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Tue 18th June, 2013

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Kaihaku commented on EA: Frostbite 3 On Wii U "Not Impossible":

I have a long standing grudge against Electronic Arts dating back to their acquisition and subsequent disbanding of Origin Systems - creators of the Ultima and Wing Commander series.

However...If Dragon Age: Inquisition is released on the Wii U I will have an extremely difficult time not buying it. I've never been successful in boycotting EA because they keep on buying up smaller studios that I love and I can't quite break away until after EA has completely destroyed said studio - by which point they've bought another studio that I love. Origin Systems, Westwood, Maxis... Sigh.



Kaihaku commented on Rumour: Mario Kart 8 Coming To Wii U in April:

Mario Kart 8 is my second most anticipated game of 2014, "X" being my first. I wish that it was out for the holidays in 2013 but I'd rather wait for a better game than have it rushed. The wait from December to April will be fine, the harder wait is the next couple of months of software drought... But that Fall release calendar looks nice.



Kaihaku commented on Review: Mario Bros. (Wii U eShop / NES):

Please don't hate on the reviewer for giving an honest appraisal of this game's appeal for modern audiences. Chances are that those of us who have played this game are just checking this review out of curiosity, we already know what it has to offer. This review is intended for unsuspecting virtual console users who are considering purchasing a game that frankly has not aged gracefully.

I have played this game before and I gave it a pass this time around. As mentioned in other comments, there are superior versions of this game out there and, in my opinion, the only real reason to play this version is nostalgia. That's up to the buyer but the version of this that was included in Super Mario Brothers 3 is the only one that holds any nostalgic value for me. Honestly, if I were reviewing it I would have given it a lower rating with the caveat that it's simultaneous multiplayer gameplay was impressive in 1983.



Kaihaku commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wishes Nintendo Had "Done Mor...:

The Adventure of Link was a huge disappointment to me when it first came out, in fact I still consider the original Legend of Zelda to be the superior game...but it does have it's charm and after I mastered it I did enjoy it enough to play it through several more times.



Kaihaku commented on Molyneux: Nintendo Is "Brilliant" At Attractin...:

Sigh. I am amazed by how many experts do not seem to understand that there are different markets. The smartphone gaming market is not the same as the handheld gaming market. It's like thinking that reality television is going to replace adventure films. It doesn't even make sense.

Also, just because a style of gaming is popular doesn't mean that it's ripe for expansion... You'd think that game developers would understand this by now after years of MMO-madness. There's such a thing as over-saturation, there can only be so many MMOs and there can only be so many "casual" smartphone games. If everyone is copying an idea, that's a good time to try something different.