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Latest Project CARS Trailer Shows Off Stunning In-game Footage, Locks In November 2014 Release

Posted by Liam Doolan

This racing sim can't come soon enough for Wii U motoring euthusiasts

Touted as a serious contender to the likes of Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo series, and the Microsoft Xbox-exclusive – Forza Motorsport, Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS aims to be the most authentic, beautiful and technically-advanced racing game ever released.

It’s quite an unbelievable goal when taking into consideration the current crop of high-quality car sims on the market, but what’s even harder to believe – at least for Nintendo fans – is the fact the game is still coming to the Wii U. Even if it has been reconfirmed for Nintendo’s relatively-new system on multiple occasions, the idea of a fully-fledged racing simulation coming to a modern Nintendo platform is an exhilarating thought, especially after going for so long without the genre.

To continue the trend of reminding next gen gamers Project CARS is indeed a reality (including us Nintendo fans), Slightly Mad has now locked in a November 2014 release date within its latest trailer – featuring absolutely jaw-dropping in-game footage.

To top it off, the former Need for Speed developer has also revealed Oculus Rift and 4K resolution support for the title, although it’s hard to imagine these certain extras will make it across to the Wii U version. It’s also likely whatever has been shown of this game so far is presumably with the assistance of high-end PC specs, with Wii U imagery and video footage yet to be officially revealed.

Project CARS has now been in development since 2011, with Slightly Mad Studios axing PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 development in favour of next generation systems. Alongside rival next gen platforms, the game is also in development for the PC. Take a look at the latest trailer for Project CARS below, and let us know if you'll be ready to race on release.

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Shiryu said:

I do believe I will be quite enjoying this game for many months (years?) upon it's release. I'm not complaining but it's hard to live only on "NFS Most Wanted" even if itself is a different genre but still amazing game.



SakuraHaruka said:

well, Slightly Mad Studios did a great work with the titles of NFS Shift series and Test Drive Ferrari Legends, and, if well, the game will be a racing simulator, but, it will be a great option, ok, them, to wait for November.



Agent721 said:

Looks great! I hope this lives up to the hype, as a great racing sim would be awesome. I also hope it sells.



Buduski said:

Another day one buy for me, definitely supporting 3rd partys & indies that support Nintendo.



Spoony_Tech said:

Can't wait for this! It's been far too long since I've played a real SIM racing game!



Pod said:

I can appreciate a great looking car. Even a couple of them. But the places in which they race each other are very drab and uninteresting.



wario007 said:

Project CARS to Showcase “The Hidden Power the Wii U Has”

Tudor was asked by Gaming Bolt whether or not the lower specs of the Wii U compared to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would ultimately affect the gorgeous racing game on the platform. Here’s his reply:

“No, if anything I think it’ll showcase the hidden power that the Wii U has. There’s no equivalent of Project CARS on Wii U, yet we hear the shouts from Nintendo fans loud and clear that they can’t wait to get their hands on this kind of experience so we hope to make them proud with the quality of the visuals.

“Sure there are maybe more stringent technical constraints but the same core experience will remain, plus additional features that take advantage of the controller’s unique second screen and touch interface.”



kendorage said:

setting aside $10 a month so i can get this day one in nov. played forza 5 on my brothers xbox one, so cant wait for this on the wii u and gamepad. should be good, hopefully great.



rjejr said:

Good to see a good looking Wii U game get a release month. It's all good.



User1988 said:

I haven't really been into a racing game in a long time, other than Mario Kart. But I'm definitely looking forward to getting this, if only to show support for 3rd party devs!



Hy8ogen said:

Can't wait for this game. I hope a new controller is in the works Nintendo. Or imma slap u....HARD....with my monies



Stu13 said:

As a guy who owned a PS2 for no reason other than to play Gran Turismo 3 and 4, I'm all over this. Haven't had that itch scratched in a long time and my body is ready.



