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Interview: Codemasters - F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition

Posted by Darren Calvert

Vroom vroom

Codemasters’ F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition finally zoomed on to the Wii U eShop this week in Europe and North America; its marketing promises fast and fun arcade racing on the Wii U, with four-player split-screen racing. Formula One fans may get a kick out of seeing stars such as Lewis Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel make an appearance as cartoon heroes in the game, though its delayed arrival on the platform has meant that the roster is out of date.

It certainly looks like it might make a fun family racing experience for the Wii U, at least to tide us over until Mario Kart 8 dominates every waking moment of our lives later this year. Keen to learn more ahead of our review, we've caught up with Codemasters’ Gavin Cooper, the Chief Game Designer on F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition.

Nintendo Life: First up, can you tell us about the origins of this title and its kart-style approach?

Gavin Cooper: The goal, more than anything else, was to create an F1 game that everybody could enjoy. Loads of us in the studio are F1 fans, but previously the only real F1 games you could play were very realistic, very much for the hardcore fans. We wanted to be able to play with that F1 scene – the locations, the characters – alongside our friends and families. Share some of the stuff that’s fun and cool about F1 with people who may not be up for a racing simulation.

NL: This was previously planned as a retail release but is now an eShop-only title at a lower price - what prompted that decision?

GC: It’s just the way things worked out in the end. We’re just happy that we can bring the F1 Race Stars experience to Wii U gamers and at a great price.

For the Wii U version of F1 Race Stars, we decided to focus our efforts on providing the best possible local multiplayer experience we could.

NL: Can you outline the differences of the Powered Up Edition when compared to the previous iterations?

GC: The ‘Powered Up Edition’ contains all of the tracks (China, India, Canada and Europe) and novelty upgrades that were released on the other platforms as DLC. And because we’ve pulled all that into the game as standard, we’ve been able to go back and incorporate it into the Career mode as well.

NL: Can you clarify whether online multiplayer or leaderboards are available in the Wii U version?

GC: For the Wii U version of F1 Race Stars, we decided to focus our efforts on providing the best possible local multiplayer experience we could and squeezing in all the additional content that was previously only available as DLC. We think there’s a ton of content for gamers to enjoy even without the online mode.

NL: What modes are on offer in this title?

GC: The game is best enjoyed in local splitscreen multiplayer, which supports up to four players and gives players all the control they need to decide how they want to play. There’s also a single player “Play” mode that gives you a similar level of control when playing on your own. On top of those modes, the game also has a Career mode that lets players compete against the famous F1 faces in a series of exciting cups! Each of those modes will pit you against other drivers in a variety of different race types, including Classic, Slalom, Elimination, Pole Position, Refuel, Sector Snatch, Trophy Chase, and Exhibition. So there’s plenty of variety on offer!

NL: There are clearly plenty of power-ups on offer. Can you explain some of these and perhaps pick a favourite?

GC: Sure! Some power-ups are offensive, like the red Homing Bubble that tracks an opponent and then envelops them, slowing them down briefly. Others are defensive, like the Balloons that you can drop behind you – any opponents that hit them will make the balloons pop, covering their screen with confetti! Some power-ups can be used in different ways, like the blue Trap Bubble: it can be dropped behind you as a hazard for unwary drivers, or thrown forwards a short distance as an offensive tactic.

Many of the power-ups play on fun F1 themes, like the Boost, DRS or Wet Weather power-ups.

But my favourite is definitely the Bottle Rocket! Created to evoke the classic, frothy podium celebration, this power-up turns the player’s car and driver pop into a bottle rocket that propels itself around the track at ludicrous speed, knocking all the other drivers out of the way and damaging them. The bottle’s auto-piloted, so it’s great to trigger it just before you get to a tricky section of track!

The handling itself is very different to other karting games – there’s a real skill to be mastered.

NL: Do the mechanics have ‘hidden depth’ for experienced players, for example track shortcuts, drifting mechanics and so-on?

