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Pokémon X & Y Online Battles Vulnerable to "Battle Analyser" Cheaters

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

There should be no place for cheats

It's an unfortunate part of Pokémon battles that some opt to cheat or gain unfair advantages, with official tournaments also falling victim. Unfortunately it's a blight now potentially affecting Pokémon X & Y, as details of a "Battle Analyser" tool are emerging.

The tool works by setting up a PC as a Wi-Fi hotspot for the games, accessing and displaying the online data; it does this for all online battles and shows an opponent's entire team, including the moves that they choose. It affects all battle modes and can allow the cheating player to react to information they have no right to see. Some have tested with friends to ascertain its accuracy, and though not providing 100% results it still provides a major advantage over honest players.

The post on NeoGaf provides social network details for prominent members of the Game Freak team. By spreading the word — and not links to the software itself — it's hoped that Game Freak will act to block the workaround, through encryption or any means possible.

Here's hoping a solution is found.


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BenAV said:

I saw this the other day.
Really disappointing that someone would go through the effort of making something that just wrecks the game for everyone else.



JustAnotherUser said:

This doesn't bode well, hopefully and update can be issued.

@ThomasBW84 also a small typo:
"The post on [ur.external=]NeoGaf[/url] provides social network details for prominent members of the Game Freak team. By spreading the word — and not links to the software itself — it's hoped that Game Freak will act to block the workaround, through encryption or any means possible."



Gioku said:

It's not the worst possible advantage you could possibly have, but it paves the way for possibly much worse cheating devices... I was hoping we'd avoid this kind of stuff...



BenAV said:

It's a pretty significant advantage, knowing every move your opponent makes and being able to react to it.
I'm not planning on doing any random battling online unless they can address this issue because it renders the service effectively broken.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I don't understand why people find it fun to cheat in multiplayer.

Nintendo definitely need to put a 'report scumbag' button in MK8.



Bulbousaur said:

I am honestly indifferent to people hacking the game to create Pokemon, as long as it would be possible in-game to raise the Pokemon that way, which was common in generations 4 and 5, but this is completely wrong. This gives the hacker way too much of an advantage in a battle, as just every Pokemon has multiple viable stat spreads, attacks and items, and a big aspect of competitive battling is to discover what 'set-up' the opponent is using.

I hope GameFreak comes down on this hard and as quickly as possible.



ThumperUK said:

I do feel sorry for the really sad and desperate people who think that using cheats to win is acceptable and 'fun'.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Oh that's not too bad. Usually a competitive player will be able to figure out your entire set after one move anyways. Regardless I'll do my part to hopefully get this to game freak's attention.



Nikomajor said:

I hate people like these ones, no matter how hard you EV train or IV breed your pokemon and even with the best team you can get, they just type stuff into their computers or iPads and win without using any effort



Pit-Stain said:

Oh that's disappointing! An update would help. People take it very seriously when playing online. -_-



Aerona said:

Sigh. That's awful. Why would you want to play that way? Hackers have absolutely ruined the trading aspects of the games, now I guess battles are on their to do lists.



Yosher said:

Ugh, I'd hoped this kind of stuff would be over by now. Screw you people who have to use cheats to win. I hope Nintendo bricks your 3DS systems.



Brother_Jolteon said:

its kind of sad that som people have to cheat, in pokemon of all games. this battle analyser is so stupid. why would you need a cheating device like this to check your opponents pokemon. it takes common sense to know what moves the opponent got. see Talonflame? yup its gonna have bravebird... see reuniclus? you bet your butt its gonna have trick room (mine does) the point is, its easy to predict what moves a mon has, (aegislash with knights shield and shadow sneak, im looking at you.) but whoever uses a device like that either have no life, no sense of fun, or both... just saiyan..



Megumi said:

I don't mind hacks/cheating if its to do something fun....but to do it just to win and ruin the fun for others...ugh.



unrandomsam said:

@Brother_Jolteon Personally I am thinking of getting the 3DS power saves thing from Datel.

(First time I have been remotely interested in cheating ever really but Nintendo doesn't seem to want me to play just the Hero Quest in A Link Between Worlds for whatever reason. I know I won't enjoy it as much if I play it first time through on the easy setting.)