Ecto-1 said:

I am really looking forward to this, although I would like to hear more about how this will control on Wii U. I really feel like racing sims are the one genre that really benefit from having analog triggers to accurately control acceleration and braking. Other than that concern, I can't wait to get my hands on this.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Stu13 GT4 was also the last good SIM racing game I played. Been far too long and it's one of my favorite genre! The last game that even came close would be Ridge Racer 3d.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I still need to pick up NFS:MW on my WiiU. I will have to wait for a review on this one since I'm more of an arcade racer. BURNOUT (Go Criterion!) and F-ZERO are my favorite series, so . . .



EverythingAmiibo said:

This is seriously the FIRST EVER game released simultaneously on Wii U, Xbone and PS4!!!!! AND IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!



larry_koopa said:

This looks nice, but after my experience with Need for Speed: Most Wanted U I swore that I would never buy another third-party game for the Wii U. If this game actually turns out to be good I'll buy it for the PS4 some day. Otherwise I'll just stick with my trusty Forza 4.



larry_koopa said:


I wouldn't recommend that game to you. I had it and it froze about 20 times in 30 hours of gameplay. It once froze 4 times in 5 minutes. It'd be a great game if it actually ran probably on the Wii U. It's a shame as I was really looking forward to the game when it came out. If possible I suggest picking it up on another console if that's an option for you.



sinalefa said:

This and Smash Bros will ensure that I will have some happy holidays this year.



conman2012 said:

I'm looking forward to this on the 'U. They will have my support as long as its reasonable quality.



jasonbra said:

Sadly, I think the wiiu version will be cancelled. If its not I'll be getting it day 1.



rbmoura85 said:

im a racing enthusiast and i desperately want this game. I also want it to be succsessful on wii u to increase the probability of codemasters releasing F1 2014 for the Wii u...please! hehe



K-Gamer said:

I'll easily get this, at least around Christmas. Last time I played this genre was Midnight Club. Anyone else remember that game?



rjejr said:

@ferthepoet But on the bright side, there seem to be way more last gen and this gen games than next gen only. I cant even think of any. Well any with dates, FF15 is years away. Are MGS Phantom Pain and Destiny only this gen? Obviously there will be a lot of first party exclusives but Im thinking of multiplats. Seems like PS3 and 360 will stick around a few more years. Wii even.
I'm more concerned about all the games on both this and last gen not coming out on Wii U.



Action51 said:

Nice! Wii U owners aren't exactly starved for racing games...but we can definitely use one like this!

We have arcade and kart racers, but a real sim? very very cool!

If it lives up to the hype - day one buy for me!



Action51 said:

@rjejr - The thing is, regardless of how well what systems are selling and who considers what console next-gen or last-gen, the Wii U has got the best selection of recent and upcoming exclusives.

I understand that it hasn't been enough to make the console a success, but as for someone who owns it, I'm at least happy to be playing some of the best games of the last two years and looking forward to Mario Kart, X, and maybe Bayonetta 2 and Smash 4.

I am really curious to see who brings what exclusives to which consoles this summer at E3.



Action51 said:

@WhiteTrashGuy @Diddy_kong

I own Need for Speed Most Wanted U, and it hasn't ever crashed on me, even when zipping at top speed like a maniac into oncoming traffic in the Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Diablo. Maybe there was an early patch?

Anyway, the game is made by Critereon. I've been playing it for almost a year now and never experienced any technical issues (I purchased the NA retail disc, not e-shop download)



millarrp said:

I'm definitely interested in this. Hopefully they release a demo because this game has the potential to swing either way



sub12 said:

Damn, that was one purdy trailer, kudos to Slightly Mad for bringing this to the Wii U.......Nintendo needs more games like this. Looks like a legit competitor to GT and Forza, hopefully it's not saddled with in game purchases.



TheRealThanos said:

I will definitely be buying this. Companies like this should be awarded for their work by all of us, even if you're not really into racing sims. They show us support, so we should support them right back. Let the wallet speak!
To all negative Nancy's (@jasonbra @Brickbuild101 @FalconPunch @DiscoGentleman): rest assured that this game is NOT going to be cancelled, have some faith please, Slightly Mad ain't EA or Ubisoft. They actually make promises and keep them, at least up to this point. A colleague of mine has been fortunate enough to be an early subscriber so he's one of the beta testers and I was able to try the beta out when he invited me over. Of course that was the PC version, but the amount on offer is ridiculous: the graphics are the best I've ever seen in any race simulation, the roster is the most complete and all types of racing are incorporated, from touring car to road racing to F1 to go-karts, you name it. They said they were going to make the most complete and realistic racing sim ever made and so far they have kept this promise. The reason the Wii U is still in is that it can offer way more than the Xbox360/PS3, and as stated in the article this game is finally going to show what is really possible on Wii U if developers have and take the time to squeeze every ounce out of the hardware and optimize with the Wii U's GPGPU in mind. And that is also why the other two versions were dropped in favor of their successors.
The team behind it is also very forthcoming with information whenever they are able to. Both me and my colleague have emailed them a couple of questions over the course of the year and they are always very nice and honest from what I can tell. Go to their site ( and contact them, you will find out for yourself. There is also enough info on the promises they made on their site and with the long development cycle that they have already done on the Wii U version of this game, they will release it no matter what, that is my firm belief based upon all the facts at hand.
@rbmoura85 There's F1 racing present in Project CARS, although I don't know for sure if the complete roster and tracks are in there. I have seen and tried out Monte Carlo, Silverstone, Suzuka, Monza, Nürburgring, SPA and some others that I can't recall (not really into F1), but if the list is complete and they update the team roster then all your needs will be covered by this game and you will not need another F1 game. Here's a slightly outdated list to give you an idea of what they have put in so far:
@K-Gamer Hell yeah, I got the complete edition of Midnight Club LA for the Xbox360. Great game, but in a totally different league. Project CARS is a pure simulation, NOT a street or arcade racer, so it is not the same genre. Oh, and the weather effects are second to none, as are all the graphics. Here are some rainy clips to give you an idea:,,
@everyone I can recommend JonZ Movies on YouTube. He made quite a few great quality videos of nearly all cars and tracks as well as weather effects, so if you're interested, check out his channel: A nice thing you will come across is that he also made videos from Need for Speed Shift 2 from the same team that is behind Project CARS, so you can compare how far they have come both graphics wise and with car handling and so on. It is also a good indication of the graphics of the Wii U version of Project CARS, since Shift 2 was on the Xbox360 & PS3 and although the Wii U version of Project CARS might not be quite up there with the PC edition, it will DEFINITELY look considerably better than Shift 2, so that should give all of you some idea of what to expect from this.
Other channels I would recommend are:
World of Mass Development (which is the official channel)
Team VVV, a collaboration of beta testers, they also cover just about any other racing game, but here's all their Project CARS videos:
Team Elite Motorsport Racing:
and AdrianF1esp & Digiprost for all you Spanish speaking fans (clips and descriptions are also in English, though),
Also pretty nifty: an in-helmet cam, which you can move independently from the car, just like you would be able to do in real life:,,
And finally, here's a couple of beta clips that compares in-game tracks with real-life ones:,,
@Pod as you can see in these three clips, the in-game tracks are no more drab or uninteresting than their real life counterparts. Maybe racing sims aren't for you, then?



rjejr said:

@TheRealThanos - Damn man, you almost gave me a heart attack having that humongo post pop up like that while I was in the middle of typing;-)

@Action51 - "I am really curious to see who brings what exclusives to which consoles this summer at E3"

I'm really interested in this also. Last year was all about the hardware, this year is all about the games. (Unless MS wants to put out a handheld or Sony shows of its VR headset or Nintedo updates 3DS). Right now PS4 seems to be up ahead of X1 and Wii U is treading water. Of course the big question at the moment is will they or won't they, as in big presser event for Nintendo or just a Direct? Somebody needs some big game news though, I'm not feeling much of anything besides Disney Infinity 2 and Skylanders Trap Team. Gamers need more than that.



TheRealThanos said:

@rjejr sorry man, didn't mean to freak you out. Just did my damn best to provide as much relevant info as I could to cater to everyone interested in this game.



ManateeBlubber said:

I wasn't being negative. I was joking. He said it was going to be pushed back, and I said "Please understand" because that's the joke with Iwata right now.
And my name isn't Nancy (that's a joke, too).



rjejr said:

@TheRealThanos - And it's much appreciated. But it was weird, my wife was watching me type over my shoulder and even she jumped, it was like the whole screen flashed white. Usually the little posts just slide in gently, like that one just did.