GC: Absolutely! A big part of making the game fun for everyone meant making it fun for people the 100th time they play it, not just the first time.

The handling itself is very different to other karting games – there’s a real skill to be mastered. Corners in the game are marked with KERS pads, and whilst on these the player will charge up their KERS meter. When a section of the meter is full, they can release the accelerator and then press it again to activate and start charging the next section. Each section of the KERS meter they fill means a bigger boost when they exit the corner, but managing the meter as well as their speed through the corner is a fun balancing act to try and master!

The power-ups reward the player for learning how to use them skilfully, too. Not just how they work and the little tricks you can do with them, but also the best places in certain tracks to use them. Learning the tracks will give players an edge, and yes – they all contain shortcuts to be discovered!

Finally the damage system – where players take damage when hit by power-ups or hazards – gives experienced players real options in terms of balancing risk vs. reward. If you’re damaged do you take the pits and get repaired, but at the cost of maybe losing your position in the pack? Or ride it out, but at the risk of your car getting fully damaged?

Did I mention the slipstreaming? Or the jump boosts?

NL: Can you tell us about the track design? How did you go about constructing hybrids of real tracks with fantastical elements?

GC: It was a really fun process for our level designers! We started out by looking at the real world circuits and figuring out what we could take: famous sections of track or famous corners, recognisable landmarks, the style of racing (for example, is the real track about long, sweeping bends, or is it long straights and hairpins?).

Then we’d take a step back from the track itself and look at the country setting – F1 is a real globe-trotting sport, so getting across the feel of all those different locations was really important to us. We’d take the character of that country and layer it in to all the stuff we got from the circuit, and then use all of it to build a track from the ground up that fitted the F1 Race Stars look and feel.

A big part of that were the fantastical elements, but we were really careful with those. We didn’t want to go too magical. F1 is a real world sport, with a big emphasis on engineering. As much as possible, we wanted to work with ideas that felt like things people could actually build. A giant animatronic scrap metal dinosaur is definitely on the list of things we’d like to see in the next F1 season!

F1 is a real globe-trotting sport, so getting across the feel of all those different locations was really important to us.

NL: How is the GamePad used in this game? Does it include off-TV?

GC: Absolutely. Single player, you can choose to play either on the TV or on the GamePad. If they play on the TV then the GamePad acts as an enhanced HUD, showing a race map and extra race info.

But splitscreen is where it shines, letting you use the GamePad as a separate display. So in a 2-player game, for example, one person can have the TV and one person can have the pad (so no need to split the screen). Or in a 3-player game, one person has the pad and the TV only needs to provide a 2-way split, so the players have bigger, easier to see screens.

NL: What are the alternative control schemes, and how many can play at once?

GC: The game supports analog stick (if available), D-pad and tilt controls (if available). Wii U GamePad, Classic Controller, Pro Controller and Wiimote all work with the game, so getting enough controllers together for a multiplayer game should be easy!

NL: Can you outline the design process that led to the cartoon-style visuals for real-life drivers?

GC: We took the fact that; a) the drivers are heroes and b) the brightly coloured racing car designs are incredible, we then used these as influences when we started drawing the drivers. We tried many different ideas; the plan was that even if you didn’t know anything about Formula One, when you saw these characters you’d still want to play with them. We struck upon a style which had a toy-like appeal with the confidence of a hero from a CGI blockbuster family movie, which also had a sleek, racing car like determination to the sculpting. The result is charming, it was a joy showing them to the F1 teams and seeing their delight!

NL: How would the team describe the process of porting the game to Wii U? Has it been a relatively simple or complex process?

GC: Making games is never a straight forward process, but our programmers didn’t look too frazzled at the end! The trickier bit has been designing around all of the different ways players can play the game – different controllers, different screen configurations... And then, most importantly, making all of those different setups fun. Making them all work intuitively, and smoothly. That took a bit more time.

NL: How do you feel this will stand alongside Mario Kart 8 when it comes out later this year? Is it a different experience?

