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Formula One goes over the top!

F1 Race Stars will deliver formula fun on every straight, hairpin, jump and loop-the-loop with super-fast racing and a range of power-ups for players to collect and deploy as they sprint for the chequered flag ahead of their rivals.

F1 Race Stars will take players on a world tour of iconic Formula One locations, including Monaco, Silverstone and the new Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas, recreated as fantastical racing circuits built for speed and wheel-to-wheel competition. Friends and family can share the fun too; F1 Race Stars will deliver 4-player split-screen racing and 12-player competition alongside an extensive career mode featuring a number of Championships.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

This Formula isn't quite the One

The kart racing genre has never been particularly short of options. While Nintendo may have created the most enduring franchise in the form of Mario Kart, others such as Sony and Sega have produced high-profile efforts, with Sonic & All-Stars Racing...

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luminalace said:

I would prefer a real formula 1 game. Sonic and Allstars racing is superior to this game so I hope they have improved it for Wii U but I highly doubt it.



luminalace said:

I am not sure if the game is ever going to see the light of day. No official announcement or confirmation by Codemasters that the game is coming and the expected release date has passed without a whisper.



PatcherStation said:

Annoying that it was released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but GAME had an exclusive (you got an extra track to download), now there's another version (Powered Up Edition), but there's nothing on the Codemasters website about it. Not sure if this is coming out on other formats, but I suppose games like this are more suited for Nintendo consoles. From playing it, most of the tracks are quite boring and the gameplay can be annoying at times.



Windy said:

If this is the same game as Xbox 360 version with all the Multiplayer online options this just maybe my reason to buy a Wii-U the game looked awesome on there and is more like a mariokart game than an F1 sim. I have a couple F1 sims and there are just to many adjustments which to me make the games no fun. This game looks amazingly fun. I'm looking into the online options and might finally buy a Wii-U :)



DStroke said:

Hm as I remeber the reviews were really bad I think, so I don't care that much but waiting for your review



Anguspuss said:

I ended up buying it after being floored with a bug.
I had the ps3 version & they seem to have towned down the AI cheating.
Looks great on tv or if you play it on the gamepad. Also you can use your mii as well.

Good game till MK. Would be nice to get codemasters to port the F1 game. The gamepad could havetouch buttons like the real F1 cars. The wii u pad would make for some great sim games.



estaples said:

The Xbox 360 version of F1 Race Stars is a blast with friends. Just as fun as Mario Kart in my opinion.

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