TheRealThanos said:

@FalconPunch no offense intended, but as you might have guessed, it is hard to read sarcasm or humor if there isn't any smiley attached to a piece of text.
@rjejr the way you described that made me think of those clips sent by email where a scary face just pops up in the middle of some serene nature setting. Always good to scare your kids (or the wife) with...
Something like this:



Marshi said:

Theres no reason why wiiu wouldnt be able to create visuals like this. This will be a day 1 buy for me. My only worry is if enough wiiu owners will follow suit and prove to nintendo and third party devs that mature experiences like this are definately wanted



andrea987 said:

Day one buy for me. Also, this would warrant a controller for the Wii U on his own, IMO. Anyone knows of any good ones already available?
And for the record, I own and still play NFSMWU, and it NEVER crashed on me. Awesome game.



Gladius_X said:

This game looks amazing. Even though I own a PC and will most likely own an Xbox One by november, I'm still buying this on Wii U just because of the support.
Don't forget, Slightly Mad also made NFS: Shift 1 and 2, which were amazing racing games in their own right (perhaps not so much 'real' NFS games, but who cares if it's a great racing game).



Mario-Man-Child said:

A serious contender to Gran Turismo? That's a joke right, because it's not going to happen.

I certainly won't be feeling the urge to downgrade since I have GT6 so I'll pass on this one.



datamonkey said:

I wonder what the Wii U version looks like? Probably not quite up to this level!

If this plays as well as it looks then I'm all in, though not sure if I'll go PS4 or Wii U yet...



datamonkey said:

@Falco - "A serious contender to Gran Turismo? That's a joke right, because it's not going to happen."

It's already happened dude. It's called Forza!



datamonkey said:

@Monkeyofthefunk - Forgot about the lack of analogue triggers on Wii U. PS4 version for me too!

PS. Dear Nintendo, why on earth did you leave them out? You certainly make life hard for yourself!



Tsurii said:

@datamonkey I think you could always just accelerate (hope that's the right word ) with the left stick in NFS MW, too and in other (older) games, that used/supported that input it worked like a charm for me.
Probably needs some time getting used to, though



Action51 said:

Not really sure why the usual always-negatives are claiming it won't look that good on Wii U...except that they are the always-negative crew.

Now the Wii U is simply a more powerful machine then the PS3 and Xbox360, and it can output to higher resolutions and takes advantage of more modern graphics processing techniques. The leap from PS3/360 era to Ps4/Xb1 was a lot of horsepower for a small overall graphical improvement. The Wii U is a very capable machine when utilized by developers who want to actually push it.

There were some amazing looking games on PS3 and 360, and there are even more amazing looking games on the Wii U. Now unless you have screenshots or some inside information, I'll have to take a wait and see approach.



Christoff said:

Assuming this isnt subsequently cancelled for Wii U I am excited for this, and keen to see what they do with the gamepad.....hoping you can create custon paint jobs and share via miiverse



Jazzer94 said:

I wish the Wii U gamepad and Pro controller had analogue triggers I don't know why Nintendo took them out.



FritzFrapp said:

That trailer just made me angry.
How many more generations are we going to have to endure false claims of 'gameplay footage' that features absolutely nothing of the sort? The vid was entirely cinematics.
We've been having this bull for over 25 years now and there will be no end to it until the games media and public start to call out publishers (and developers, in this case) for this practice, instead of lapping it up.



Pod said:


Maybe they aren't, just as watching real life racing isn't for me. My statement remains that I think it's a shame for such nicely designed machines to be showcased in all their power and vigor in environments that certainly never were designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but were only ever built to accommodate the very basic needs for a safe environment in which to drive fast.

Likewise, if I am to look at cool people in fancy clothes doing impressive acrobatics with their pimped out skateboards, I'd prefer it not being inside an old warehouse on a plywood skate park.



luminalace said:

Everyone needs to support the hell out of this game. Not only is such a game a rarity on Nintendo hardware but the developers taking the time and effort to tune the game for Wii U when bigger 3rd parties wouldn't even think twice about ignoring us is why this game deserves to sell!



ricklongo said:

So I take it the final name has been confirmed as Project CARS? Neat, I always thought that should be the case.