GC: Definitely a different experience! Obviously, there are a bunch of similarities, as you’d expect given they’re both karting games.

But the F1 license gave us the opportunity to do a lot of things a bit differently, something to set us apart from the Mario Kart clones. With the license - the names, the faces, the locations – as well as the pits system, the KERS cornering system, jump boosts... All of this makes for a very different karting experience.

NL: Is this series likely to continue in the future?

GC: I guess only time will tell!

NL: Does Codemasters have any other plans for Wii U / 3DS in the near future?

GC: Nothing that we can discuss currently but who knows what the future might hold?

We'd like to thank Gavin for his time. F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition is available to download now from the Wii U eShop.

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Anguspuss said:

well im grounded for 5 days with whooping cough. So I splashed out on this. Extensive career mode. (BIt puzzled as only one tropht for 3 engine sizes).
You can play as your mii which is fun as well.
Looks great on tv & pad.
Hopefully be a success so we could get real f1 game. Touch screen laid out like f1 wheel would be great.




Peach64 said:

Quite interested in this. I used to love Codemasters Micro Machines games so much as a kid, and those sort of games don't really exist anymore. This is obviously more of a Kart Racer, but I'd still like to try it.



Sinister said:

I really do not get why they axed the online multiplayer.
Do Devs not understand that players will not buy their games if they get the feeling they get shfted?



LoBo said:

I was going to buy this game until I found out it had no online , which I feel is the most important aspect of any racing Kart game .. big mistake to leave it out , shame really because it looks visually impressive



daveh30 said:

I wish Codemasters would reboot the Micromachines games... or at least make 'em available on VC



Shiryu said:

I would love (LOVE!) to buy this as retail physical disc. A brave new world we are heading into, one I have yet to accept.



antonvaltaz said:

@Peach64 Have you looked at TNT Racers: Nitro Machines Edition on the Wii U eShop? I think it's meant to be inspired by Micro Machines (the subtitle is a bit of a giveaway)? Not played it myself yet, though I used to love Micro Machines on the Amiga...



Kyloctopus said:

I'm being a little picky here, but if Codemasters were to focus mostly on Local Multiplayer, why wasn't there a 5-Player mode? Was it too hard to put in?
Regardless, this does look like a fun game and I've put it on my Wish List.



Subie98 said:

Ill still get thia eventually. But not for $30 lacking online. I do really think it looks great.



micronean said:

No thanks.
I have no trust in codemasters after all their botch jobs on the F1 series. Their sales numbers are atrocious, and the reason they don't say anything about future of Wii U is because they really have nothing in store, not even a port of GRID.
Heck, their forums have been down for two months now. They said it was because their contract ended with their forum supplier expired. But what kind of healthy professional business forgets to negotiate a contract? And it was only one month since F1 2013 had been released!!
I have no faith in Codemasters, and unbeknownst to many people here this new powered up edition is the exact same copy they released in Japan 6 months ago. They haven't done a single different thing with it, and never mind that the roster is already two years old, despite having the F1 license, and, therefore, the power to update the rosters.
I used to support Codemasters. I used to have faith in them, but now they are simply trash.



element187 said:

"We think there’s a ton of content for gamers to enjoy even without the online mode."

I want to buy this kart racer but the chances I get to play local multiplayer is slim and none. I need online in my kart racer so I can enjoy multiplayer daily. The game looks appealing, but I want online for a kart racer. Whoever made this decision chose poorly. I rather have online than all of the dlc.



element187 said:

@LoBo I'd pay $40-$50 for this game if it had online... I purchased the Sonic kart racer for $50 specifically because of all the online modes. I'm not a big fan of sonic at all, in fact can't seem to grasp why he is popular, but online kart racers? Shut up and take my money.



C-Olimar said:

According to the eShop description it does include online leaderboards, so that's something.

