is about my second favorite game of all time (behind Super Metroid).

@Mandalore Here you are, friend!

Oddly enough, they forgot about GP Legends and Climax in this round table, calling MV the only handheld F-zero to date.



mastermp2 said:

Definitely gettibg Golden Sun since I have never played.

As for F-Zero, maybe down the line. I still have a lot of games to finish



sevex said:

Man if only I hadn't bought so many GBA games. I already own pretty much everything they're gonna release on this.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

So good we get Golden Sun so soon after the GBA's introduction and with DS games on the way, we can have the whole trilogy in one place.

And hey, new fans and renewed interest can only be great for the franchise.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Advance Wars should tide me over til MK8 but if I have to get one more GBA game what should I pick?

I am torn between Golden Sun and Mario and Luigi at the moment.......



Bluezealand said:

I won't download Golden Sun, since Nintendo decided (for whatever reason) to only release this game in English on the different European e-shops. Since the Virtual Console service started in 2006, every game which was originally translated into European languages, was released in the respective language of your country (chosen in the Wii (U) settings). Golden Sun will be the first English-only game, although there are German, French, Spanish and Italian translations. That's a step backwards and it excludes those, who don't know English well enough to understand text-heavy games like Golden Sun. I won't support this.



antipop621 said:

I put countless hours into mastering the incredible F-Zero GX, but could never get into the other entries in the series due to the controls.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Why GBA games are not available on the 3DS is beyond belief, 3DS eShop should be flowing with GameBoy, GameBoy Color & GameBoy Advance games, yet the 3DS eShop is a dumping ground of lame NES games.

Nintendo should be releasing Super Nintendo, N64, and GameCube Games on the Wii U eShop.



Samurai_Goroh said:

I'll be getting Golden Sun for sure. As for Maximum Velocity, it is my least favourite F-Zero game. GP Legend outdoes it in every way on the Advance and the SNES original is still the best "Mode 7" racer. So, no thanks.



BinaryFragger said:

I beat Golden Sun twice (I own the original cart) but will definitely download it to play it again. Such a great game.



suburban_sensei said:

I just bought Bravely Default, so I am kind of busy with that RPG for a while, but I think as soon as I beat it, I will pick up Golden Sun. I really loved that game when I was younger, and it looks like it's aged well e nough.



Luna-Harmony said:

The best f-zero i played was on the gamecube i really hope nintendo start putting gamecube games on wii u eshop. They might have to if sale keep low really push gamecube, GBA , N64 remakes.



Ryno said:

What happened to this past Nintendo that produced all these different types of games? Now it is just Mario and Zelda. I love the SNES vibe that Golden Sun appears to have.



User1988 said:

I'm so happy about these GBA games. I don't really mind that they're releasing them on Wii U instead of 3DS either, just because I'm so happy that they're being released! Definitely picking both of these up when they're available!



Specters said:

They're on their game with the Virtual Console lately. Most definitely getting Golden Sun.



Azikira said:

@Mandalore I agree with Samurai_Goroh, the game is much better then MV. I think tracks are actually better there, and while it may be easier, it's partly to do with the fact the controls actually work well and you don't have to come to nearly a full stop to make half the turns.

But to each their own~ Lets just hope that both games are released in a timely manner for fans of each.



pukka-pie said:

Great games but please Nintendo, keep releasing SNES and NES games!!!! It's still bizarre that I can play many more virtual console games on my Wii than my Wii U, I mean who thought that was a good idea. Is it going to be a huge leap backwards with every new console? We finally catch up to the Wii virtual console with the Wii U and then out comes the Fusion and back to square one?? Really stupid.



Superryanworld said:

@Meaty-cheeky If that where the case I'd be spending way more money.I hear you on the nes games,besides my wii console has plenty of them including mario 3.I guess well be lucky to get ds virtual console by the end of 2014.



FriedSquid said:

I might get Golden Sun. And Maximum Velocity is awesome! But I already have it on 3DS, so it's certainly not worth another buy. Hopefully they'll get GP Legend up on the NA shop sometime soon.



nf_2 said:

Good to know people can get Golden Sun now. My cartridges are still working fine so I won't be buying it, but if you haven't played it yet you need to.



theexxs said:

@pukka-pie They actually said on January that this won't happen again. It's because of how different the Wii and 3DS architecture is compared to the Wii U, that they have had all this "trouble" with compatibility between their own devices. They said that the next cycle of hardware won't have this problem, since both will be very similar to the Wii U's architecture, making cross-platform compatibility much easier and possible.



Saeros_Fae_Falla said:

I have bought Golden Sun 3 times so far. This will hopefully be the last time I will lose it. I can expect to buy it in the future possibly.



Mandalore said:

@Azikira if you had to stop to make turns, it sounds like you never used drifting. Maybe if you revisited the game and learn all the controls properly, it will change your opinion.



