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FIFA 14 Is Coming To Nintendo Consoles After All - Except The Wii U

Posted by Orla Madden

Coming to a Wii and 3DS near you

In April this year, Electronic Arts announced the newest addition to its FIFA franchise, FIFA 14. Sadly, the Wii U wasn't shown in the initial line-up, but EA promised other consoles would be revealed at a later date. It didn't help that before this, EA confessed that Madden NFL would be skipping a Nintendo console for the first time since 1991, so we were doubting a Wii U version would see the light of day.

After EA confirmed it had little to no games in development for Nintendo's latest console, the company reached out and explained that FIFA 14 would be skipping the Wii U due to its predecessor, FIFA 13, receiving less than appealing sales figures.

However, all hope doesn't seem to have been lost, as EA has blown the final whistle and revealed that FIFA 14 will launch on both the Wii and 3DS this year. This news comes after it held its conference at E3 earlier today.

The popular football title will release in North America on the 24th September, and worldwide on the 27th September. Now that its coming to the Wii and 3DS, will you pick it up? Are you disappointed it's been given the red card for the Wii U? Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.


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nothankyou said:

Wait, hang on what? Seriously?
Huh. Hopefully the WiiU won't be left behind again; or at least not as much as the Wii was.



Undead_terror said:

I say they would get disappointed again with the lack of sales on both consoles, one FIFA game is good enough on a system and barely anyone would what the same game with a new number on the title.



KongFu said:

Hopefully they actually worked on the 3DS version this time... The jump from 12 to 13 was't actually a jump...



Judah_83 said:

At least it's coming to wii so I can grab it and play it on my wii U. So no worries for the 'I'



ocarinaoftime said:

What.... uhhhhh....whst kind of bone head move is this???wii but not wii u???so the wii can handle the new engine and the wii u cant???will the wii u hate never end????maybe nintendo should brag about makin fish move out of the way when close to them...



ToadFan said:

It's coming for Wii and 3DS because I think it's just part of the same engine for PS2 and PSP. Through I do not know why they couldn't have just used the same engine from the PS3/360 version for Wii U.



Macarony64 said:

Like i said in another site drm has not been tested once people know how crappy it is the publishers will beg nintendo



StyledFawn476 said:

I will never understand the faulty logic of the worst "Company in America". Skipping the next-gen offering for the console which is about to become two gens old. They might as well port the game to the N64 and PlayStation while they're at it.



StyledFawn476 said:

Hence why EA is never worth my attention. This excludes Battlefront 3. Which I was a fan of the first two. Oh wait, now that I think of it, they might screw Battlefront 3 up too by making several on-disc DLCs, and yearly additions.



rastamadeus said:

It's not Microsoft who want this "pay for games again or when you lend them or rent them" policy, it's the third party companies. It's why Sony will have to do it too. Nintendo have told EA that they won't do it so EA aren't releasing games on the Wii U. Simple.

And the reason FIFA didn't sell well on Wii U as it wasn't truly FIFA 13, was it? It was FIFA 12. All reviews slated that lazy port by EA and people listened so didn't buy it. Not rocket science.

Oh, @StyledFawn476 chill out. You don't like EA, we get it. As for "several on-disc DLCs" that's Capcom. And "yearly additions" are a necessity in sports games. The reason people will buy FIFA 13, 14, 15, etc is because it updates the teams. Some may think people who buy them are idiots but it makes a huge difference when you're playing it. If I had Torres scoring goals for Liverpool I'd hate myself, for example. Chill out. There's reasons to hate EA, but those two you gave are not ones in any way.



WinterWarm said:


LOL That's priceless news! XD

So, EA will have FIFA 14 on PS2, which launched back in 2000( I think) AND on the Wii which launched( this I know), in 06. But NOT on the WiiU that launched in 2012. LOL Priceless!

Hopefully Nintendo will realize this is because the WiiU is a piece of crap.



coolvw93 said:

Not cool, First madden and now FIFA.... Well at least its coming to the 3ds and i wont have a home console with me at the time of its release.



SCAR said:

This really isn't a bad thing. They just don't see the Wii U userbase being big enough, YET. I seriously hope they don't rehash 13, which was a rehash of 12.
Don't worry people, we'll probably get FIFA 15 on Wii U.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

So they'll take the effort in downscaling it to Wii and 3DS, but not simply port it to Wii U?

Yeah I know there are more Wii and 3DS owners, but thats just silly....



hendie001 said:

I would get the wii version but im sic of motion controls for sports games. I wish i could use the gamepad or the pro controller.



Caryslan said:

@NodesforNoids To be fair, Sega was the first to come up with the idea of having two screens while playing a game. Yeah, the VMU was limited by the tech at the time, but many developers did some cool things with that peice of hardware.and it was the first of an idea that would turn into the Wii U's gamepad.

Nintendo did come up with a nifty idea, but I would argue Sega was the first one to try something like this. They were just limited by the tech at that time.



thanos316 said:

If anyone go out and buys FIFA 14 for the Wii your an idiot. It will be the same crappy arcade crap that been put out for a couple of years on the Wii. Maybe the 3ds version will be different. But era gets none of my money



kenzo said:

Wow, FIFA 14 on 3DS !!!!