This definitely seems like a great game for me. I love Mario Kart and used to love F1 before Vettel started Schumachering all over the place. £20 is just a little too steep though without online



JaxonH said:

I was noticing this game on the eShop just the other day. It actually does look really good. For $30, I'm totally ok with no online- it's not like I know anyone who owns the game anyways, and I don't typically race random players. Never have. Actually, I think I will get this, especially since I just got my nice, new external hard drive for Wii U. Kind of a gamble on how good it'll be. That's the fun of buying it though.



Tritonus said:

No online? For an eShop only game? This is a viscous cycle.

I know that nintendo tends to focus on the "local" experience, but not all of us (stuff happens when you grow up) have a ton of friends and family around anymore to play with all the time. For a game like SM3DW I get it, but a kart game?

MK8 and Smash better have online. Otherwise I'm not sure I'll be buying.



kyuubikid213 said:

"The game has no online, therefore is bad game not worthy of purchase."

Give me a break. And we wonder why Wii U support is so low.

Next we'll hear Zelda U doesn't have online multiplayer and everyone will get upset.

Funnily enough, there are a decent handful of games across all platforms that don't have local multiplayer, but that's fine.



kyuubikid213 said:

@Tritonus You're kidding, right? Mario Kart Wii and Smash Bros. Brawl had online... Why wouldn't their successors?? Kid Icarus Uprising and Mario Kart 7 even have online. Don't be silly.



andrea987 said:

No online, no buy; not often I can play local multi. That's also why I didn't buy any of the other racers on the eshop.



KingofSaiyans said:


I don't think anyone is saying that this is a bad game. But the fact that it lacks online multiplayer is a major let down. Especially for a game of this genre.



XFsWorld said:

This is B$. I'm sure they've loss on some sales because of no online multi-player. I would have gotten it. Can't believe this gonna be a retail release with no online at a higher price than what it is right now. Pffffft. If this was a PS4 title it would have online....



Lassenwolf said:

Why buy this , It's one more game that isn't online. And we wonder why the wiiu has shovelware . ports and no one buying it.Fail again. If it was onlne I would buy it today



Tritonus said:

@kyuubikid213 Comparing to Zelda U is really weird. I couldn't care less if Zelda U doesn't have online multiplayer. (However, the message in a bottle feature, and other non-direct interaction would be very welcome).
But this is a racing game. It's practically made for online. Racing against the computer is only so fun. These competitive games are perfect for online.

I know MK7 and Brawl had online, but besides Miiverse, Nintendo seems to be regressing into local play (Nintendoland, SM3DW, Pikmin 3) - so I'm kinda having my doubts. These are all games that could have benefitted from online play, EVEN if the local experience is superior in these cases. Especially Pikmin 3 could have benefitted from online bingo battles, and online co-op play. I get why Nintendoland and SM3DW don't have online play, but it certainly wouldn't have hurt them either.

A game like this however, I need online play to justify the buy. It's a racing game. Competitive by nature. I have noone to compete with then there's no point. Conditions in my life are that I don't have people around to sit play split screen with.

Online and local play are not mutually exclusive. They can coexist.



Tritonus said:

It is the self-fulfilling prophecy of why these titles don't sell on Wii U. Stripped features -> people don't buy. No sales -> developers don't put features into games.



ACK said:

Couldn't care less about online multi. I'd rather play with my kids, wife, or in-the-flesh friends than any of you chumps. Sorry!

Happy to hear it supports dual screen local multi, at least. That's my jam. The whole fam' loves kart racers so we are almost a lock to download this somewhere down the road.



Urbanhispanic said:

Okay...for the people who are bashing those that are turned off at the fact that this game does not have online multiplayer need to stop. Some of us don't have friends nearby to play games with us and/or kids of our own to play at a moment's notice.

Games like FPSs, racing games and fighting games do benefit from having the ability to play with and against others online. If this title was brought out to Xbox 360/One and PS3/4, there's no way the online multiplayer features would have been left out; why is it acceptable for the Wii U? I'm all for local play and some games are PERFECT for it like puzzle games and SM3DW.