I hope this game does well on Wii U. I'm definitely grabbing my copy as soon as it's released.



TheRealThanos said:

@3MonthBeef @datamonkey Graphics are in between Need for Speed Shift 2 and the clips that you can see in my longer post (#47)
@arkady77 You're welcome.
@Christoff the answer to custom paint jobs (and decals) is a solid yes.
@luminalace EXACTLY! Heck, buy two copies and give one to a friend or relative. This for now seems to be one of the very few developers that truly supports the Wii U. Like I said in my previous humongo-post: Let the wallet speak!
@Falco @datamonkey I'm quite a Forza fan myself and was always pretty happy with what that offered but let me tell you from my own experience that this game ab-so-lute-ly TRASHES both Forza and GT or ANYTHING on the market right now, regardless of what platform it's on. They said they would make the most elaborate and realistic racing simulator ever made, and they have. You need to see it in real life to be convinced, but it has certainly convinced me and it is a day one buy. If you're a fan of the genre, skipping this would be a shame. Heck, buy it on another platform if you don't care for the Wii U version, but every sim racer should own this game when it comes out.
@Frapp What the fuzz are you talking about, man? It is all in-game. You must have missed the title of this article: "Latest Project CARS Trailer Shows Off Stunning In-game Footage". Besides, I've played the damn beta myself and it looks EXACTLY like that. I've posted a truckload of links and clips (post #47) and they all show you what the game looks like while playing because these clips have been made by the various beta testers and all they had to work with was the playable beta, which contains only an intro trailer, some smaller cut scenes and besides that no cinematics whatsoever, so the only thing outside of those clips they could possibly capture on video is GAME PLAY. Besides the obvious open door that the highest quality clips are of course from a maxed out PC, the game will still look gorgeous even on medium settings. So no offense, but maybe you should check before you complain. I can understand some of your reservations on games actually looking as good as trailers make them seem since we've all experienced that since the rise of the cd/dvd which made nice trailers and cut scenes possible, but as far as Project CARS is concerned, it may well be the exception to the rule.
@Pod I can understand that. There are some really nice Stateside courses though, with the tracks winding all along the mountains and coasts of various locations and they look nice enough to me. But I do think you also understand that brightly colored tracks and surroundings wouldn't be quite in sync with a realistic racing sim. I can tell you from my own experience though, that while racing you hardly have the time to look at your surroundings. The sense of speed is amazing, and racing in bad weather impressed me even more. Maybe you should wait and see or (hopefully) if they also release a demo on some platforms, you should try it out and see if you like it after all. And for the record: I don't like looking at racing either. Doing it myself on the other hand...
@ricklongo Yep, they have done right by the community of beta testers and specialists/professionals that have helped them make the game what it has become. I suppose you already know that CARS is an acronym and it doesn't stand for "automobile" but for Community Assisted Racing Simulator.



TheRealThanos said:

@ricklongo and to add to that and show their true appreciation of said community, ALL testers and cooperators are mentioned in the game and credit roll.



xj220_afiles said:

Anyone know if we'll be able to race online agaist other platform like purechess did ? That would be AWESOME ! Like Pc agaist Wii U agaist PS4 in the same race !!!



TheRealThanos said:

A nice interview with the developers, done last year: (the interview in English starts at page 4 and ends on page 6. The previous pages are the same interview in Spanish) It also goes into WHY you should be interested because it explains what it offers compared to Forza and GT. (or any other racer for that matter)
And here's two more IN-GAME videos that show off lighting, reflection, weather effects, sound effects (wind rushing and sound deforming because of the speed) and sense of speed: and Play them full screen, full resolution, and if you have it, through a surround set. I love the little touches they keep adding, such as the in helmet cam, and the fact that the focus of your vision results in other parts of the screen (such as the dashboard/steering wheel as seen in the second clip) fading out/blurring. It also adds to the sense of speed.
Small tip: I have downloaded many of the clips previously mentioned (#47) and put them on a portable HD to play on my big TV screen. It gives you more of a console "feel" and it certainly looks great on a bigger screen too. (can't imagine anyone having a PC monitor that is bigger than the TV) Then again, you could also stream media to your TV, or if it's a Smart TV, just use the YouTube channel on your TV.