AshFoxX said:

... yes, Nintendo, we HAVE seen these games before. Showing the game on a superimposed gamepad for your trailers are not going to make me want it more. Stahp.



Royalblues said:

Nintendo is... I don't know if I would describe this sort of move as clever, but whatever it is, I don't like it.
Despite the fact that the Nintendo 3DS is wholly capable of emulating and playing Game Boy Advance games, they have excluded them on the 3DS because they think a game like Golden Sun and what have you other GBA games will help sell some Wii-U's.

Clever and stupid at the same time.
Needless to say, as much as I love Golden Sun, I will play it again on my GBA when that time comes, and neither that game nor any other GBA title will sell me a Wii-U.

However, once smash comes out, oh boy...



JaxonH said:


Source? Because from what Nintendo has stated, that's exactly the opposite of the truth. They're having problems with GBA games running fluently on 3DS. The Ambassador games had fluctuating frame rates, no virtual saves, no button config- basically just a dumped ROM that ran how they ran, some better some worse. VC games are not simple emulated ROMs- they have to ensure the framerate is solid on every single release, something that even PC emulators struggle to do.

Point is, the 3DS is not more than capable, however, Nintendo has stated they're working on solving the issues and are committed to bringing GBA games to the 3DS. These GBA games coming to Wii U is not a "marketing tool" to get you to buy a Wii U. It's just that Virtual Console is a function of Wii U, and they're releasing good games for it. NEW games, that weren't on the Wii VC. Which is something everyone's been moaning about since the VC launched. Now they do it, and people mock it? Come on...



AshFoxX said:

@JaxonH Sorry, I was just slightly annoyed that the headline is about Nintendo 'showing off' games that are probably over a decade old at this point. I think I read too much into it as I was already tense because of the wait I have endured for new games I haven't actually played yet. (MK8 and Tomodachi Life)



JaxonH said:


Right. But they said it on behalf of Nintendo, as a developer in a position of inside knowledge, so it's still legit imo...



IronMan28 said:

I used to own this game on my GBA, never beat it, but I'll gladly buy it again to relive middle school.



QuickSilver88 said:

Hell yes to Golden Sun.....I love that series but so many people didn't play the third installment on DS which was awesome. I actually imported my first GBA from japan because it came out many months before its USA release. And the two games I got were Mario and F-Zero. GBA F-Zro did have tricky control but once mastered it was damned fun and fast.



efaulk84 said:

It would be nice for a Golden Sun Director's Cut and have both games in one. I hope when it comes we can still do a transfer or they make it easier with Lost Age.



sevex said:

Do all of the GBA games have that question mark icon in the lower-left? Looks sorta intrusive. What does it do?




Ahh, it's good to know Golden Sun will be out next week. I haven't played that game since it first came out in 2001. Memories. It will be good to finally pick that gem of a game up again. Can't leave out SMB 3 next week too. Anyways, on the topic of Golden Sun, since they're releasing this game, you can be rest assured that Nintendo will surely bring out Golden Sun: The Lost Age sometime also down the road on the Wii U VC with it's password system to transfer all gameplay data from Golden Sun to Golden Sun: The Lost Ages. I mean, if they were able to still do it with Oracle Of Seasons and Oracle Of Ages almost nearly a year ago on 3DS VC , then it can surely happen again. Despite the fact of the game being on the Wii U eShop or not.



LavaTwilight said:

I'll probably just get F-Zero, despite Golden Sun being my type of game. I just dunno if I'm happy (or my wife is happy) with me spending that money...



Action51 said:

Golden Sun is a well made series, but I found it to be extremely boring.

It carries over a lot of the baggage early console JRPGS are known for like a very linear story, fetch quests, backtracking, and limited party customization.

The Djinns were cool, but even their progression felt very limited and scripted.



hYdeks said:

Wii u seems to be a indie/ classics console more then anything now, I think I hear of one new game release every 3 months now? Wow, Nintendo needs to change something before their rep is complete crap, ive given up on them, especially when newer consoles have more games to play that are far more impressive then the boring crap on Wii u.



Urbanhispanic said:

I never got into Golden Sun because I'm not really into RPGs. But I'm glad that game and the GBA F-Zero game will soon be released.



Mario-Man-Child said:

GP Legends outdoes Maximum Velocity in terms of graphics and characters but I'm not so sure about gameplay. GP Legends is way to easy, the craft is stuck to the track. Maximum Velocity controls are much more faithful to the SNES original. GP Legends feels like it was designed with casual gamers in mind.



Marshi said:

I will buy these,but I just really hope we get the whole series. So f zero max velocity and gp legend. And golden sun and golden sun lost age please!



Shambo said:

That Golden Sun music... How I'd love those games on 3ds. Still have both on GBA, and probably won't be able to resist getting them on Wii U...



45giga said:

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