But kart racing games, when done right, are really fun AND should have local play and online multiplayer. There was no reason for them to cut it out and I feel it will hurt their potential sales in the long run.



XFsWorld said:

@Urbanhispanic Right! And I have a strange feeling that this will get ported to other platforms WITH online multiplayer.

This game still do look really good and fun tho, if it was $15 I would buy it. $30 is just too high for a racing eShop game with no online multiplayer. -.-



Drsasa said:

I agree with all of you but sometimes if game is good, and this one is, we need to support developers in hope they will continue support to WiiU. Low sale of this one and i think we cant expect anything more from Codemaster. Yes WiiU get always bad ports , stripped etc ... but with no buy no future developing, as we see. Personaly i got it and its great.



Shambo said:

Can anyone answer me this: I have Sonic and All Stars on Wii U, I'm planning to get MK8, is this still worth purchasing? Is it as different as they say, and does it offer enough to be a full game? No online is no problem, never played Sonic and All Stars online either, MK8 will be my choice for online karting.



unrandomsam said:

@Shambo I cannot see how anybody who likes All Stars Racing Transformed could ever desire to play a Mario Kart game ever again. (If it was more like Mario Kart Arcade GP then I could understand wanting to play it).



Drsasa said:

@Shambo tbh i like All Star more but from other hand f1 have some uniq things what you dont have in All Star or Mario Kart games like your kart can be damaged then u need to pass cross pitstop where you will lose some time, graphic is really nice and f1 riders cartoon faces are great. Downside for me is you dont have that much feeling of speed in f1 as in All Stars but from other hand i never managed to be that easy in first place with long distance as in All Stars (kinda ai give bit more challange). So dunno what to say some things are better some not but i prefer All Stars more, and strongly recommend this one.



LoBo said:

@XFsWorld F1 Race stars has already been on the Xbox & Ps3 for a year , I'm not sure if it has online though , but yea we got the powered up edition with all the DLC for free + 4 extra tracks , my opinion is , if this were to have online multiplayer this game would undoubtedly sell well



LoBo said:

@Shambo , I have sonic all star racing transformed , and it is nothing like Mario kart in my opinion , for a start SART is much faster than MK , but still a fun game never the less , but Mario Kart is pinnacle game in Kart Racing , and I advise you to go out and buy Mk8 you wont be disappointed I'm sure .



unrandomsam said:

@element187 Sonic is not perfect but they haven't totally destroyed the difficulty that is why I like it even with the rough edges once you can play it properly it is great. With Mario I have no incentive to ever try and improve succeed first time never use a continue and finish everything there is in 5 hours or so. (Sonic Generations I didn't really get the most enjoyment until I was much better at it i.e after about 20 hours and could play it at full speed)



Shade_Koopa said: the Wii U version has no Online Play. I'll stick with Sonic & All Star Racing transformed for my online racing. I can easily get a full room thanks to the Miiverse posting. I also have Mario Kart 7, which is still going strong. These will tide me over till Mario Kart 8 comes out.

I am glad to know that Wii U First Party titles are getting online playn for the games that deserve it that is.



unrandomsam said:

@LoBo Mario Kart could be great if they just made it so the best player wins and so in order to play it well you have to learn the tracks. (And when you first start playing you cannot use the high speed ones). Arcade GP is far far better.



willobee said:

Played this toooons at a friends house on PS3 when it came out, and still do. Great game. But the lack of online is a bit depressing.



MadAdam81 said:

codemasters could have spent a bunch of money on online & servers, but I can't see more than 20 people using it at anyone time. The cost would have been much more, and due to not being able to play online very often due to low players, people wouldn't buy it for online & the higher price would stop offline buyers too.
This is a good budget title with great use of the gamepad for local multiplayer.
If you have no friends or family who live close enough and would actually like to play it, try and make new friends.



Cobra said:

@Kyloctopus Yep, that's exactly what I was thinking. If they put any amount of work into the local split screen you'd think it would be 5 players rather than the standard 4 players everything else also got.