Pod said:


I completely understand the courses can't be Mario Kart like, but it's a general thing of employing a natural shape language to compliment the sleek vehicles.

I'm sure there's some more interesting stuff in there than closed off circuits, I'll just have to check out a bit more of it.



TheRealThanos said:

@Pod yeah well, that is probably the thing then. Although from the developer's perspective it is no more than logical that there can't be any trade-offs anywhere in the game if you're aiming to make the most realistic racing simulator ever. Prettying up tracks would then of course be a definite no-no...
But good to hear that you will reserve final judgment...
If you want something in between Mario Kart and a real racer, you might still be able to pick a copy of Blur somewhere out of a bargain bin:



Dark-Link73 said:

Holy bleeeeeeep!!! The real question is, is the video "gameplay" example of just PC, PC/X1/PS4, or ALL systems.



TheRealThanos said:

@Dark-Link73 All gameplay shown (and it actually IS gameplay, as I explained in comment #90 to other doubters) is still from the (probably maxed out) PC version: as a company they chose to show the most beautiful version, which from a marketing point of view seems very logical. It has been said though that the X1/PS4 versions aren't very far behind, and the Wii U version will apparently come pretty close to maxing out the hardware, but without hampering gameplay. (you might want to read more on that in the link I posted to an interview with the developers in comment #94) My guess is that graphics of that version will be in between Need For Speed Shift 2 and the PC version of Project CARS. The NFS Shift series is from the same developers. And most material of gameplay posted on YouTube is from beta testers, and those are also all on PC, which is nearly always mentioned in the descriptions of these videos. If you check some of the videos in my first comment on this article (comment #47) then you can compare earlier footage with more recent ones to see the progress and what's been added and such.



Genesaur said:

Looks impressive. Most impressive. While I'm sure it'll look very good, and while I acknowledge that Wii U is more powerful than most people give it credit, I very much doubt the Wii U version will look quite THAT good.

Having said that, and now having read the interview courtesy of Thanos, I am very glad that they're still in the mindset to make the Wii U version good, or, specifically, "not the worst one," where the PC version will obviously be the "best."



TheRealThanos said:

@Genesaur You're right: It doesn't. But it will still look pretty damn good, like I said in previous comments. But I won't blame you if you didn't read all my massive slabs of text. There's some pretty cool clips to be found in them, though...
And the interview with the developers I posted in comment #94 gives you more than enough info on what to expect, and that interview is almost a year old, and way more stuff has been added since. I played the beta on PC and it really is a great game and a very realistic experience.



TheRealThanos said:

@Genesaur Ah, well in that case much appreciated right back at'cha. Still wouldn't have blamed you (or anyone else) if you wouldn't have. I know that when I get enthusiastic about something I can get carried away and before you know it I've written an article instead of a comment...



SphericalCrusher said:

This looks amazing! Definitely a WiiU purchase for me. I've been following it for a bit, so can't wait till I can finally play it! It would be nice to have a racing wheel for it like I do on my Xbox 360.



retro_player_22 said:

Awesome, I got Need For Speed Most Wanted U and play that one nonstop, now I can add this one to the list of awesome must-buy driving game for Wii U.



FritzFrapp said:

Er, when did I use the term 'in-game'? I said 'gameplay footage'. You know, when a player is actually CONTROLLING what is happening on-screen. A world of difference.
I was not questioning how good the game looks. I know it looks good, and I am a very interested party too, not a doubter. I was questioning all the trailer purporting to show sections of the game where the player is in control ("all footage from gameplay" as it states in a blanket statement right from the onset), when they are not. Whether the parts of game where the player actually is in control look worse or even better, doesn't matter at all. It is simply false advertising.
I really look forward to the game, and that's why this grates even more than usual for me. I won't give them a free pass over this. Hope they label the next trailer properly. There's no reason why they shouldn't.



rbmoura85 said:

@TheRealThanos oh, its true. I knew theres f1 in project cars, but i doubt it will be a fully fledged experience, since the game has so much more stuff, even if it had all the tracks (wich, apparently, it doesnt)

Project Cars, F1 2014 and Mario Kart 8 are my dream trio of racing games

Since you like racing games, we should add each other on could we do that, if you dont mind?



