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Rumour: Mario Kart 8 Coming To Wii U in April

Posted by Andy Green

Spanish newsletter may have jumped the gun

During the special E3 Nintendo Direct we caught our first glimpse of Mario Kart 8 and it was revealed the game would be available in Spring 2014.

There's been no specific date or month given for its release, however, a newsletter from Nintendo of Europe - which can be seen below - has seemingly let the cat out of the bag by claiming it will emerge in April.

There's been no official announcement from Nintendo yet and even if it is set for April, that could all change.

Mario Kart 8 is the series' big leap into high definition and it features the majority of the gameplay elements found in previous titles, with the return of the bikes from Mario Kart Wii and the gliders from Mario Kart 7. This new iteration brings in anti-gravity karts that can drive along walls and upside down.

Hideki Konno, the game's producer, delved into Mario Kart 8 after the E3 presentation, where he explained all the new additions in more detail.

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NintyMan said:

Even if it will release in April in Europe, it could still release in March in North America, as someone on the Mario Kart 8 forum claimed from anonymous sources.

Either way; this will be at the top of my birthday list if it comes out close enough.



digga said:

carnt wait for this,, this will be the first game released for wik u that will boost sales big time ,,,



micronean said:

Meh. Even if it's meant to come out in April, it's par for the course to have a popular game delayed. These days, I get more surprised when a top title actually comes out on time...



deitypower said:

April? I thought it would be around February or March. I hope it won't be delayed until May for the North American version.



Grubdog said:

April would make it a full 6 years after Mario Kart Wii. My body is ready.



scottsensei said:

I imagine March will be the release, February if we are extremely lucky but that is unlikely. If their fiscal year ends March 31, 2014 Iwata would want sales numbers for Mario Kart 8 before that time.

Either way, Mario Kart 8 is what I tried at the Best Buy event and I wanted to walk out with it then, so yeah, definitely on my list.



Silvervisiona said:

I hardly think it's reasonable for Nintendo to even set an internal release date so far away. They will be sure to reevaluate the market and their development during the holiday season. Then we could see it even sooner. I'm sure they would have loved to release it a few months ago if they had the chance.



Grubdog said:

Too late for what exactly? Mario Kart is Nintendo's single most important game, it's done when they say it is. I would not want any compromises in its development, we only get one game per system.



LAA said:

Looks like we're in for a draught January-March then...
Unless Bayonetta 2 or something else comes out during that time...
Cant wait for Mario Kart 8 anyway!



Chris720 said:

I wouldn't be surprised really. Hopefully when they do release MK8, they'll have the releases for Japan, NA and Europe quite close together. There is nothing worse than having to wait while your NA friend is playing a game a full month before you can.



Pachterkid said:


I agree. Too bad the Wii U will be buried by the PS4 by April. Nintendo had a full year to build momentum before the actual next-gen consoles arrived, and they released Lego City Undercover during that time... yeah...



Bemeovo said:

It is more than 9 months away, but at least we can confirm its gonna be a kickdonkey game cuz of this.



gavn64 said:

Good they are giving it time and aint just rushing it out for christmas.



Kaihaku said:

Mario Kart 8 is my second most anticipated game of 2014, "X" being my first. I wish that it was out for the holidays in 2013 but I'd rather wait for a better game than have it rushed. The wait from December to April will be fine, the harder wait is the next couple of months of software drought... But that Fall release calendar looks nice.



Yoshi3DS said:

my birthday 26th March

3ds came out 26th March 2011

kid icarus uprising out 27th March 2012

luigi's mansion 2 out 28th March 2013

mario kart 8........




WiiLovePeace said:

I greatly look forward to Mario Kart 8, the sooner the better! But what I really want is for Mario Kart 8 to not be delayed once they set a real solid date for it. Go go Nintendo's developers go!



bahooney said:

@b23cdq lol, @koopakid has a point. It could be the best Lego video game of all time, but because it's just /one/ game, it did not and will not provide Nintendo with market dominance.



