Earlier today Nintendo showed off some of its next Mario Kart title for the very first time during its E3 Nintendo Direct presentation.

It's appropriately called Mario Kart 8 and in a developer interview Hideki Konno had delved into the making of the game as well as some of its features.

The main thing we're sure everyone's noticed with this new iteration is the inclusion of anti-gravity karts. Konno said this was a progression from Mario Kart 7 where the karts would glide and go under water. Eagle-eyed Nintendo fans will have noticed Mario Kart 8 features underwater and airborne segments too and now players will be able to drive on the walls and ceilings thanks to the anti-gravity modification.

Konno also explored the naming of the game itself. Of course, this is the eighth title in the series but there's also another reason - the tracks themselves. He explained the concept of a mobius strip - the creation of a spiraling track that looks much like a figure of eight from above. This made the naming of the game obvious for the studio.

Mario Kart Wii brought with it some of the best online multiplayer ever seen and it has been confirmed up to 12 karts can race at any one time in both local and online play. When online, players can host tournaments, set rules and of course race their friends in the community. The Miiverse also plays its part and gamers can communicate with others in the designated communities.

You'll also be able to record and post your races onto the newly announced Mario Kart TV so people can see your triumphant victories and your crushing losses.

Once a race has finished, you'll be able to view a 30 second long highlight reel, which shows off key moments in the race - we imagine plenty of blue shells will make appearances here!

As for controllers, the game can be played as you would expect - with either the Wii Remote and Nunchuk or the GamePad. Naturally, the classic Wii Wheel method will be supported too.

Obviously, Mario Kart 8 is the first time the series has ventured into High Definition and it certainly shows looking at the footage Nintendo revealed earlier today. The game will also run at 60 frames per second and Konno confirmed the developer is now hard at work making it stay that way in two player mode.

Konno describes Mario Kart 8 as the "definitive Mario Kart". What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below.