Nintendo systems are pretty bad for online cheating. (On Mario Tennis Open loads of people quit as far as I am concerned if you get disconnected or quit you should lose all the points as if you lost every single one).

That upcoming chess game that has online will be utterly pointless due to people just running the thing on a computer. (FICS and ICS can detect that).



KiwiPanda said:

Yeah, as some have said-- what a waste of good time. Why would you even bother devoting to that? ...There isn't even any appeal. Even the trolls get tired after a few easy battles; one of the best aspects of Pokemon is the mind games in battles. This just takes the fun out of it for the cheater
Too bad no one will know who the cheaters are. It would be fun to rub into their reputation if someone won against them, external tools used.



ljb88 said:

Really can't understand people that cheat when playing online games; what fun is there in victory?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@ljb88 Probably not, MKDS and MKWii were notoriously easy to cheat in (Action Replay for DS, hacking for Wii). Ruined the entire community.
MK7 had the Waka-port exploit (which was fixed), but that wasn't exactly reliable anyway.

I don't know if you're against it, but complaining about snaking is like complaining about people being better than themselves. It's a driving technique, not a cheat or exploit. And an effective one until 7.



Starwolf_UK said:

Game Freak are either seriously naive, lazy or incompetent not to encrypt communications. They encrypt GTS (to stop fans making their own version of Pokemon bank) so they know how to. Why they didn't do so regular trading or...battles.

Regular trading not being encrypted lead to that whole Instacheck "my SV is xxxx, I has eggs with SC yyyy zzzz pls hatch" gold rush and battling has lead to this. If wouldn't be so bad if the game sent an "I'm ready" message when you've made your move rather then sending what that move actually was, most movesets are very standardized, especially on ladder.



RupeeClock said:

Similar software has been used to ensure that pokémon eggs can be hatched as shiny or to check the details of a pokémon, such as its hidden IVs, but these features are either cosmetic or merely fact-checking as opposed to reading your opponent's every move.
Pretty crazy stuff, apparently Game Freak would have to encrypt ALL wireless communications to prevent this.



Gridatttack said:

I honestly hope they encrypt all the connections.
But that would mean patching the other tools that can help you, such as checking the exact IVs, and not by the guy on kiloude city



unrandomsam said:

All encryption does is make it take a bit longer whenever something connects to a server someone can make another if they have the skills and motivation.
(Star Wars Galaxies has basically had the whole server side reimplimented by SWGemu - Sony doesn't even have the source code any longer).



Azooooz said:

"Winners don't use cheats." should be the quote of this decade, just like in the 90s, when they used "Winners don't use drugs."

Some player are so desperate that they want to win in every possible way, even through using cheats, which saddens me.



Jazzer94 said:

@ljb88 No snaking in my opinion was an art form and required skill, I was referring to infinite item spamming.




@Bulby It's a slippery slope. First people hack to make Pokemon because they "could have" made them that way legitimately, then they start doing this because it's "not hurting anyone else" or "they could have made that move". NO cheating is justified in a competitive environment. Not the raising part, not the battling part, not the trading part. It's hard to stay positive about Pokemon's online scene when people love to ruin it all the time.



GuSolarFlare said:

if I had Pokémon X/Y tha batlle analyzer wouldn't work with me, I only use my strongest attack straightforward and leave the rest to luck, that's also why effort training is important to me if my pokémon are wrecking machines strategy won't be needed



DanteSolablood said:

I personally don't find this any different to playing hacked pokémon, in the same way that people who hack their pokémon into the game say "I just don't want to waste the time leveling etc", these people don't want to bother learning type charts or reading their opponents... easy path is easy path.

My question is why do these people bother to play at all? If you're going to skip all the hardwork just to get to the end results, just pin a medal to your chest, jump in a box & bury yourself 6 feet under.



fushimushi said:

This is sad just.. really sad.
Now please don't tell me that Nintendo will cut off the PSS because if they will, I will friggin flip over the table (not) and slap that son of a magikarp who made this device.



fushimushi said:

@DanteSolablood Snorunt agrees with the Pikachu here. Why try to compete at all? for the medal? the prize? the fame? I guess it's the fame, but you might as well bury yourself while you're at it (talking to that son of a magikarp who this made battle analyzer thingy)



Discostew said:

I assume the reason for the game to give such information like this is for pre-loading purposes so both players wouldn't have to wait. The way I see them fixing it is rather than giving an opposing player all the selection information the moment you choose, it just signals that the opposing player has made a choice. Once both have made choices and both 3DSs have received this notification, then they send the information pertaining to the selection. These analyzers will still be able to pick them up, but it only be after both have made selections. Will probably lengthen the time between selections made and action taking place, but it's better than the current method.



