Wii Fit U Direct

Earlier today we shared some surprising news regarding the release of Wii Fit U, namely that it'll be available for a month free of charge, and that if you then purchase a Wii Fit Meter accessory — $19.99 in the U.S. with equivalent prices elsewhere — you can then keep your free download permanently. Essentially, if you have a Wii Balance Board and some hard drive space, you'll be able to get Wii Fit U at a budget price from 1st November.

On top of that we have Wii Sports Club, a new HD version of the original Wii launch title that will also have substantial online and Miiverse functionality — that launches on 7th November, with options to buy each sport for £8.99 / $9.99 or to pay less for day passes. There's also an update to Wii Street U powered by Google that allows you to walk around in a virtual world with the Balance Board, available for free today.

We have coverage live now and more on the way covering all of the details, but if you want to see the full Nintendo Direct broadcast — that was rather dropped on the world — it's below for your viewing pleasure, and the UK version is here. Enjoy!