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Mon 20th Jan 2014

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blkbatyo commented on Review: F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition (Wii...:

I downloaded this game the other day and played it with friends at a party and had a fuken blast!! Local multiplayer is crazy fun and with a few drinks with 4th place driver taking a shot while 1st place driver gives another driver a shot!! Graphics are great and cartoony. Mario kart clone but the pit stop lane iz the highlight of this game since no other kart game has this which makes it feel more realistic! Its a great game and I highly recommend it to any F1 and kart racing fan!! Dont listen to ppl that post on here that dont have this game or friends or parties to play this at bcuz its fun yo!!!



blkbatyo commented on Interview: Codemasters - F1 Race Stars: Powere...:

We had a WiiU game party and this game was a blast to play with a party and drinks!! 4th place ppl do a shot while 1st place makes a losing player do a shot!!!! The graphics are great and it has a very Mario Kart feel with the almost upside down track levels and the environments are kool with worldly settings and music. Online would be nice but its really not needed at a fun party!!! I really like the pit lane aspect of this game since no other kart type game uses this realistic aspect of racing! I highly recommend this for racing fans of kart games and parties.