AshFoxX said:

When I sold my 360 in favor of my PS3, my only 'casualty' was my copies of Forza 2 and 3 since Mass Effect Trilogy was on PS3 and PC. I never liked Gran Turismo, even though I do own 3 and 4, but 5 and 6 never got to my radar after Forza.

This game will not look this good on Wii-U, but if it looks as good as GT6 does on PS3, I will definitely be jumping on the Wii U version as I don't plan on getting a PS4 until either Sly Cooper 5 comes out or I win the lottery.

I already have an Xbox One, but I got mine back in 2001 and for some reason this won't work on it. ()



TheRealThanos said:

@Frapp Well, no offense but really: in-game, gameplay footage, to me they are two parts of the same equation. Arguably you could say that cut scenes are also a part of in-game and are therefore not representative of actual gameplay, but in this case I would hardly call any statement that Slightly Mad Studios makes "vague and non-committal" as that pertains to it supposedly being a blanket statement. Like I said in my original comment to you: "I can understand some of your reservations on games actually looking as good as trailers make them seem since we've all experienced that since the rise of the cd/dvd which made nice trailers and cut scenes possible, but as far as Project CARS is concerned, it may well be the exception to the rule." And I have even shared some of these same disappointments through all the years, and I've been gaming since 1975, so perhaps you can well imagine all that I have seen. Besides that, all I can do is write down my own experiences in all honesty and what I've seen and played truly is on par with the trailers, so they are indeed representative of gameplay.
No need to point out that I played the beta on a high end gaming PC, so settings were maxed out and those are well beyond what the Wii U can do, but from what I've gathered, it will still be a VERY pretty game, and more importantly, the graphics may not be the same, the gameplay is and I can tell you that it is a treat. I did check the statement in the trailer because you made me curious and it said "all footage shown is taken from in-game" which to me explains that it is all live recorded footage, NOT CGI/pre-rendered. And as I also explained in a previous comment the beta doesn't contain any other video/cut scenes other than the intro, and some short clips like when a car is chosen or a fly over to show a track. And of course replays, but those are from your own gameplay. And you could always browse through the truckload of YouTube links that I posted in comment #47 (or the two "behind the wheel" clips in comment #94) to see and compare actual gameplay in various settings for yourself.
Other than that, if you still choose to question if the graphics are of actual gameplay, that is up to you. There's nothing that I gain from convincing you, so I have no stake in winning you over, I can just tell you what I've experienced, and I've pretty much played every racing sim out there, and this one trumps them all. Both in graphics & content. (number of fully licensed cars, number of tracks, number of race types, real time weather effects, full damage models on ALL cars, accurate engine sounds and so on. The list continues) Anyway, I hope you get to try it out for yourself once the game is published and who knows? It might grow on you...
@rbmoura85 Well thanks for the invite and I might have obliged (it is also very simple as you already know my gamertag, which is the same across all consoles) but the thing is >shocker< that I don't own a Wii U. The 3DS XL is my latest purchase and between playing on that daily matters, bills and some nasty financial troubles I haven't been able to set aside enough money to buy any of the new consoles yet. I will eventually, but for now the 3DS XL will have to do until I'm in the clear and can afford to not only buy the console, but also a bunch of games. Rest assured that Project CARS will be among them, though...



GeekSquad1992 said:

Definitely pumped for this! Can't wait to get it! Have we heard anything on pricing yet though? I'd imagine it'll be the usual $60, and if that's the case, then this year's list of games to buy is quickly outpacing my wallet!



Genesaur said:

@TheRealThanos I'm actually in a similar boat. I'm still waiting on the financial stability to make the jump for a Wii U purchase. In the meantime, though, I've already picked up a number of games for it, most of which are cheap at brand new, nowadays.



TheRealThanos said:

@Genesaur I had something similar planned, but I also wanted to have some games for the 3DS XL, so I decided to do that and wait with the Wii U games. Hopefully they will still be available by the time I'm in the clear.

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