Earlier in the Summer The Pokémon Company hosted the 2013 Global Showdown, a WiFi tournament for Pokémon Black and White 2, which some undoubtedly used for practice ahead of other tournaments. It was open to 50,000 competitors, but it's now been revealed that 1,558 of those that took part were cheaters, utilising smartphone apps to create and edit their own powered up 'mon.

Here's the breakdown of the numbers of cheats in each age category, with older and more experienced gamers giving a bad example.

Junior Division: 68 players
Senior Division: 335 players
Master Division: 1,155 players.

These players won't be included in the tournament rankings and, as always, The Pokémon Company will be striving to catch more cheaters in future tournaments; contests such as this can certainly be fierce, though cheating is always without defence when playing with others in good faith.

If you took part in the 2013 Global Showdown, meanwhile, let us know how you got on below.

[source kotaku.com]