XFsWorld said:

@MadAdam81 Oh so you're one of those guys who don't care about online? Just want some GamePad features and you're good?

And you're saying we should meet strangers to play a game with us?



unrandomsam said:

@MadAdam81 Codemasters already have their own infrastructure for doing that sort of stuff. They could have even had cross platform multiplayer. (With racing there is no great advantage like there is with keyboard and mouse with FPS).



ikki5 said:

I honestly hope this game flops. They removed online multiplayer which is what makes racing games so great. This would be comparable to playing Battlefield with no online and only LAN only... Have fun with that one. Not everyone has 50 friends to come over and play and even if they did, it is not like they are going to want to come over when you want to play and lets face it, single player racing is boring. It's good when you first start but once you unlock and do everything... it's done unless you have people to play with often which hardly anyone does. They'd have people to play with occasionally at most. Other than that, it is boring piece of garbage that doesn't get played until the next week... month or decade when people show up to play it..

This game is a no and never buy for me. If Devs want to be lazy and use the pathetic excuse that they felt to focus on local multiplayer especially when the game really needs online multiplayer to get the most out of it, then they'll never see a penny from me.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Tritonus Um...this wasn't developed by Nintendo. Not to mention both Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl had online modes. This is really a decision from Codemasters.



XCWarrior said:

I look forward to the day when devs realize Nintendo gamers do actually want online games.



1wiierdguy said:

If this had online I would have purchased the game on release day, without means I probably won't purchase it at all. I hate having to give up features and modes just because I own a Nintendo system. Treat me like like a second class gamer and I'll keep my money in my pocket.



Mellor2000 said:

These people are business people. If it would have been financially viable to offer online multiplayer they would have. There's no point paying for it if hardly anyone is going to use it.



element187 said:

@DarkCoolEdge its a money issue. The game won't sell as much as they need it to to pay for the dev costs of adding it.

They are expecting low sales, but removing the most important feature in a kart racer will exasperate those low sales



element187 said:

@kyuubikid213 that's fine you think this game is worthy of a purchase even if it's missing online. Me, as a consumer will not purchase an offline kart racer. I would rarely ever get to play local MP therefore the enjoyment I would receive would be almost non existent.... Singleplayer karting just isn't my thing, they are best enjoyed with 2 or more players.



element187 said:

@unrandomsam I liked the features of sonic racing(one person on the gamepad, one using the tv), but 30fps is terrible for kart racer IMO. I might try to pick up the PC version in the next Steam sale.

Kart Racers, fighters, action, platformers, shooters absolutely must be 60fps



element187 said:

@Mellor2000 I agree with that, they are within their right to remove features if they don't think it will be as a consumer i am not a charity, so if it doesn't fit my needs it can refuse to buy it.

Capitalism is awesome like that. Two adults coming in a mutual agreement in the transfer of goods/services for an agreed upon compensation without the intervention of a third party entity.



thanos316 said:

come on codemasters really. no online. no multiplayer.. really. this is why this game will only sell a 100 copies. and i won't be one of those takers.



Tritonus said:

@Ernest_The_Crab @element187 I think you both misunderstood me. Of course, this isn't Nintendo's decision, I was only stating that if Nintendo doesn't include online in MK8 / SSB U, then I'm not sure I would buy them. Furthermore, I am worried about that given Nintendo's general reluctance to online. I know the previous installments of these games had online, but.. I'm still worried, lol!

Really, it's unrelated to this game, I was just drawing the comparison that for me, this kind of game needs to have online.



StarDust4Ever said:

$30 USD is way too much for an eShop exclusive IMO. No online kind of kills the deal too. I'm grown, no kids, and my fiance is a non-gamer. CPU opponents tend to be boring as well. As this point, I'm just gonna hold out for Mario Kart 8.



Squashy said:

As an F1 fan (well until it became Formula Vettel anyway!) and an enormous Mario Kart fan (I own every single one), I've wanted this since it came out on PS3, but waited so I could get the Wii U version. And waited I have!