Worth it just for the new socks and grass ..... and that's all you'll be gettiing too.



ACK said:

EA has bet on PS4 and Xbox One because they offer the most welcoming habitat for such a behemoth to thrash about recklessly without risk of being overrun by the minions. DRM, more expensive development cycles, interchangeable cross-platform development, and, most importantly, no competition from Nintendo are the built in securities offered by Microsoft's and, to a lesser extent, Sony's visions of the next console generation.

What those platforms represent is obviously tantalizing to EA's monopolistic ambitions and Nintendo has been little but a prime rival in every past generation. Problem is, they have relied upon those past platforms to reach a unique, lucrative audience. Now that they smell blood, it comes as no surprise they are the first to sharpen their spears.



Yoshis_VGM said:

This is clear Wii U hate right here. It comes to the Wii but not the successor? Yup, this is clear Nintendo/Wii U hatred right here.

I don't really care about what EA says at this point.



Williaint said:

That makes sense. Because the Wii can surely render all these incredible graphics.



Einherjar said:

Have they announced the NES version anlready ? They must go with the times and support these new 8bit systems, they are all the rage now.
You can say what you want but THAT IS a boycott if i ever saw one. You cant say its not comming for tzhe WiiU because "its not marketable" and then release it on Wii...that is just mockery.



Davidiam007 said:

Wow, what liars. Wiiu is not getting FIFA cause of the frostbite engine, but we'll port it over to the wii and 3ds.
Dear, EA.

Please, stop talking.



MadAdam81 said:

@Einherjar WiiU hasn't replaced the Wii yet - EA will sell more to Ninty consumers this way, with less outlay on the port as well.
What would be good would be a Wii U update for it, similar to the Wii U VC update you can buy for $1 or so for VC games on the Wii.



hYdeks said:

@NodesforNoids NA people call it soccer, European people call it Football, suck it up and avoid tiny lil ignorant things like that. We can't help it if we know football to be soccer, and rugby to be football



MAN1AC said:

This lets you know what people think of the Wii U right now. This isnt a good sing at all.



ricklongo said:

I tried, HARD, but couldn't find an ounce of justification for this move.

The Wii has a bigger install base than the Wii U? Guess what: so do the 360 compared to the XBox One and the PS3 to the PS4.

Seriously, that's some dumb decision-making right there.



benjamines said:

@MAN1AC I disagree. It only shows what EA thinks of the Wii U, even though they claim to have a 'strong relationship with Nintendo.'



blueeaglewombat said:

So FIFA '14 is coming to Wii.. What they mean is it's FIFA '12 with a new coat of paint splashed onto it. Just like FIFA '13 was the same game as the year before.



Tender_Cutlet said:

EA gave the Wii the PS2 version each season and now whinge when people don't buy their well publicised, inferior software? How dumb do they think we are?

The Wii U is now on par with anything the 360/PS3 version of their 13/14 software needs to do - there's really no excuse for skipping the platform.



dumedum said:

EA is truly a pathetic company. I wonder why they are not releasing this for PS1 as well. Ok, we get it. Sony fans like football. Yes, we've seen the Champions League commercials.

But talk about defeatism. Why not try to gain new audiences with incredible innovations with the Wii U? Too difficult, right? Simply a pathetic company.



Number_6 said:

Sweet. I'll get this for the Wii. Seriously. There were about a zillion Wiis sold, and even though I may be shifting playtime to the 3DS now that I have the new Animal Crossing, I still play the Wii a lot and I can't be the only one.



TimeGuy said:

FIFA 13 is currently the most played game on my 3DS at about 215 hours played. If they make vast improvements like adding online I'll certainly be getting 14, if not I'm not paying $40 for a mere roster update (as much as I want the rosters for MLS to be up to date).



Einherjar said:

@MadAdam81 That wouldn be possible from a technical standpoint and also pretty stupid to begin with. What we have here is a testament of sheer lazyness. Why arent they making a WiiU version ? because that would mean that theyd have to work, since the Wiiu architecture is different.
They wont do that, they just release the same game again with updates that take no effort at all (for full price mind you)
If you ask me, this is just disgusting, plain and simple.



F4LLEND4RK said:

The Wii U will certainly be able to handle EA's new engine magically when the Wii U starts selling well I can tell you.
I also have a feeling that it will be bad on the Wii just like FIFA 13 on the Wii was.



deusy said:

Haaah, EA make me laugh. I don't care that it's not coming to Wii U, for two reasons. One, I hate sport games, and two, it'll probably be Fifa 13 with a Fifa 14 boxart.



S7eventhHeaven said:

just for any one out there including trolls heres some info. wii games play on wii-u. so if you want to play fifa 14 on the wii-u just buy it for the wii. the graphics engine hasnt changed in about 7 years and still looks gash on ps3.



Diamond said:

@MrSRArter OMG I just looked that up! I can't believe the ps2 is STILL getting support! Wow! People will never give it a rest



itsiantime said:

Thanks a lot EA I was a huge fan of your soccer games but this..... sucks

I still got Mario Strikers Charged though :3

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