GearsOfWarU said:

Can't wait to get my hands on Mario Kart 8 ... Until then I still have Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed



Bobhobob said:

Nintendo, y u no release Best Buy demo on eShop?
but, still hyped for this game.



snoox said:

Omg so far away :/ I guess a PS4 will have to do till then? hahaaaa



Alienfish said:

I have about eight other games to worry about before that comes out so whatever. February, March, April, May. I'll still be playing something when it comes out.



hYdeks said:

Around March-May time period seems very fair, I'm gonna be poor this fall-holiday season anyways with whats all coming

@snoox Ya, hahaaaaa sighs go to, your on the wrong website ¬¬ Geesh...



rjejr said:

@hydeks - Quick edit, I was going to ask you who "ya" was and why he was trolling

Is there any reason to believe a Nintendo WiiU game in development has a release date NINE months out? They haven't done very well up until now getting stuff out - i.e. Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U.

BTW - FYI - Spring 2014 = March 21 - June 20. So knowing Nintendo probably June.

Either way, after SSBB I don't believe any date until it's 2 months out.

Whatever day it is, day 1 purchase. Hardly a point in owning a WiiU if you aren't owning this and Super Smash Bros.



WYLD-WOO said:

Nintendo your get my Wii U system purchase when this or SMT meets FE comes out.



rjejr said:

@SanderEvers - Yeah, forgot about that one, but that was Ubi and not Nintendo. We'ld also have to add Sega's Aliens in there I think. The WiiU has issues all around.



Tra_Venous said:

@Yoshi3DS might be on to something here! But it'd be March 25th (or perhaps April 1st) since Tuesdays are software release days.



Tasuki said:

@hydeks: There is no right or wrong website. Nintendolife welcomes all. Just because you post on Nintendolife doesn't mean you have to love Nintendo or play just Nintendo products.



Kohaku said:

MK is what Forza is for MS and GT for Sony.
Can't wait to play Mario on a motorbike.



NintenBo said:


I forgot about Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Pikmin 3. Oh well.



Yoshis_VGM said:

As long as it's early April, because my b-day is in mid-April. This would be a totally epic birthday present!

I am really excited for this game, moreso than 3D World, and I'm pretty excited for that game too. I'm a huge sucker for Mario Kart so I can't wait to play this!



sinalefa said:

I am not a huge fan of Mario Kart but this one looks amazing.


Yeah, I hope the PS4 buries the Wii U. Like the PSP buried the DS, like the PS3 buried the Wii and like the Vita buried the 3DS. Oh wait...



Melkaticox said:

@koopakid "Too bad the Wii U will be buried by the PS4 by April"

Uh, why exactly? You just need to look at PS4's launch titles to know that's absolutely wrong.

Also I hope it's released BEFORE April, please...



Fillytase said:

Mario Kart may be getting a little played out for my personal tastes. Mario Kart 7 almost improved MK online drastically with the custom communities and the ability to join random races, but it was still super laggy, and there was still the issue where there were no bots to fill races with friends. Meaning I was playing with only one or two friends and no bots, which is boring as sin. 12 racers = way more chaos = way more fun. Maybe this will be the one where they finally get the online just right, but otherwise, I may skip it.



GamerJunkie said:

@Kohaku NO its not. Totally different audience these games go for.

Mario kart is a nice kids/family/adult casual racing game with weapons.

Forza and GT are teen/adult serious, simulation driving games.

A person can like all of them, but they are not the same thing. A person that is looking for a serious driving game with cars in it won't settle for mario kart.



erv said:

Didn't all mario karts enter our mortal dimension on some date just before summer? It seems nintendo wants it to be a summer hit each time.



Williaint said:

I hate Driving games like "forza". No matter how real they are, They aren't any fun... I'd have just as much fun with those as a highly rendered jpeg, in a flash game going from point A. to point B.. Just as many kids play those realistic driving games

April is pretty early in the year, but I wouldn't doubt it. However, this is probably just a rumour.

PS4 burying the Wii U? I'll probably still be playing Pokemon X, or Windwaker HD until Super Mario 3D world comes out; The Only reason I'd get a PS4, in the foreseeable future would be to play GTA 5 and Destiny... Which I could probably just play on my Computer, anyway.

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