It's a real shame that the online has been taken away, what I don't understand is why didn't they do the following:

  • Update the Driver line up to the 2013 season
  • Keep the online multiplayer
  • Keep it as a retail release at a price of around £29.99/$39.99

The graphical work required to update the driver line up would be minimal because the paint jobs on the cars barely changed from their 2012 designs so it would simply be a case of swapping the helmet colours around and changing a few names.

After saying all that it still looks like a great game that I'll enjoy and not buying it just because it doesn't have online would be ridiculous!

@Shiryu Yeah I feel exactly the same! I'm a bit sad that I can't own this on proper disc!



Squashy said:

@Dazza By the way did you find out why it was delayed for so long Darren? Especially seeing as it's been out for ages in Japan



QuickSilver88 said:

I am not really a big online multiplayer fan but I think the lack of features in WiiU games is getting old and hurting system and game sales. i mean the WiiU is just always beeing seen as less than. Some games are built for local multiplayer like M3DW which is fine but when games have online on every other version its inexcusable. I would like to see more games use cross platform multiplay and that would solve the problem of not enough WiiU players to support online infrastructure. When companies do local co-op or multiplayer the don't always support async play. Honestly a game like splinter cell BL would have been so cool with local go-op with async. The WiU could be so much better if devs, including Nintendo were using the features it provides more.



SphericalCrusher said:

I want this badly... but I don't know about the $30 just yet. I was deciding between this and UnEpic last night, because I had $10 in DDP money... so I figured on one hand, I could get UnEpic for free, and on the other hand, I could get this game for $20. Ultimately, I chose UnEpic but I am planning on getting this game soon.



Shiryu said:

@Squashy Removing the online component is sadly expected because keeping up dedicated servers to accommodate a very tiny user base (that's us, Wii U owners =( ) is quite cost inneficient, I am just waiting for EA to pull the plug on "Need For Speed Most Wanted" Wii U servers anyday now.



unrandomsam said:

@element187 Speaking of Capitalism the modern version of it is broken. Codemasters made the Game Genie and a hack to work around the NES lockout chip. The reasoning given in those court cases about unlicensed cartridges and why they should be allowed wouldn't happen these days. Capitalism works best when there is minimal bureaucracy and everybody is competing on merit. Someone managed the same thing with the Wii U they wouldn't get away with it.



Squashy said:

@Shiryu Indeed, you're quite right I'm sure, even so I just can't help but think that if they had kept the online and charged a bit more it would have sold just as well and the higher price would surely have more than paid for the servers.

They better not shut down the servers for Need For Speed, but then this is Electronic Farts we're talking about!



MadAdam81 said:

@XFsWorld I love online, but not when there's only a handful of people online and it takes 30 minutes to start an online game.



blkbatyo said:

We had a WiiU game party and this game was a blast to play with a party and drinks!! 4th place ppl do a shot while 1st place makes a losing player do a shot!!!! The graphics are great and it has a very Mario Kart feel with the almost upside down track levels and the environments are kool with worldly settings and music. Online would be nice but its really not needed at a fun party!!! I really like the pit lane aspect of this game since no other kart type game uses this realistic aspect of racing! I highly recommend this for racing fans of kart games and parties.



Dazza said:

@Squashy sorry we didn't find that out. I'm guessing it was because it was originally planned as a boxed retail game like the Japanese version. The transition to only being a eShop game properly took some time.



Squashy said:

@Dazza Oh I see, thanks for replying! It's a shame they made it eShop only, but I guess with it being half price now the profits would have been too small for the boxed version. I'm still convinced that what I suggested before would have worked though!



Kolzig said:

Didn't bother to make online mode or leaderboards in it and also old roster...
Of course this game doesn't really ooze the feeling of lively online community so online competing wouldn't have been that active very likely.

Project CARS and Mario Kart 8 will be the next main car titles for Wii U.

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