ToastyYogurt said:

I fail to see why any gamer worth his hat would cheat in an online game. Seriously, what do you gain by cheating, a false sense of accomplishment? By cheating, you're just proving to yourself and everyone that knows you're cheating that you don't stand a chance without an unfair advantage. If you want to be respectable, win the way others win: by getting better at the game.



unrandomsam said:

@Nintenjoe64 Personally I am totally indifferent to anything anybody does since they started the Pokemon Bank scam. (Creator of this could be just sending a message).



Fillytase said:

@MideonNViscera I agree, I cringe every time people post about this program publicly and even name it. People willing to do whatever it takes to ensure victory will see this post, Google the program, and download it. This helps no one.

Everyone can calm down a little, though. Nintendo has apparently taken down the Rated Battles feature, which is most likely a response to this program. We can expect a patch in the near future, I'm sure. I also know that coders are working on a program to "jam" this one in the mean time. Cheaters aren't the only people who know how to code.



thesilverbrick said:

@unrandomsam How is Pokemon Bank a scam? Because you have to pay five bucks A YEAR to use it? If that worries you so much just do all your transferring during the free trial. Problem solved. Stop being so cheap.



Azaris said:

Just because you know someone's movesets doesn't mean you'll win.
if battle someone twice and he uses the same team twice but i don't am i cheater?



DarkNinja9 said:

not surprised really lately it seems not only this but cloning has been "discovered" if you want to call it that but yeah also checking shiny values which is less harmless stuff but its only a matter of time before they do make a update =S or like someone said ruin it for everyone and nintendo takes PSS off -____- so way to go cheaters?



DarkNinja9 said:

lol reading the comments above but remember guys they say pokemon is for "kids" right? yet look at it now programs created by ppl to help them win... kids



DanteSolablood said:

@RPG_KING No, but then your opponent would know pretty quickly that it's a different team AND you would have had at least 2 fair & equal battles before getting to that point. Analyser means there is NEVER a fair chance... it's always that difficult third battle for the honest player.

Again, this is no better than hacking yourself invincible pokémon... if you have to break the game open to win online battles then all you've done is prove what a twisted disgusting human being you are. Congratulations douchébag! Now try and find the backdoor to heaven, because that's not where you're headed.



DanteSolablood said:

@DarkNinja9 Pokémon is for all ages, though kids are just as able to access the internet & cheats as anyone else. Things haven't changed, there are cheatcodes for Sonic the Hedgehog which is over 20 years old... the only difference is that the internet has made then FAR more accessible.

Of course when someone cheats in an online game against innocent people, they're being dishonest, deceitful and fundimentaly lazy. I wouldn't stop to put them out if they were on fire.



Bru said:

When there's so much pressure to succeed in pokemon battles from your parents, the temptation to cheat must be overwhelming.



Fillytase said:

@RPG_KING No, but knowing what their move is every turn means you WILL win. Winning a Pokemon battle is ALL about prediction, and when you don't even have to predict because some external program makes you all-knowing, then you are clearly going to win. Do you even know how battling against human opponents works?



Doma said:

I'm sure all of those losers who disconnect online would just LOVE to use a tool like this. Wimpy turds.



unrandomsam said:

@DanteSolablood It is not the same at all in those cases though. In Sonic 1 you couldn't save so if you wanted to not play the whole thing all at once you could either use the level select or play the same levels over and over again. I want a method to start a Link Between World on the Hero setting from the start. (Even be willing to pay for it as I know my enjoyment will be greater if I play it when I don't know the story on that mode).



unrandomsam said:

@KnightRider666 The fair fight thing is the reason I only play Street Fighter IV online on the 3DS. I wish there was a way to only play against people using the same controls as you. (But if there was it would no doubt be spoofed).



NoirUsernameHere said:

Eh, it's not much of a big deal...Just avoid Online Battling until it's fixed. Problem solved. As for me, I'll just continue training my troll team and sweep the floor with them with a Bunnelby.

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